The skills which Amanjot Kaur had developed over the past 11 years are now a solid foundation for Su

Operating as usual


Our popular Saturday class will continue into the 2023.
New students are warmly invited 🙏🏻❤️🦄

We’ve had amazing journeys over the past 12 month and I am so honoured to have been holding the space for the beautiful unraveling which happened to so many participants. Blessed be for the courage you all bring by simply showing up!


If you have friends who are curious, but not very confident to try. This might give them a bit of encouragement.

Bring a friend for FREE to any of our Kundalini yoga classes in person or online.

Perfect timing to try something new.


We live in times when learning a new modality doesn't mean you have to take it all the way through to a successful business model. It will simply make you complete.
Learning is an act of enhancing and improving your experience of life. Knowing that it works through the practical knowledge gives you the ability to share it with others - be it at the school gates, at a party, in your work place or just in a simple text message, - to help and uplift others.

Kundalini Training 2023
at The Retreat New Forest & Online
Febuary 9th - September 17th

WHY do the training with us?

1. We are the only one in the South England who offers it.
2. We are good at what we do - Lead trainer with over 30 years of experience, co-trainer over 13 years of experience.
3. We are accredited by Kundalini Research Institute with the seal of approval.
4. We are the cheapest.
5. It's a HYBRID training with Online and Residential weekends.
6. Residential weekends are run at the holistic venue in the area of UK with Rare and Outstanding Natural Beauty.
7. Missed weekends can be taken at a different training.
8. Suitable for all: business people, homemakers, single parents, pregnant, gay etc.
9. Payment plans can be arranged.

More info via the link below


Burning and giving all that no longer is required back to the universe through the element of fire.

Let go of predictions which seem far too dubious or out of line with what you'd like to achieve.
Let go of things, people and situation which make you uncomfortable and restricted.
Let go of attachments to illnesses and diseases that are limiting your evolution and expansion.
Let go of fear and worry about today and tomorrow.
Let go of addictions that are rooted in the past.

Plus add anything else you would like to let go of or surrender to. Remember to do it with gratitude and honour of giving you a perfect opportunity to learn what is not accepted by your Higher Self.
Do it for the benefit of all.
Blessings to you all.


We are deligthed to announce that the launch of
Kundalini Training begins TODAY and we have prepared many exciting bonuses you can benefit from.


Kundalini Training is a transformative experience, which takes you on the adventure of your own psyche and consciousness.

This training is for everyone - regardless if you want to be a yoga teacher or not; regardless of your age (we've had people as young as 18 and beyond 70); regardless of your faith as yoga is NOT a religion; regardless of your physical abilities as any posture can be adapted to sitting in a chair and so on.

Perhaps you want to develop your personal practice or just learn more and increase your understanding. Whatever your motivation, you will experience a huge shift in awareness and change your perception of yourself and the world we live in.

For the next 7 days we're offering an Early Bird Price to all who Enrols on the training and Pays a Deposit.

-1 month FREE subscription to closed Facebook group worth £40
-Unlimited access to "Coronovirus Toolkit" playlist on YouTube worth £140
-Unlimited access to "Prenatal Yoga" playlist on YouTube worth £90

There are ONLY FIVE spaces available for this limited offer, so act quick.

More info via the link


It's time to trust the process, and Tuesday's Solar Eclipse New Moon is a portal of opportunity to assist you in stepping into the unknown and allowing life's highest expression to unfold for you.
The New Moon in Scorpio is an intense eclipse that carries the new Venus Pentagram into our world. The Sun Moon and Venus will be at 2 Scorpio carrying much needed change and reform into a world that is struggling with the polarity of light and shadow.

In the next 6 week period we will use the lightworking aspect of Kundalini to harness the shadow, to become more aware of patterns and things that are normally hidden from our view and learn how to let go of Piscean way of life in most gentle caring dance off.

Co Creation, Self Love and Surrender is the way through this wormhole.
Scorpio is here to teach you how to surrender to the highest plans that the universe has for you. You may even find that your soul's deepest desires are revealed in your surrendering.

RA MA crew & Alla Amanjot Yeates

To join our classes in person and online as well as subscribe to our closed FB group, please contact us via this link


Excited to announce we will be launching NEW PRODUCT beginning of November, including special BONUSES and an Early Bird Offer. Tonnes of useful and not spoken about before CONTENT.
So make sure to sign up to our newsletter, not to miss out everything kundalini!

* Why do Kundalini Yoga? Benefits of the practice?
* Why they call it Creative Power of The Divine Mother?
* Is KY really for everyone?
* What is Kundalini yoga and what makes it work?
* Why they call it a "legal high"?

Tell your friends to join too.

Click on the link to Subscribe ⬇️⬇️⬇️


How many of you are interested what is Kundalini energy means?
How it is connected to our power to create and manifest?
What Kundalini and Age of Aquarius have in common?
What is Kundalini awakening and is it available for everyone or only for chosen few?
How kundalini awakening and new energies coming to Earth are connected?
Is kundalini dangerous?

Please add any other questions in comments 🙏🏻❤️🔥


New dates announced for
New Forest Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1

9-12th of Feb 2023 RESIDENTIAL (4 days) We will start with online check in on Thursday evening and begin training on Friday morning at The Retreat.
10-12th of March ONLINE (3 days)
10-14th of May RESIDENTIAL (5 days) again with online check in on Wednesday night and training starting on Thursday morning at The Retreat.
9-11th of June ONLINE (3 days)
14-16th of July ONLINE (3 days)
14-17th of September ONLINE (4 days) with check in session on Thursday night.

Total of days is 22. Total of 220 hours.

"You are teachers and even if you have been the most lazy, lousy, bedridden nonsense, come out and just touch people. Leave the rest to God. Be kind, compassionate and caring. And just touch." ~Yogi Bhajan, from 'Success and the Spirit'

Please DM us if you'd like to know more.

Detailed info via the link below ⤵️⤵️⤵️ dates announced for
New Forest Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1

9-12th of Feb 2023 RESIDENTIAL (4 days) We will start with online check in on Thursday evening and begin training on Friday morning at The Retreat.
10-12th of March ONLINE (3 days)
10-14th of May RESIDENTIAL (5 days) again with online check in on Wednesday night and training starting on Thursday morning at The Retreat.
9-11th of June ONLINE (3 days)
14-16th of July ONLINE (3 days)
14-17th of September ONLINE (4 days) with check in session on Thursday night.

Total of days is 22. Total of 220 hours.

"You are teachers and even if you have been the most lazy, lousy, bedridden nonsense, come out and just touch people. Leave the rest to God. Be kind, compassionate and caring. And just touch." ~Yogi Bhajan, from 'Success and the Spirit'

Please DM us if you'd like to know more.

Detailed info via the link below ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Autumn Equinox Community Celebration 06/09/2022

Autumn Equinox Community Celebration

We are so excited to bring you another opportunity to gather in the community - the Autumn Equinox Community Celebration on Sunday 25th September at the beautiful The Retreat New Forest, offering the chance to meet other like minded souls. All sessions are being donated by amazing local teachers, opening this experience up to anyone who would like to attend with a community cost of only £15 for half a day (AM or PM) or £30 for the whole day, (Extra £5 investment to join the Cacao Ceremony).

This day is designed to be flexible and inclusive and we can't wait to celebrate this time of year with you!

To book please follow this link


Autumn Equinox Community Celebration Join us to celebrate the Autumn Equinox on Sunday 25th September to welcome more Prosperity, Abundance & Gratitude into your life.

Photos from Seamseezy's post 01/09/2022

Kundalini yoga for all with an international instructor-trainer with 13 years of experience. In person, on Zoom, as well as subscription to a closed group on Facebook.

Pregnancy yoga
Venue: Brockenhurst and on Zoom
Time: Thursday 7-8 PM

Kundalini on Mondays
Venue: Brockenhurst Village Hall in person
Time: 10-11 AM

Spiritual Fitness on Saturday
Venue: on Zoom
Time: Saturday 8-9 AM

Monthly subscription to Facebook closed group with 3 live streamed classes a week, replay forever, - £40

To enrol to any of the classes above, please fill in the form here


We are happy to announce that pregnancy classes are re-starting on Thursday evening this week. These classes are a perfect preparation for active labour as it focuses on many important points like breath awareness; suitable postures (no inversions or head stand); cultivating the peace of mind and calmness in any situations; specific 3 min challenge to help you train your body how to “ride the wave” of sensations; positive attitude and much more.

*Available on Zoom and in person*
Venue: Brockenhurst

Please DM to enquire or to book.


In the coming years there will be seven billion people living on the planet. The change in technology, psychology and sociology is huge. The chaos of information in the computer age makes it difficult for people to cope with their day to day lives. The body, mind and spirit needs to be organised to meet these natural human phenomena.
Every human, no matter what their religion, face a reality in the future where they will need a strong, healthy nervous system. They will need mental clarity and the back-up of spiritual strength to face this coming world. Training provides a participant with the opportunity to build a solid foundation to navigate life through all the challenges it brings.
Level 1 training is for everyone - regardless of your experience of Kundalini Yoga. Some people come because they love the yoga and others want to share it through teaching.
Format and Dates:
First weekend 9 - 11th September. ONLINE
Second weekend 30th of September - 2nd of October. ONLINE
Third weekend 26 - 30 October 2022. RESIDENTIAL
Fourth weekend 7 - 11 December 2022. RESIDENTIAL
Final weekend 18 -22 January 2023. RESIDENTIAL


Work exchange places available at our toddler camp.

The “Domaine of Jambville” is a beautiful 52 hectares of meadows and forest surrounded by the French traditional countryside, which will host the European Yoga Festival 2022 edition.
Château de Jambville
1 rue de Tilleuls
78 440 Jambville – France

Please contact me via DM for more info.
3HO Europe

You can view the program below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Strengthen your nervous system, your glandular vitality and clean up your psyche with one of the best technology for the daily System overdrives we all live in.
Your body was not made to sit statically in front of the screen all day.
Zoom sessions every Saturday 8-9 am BST.
DM to book.

Photos from The Sahej Academy's post 24/06/2022

For those who'd like to take Kundalini experience a bit deeper and train how to tame the beast of your mind to navigate towards happiness, joy, health, harmonious relationships and prosperity.


New series of Pregnancy yoga classes starting next week on Thursday at 7 pm in Brockenhurst Village Hall for mamas-to-be of 12 gestation and above.

Also suitable to those who are in preparation to pregnancy, IVF, difficult previous experience, conception issues and so on.

To book please DM us.

Day passes during April Yoga Retreat 13/04/2022

Day passes during April Yoga Retreat

We live in the age where blaming circumstances, misfortune or our dis-ability to do a particular thing becoming an easy wall to hide behind. Pointing the finger away from personal response-ability and building a barricade of social media accounts, emails, WhatsApp messages to keep out from exposing our real wounded and vulnerable selves is just the way we live the life today simply because our nervous systems are no longer strong enough to handle the stresses of modern life.
We are bombarded with ever changing news, reality and urgency to respond...
We are pressured to fit with the image of a human who has a comfortable setting in work, home and social interactions, easy acquired possessions and therefore happy-go-lucky individual, which is so far removed from the senses of "being all of that", following cycles that are far from the natural cycles of seasons, light and time.
We consume "dead" food, grown in stress-full conditions with machines not humans taking care of it and nurtured by modified plant food on man-made plantations of drained soil without any consideration for the bio or bug diversity. So our digestion is overworked, liver is congested and glands are depleted.
If you managed to read till this point then you would comprehend how blick our prospects are. So what can we do? How can we find the road towards the end of the tunnel without drowning from the pitty for ourself, frustration of the situation we are in collectively and without reverting of blaming it on the other fellow being and running our negativity to the detriment of each other? How can we stay in our Grace and Power to see the reality for what it is and still ride the wave above the sorrow?
What if I told you that there is an ancient tool, which has been prophesied for these times? What if I told you there is a road to discovery of these gems within each one of us? What if I told you that you can learn the way to access these? All you need to do is to SHOW UP and put some effort in.
Would you consider?
If so, then join us for the transformative experience of rediscovering your inner vitality, strengthening your nervous system, re-charging your quantum field and re-booting your glands and inner organs through Kundalini Yoga on our April Retreat.
Dates: 22-24th of April 2022
Price start from £50
Schedule and day passes here

Day passes during April Yoga Retreat Discover and book your perfect day.

Photos from Alla Amanjot Yeates's post 19/03/2022

Last chance to book discounted accommodation!

Photos from Alla Amanjot Yeates's post 17/03/2022


SeamSeezy Yoga - Retreats & Workshops 17/02/2022

SeamSeezy Yoga - Retreats & Workshops

Last few places on our workshop!
Kundalini Yoga is for everyone as it works very fast with a minimum effort, some people say they love it because they can cheat 😅🙈 😮
Come and give it a try, full explanation will be given.

Online and in-person.

SeamSeezy Yoga - Retreats & Workshops information about Community Celebrations, Women's gatherings, circles, mixed yoga retreats and festivals are all on this page

Photos from Alla Amanjot Yeates's post 26/12/2021

Kundalini yoga DRAW!


This Friday, December 3, 2021 through Saturday, December 4, 2021, we will experience a Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This Total Solar Eclipse New Moon is a portal into new, heightened states of consciousness.
This particular astrological cycle began back in 2020 and is coming to a close by mid-day Sunday.

Spiritual Group will do a short prayer/meditation tomorrow, please comment NAMES that wish to be prayed for/receive the healing below. Thank you and many blessings to you.


The company Seamseezy was born in 2007 as a trend for clothes designing and tailoring. It had it’s main product Seamseezy®️ Tailoring Tool, which was then patented and widely used. The main services of the company were personal tailoring and pattern cutting as well as teaching students.

In 2010 it had a new addition of yoga classes taught in Kundalini yoga style. Company owner, Alla Amanjot Yeates, had completed her training as a Level I and II Kundalini yoga instructor since then.

She also acquired knowledge in other commodities and became Feng Shui consultant, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Children yoga teacher, Self-prescribing Homeopathy consultant and Reconnection healer.

Amanjot Kaur, as she is known in the yoga circles, also has an acute interest in Vedic teachings that are flowing to her through Russian speaking teachers, who are nationals of former USSR. She is a keen student at festivals and seminars in many former soviet block countries.

Her deep passion lies with women, especially young mothers. She is a trained facilitator of monthly women’s circles called the Red Tent.

All these attributes and knowledge as well as her own personal experience of being a wife and a mother of 3, had mixed within her heart into a magical concoction, which she is happily sharing and filling others with as a healing nectar.

Videos (show all)

Something we discussed at the Bench today, how to take personal power back, the tools and the science 🧬 Full length vide...
108 Frogs Daily challenge
PJ Yoga Day 3
Day 2 PJ Yoga.




12 Fathersfield

Opening Hours

Monday 8pm - 9pm
Saturday 10:30am - 1:30pm

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