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Family weekend walks 💙

The last couple of weeks have been pedal to the metal on all fronts, and not for the first time I had to give myself a stern talking to (gently nudged by my lovely wife!) to service my engine instead of running it into the ground!

One of my favourite things to do is a long walk with my family. Blessed to live in the middle of countryside where my kids and I explore and walk for miles on end.

And a pub dinner at the end has nothing to do with my motivation in going for the walk! 😉 The 20k steps enabling me to even have a proper desert (crumble and custard 😋), and not even make a dent!

Re-charged and ready for the week ahead.

How was your weekend? ⤵️

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5 tips to stay fit as a frequent flyer ✈️

Many clients that I have worked with over the last 10 years fly frequently with an inconsistent schedule.

Sound like you?

It is possible to keep progressing with your fitness and health, even when it feels like you’re living out of a suitcase.

Here’s 5 tips that my most successful frequent flying clients have actioned:

1) Hydrate. Flights can be very dry due to low humidity on board which hovers around 10-20%, a stark contrast to the 30-60% humidity levels at which most people feel comfortable. Besides causing dry skin, eyes, throat, and nose, this unnaturally dry environment leads to us losing a lot of water. Dehydration should be taken seriously as it significantly impacts our health: cognition, attention, memory, critical thinking, tiredness, fatigue, and irritability all take a toll and we become more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

2) Eliminate mindless snacking. It’s the grazing that can really stack up. A latte at the departure airport (maybe a muffin too!). Another coffee, wine and complimentary biscuit on your short haul flight. More snacks when you arrive at your destination and have your business meeting. By the time your business dinner arrives, you’re already over your maintenance calorie target.

3) Walk as much as possible. You’re seated on Addison Lee on the way to the airport. Seated on the plane. Seated on the Uber to your hotel. Seated when in your meeting. Your body is burning it’s base line volume of calories - not that much. A lot of the time if you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll tend to visit similar locations and get to know where is where and what is what. Be mindful. Get your steps in.

4) Stay in a hotel that has a gym. If you’ve been strength training and are continually looking to build a lean, fit and strong body, you need to be lifting consistently. Time constraints may mean shorter workouts, which is totally fine. Focus on compound movements.

5) Don’t have a “I’ll pick it up when I’m back” mentality. You’ll be more consistent if so and your results are much more likely to come to fruition.

Utilising these tactics as a frequent flyer will help you stay on track 👍


Game Face On 👀

A motivated man with a plan. It is time to execute.

How about you?

The kids are back to school, and now is historically the time when many re-focus on their health and fitness. Perhaps that’s the case for you. But…

Do you have a plan?

When you re-started your fitness last September, how long did you “stay the course”?

Were you able to execute? If not, why?

Imagine you wanted to build your dream home. But you focus all of your energy on its external appearance. It looks fabulous. But it’s structural integrity is questionable. And the interior isn’t quite up to scratch. Not so much of a dream home anymore huh?

This is the very same thing that happens year in year out when many set out on their renewed fitness journey.

3 areas commonly missing:

1) Weight lifting. You might be doing classes that claim to be “toning”, but what is actually occurring is you’re lifting incorrectly with an insufficient weight that induces the sensation of a muscular burn, but doesn’t build and therefore define muscles. The “toned” body doesn’t happen.

2) Nutrition. I believe in the 80/20 rule. You don’t need to give up your favourite foods. But most people tend to go in one of two directions: fully fledged “diet” that is unsustainable, or continuing to eat and drink whatever mindlessly.

3) Accountability. You feel motivated now because you’re 2 weeks past being ready for the kids to go back to school! But when your motivation dissipates (which it will because it always does), what then? Think back to October last year; were you still “on it”? Accountability doesn’t mean someone shouting at you. What it does mean is helping you navigate through the ups and downs of life, positive and negative emotions, and helping you have the skills to stay consistent most of the time.

If you’d like a workable game plan that you will be able to execute with the guidance of a coach who understands you as an individual, DM me the word “Plan”. I’m offering the first 3 people to DM me a free no obligation telephone call where I’ll provide you with 5 steps to help you get your post summer break headed in the right direction, way beyond October!

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Proud to announce that I have won the South England Personal Trainer or The Year Award! 🎉

I knew I was nominated a month or two ago. I received an email and then a phone call yesterday out of the blue to inform me that I had won!

I want to thank those who nominated me - I don’t know who you are, but it is greatly appreciated 🙏

There will be a prestigious award ceremony where we get properly suited and booted etc, so will share that in due course!

Accolades like this aren’t something I strive for. But as I always say with fitness and business, focus on the process and take intentional action consistently. Results truly follow.

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*Take control of the wheel*

▪️Who is in control of your wheel?

▪️Do you know where you’re going and why you want to get there?

▪️Do you have a clear game plan?

▪️What happens when life kicks in?

▪️Have you been hopping from one fitness program to another?

▪️Randomly chopping and changing workouts for the sake of “variety”?

In my time as a Trainer for the last two decades, one glaring factor tends to be remiss when I meet a new client.

Lack of a clear, specific goal.

Often, they’re simply caught up in the growing fast pace of life and the general flavour of what’s thrown around in the fitness industry, much of which is designed to appeal to instant gratification and play on insecurities.

❌ Quick fix dieting.

❌ “Fat burning” cardio.

❌ Light weight resistance training with insufficient intensity so you don’t look like Arnie in his heyday.

❌ Lots of core/abs to get abs.

All fallacies.

The gorgeous VW Beetle in the photos is rich on character but lacking in modern comforts and tech. However, if you point it in the right direction and know how to drive it, it will get you to your destination.

It’s not what you have that counts. It’s how you use it.

Hard truth: A lack of clarity with fitness goals and actions often correlate to the other facets of our life. It also suggests lack of commitment.

Ultimately, it is YOU that decides what pathway in life to go down. Of course, many factors are explicitly out of our control. But I’m talking about factors that we do have a large degree of control over. Fitness being one of them.

🔑Have a clear goal. Write it down. A goal that isn’t written down is just a wish. Include why it’s important to you. Highlight why it hasn’t come to fruition, yet. Indicate what actions you could take to prevent the very same relapses occurring again.

Admit that at times, we need a helping hand; a bit of experienced and qualified direction. For your fitness and health, you can always hire a coach.

Take control of the wheel.

Photos from GF Fitness's post 07/08/2022

👨‍👦Father and son ❤️

If you know your WHY, you’ll know your WAY


Blowing off some steam 😎 without sabotaging your body definition & fat loss goals 💪

Blowing off some steam 😎 without sabotaging your body definition & fat loss goals 💪

Yes, both are 💯 possible! But you have to be smart about it and not blasé. Get it right, and you’ll strike the balance between enjoying your guilty pleasure AND continual progression towards your ultimate body.

The video shares the basics, but here’s a little more detail:

1) Push your calories back and save them for your cheat meal.

Part of this really depends on how well you have been doing with your training, daily activity levels and overall food intake. Have you been consistent and training positively? Have you been getting your daily steps in? Have you been hitting your calorie numbers, most of the time? If so, then great! You can go for it with your cheat meal (and even a full day or weekend!) and not worry. If you haven’t, then you’ll likely have to forego something…your starter, or desert, perhaps both. Sorry! 🤷‍♂️

It’s just like you wanting to buy an expensive item. It may simply mean holding fire elsewhere with your spending. Otherwise, you’ll go over budget and with interest. But if you can afford it, then why not, right?!

2) Train with increased intensity 🔥 Very simple; the more you put in, the more you get out. You’ll burn more calories and you’ll boost your post exercise thermogenesis.

3) Alcohol 🍷 Enjoy it! But don’t be a rookie. Alcohol is calorie dense, so too much in one hit or overtime is a fitness results saboteur. ❌

But it’s not just that. It’s the after effect when you’ve had too much. Your willpower (which is already finite) will reduce. Your ability to make sound decisions will be minimised. You’ll stimulate cortisol (stress hormone that steers fat to the gut)…sit ups the morning after won’t cut it! And you won’t train as efficiently.

Alcohol in excess is poisonous. If a venomous snake bites you, do you reason that you’ll work it off tomorrow?!

I enjoy wine as much as anyone, so don’t get me wrong! But if you truly want results, then this last point is fundamental.

Enjoy your drink, in moderation. It’s that simple.

Hope you found the video helpful 🙏🏽

Have an awesome weekend! 🙌


Eat carbs AND lose fat 👇👇

Eat carbs AND lose fat 👇👇

Sometimes people are led to believe that carbohydrates are inherently fattening.


The energy value of carbohydrate is 4kcal per gram, the exact same as protein. Some highly processed carbs can be problematic and have been shown to correlate or cause inflammation and spiking of insulin and blood sugar.

Carbs from the right source are beneficial and will aid your progress. ✅

By removing carbs completely (like Zac Efron did for 10 years!), you’re removing calories. This together with an increase in fat and protein intake results in weight loss, due to water loss, and at times fat loss.

This is mostly due to reducing calories from carbohydrate removal, and potentially a small degree relating to increased digestive thermogenesis (but not as much as is often stated!)

Going zero or low carb for too long can have detrimental effects on your health, including but not limited to:

❌ decreased thyroid output
❌ decreased testosterone
❌ increased cortisol
❌ muscle catabolism
❌ suppressed immune system

And frankly, it sucks!!

Ok, so what does it all mean?

Your metabolism will slow down, your stress hormones will increase, and your ability to build muscle will be impaired.

You’ll feel slow, sluggish, might experience more headaches, and you‘ll potentially leave yourself more susceptible to illness.

And in case I didn’t make this clear, zero carbs is NOT fun!

Seriously though, your body needs healthy sources of carbs in order to function optimally. True fat loss occurs from caloric deficit, not solely because of removing carbs.

I have seen this with many clients before they started working with me, who lose weight on the scale, but their actual body fat doesn’t decrease or isn’t congruent with their overall weight loss.

Don’t fall prey to the modern western phobia of carbs.

If you want to lose fat, build a toned body and promote LONG TERM HEALTH, carbs are essential.

The clips of Zac Efron are from Netflix: Down to Earth. He visits Sardinia, where there are more centennial’s per head of population than anywhere else globally. And they eat mostly carbs. Very informative.


Fitness is a lifestyle. There is no finish line 🔥

Fitness is a lifestyle. There is no finish line 🔥

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A motivated man with a plan ⚡️

As many of you know, I am now a columnist for Expert Profile magazine and the final draft for my first ever article to go worldwide is now complete.

For those of you who know me, you’ll perhaps be aware that my recent increased activity on social media is massively out of my comfort zone, and that I am generally a fairly private person.

My business mentor recently said to me that the very thing that I fear is the exact thing I need to confront.

Well, here you are!

It’s been fun and interesting to get more active on IG and share my industry leading experience, and many opportunities are knocking at my door. Writing this and future articles is one of those opportunities.

A friend and client who is at the other end of where I’m attempting to get advised me to filter through the noise and find the nugget.

I think I’ve found it!

I’m excited to share with you the first page of my article. Look out for me on some of the airlines and hotel groups shown on the last slide and tag me if you see it.

The article shares a little about my story and how I got into Personal Training. I go on to relate a fundamental principle for fitness and life, and apply it to something that many people generally want when they set out on a fitness journey.

If you’d like to read the full article, DM me and I’ll send it to you.

Thank you for your support. Am excited to continue my journey, and share with you all where that pathway leads me!


Sunday MAX Push Up Challenge!

Easy like Sunday morning…well, maybe not!

Get your Sunday started with a challenge to test your core, chest, shoulder and triceps. Tag your friends and show me what you got 💪🏽

For my clients that jump for joy when I say “next up is push ups”, you know I would never ask something of you that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself!


Hi everyone 👋

I’ve had quite a lot of new followers recently, which is really appreciated. Thank you. I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little more about me, and also how my future plans may be of interest to you.

My name is Gerrard Finlayson. I am a Certified PT and Nutritional Advisor with 25,000 hours of experience. I have coached a lot of private one to one clients in and around Cobham, Surrey & London since 2005 via In-Home Personal Training.

I also train private clients live online internationally.

I’m a Dad to two incredible children and husband to my gorgeous wife.

I’ve had my own battles with health and life, some of which are ongoing, and also with mental health.

I believe in viewing each client as an individual and not making comparisons. I therefore never use a one size fits all approach.

I am not the poster child trainer that runs in the park with a client, does a few push ups and poses for selfies.

95% of my business has been built from direct referrals.

My average client retention is 6 years.

For clients to be their best physically and mentally, I look at every facet of their fitness and lifestyle with a view to maximising positive habits and programming to ensure the best results possible.

The approach I take with clients is a collaborative one, as partners.

I have almost finished writing a new 90 day transformation program. It is particularly designed for busy professionals who want incredible results, without giving up their lifestyle. Some think that isn’t possible. It is, 100%.

It’s called the 90 Day Utopian Body Coaching Program™

It includes all of my knowledge and real world experience to cut out all the noise that is a waste of your time. It factors in everything you need to transform your body in 90 days, with me as your coach. Maximum efficiency.

And the great thing is that you will be able to have your cake, and eat it too!

It’ll be released soon. My in-person PT schedule has been full for a decade. I think my online client schedule will also populate quickly.

I am excited to finally be able to share my expertise with more people, and achieve phenomenal results.

Train smart, enjoy life & earn success💪🏽

Our Story

Originally founded by Gerrard Finlayson in 2005, Goal Focused Fitness has helped transform and change the lives of 100’s of amazing clientele in Surrey & South London. Goal Focused Fitness are dedicated to your fitness goals and results and have a huge successful track record. As mobile Personal Trainers, they come to you, whether that is at your home, local park or place of employment.

Goal Focused Fitness uses an incredible system that guarantees your progress, with a truly global approach to your individual fitness goals. Fitness - check! Nutrition - check! Mindset - check! Their clients train anywhere from 2—4 times per week depending on their goals, motivation and budget via 6 and 12 week bespoke programmes.

With the Personal Trainers at Goal Focused Fitness being cherry picked via an industry leading recruitment process, your assigned Trainer will be incredibly experienced, knowledgable, engaging, dedicated and qualified to ensure you are fast tracked to your desired goals. Why waste time going elsewhere?

Start today with a Free No Obligation Assessment. We’re ready! Are you?

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Blowing off some steam 😎 without sabotaging your body definition & fat loss goals 💪
Eat carbs AND lose fat 👇👇
Fitness is a lifestyle. There is no finish line 🔥
Sunday MAX Push Up Challenge!
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