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My gorg client is finally going solo🥹😢

What a journey she has been on & I could not be prouder🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

Here’s what she has to say: “I joined 1-1 coaching with Jess 3 years ago and my body has completely transformed. We have done many cutting & bulking phases and over these 3 years I have grown an incredible amount of muscle & have never felt better mentally and with my body. Jess provided me with workout plans, set calories & protein goals and we had a check in once a week where she reviewed how I got on and advised anything different to do the next week to make it even better. Over the 3 years I have learnt SO much from her with nutrition, different exercises and exactly what you need to do to achieve the body you want. She has supported and encouraged me week after week and pushed me to achieve the best possible results. I am forever thankful I signed up to 1-1 coaching as she has completely changed my life!”

So if you’re looking to change your life and completely transform your physique join my coaching team today! Enquire via the link in my bio😘

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My gorgeous client came to me with the goal of losing fat, toning up & generally feeling more confident in her body. Think we can safely say we’ve smashed that🥰😍

10kg down, muscle gained and feeling more confident than ever before💪🏼

Client testimonial: “I trained online with Jess for over a year and I can confidently say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Her personalised workouts, nutrition plan and her constant support have helped me work towards my fitness goals and I have never felt better! She has completely changed the way I view food and exercise and I have developed a much healthier relationship with the two! She is absolutely amazing at what she does and never fails to motivate me each week to be better and better! I feel the most confident in my body that I have ever felt and I couldn’t have done without Jess’ help🫶🏼”

To enquire about coaching head to my bio and fill in a consultation form📥

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Full day of food photoshoot prep edition📸💪🏼

I personally prefer smaller meals more often but it doesn’t make anyyyy diff to fat loss. 3 big meals a day is equally fine. As long as you’re in a deficit it doesn’t matter how many meals and when you eat them, this is just what works for me✌🏼

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What I eat in a day as a vegetarian in a fat loss phase✌🏼

*remember this is personal to me and my goals, so don’t copy personal nutrition goal, this post is just to give you an idea of what you can eat in a fat loss phase and that it doesn’t have to be boring!🫶🏼

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Contrary to popular belief you actually need to eat more to help you lose body fat….

I am constantly banging on about volume eating to my clients that are trying to lose body fat. Volume eating is essentially eating more food without overly increasing calorie intake.

A few example of high volume & low calorie foods include: watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, egg whites, cucumber, tomatoes and Greek yogurt.

If you’re in a calorie deficit, you want to be eating as much volume food as possible to keep you satiated and full for as long as possible.

Rather than just having a burger, have a burger and a large volume of salad. Or rather than noodles and chicken, have noodles chicken and a whole packet of stir fry veg. Or rather than having just a chocolate bar have a chocolate bar and a bowl of berries

Adopt this method if you’re in a calorie deficit and I promise it’ll help you🥰🥰


Same gym set, 10kg difference🤯🤯🤯

Client spotlight for my amazing client 👏🏼

Katie was one of my first online clients 4 years ago🥹and then came back for round 2 last year and she’s absolutely smashing it!!

So far she’s over 10kg down and feeling as good as ever🥰

She’s not been doing anything crazy, just nailing the basics👏🏼Strength training 3 times a week, cardio 3x30mins a week, eating within a calorie deficit and hitting an 8k step goal

Now we are ramping it up and really pushing her out of her comfort zone… so she’s booked in for a photoshoot in July!!🥳🤩so her current goal is to get shreddeddd🤪

Couldn’t be prouder and beyond excited to see where she will be in July🎯let’s get itttt

Link for Online coaching enquiries in my bio💕

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What I eat in a day as a vegetarian in a calorie deficit😍

a goooood day of fuel😋

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5 things you need to do in order to lose body fat💪🏼

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A wholesome week spent getting in the Christmas spirit🧑‍🎄🎄

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Swipe for your daily reminder that social media is a highlight reel and you only ever see the best parts of people’s lives!!✨

So when you’re sat scrolling through Instagram don’t compare your unposed natural body to someone’s posed social media post🫶🏼

Both of these pictures are how I look- just one is me with high waisted leggings and one is me with low waisted leggings✌🏼

It’s only ever you vs you🫶🏼don’t compete with anyone except the person you were yesterday👏🏼

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What I eat in a day- pancake day edition🥞

Sticking within my calorie deficit of 1700 calories•130g protein

I really just want to show you that if you want to lose body fat..your food does not have to be boring✌🏼

Breakfast: Protein pancakes using a protein pudding🥞(recipe on my grid)
Snack: Scotch pancake
Lunch: Duck fried rice🍚
Snack: Raspberry & white chocolate protein pancakes(recipe on my grid)
Dinner: Cheesy fajita pasta(recipe on my grid)

Hope this gives you some inspo & an insight into the sort of thing you COULD be eating if you want to lose body fat🫶🏼


Honest cut update

So I started my deficit 5 weeks ago & to be honest they haven’t gone as planned.

I haven’t been disciplined & I haven’t been consistent. The scales have not moved & none of my measurements have changed which is not a surprise.

Sometimes that’s just how things go & if you have also been dieting for a few weeks & they haven’t gone to plan.. that’s okay.

You’re not a failure. You can do it. Be honest with yourself. Then refocus & ask yourself how much you want something, then make it happen.

I feel reset and I feel so ready to put the work in over the next 11 weeks to get myself ready for my first holiday in May!

If you also have a holiday in a few months time, come & join my team and let’s get you in shape so you can feel your best in a bikini on the beach👙☀️

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weekend in bath🫶🏼

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5 high protein breakfast ideas for you to try this week!👀

Recipes for the baked oats, brioche pudding & French toast are all on my page🫶🏼

Save for breakfast inspooooo✨



1. FOOD-You need to be eating in a calorie surplus. Food=fuel.
2. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD-You need to be logging your lifts and making sure you're doing more over time. For example, you could be adding some weight to the bar or doing more reps/sets
3. STRUCTURE: Making sure you follow a training program for a set period of time and you’re not swapping exercises weekly.
4. TIME-It’s not going to happen overnight, muscle growth takes months so be patient

These are the 4 main things you absolutely must be doing if you want to see muscle growth!

Be patient. Be consistent. Get out of your comfort zone and keep pushing yourself.

Join my team & I can help you with building muscle and growing your glutes🙌🏼

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What I eat in a day- day 1 of my deficit🍝

Cals have come down to 1900 and 140g protein

This is personal to me and I personally prefer to have smaller meals throughout the day

Hope this gives you some inspo✨


Full day of eating to build muscle💪🏼

🚀2350 cals & 140g protein🚀

Breakfast: Hot cross hun with banana and honey🍯

Pre workout: Squares bar

Post workout: Protein pudding pancakes🥞

Lunch: 3 eggs on a sesame bagel

Snack: Protein smoothie with kale, mango & kiwi

Dinner: Jacket potato, beans and cheese🧀

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A Venice series🇮🇹🍝

Beaut weekend filled with lots of goooood food🥰🥰🥰the key to my heart

Ready to get back in the gym today & put all that food to good use in my sessions🏋🏼‍♀️ happy Monday!!! # # #


What I eat in a day, as a vegetarian, to grow muscle-2300 cals🍽️

Aiming for between 130-140g protein

Meal 1: Raspberry and white chocolate baked protein oats🍓🍫

Snack 1: 3 biscuits

Meal 2: ‘Chicken’ parmigiana burger from 🍔

Meal 3: Southern Style Creamy Parmesan ‘Chicken’ Pasta🍝

Snack 2: Kinder bueno & banana🍌

Meal 4: Hoisin ‘duck’ noodle stir fry🥬🍜


Back & Biceps workout💪🏼

Save this one for your next upper body day, its a nice easy one to follow!

The workout:
•Barbell row-4x10
•Barbell bicep curl-3x12
•Single arm row-4x12 each arm
•Superset: 12 seated double cable pull down supersetted with 8 cable single arm row x3 sets
•Cable bicep curl-4x10
•Seated high face pull-4x12



I am a qualified level 3 PT in Frimley, Surrey where I have my own private studio. I offer 1-1 sessions, 2 and 3 person sessions and discounted package deals.

I have 2 spaces left for January! If you are looking to change your life for the better in 2022, get fit and feel more confident in yourself then come and train with me! If you want more information about what I can offer you then don’t hesitate to drop me a message!😘

Jess x

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I am a qualified level 3 PT in Frimley, Surrey where I have my own private studio. I offer 1-1 sessions, 2 and 3 person ...







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