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Nicola Jones x
Well done to Angam on completing the grading and gaining the orange belt 👏👏👏👏
Group photo. Well done all
Well done to all who competed their grading. Here they are receiving their certificates and belts tonight. Well done everyone!!! 👏👏👏👏

Self protection & preservation for people of all ages from 5 upwards. Our teachings are based mostly on traditional Okinawan & Korean Karate


So impressed with our students at grading tonight, they left nothing out there and completely smashed it with a smile on their face so we’re definitely doing something right. Love to you all, can’t wait to push on 🥋🥋🥋🥋👍👍😍


Great seminar with the awesome Iain Abernethy covering Naihanchi/Kee Mah Hyung applications and principles of Kata based sparring, some sore muscles and a few bruises today but well worth it 🥋🤘😍


And when the great man says ‘bunkai’ he doesn’t mean that flashy crap you see in tournaments 🥋👊🏻

Photos from Practical Korean Karate Association's post 14/02/2022

Words can’t describe how happy I am with this lot….. but I’ll try 🤣 After the few years we’ve had I am absolutely blown away by the dedication these lot have to the club, you’ve shown real grit and determination to get back on the journey and our new starters are smashing it too….onwards and upwards, we will not be held back. 🥋👊🏼😍😍😍


Not sure if Keanu said it, maybe it was John wick 🤣 the sentiment is bang on though, do everything to avoid conflict, but if you really have to fight then fight like a vicious animal 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼


Really happy with the way things are shaping up and extremely excited for the future of our association. We have some cracking students, so humble and hardworking and the support from them and their families to get back and running during these difficult times has been fantastic, so thank you all. 🥋🥋🥋👊🏼😍🤘


Happy new year from us all x


Merry Xmas from everyone at the PKKA 🤶 🎄🥋👍




"In the old days we trained Karate as a martial art, but now they train Karate as a gymnastic sport. I think we must avoid treating Karate as a sport – it must be a martial art at all times!" — Choshin Chibana.


They say a picture tells a thousand words and this one’s no exception. So good to be back with likeminded folk doing what we love after such a long time. There’ll be some aching bodies tomorrow 🥋👊😍👍


Great turn out for our 1st class in 18 months and awesome to see all those lovely faces old and new getting stuck in and sweaty….onwards and upwards, inbox us for class info 🥋👊😍😍😍


Happy world Karate day everyone 🥋🥋🥋👊😍




We’re planning a comeback, like Cobra Kai (with mercy, obvs🤣) need to iron out some Covid Safety this space 👀🥋👊👍👍👍



Well done to two of our most committed student practicing Hyung in the house, well done Tanu and Angad keep up the good work 🥋👊


Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting on a virtual Dojan whereby myself and ma’am will or putting up instructions for students (and maybe family) to practice at home. By doing this it will keep your body and mind fit and active, keep up your karate spirit and have some fun along the way.

We will also be asking for pictures and videos to put up on the website. We have hundreds of followers from around the globe and I think it would be nice for others to see and maybe copy

Take care all, and watch this space🥋👊


It’s been a tough few months, and even Sensei ran low on energy and motivation at times, but this is Karate and no one should ever have told you it would be easy. What motivates me is a picture like this and we will always push on 👀👊🥋


Happy Xmas/Nadolig Llawen to all our followers around the world, and if you don’t celebrate it, we wish you good health and happiness 😘🤘


Great effort by these guys, onwards and upwards.....see you in class 🥋👊😎


Well done to our little warriors for this mornings testing, great effort and martial art spirit shown by all 🥋👍👍👍

Timeline photos 06/11/2019


“Karate changes every few years. This change happens because a teacher will continue to learn and add his personality to the teachings. There is an old saying that likens karate to a pond. In order for the pond to live, it must have fresh water. It must have streams that feed and replenish the pond. Without fresh water the pond becomes stagnant and dies. If a martial arts teacher does not learn new ideas and new methods, then his karate will die. It will stagnate, become boring, and die of unnatural causes.” – Choshin Chibana


Great seminar with Iain Abernethy today in ystradgynlais covering Rohai Kata Bunkai 🥋👍👍


My 6 year old students have a better understanding than some adults in other styles I’m sure


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