April’s Street Feet

April’s Street Feet


Hey guys! The competition teams parents & kids would love your support of you follow our fundraising page for competitions prizes raffles etc!

Well done to Ashley and all her incredible pals who pulled off an incredible Xmas party for the kids in our community. These women are absolute super hero’s for what they do without any reward 🙏 Big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket for the show that helped pay for this.

We gave £700 to cash for kids and any presents and money left over from the party will be going to the health visitors for family’s in need around the community.

I have a wee story, that summed up how nice today was to do. I had a wee girl come into the grotto to get a present and I asked her mum where she was from, as her English was broken. to my absolute joy she said Kurdistan. (Most of you know Kurdish food is my favourite) and thanks to the boys at Dunya, I can speak some Kurdish as well as Arabic. So I spoke the wee girl in her native tongue and she was absolutely blown away, as was the mum.

I have never liked Xmas since my dad passed away. But seeing the joy in that wee girls face made even me smile.

Have a great Xmas team and thank you for all the support to help do something as special as this 🎄

Also thanks to April’s Street Feet & Gemma who kindly let us use the costumes 👏

Glasgow baby food bank Company Limited By Guarantee who are the foundations of this community, are always looking for donations if anyone would like to reach out to a worthy cause ❤️

The event was part of Arms Wide Open yearly Xmas party.
Does anyone have an old or spare size 5 t-shirt Archie could borrow for the show..?? His is getting a little small & the street feet letters have come off 🤦🏽‍♀️
I have just hung my washing out and I have just noticed that Jessica has come home last night with Lucia’s jumper I am just wondering if anyone has Jessica's or has she left it at dancing x
Guys I need everyone’s dancer and spectator ticket numbers for British ASAP please.

Just off the phone to UDO and tickets will go fast !

I will be taking teams solos and duo possibly quads too depending on time but means as soon as we’re back on 26th april training will be constant as we only have a matter of weeks to choreograph everything! No one can even miss A class or training session.... which shouldn’t be hard since you’ve had almost a year off! Haha

Please send me ticket numbers TODAY !! BUZZZZINGGGGGG for a weekend comp away!!!! Just what we need after the year we’ve had! And let’s get some british champion titles in the bag 💪🏽🤩

Excited for our workshop with April’s Street Feet this afternoon! We have seen these kids in action before as we used to rehearse in their studio space. Can’t wait to see some cute familiar faces on the screen! 😘

Original 🤣🤣
April Stuart-Macrae here’s a couple of your grown up babies 🤣🤣
Excited to be bringing our Zoom workshop to the kids at April’s Street Feet!

Dancer of the week Miss Jesaica Agnew
Well done nu crew!! And well done miss april 👏👏👏
Just a heads up for everyone for tonights Britain's Got Talent on ITV 8pm, another amazing dance school from Scotland will be appearing......The Fabulous April’s Street Feet. 1 Studio Video had the pleasure of filming April's very talented school last year, so here are the show's highlights to give you a taste of what is in store for you all tonight.
Knock it out of the park girls Scotland is behind you

Home to Scottish, British & WORLD Champions! Classes in;
MTV Commercial

Operating as usual

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 18/01/2023

Great to have the kids back after such a long break now back to hard work and fun ##


Hip hop with Miss April today ... dusting off the cobwebs 🕸 🧡 They all bounced back after a month off 💪🏽 Picked this up in half an hour!


Back this Saturday!!!!

All new starts welcome! Please share 🧡🧡


Even Craig Eddie loves our talented kids and loved the show, of course he was amazing too ##

Had a class night performing at the barrowlands with April’s Street Feet 🙌🏻

Thank you so much again for asking me to perform, you’re all so talented and the show was amazing 🖤

📸 Frank Murphy

🧡ASF🖤 on TikTok 03/12/2022

🧡ASF🖤 on TikTok

🧡ASF🖤 on TikTok Thank you please go support this amazing charity!! ❤️❤️


Also calandera from April Street feet £20 on sale on Saturday don’t miss out ###


Video orders are going in asap! Quickly contact me direct for your order first come first serve for the video link/ App and you can have the memory forever! X######
£20 I can put your name down for an order urgently before the numbers end ##


Can’t wait to see the video and good luck Craig you are amazing ##


Thank you so much for all the pre-saves so far, this is a lot different from any other song I’ve released but I think you guys are gonna love it. I honestly can’t wait for you all to hear this 🖤

📸 Emma Gray Photography


April Street Feet are representing SCOTLAND at BDF 2023!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

Do nt you just love this amazing Dance Family ha ha ##


This is an amazing song everyone will love it! We have been singing it since we met you in the studio and the kids all love you ## see you soon ##

Warning Signs is OUT NOW!! Stream / Download here! ⚠️ https://craigeddie.ffm.to/warningsigns

Craig wins the Voice UK 2021 16/11/2022

Craig wins the Voice UK 2021

“I can now announce that the winner of The Voice is ……


Yes you heard it here first! Craig Eddie will be performing live in BOTH my shows at the Barrowland’s !!!!

Both shows almost Sold out in a matter of hours!
If you don’t have tickets yet … message me ASAP!!!!


Craig wins the Voice UK 2021

Photos from Clydebank Post's post 20/09/2022

Have a read at the story on the link below 🧡🧡🧡



So many faces missed that were once part of the Dance Mafia Family. 💚💚


I have just booked the BARROWLANDS for my show!!!!!!
Buzzing! Roll on 11th December 😆😆


Reminder there’s NO maryhill classes tonight 🧡

Please check what’s app chat

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 20/08/2022

Forgot to add it in the last post🙈 buuut we also had a quad (first pic) placing 5th in THE WORLD in the over18 section!🌍🏅

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 20/08/2022

Our placing QUADS!🔥💪🏼
In the Under10 section, five quads made the final and THREE of them were ours!!!👏🏼 Plus our 2nd place U14 runner up champs!😍🌍

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 19/08/2022

And finally our biggest girls PRESTIGE receiving their award placing 4th in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD in one of the hardest sections👏🏼🔥🏅#oldestteam#dancers#killingit#prestige#champs

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 19/08/2022

NU CREW receiving their award and celebrating placing 1st IN THE WORLD making them WORLD CHAMPIONS!🔥🌍🥇


BBY CREW receiving their WORLD CHAMPS runner up award!🥈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔥 #youngestteam#champions#killingit#worldchamps#UDO

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 17/08/2022

Some of the hardest sections we’ve seen this year and these kids still SMASHED it and bagged a place at the WORLD CHAMPS🌍💪🏼

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 16/08/2022

Perfect Pairs👯‍♀️👯
Some pics of our duo WORLD CHAMPS and RUNNERS UP receiving their trophiesss!🌍🏆

swipe to the end to see Archie & Kyro in the coolest duo outfit🕸🤟🏼😆

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 16/08/2022

So true ###

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 16/08/2022

Prestige, Nu Crew, and BBY having a chill time and a pep talk🥰

These kids are each other’s bestest friends, shoulders to cry on, and backbones through all their hard work and training!❤️
Not only within their own teams but the others too our little ones look up to the big ones and they take care of them like siblings🤞🏼 They couldn’t have done it without each other!

Not just a dance school, we are family🧡


Waving the flag we DEFINITELY put on the MAP this weekend!📍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

What a weekend we’ve had at the UDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022!🌍 Our hardest yet most successful worlds yet, packed with talent from around the globe and the kids STILL brought home world champion titles😭💪🏼🔥

So beyond proud of these kids for all their hard work, sweat and tears and it has definitely paid off!🧡🏆 scroll to see our results👀⬇️


BBY - World champion runners up! 🌍 🥈
PRESTIGE - 4th in the World 🌍 🏅


Aria & Trey - u/8 nov WORLD CHAMPIONS 🌍🏆
Garcia & Poppy - u/8 inter WORLD CHAMPIONS 🌍🏆
Willow & Ivy - u/8 nov runners up 🥈
Abbie & Leevi - u/16 inter runners up 🥈
Chloe & Millie - u/10 nov Top 3 in the world 🥉
Lucia & Catherine - u/10 inter Top 3 in the world 🥉
Kenzie & Darci - u/14 inter Top 3 in the world 🥉
Kyro & Archie - u/6 open - 4th 🏅


Garcia - u/8 beg WORLD CHAMPION 🌍🏆
Darci - u/12 inter WORLD CHAMPION 🌍🏆
Kyro - u/6 open runner up 🥈
Trey - u/8 beg runner up 🥈
Aria - u/8 nov runner up 🥈
Chloe - u/10 nov runner up 🥈
Layla - u/8 beg Top 3 🥉
Poppy - u/8 nov Top 3 🥉
Layla - u/12 nov 4th place 🏅
Kenzie - u/14 nov 4th place 🏅
Kai - u/12 Advanced 5th place 🏅
Catherine - u/10 nov 5th place 🏅
Lucia - u/10 inter 6th place 🏅


U/10 - five quads made the final and THREE of five were ours!!
Garcia, Chloe, Lucia, Catherine - runners up 🥈
Willow, Layla, Poppy, Millie - 3rd place 🥉
Aria, Aria, Ivy, Maisie - 4th place 🏅

Mylie, Darci, Kenzie, Layla - U/14 World champion runners up 🥈

Paige, Ellie, Molly, Leah - o/18 top 5 in the world 🏅


Before I carry on posting all our OUTSTANDING results this weekend there’s one person this would not be possible without ….. LIAM RYAN!

He has helped choreograph teams, solos, duos and quads… spending days on end in that studio with me!

You truly are part of the steeet Feet family, we’re so grateful and love you so much!!!!!




You know you’re doing something right when you win an ADVANCED section at Worlds !!!!!


I cannot describe the pride bursting out of me, MASSIVE well done to my wee pocket rockets Mylie Murray and Kai McDonalds who have just put our name on the map by winning u/14 ADVANCED duo!!


Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 10/08/2022


I can’t believe it’s WORLDS tomorrow😍🌍😍🌍!!!! The kids have been working so hard for this one and it sure is paying off! I have never ever went to worlds with this buzz running through my school🔥🔥!!!!!

Each and every kid is looking INSANEEEE right now and I cannot wait to see them absolutely smash it at worlds!🌍❤️‍🔥

We had an amazingggg last rehearsal yesterday and even finished it with some gifts for every kid🥰

‘We’re not here to take part,
We’re here to take over’🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
See you all at WORLDS 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 08/08/2022

Today some of our BBY kids had a wee pamper day getting all their nails done for WORLDS!!

They even got treated to a big licks after! Im jealous😂🙈!

Thankyou so much to Natasha and all of our amazing mummies for a fabulous day, the kids LOVED it❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


Come along today between 2-6pm 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Come along to our open day and enrolment this Friday !!!! Welcoming lots of new students, new classes and new timetables!!

Bring a friend and get your enrolment FREE!!

Message or call April on 07392819293 for any more info!

Please share and tag 🧡🧡🧡


Come along to our open day and enrolment this Friday !!!! Welcoming lots of new students, new classes and new timetables!!

Bring a friend and get your enrolment FREE!!

Message or call April on 07392819293 for any more info!

Please share and tag 🧡🧡🧡

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 29/07/2022

some of our BOYZ chatting with Mr youtube! Mini Mr Youtube’s in the making😎💪🏼


It’s aaallllll in the stamina💪🏼🔥


Warm up but make it funky😉🔥 style 💪🏼


Aaaaaand the results!😍👏🏼 These kids pick up choreo no problem! Giving it they’re all with one of the best in the biz💪🏼💪🏼🔥


Streetfeet 3 & 4 learning choreo 👏🏼🔥

Photos from April’s Street Feet's post 29/07/2022

thank you so much for coming along the kids LOVED it👏🏼🧡


Absolutely buzzing that it was our own dancer DARCI GIBSON who won the Pineapple Scholarship!!!

Can’t wait to attend FULL OUT Championships in October and see what other prizes are up for grabs!!!



Our competition is now closed & we will not be accepting any more videos!!!!🚫

Thank you SOOOOO much to everyone who took the time to enter, we are absolutely blown away with the amount of videos we received & of course with the standard!🔥

Please keep a close eye on this page for an update & the results which will be coming soon👏🏽🤞🏽

Kimberly & April💜🧡

Videos (show all)

You know you’re doing something right when you win an ADVANCED section at Worlds !!!!! Wtf!!!!! I cannot describe the pr...
ITS WORLDS TRAINING WEEK🌏 It’s aaallllll in the stamina💪🏼🔥
Warm up but make it funky😉🔥 @mryoutube style 💪🏼
Aaaaaand the results!😍👏🏼 These kids pick up choreo no problem! Giving it they’re all with one of the best in the biz💪🏼💪🏼...
Streetfeet 3 & 4 learning @mryoutube choreo 👏🏼🔥
Here are some videos from last night I will try get more on today xxxx
Boys boys boys ……
Our Maryhill classes started their show work tonight for our first show in 3 years at the Mitchell Theatre in June 🧡 The...
BBY - 2nd place 🥈🧡🖤🔥
NU CREW - 3rd place 🥉🔥🧡🖤
PRESTIGE🧡 - 2nd place 🥈
Sf2 beginners class at Ledgowan Hall Maryhill only £5!!🧡





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