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Now that all the hard work is done Brechin fighters are now ready for the 2021-22 School & Junior Championship down in Motherwell,
big thanks to John King King Sports Performance for helping head coach Jocky to get them ready for the competition 🥊

⭐️Exciting news!⭐️

John King will joining our team on a part time self employed basis.

John is a Sports, Health & Fitness Lecturer at Dundee & Angus College aswell as a Health & Wellbeing Officer.

He has an honours degree in Applied Sport & Exercise Science with an elective year in Strength & Conditioning so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him!

John has recently started up his own self employed business King Sports Performance and will be available for training sessions at DHF.

In addition, he will also be starting some classes focusing on Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Lifting and Mobility & Flexibily which will be fantastic to add the extra variety to our facility.

I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming John to the team and give his Facebook and Instagram pages a like and a follow:

Facebook - King Sports Performance

Instagram - king_sports_performance

We will post up more details on classes once we get things organised but in the meantime feel free to get in touch with John via his social media channels


Strength and Conditioning support for athletes across all sports. For enquiries please email [email protected] or call 07950216091 at any time

Operating as usual

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 14/03/2022

A very busy Monday night at the gym tonight.

First we had in @bailayd @zach___1 and new client @bethany_clarkk.

Bailay and Zach are halfway through the final week of their GPP block of training.

Looking forward to these 2 lads finishing up this week and enjoying a deload week before beginning their new block.

Bethany came in for her consultation and we discussed how best to programme to support her Highland Dancing Perfomance and then as she was here completed her first workout at KSP and knocked it out of the park.

Looking forward to designing your programme this week and getting to work next Monday.

As always the consistent and hard working young team were back in rounding off the first week of their new programme block.

Last week saw us carry out their Peak Height Velocity tests and as a result @alex_thomson07, now in his peak developmental window has begun some gradually progressive loaded training whilst still maintaining a clear focus on movement competency.

@jan_sniadach03 was also in tonight for week 2 of his 6 week fight camp ahead of the @brechinboxingclub2019 home show in April and as can be seen from the image Jan as always put in an impressive shift ahead of his debut amateur fight.

It’s brilliant when the gym is filled with energy and committed athletes working towards smashing their goals.


@hayez94 becomes Scottish Champion in an incredibly showing yesterday.

Recently Chris has been taking on matches against the best grapplers in the country on sometimes hours notice, so to see him head into a match with time to prepare was so refreshing and the result spoke for itself.

Our journey with Chris has only just begun and we cannot wait to take his game to the next level.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 06/03/2022

Incredible day yesterday at the Scottish Jiu Jitsu Championships.

@jacknelms had an incredible showing dominating all the way to the final where he unfortunately lost due to dislocating his knee.

On his route to the final he had:

3 Wins

2 Submissions

In only his second comp coming so close to becoming Scottish champ confirms what we at @catch22fighting all know, the future is bright for this young phenom.

Time to get that knee recovered, restrengthened then onto strength and power for next comp.

Well done @jacknelms 🔥💪


@eburkitis_321 was in for the first session of his fight camp for the upcoming home show for @brechinboxingclub2019 in April.

Every single session Ernests puts in nothing short of 100% and we cannot wait to build upon all of the hard work since his debut fight and improve further to plug some of the gaps we had last time out.

We are huge believers at KSP in learning from our losses and reflecting and correcting.

This time we will have no gaps in our preparation and we will be ready.


@bailayd was in for week 4 of his programme tonight, in the periodisation model we use at KSP for beginners this meant a step up in intensity and although it was a struggle, this impressive young man managed to smash the session and still maintain a high standard of movement technique whilst doing so.

This is hugely important, as at KSP we believe firmly in quality over quantity.

Keep up the great work Bailay and see you next week 💪

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 03/03/2022

Tonight we had pro MMA and BJJ athlete @hayez94 in for his first session at KSP.

Chris is competing in the Scottish Championships this weekend so we just went through his session warm up before beginning next week.

Looking forward to working with Chris and seeing just how good he can become being injury free for what will hopefully be an extended period of time.

Once we have mobilised and stabilised Chris we will begin improving upon his already high level movement competency and develop his overall strength, power and speed levels.

Welcome to the team @hayez94, we are glad to have you.


Weight cut for comp going well but I might keep the Mike Dolce Breakfast Bowls around afterwards as these are delicious.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 21/02/2022

Busy night at KSP tonight.

From @bailayd @zach___1 @brannanb19 @aaron.reekie08 @alex_thomson07 and @alfie.murray attending their regular sessions to Martin MacInnes coming in to cover his new warm up and programme details to my best bud and top training partner @ricolubbe joining me and @eburkitis_321 for a good old chest, shoulders and biceps session, there was a variety of workouts going on and it’s great to have such a busy gym buzzing with such positive energy and lots of hard work going on throughout.

It’s incredibly infectious being in an environment where everyone is so focussed and motivated and I for one can’t get enough.

Well done to everyone who trained tonight and I’m looking forward to taking you through your new programmes in the following weeks.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 18/02/2022

Happy Birthday to KSP athlete and my nephew @aaron.reekie08, the only pictures we have together are gym pictures.

The best kind of pictures, have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for another great session.


Excellent to get a training session in for myself tonight and joined by client but quickly turning regular training partner @jacknelms.

This guy has some serious drive and motivation and the results he achieves as a result are incredible.

Very few harder workers in any room he’s in and it keeps me accountable as a coach to ensure that my own levels of effort match the high standard we constantly strive to set at KSP.

It’s great when your clients become reminders of why we do what we do.

Thanks again for taking part in that brutal session with me @jacknelms, the upper body pump was real.


Another night and another session with @bailayd and @zach___1.

As you can see from the picture, it’s been great fun training with these young men in the past couple of weeks and this has obviously been felt by them also as they have now upped their sessions to twice weekly.

I look forward to Monday to see what other fun we can have but also to see these guys progress further as their ability level in this new environment for them increases session by session.

Great to see the effort and the enjoyment you guys put into each session, keep it up 😁

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 17/02/2022

Tonight we had in @declanhay1 from @brechinamsfc for a session.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Declan play a couple of times as a much younger player in the Brechin Youth set up back in the day and it’s great to see he still has the same passion and ability level.

It’s also great to hear about how he has progressed and the opportunities he has moving forward.

Goalkeepers are probably my favourite players to work with in Football as they are very unique in their training requirements and provide a different challenge.

Declan did very well in his first session and as he currently has a broken finger we had to be creative in some of the movements chosen for tonight’s session.

Looking forward to having you back next time your in Declan and keep up the great work.


Excellent session at @catch22fighting to get @amal_borz ready for his competition this Saturday at the English Open Senior Championships.

Amal has been training with us for almost a couple of months now and brings great wresting/Judo ability to the club which has helped develop the standup game of those attending the class.

I want to wish him all the best on Saturday and have no doubt he is ready for the challenge.

Go out there brother and do your best and we will see if you can bring us home a medal next week 🤝💪.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 14/02/2022

@bailayd and @zach___1 back in for their second Monday session and their first full session.

The level of technical competency these guys showed tonight was excellent and made it a pleasure to coach them.

Wish they had made it that easy back in the youth footballing days 🤣

The guys also wanted to take part in the KSP tradition of the preferred most muscular pose to round off the session and of course this request was accepted.

Training is all about fun and some self love, keep up the great work guys and looking forward to seeing the development in a few months time for the next pose off.


Another excellent session with the young team, although I could have done without the anonymous fart as we were lining up for the end of session photo.

Thankfully everyone found it funny, except for Hasbulla who remained stone faced as usual.

Running a vote in the comments to see if anyone can solve the fart mystery from the facial reactions.

Keep up the great work guys but please leave the farts for outside in future.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 12/02/2022

No @brannanb19 at today’s session as he was at the Scottish Championships for his semi final fight to defend his championship in the school boys 70kg weight category.

Brannan has made excellent strides in his physical development recently and strives for perfection in every movement we work on in the gym.

He is also an incredibly consistent and hard working member of King Sports Performance partner club @brechinboxingclub2019 where his coach @jockyofficial always sings his praises and works tirelessly with all the boxers to continually improve their skill levels.

This hard work and dedication to his craft has paid off after an excellent performance in his semi final fight today and saw him pick up the victory to progress onto the final tomorrow.

Best of skill @brannanb19, I have no doubt you will go out there and get the job done.



Young team got a session in with us oldies today. Different workouts but great to have that high energy in the gym with everyone highly motivated and smashing out their goals.

Well done lads, keep pushing.

Photos from King Sports Performance's post 10/02/2022

Excellent effort from both @lewishill11 and @keirmilne72 from the @brechinamsfc tonight.

Tough session and they both managed to maintain good form throughout and pushed through some tough patches to finish strong.

Looking forward to next week with another group from the squad and seeing some returning faces as the rotation begins again.

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