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Pilates classes in Surrey and Hampshire. Providing group classes or private classes at your home or office. Pre and postnatal also available.


This is true for so many of my clients! I wonder whether my class this evening will feel the benefit 😍🧘🏼‍♀️😴 Get in touch if you would like to find out for yourself!


Just treated myself to my first manicure since Little Miss Boutique Pilates arrived, and inadvertently matched it to my gym leggings 😆 Maybe I can expense it? 🤔☺️


1st class back from Maternity Leave! A new Antenatal Pilates class for Busy Lizzie Guildford. Super excited! I think I've got the worst of the apple purée out of my hair, must try not to accidentally start humming Go Jetters 😆


Busylizzy Guildford & Godalming

I'm very excited to be teaming up with Busylizzy to teach their brand new Mums to Bee Antenatal Pilates classes in Guildford! A lovely way to return from my own maternity leave 😊
Please spread the word to all the Mummies to Bee that you know! Classes start next week.

We're really excited to announce that our Mums To Bee Pilates class will run on Wednesday evenings at Nuffield Health Guildford at 7:30pm from Wednesday 20th September.
To find out more or register your interest, just complete this form -

Timeline Photos 05/10/2016

With approx 3 weeks to go before Baby G is scheduled to make an appearance, I am officially off on Maternity leave! Thank you all for your support and bookings, I'll see you in the new year! ###

Timeline Photos 06/04/2016

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 06/04/2016

Im very excited to be coming back to RAF Odiham next week, teaching some private 'at home' classes with some of my lovely Odiham students! I've missed that lovely lot!

People diagnosed with Parkinson's finding strength through the Peninsula Pilates Project 26/02/2016

People diagnosed with Parkinson's finding strength through the Peninsula Pilates Project

Amazing! I plan to do a Pilates for Parkinsons training course as soon as I can find one! It would be awesome to offer free sessions for sufferers and make a difference to their quality of life :-) Kx

People diagnosed with Parkinson's finding strength through the Peninsula Pilates Project People around the Central Coast are taking Pilates as a way to combat various diseases.


Taught a fab intensive 1on1 Pilates toning session this morning, my first class since I moved to Oxfordshire. It feels great to be back to it :-) Intensive sessions are perfect for time pressed clients who want fast results and endorphins, this client used her twins' nap time to squeeze in her workout! Contact me if you would like to do the same! Kx

Palos Verdes Peninsula high schools to offer yoga, Pilates as alternative to PE class 24/02/2016

Palos Verdes Peninsula high schools to offer yoga, Pilates as alternative to PE class

Such a good idea! I still think younger kids need to run around outside, but particularly among adolescent girls I believe offering Pilates as an alternative would increase enthusiasm and participation. After all surely the main goal should be to promote fitness for life, rather than to memorise the finer points of the rules of hockey! Which has more long term benefit!
What do you think? Kx

Palos Verdes Peninsula high schools to offer yoga, Pilates as alternative to PE class If there’s one thing Heather Myrick has noticed in the dance classes she teaches as an alternative to physical education at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, it’s that many students relish the time d

Timeline Photos 10/08/2015


When: Thursday evenings a 1930 starting 17 September (to 22 October). Classes last 50 mins.

Cost: £36 for the course for Military personnel and dependants, £48 for non military, advance booking and payment required.

Where: Classes take place in RAF Odiham Church Hall.

Please contact boutiquepilates @ for more details! x (n.b. take out the spaces in the email address :-) )

It's Not Obesity We Should Worry About, It's Inactivity 05/08/2015

It's Not Obesity We Should Worry About, It's Inactivity

Some worrying info in this article, video games as exercise?! Surely the key to getting kids to do more exercise is offering exercise they will enjoy? For example hockey lessons in the pouring rain in the middle of winter puts off most girls, it certainly did me! Offer them aerobics or Pilates and I guarantee better participation! What do you think?,3JC09,III2RA,COJK2,1

It's Not Obesity We Should Worry About, It's Inactivity The hysteria over obesity has concealed the real problem, which is that we are less active than ever before. We have been so worried about getting fat that we have forgotten to get fit.


Classes tonight will be at the church hall x


Don't forget to get your summer bookings in folks! Mixed ability classes throughout the summer hols - Block booking and PAYG available.
Please get in touch for more info! :-)
(If you have attended before but haven't received an email from me please let me know)

Mobile Uploads 07/07/2015

Don't forget, classes are back on tonight, see you later Tuesday crew!! 😊 x


A quick reminder that there are NO classes this week as I'm on holiday! Normal service resumes next week! 😎 Katy x


Due to changes to the flying prog I've had a few enquiries about classes during the day, while kids are at school. I'm trying to put a few small groups together, both for beginners and intermediate, please let me know if you would be interested!

Katy x



Improvers term starts tomorrow, 2nd June, and runs until 16 July (no class week beginning 29 June).

Classes are on Tues at 1830 and 1930, and Thurs at 1830 and 1930.

Military personnel and dependants £36 for 6 weeks, non-military £48. Priority given to military and dependants.

If you have some experience of Pilates and want to join, please get in touch asap! boutiquepilates .com (please take out the gap, I'm dodging the spam-bots!)

If you have any questions please contact me :-)

Beginners classes, postnatal classes, private classes etc also available!

Katy x


PAYG Improvers classes this evening 1830 and 1930 at RAF Odiham church hall, £6 for military and dependants, £8 for non mil. If you have some pilates experience and want to try our classes, come on down! x


BEGINNERS: Would you like to try Pilates? Well, no time like the present! If you're interested in a beginners course, right here on the patch please get in touch asap!

NEW MUMS: Have you recently had a baby and want to start getting back into shape? Please get in touch, postnatal courses starting soon!

Boutique Pilates offers lots of class options for men and women, regardless of fitness, including:


All at times to suit you. Very reasonable rates (cheaper than other local classes!), and military discount!

Please contact me for further details! :-) Katy x


All current/past students you should have an email from me about classes next week, please let me know if you haven't received it! x


Taught a lovely group at Clarco this afternoon, as part of their Mental Health Awareness week. Such a friendly and welcoming bunch, and great to hear lovely feedback :-) I love teaching lunchtime workplace classes, it's great to know that they are going back to work refreshed and relaxed :D

The benefits of postnatal Pilates for mums 11/05/2015

The benefits of postnatal Pilates for mums

Teaching the second of my Monday postnatal classes this evening :-) lovely ladies who are all reaping the numerous benefits of Pilates for new mums, not least getting their pre-baby bodies back!

The benefits of postnatal Pilates for mums Exercise for the new mum can be a complex business. There are lots of things to consider from when it is safe and appropriate to start exercising to which type of exercise will yield the best results. A Pilates programme either in a 1:1 setting or a specialist postnatal Pilates class can be an excel…


Off to teach my first Leisure Center cover class this morning! Wish me luck!! 😀 x


New courses start this week! If anyone still wants to sign up for the new 5 week improvers Pilates, Tues or Thurs evenings, please message me asap! :-) x


Get your Pilates fix with PAYG classes this week! Check your emails for details or contact me! :-) x

Timeline Photos 31/03/2015

I've just emailed all my current students about classes after Easter, please let me know if you do not receive it! Kx


🎶Gona party like it's my birthday, gona do Pilates like its my birthday, I'm gona make my classes sweat cz it's my birthday!🎶
See you later Thursday students, it's going to be a good one! x


There are a few PAYG spaces available in the 1830 and 1930 mixed ability classes at RAF Odiham this evening, and 1930 Thursday evening, please contact me for more details! :-) x


There are a few PAYG spaces are available in the 1830 and 1930 mixed ability classes at RAF Odiham this evening, please contact me for more details! :-) x


Hi everyone, I have just sent an email to all current students about on demand classes this half term week, please let me know if you have not received it! Kx


LAST CALL FOR BEGINNERS! Considering starting Pilates? Don't miss out! This is the LAST beginners' course for a while, as most clients are now at intermediate/mixed ability level.

6 week Beginners' course starts 18:30 Thursday 26 February (to 2 April) at RAF Odiham.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more details and to book your place! Classes are primarily for military personnel and dependants.

Boutique Pilates also offers:
- Private classes in your own home or mine, for you and up to 2 friends,
- Post-natal private classes in your own home or mine, for you and up to 2 friends (non mobile babies welcome!)
- Lunchtime/or after work classes in your workplace




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