Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc

Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc


Lucky to get the last of the 2018 Whyte T-130 here. However, what impressed me most was the "old school" service and attention to detail, something sadly lacking from many establishments these days.
Cris spent quality time ensuring the bike fit was good and talked me through all the setups. Perfect. Friendly and helpful mechanics too.
thanks guys....
Loved the Rocky in the window today 🚵‍♀️ 🇨🇦

in 2014 a new business is born.... Bicycle Tribe is a small business setting out to create Flat Harr

Bicycle Tribe aims to be the go-to destination for the discerning cyclist. Presenting the best of artisan workmanship, attempting to promote sartorial elegance, being accessible to all riders

Bicycle Tribe is the brainchild of Cris Towner, who apart from being a cycling nerd all his life, has a passion for providing intelligent service for folk wanting to understand and enjoy a life enriched by c

Operating as usual


Saturday 24th Sept - Come ride and then be fed and watered at no cost to you… yes, for those that complete the 76km ASSOS Speed Club ride with us tomorrow you’ll be lavished with goodies. Firstly a welcome back drink with pastries and bruschetta, plus a complimentary ASSOS speed club bidon for your future hydration needs. Oh and selected discounts for ASSOS products on the day. What’s not to like 🥰

Join us for the first Flat Harry’s and ASSOS Speed Club ride. September 24th. Leaving Flat Harry’s Barn at 09:00. Sign up via ASSOS Speed Club on Strava.


Join us for the first Flat Harry’s and ASSOS Speed Club ride. September 24th. Leaving Flat Harry’s Barn at 09:00. Sign up via ASSOS Speed Club on Strava.

Photos from Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc's post 12/08/2022

We’ve been building a few of these Kinesis Tripster ATR framesets into excellent gravel and adventure bikes. Every one we build differently to reflect the intended use and customers desires, starting with the robust and brilliantly engineered Titanium frame which Kinesis pair with their own full carbon range fork (designed with 3 most useful luggage mounts on each fork blade).
This one we built with SRAM CX1 mechanical groupset, for its lightweight simplicity and reliability.
Married with Fulcrum gravel specific Rapid Red Carbon wheels, Rotor Aldhu crankset, Hope bling kit and Pirelli rubbers for speed and control on any surface.
Finished with Zipp XPLR gravel bars and SL stem. Makes it one of those simply ace bikes. Capable of anything you want to do.
These typically get built into bikes costing between £3900 and £5995 depending on exact choice of components.
We have a size 58cm available to test ride (by appointment only) if you are contemplating such a machine.

Photos from Michele Mattiello's post 15/07/2022

Photos from Michele Mattiello's post

Photos from Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc's post 22/06/2022

We’ve loved building this headbanger of an SL7 for Dave. His instruction was “build me a bike that’d make Mr King go nuts..” so we went down the punk infused route, start with a single chainring just because they’re flipping awesome, add a SRAM force 12 speed 10-42 gravel oriented cassette (to create the same gear range as a boring 2x11 bike) add on the obligatory Zipp303s wheels and shod those with hand-made ‘strada biancha’ 30mm tyres from Challenge, and you have the most modern interpretation of a road bike capable of any man made road, regardless of surface and gradient. We love it, and we hope Mr King will hate it 😉😘


Ooh. Gosh. Hot off the official product launch last week. The Garmin 1040 and 1040 Solar have landed at Flat Harry’s. If you’re after the most advanced GPS/training aid with the longest battery life… these are it. The 1030 was good, the 1030plus was very good, these 1040’s are on another level again. New user interface, now with wizardly levels of GPS accuracy, and truly helpful training and coaching features. It now sets the bar.


Outside area is now ready to welcome you! ☕🚲

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Another unique creation from FlatHarrys custom build programme. Kirsty needs a speed machine, so we built her one from Argon18, these E119-Tri framesets are uniquely brilliant. Compact aero and slice though the air with ease. This one will compete in long haul events including Ironman, and I suspect it’ll be likely speeding past you all.


Our first proper “Monday” for Michele’s Cafe @ Flat Harry’s. And in the middle of a mid morning influx, an unexpected visitor arrives “hello, I’m your local health and food hygiene inspector from RBWM….”
Well, Michele had done us proud and had all the necessary procedures, records and documents in place to impress, along with clear training to put us right.
Very happy outcome 5/5 will do nicely 🥇

Photos from Michele's Cafe' at Flat Harry's post 06/05/2022

Photos from Michele's Cafe' at Flat Harry's post


Today we ran out of paninis. Freshly baked to order, these seemed to be hitting the spot 😍


Sometimes a little signage goes a long way…. Finding us should be much easier….
Thanks to Steve at

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Another beautiful custom build from Flat Harry’s Barn. Argon18 Krypton GFIST built for Sid, with the legendary SRAM Force AXS wireless shifting groupset, Zipp 303s wheels shod with Pirelli Cinturato velo tubeless 28mm tyres for everyday speed and reliability. Zipp carbon bars for ergonomic loveliness. Garmin rally power pedals, this one is built for speed and comfort for long days in the saddle over our less than perfect tarmac roads and setup for tacking long steep climbs with those superwide range of gears.

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As we prepare Flat Harrys Barn for our opening we’ve already been utilising our amazing new facilities to built its maiden bike, this one for Ben is suitably special, His new gravel race bike, will debut at 200km The Dirty Reiver race this weekend, where i’d predict he’s targeting a top 10 finish - custom builds are always beautiful.

Photos from NLG Consultancy Ltd's post 08/04/2022

Nigel and his team have been doing a brilliant job getting our new shop ready. It’s getting close to being ready…. Very Soon (ish!)


Flat Harry’s is evolving. We’ve been in Cookham High Street now for nearly 7 years, and have been bursting at the seams for the past 3 to 4 of those years… so a new shop is being kitted out for our next phase… lots of exciting things to share with you all, many new bike brands, much wider range of products and services to be offered, and yes we will run the best cafe for many miles around, plus easy parking for bikes and cars. It’s still going to be in Cookham, just 1 mile from the existing shop. Opening Spring 2022. More info soon.


Now Recruiting: Flat Harry’s is expanding and we will have new staff positions to fill. In the first instance we are looking for a bright energetic person to lead the setup and running of a new purpose built Café within our second store. If you’ve got expertise and passion for great food, and love the outdoors then you are likely an ideal candidate. The right person will be excited to get involved to lead from the very beginning, helping Cris design and setup the operation, source the equipment, build the menu and recruit and run your own team. Get in touch if this could be your ideal next adventure.

Photos from Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc's post 28/06/2021

Helen.G had a significant birthday 🎉 to celebrate, and was able to celebrate in style on her new steed. Cris hand built this beauty especially for her, Argon18 Krypton GF-IST provides the perfect chassis for her needs. A classic petite frame for her petite skeleton, allowing us to get her perfect balanced and correct ergonomics. Petite women typically have shorter torso and shorter arms than men of the same height, and thus their handlebar vs saddle height and reach need to be very different. The IST part of this frame means all the cables/hoses are hidden away internally routed via the unique integrated fork and stem system. Coupled with a dream build of SRAM and Zipp, a top bike for a top woman.

Photos from Flat Harry's - part of BicycleTribe.cc's post 25/06/2021

Andrejez received a gift of the excellent Garmin 830 computer, Varia headlights and rear Radar light … but he didn’t have a suitable bike to put them on … so he asked us to build him a proper 50/50 road/gravel oriented Gravel bike, that would be happily ridden anywhere at speed. So here is our creation, the most excellent Argon18 Dark Matter, Zipp 303 wheels, SRAM AXS Force 2x12 groupset… simply stunning.


She said “Make me a beautiful super-light gravel bike please, but I don’t want drop handlebars” ….. a couple of weeks later from the Flat Harry’s workshop we reveal a Flat Harry’s Custom Project Terra C.


Loving the new limited edition 2021 ORRO paint job on the top end Terra C with its stunning 3 colour way flip. (Purple/Gold/Green).
This one’s available with the super cool 1x13 Campagnolo Ekar for around £3500 or the more affordable but still ace Shimano GRX800 for around £2600. They are starting to arrive, taking orders now.


The brilliantly varied capabilities and styles of the ORRO Terra C bike. It can be built for aggressive off road use, for mostly road use, and for lots of variations between. We build them to suit the needs and character of their new owner... and it’s not surprising they are our most popular bike ever!


Argon18’s have been rolling out our doors this summer... all custom built to meet each customers needs and budget. Love this special edition Gallium Pro 15th Anniversary edition we built for Simon with the most excellent SRAM Force AXS 24 speed wireless electronic shifting AND Fulcrum Racing Wind wheels... gorgeous


Fit for a King! Mr King wanted a gravel bike. And after test riding Cris’ Demo Argon18 Dark Matter bike, he placed his order for us to build him a special one. Dark Matter Frameset bejewelled with SRAM and Zipp loveliness, and wrapped in Maxxis rubber... makes the perfect “proper Gravel bike” light, fast and very controlled and comfy through the rough stuff.
Another custom build from FlatHarry’s that’ll leave the others in its wake.


Don’t you hate it when workmen turn up in the middle of the night and make a mess out your property, and leave their tools sprawled everywhere!
Yes we had an attempted break-in by some lowlife. But our anti bandit glass resisted his efforts.
If the bandit is wanting their tools back then do get in touch, I’ll happily return them to their rightful owner.
Police seen to have quite a good lead, as the bandit also left their car in full view of CCTV.

In the mean time, We carry on regardless.

And just wanted to say thanks to our neighbours on the high street for raising the alarm and getting the police on site so quickly.


Look what the delivery man just brought. Harder to find than a hens tooth. If you want one then contact us now. We have two available. They will go fast. So first come first served. The Tacx Flux2. Direct drive home trainer.


Another custom build. This time Cris wanted to try something different. A pro level fast road bike with gravel capability (upto 35mm tyres) for spring classics, white roads and potholes. Plus full winter capability (clearance and mounts for proper mudguards) - to make the bike truly 4 season capable.
Step forward with another Argon18, this time the Uber level Krypton Pro. It’s designed for World Tour assaults on Paris Roubaix, Strada Bianche and the like... fully integrated and hidden cable and hose routes, built strong and light. The Frameset has won impressive awards... “delivers on performance thanks to a low weight and plenty of stiffness, but factor in its immense comfort and slightly relaxed geometry and you'll find this is probably one of the fastest endurance machines on the market”

Reusing his bomb proof wheels, and ultra reliable SRAM eTap groupset, it’s made a most modern machine to hammer around our gravel strewn back roads and farm tracks with abandon.
Our fave’ SupaCaz provides the gorgeously pimp bar tape and bottle cages. wheels shod with the most reliable Vittoria Rubino Pro 30mm rubber...

the perfect ‘Puncheur’ bike.


We’ve been building some lovely custom bikes recently. Particularly love this one for Deirdre, she isn’t particularly tall, about 5 foot on a good day, needing an XXS size frameset, paired with the new Ultegra levers specifically for smaller hands, we built her a bike properly sized and built for her. I get the feeling this is the first time she’s had the joy of being able to feel the bike is an extension of her, rather than fighting her previously oversized machines.
Always a pleasure to build bespoke bikes for folk, and this one is extra special. Deirdre wanted a bike that is light comfy and reassuringly capable of handling the potholes and gravel we have here. The Argon18 Krypton GF frameset is the perfect chassis for this, coupled with my favourite 30mm Rubino Pro rubber from Vittoria, makes a most excellent solution.



Flat Harry’s is lucky to have our own resident music producer inducer upstairs, Stuart Epps always keeps us entertained with his latest music projects... and hot from his recording studio is this “wash your hands” ear wormer.... love it 😻

WASH YOUR HANDS a brand new song release by Radio DJ, writer, journalist and television presenter. The song 'wash your hands' was written to raise awareness ...



It seems Bicycle Shops are officially part of the essential business listing, and are allowed to stay open.

I’ve copied the following list from the Gov.uk guidance document

“Supermarkets and other food shops, health shops, pharmacies including non- dispensing pharmacies, petrol stations, bicycle shops, home and hardware shops, laundrettes and dry cleaners, bicycle shops, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices, and banks.”

Bicycle Shops are listed twice!




Headline Announcement 19th March.
Flat Harry’s is OPEN but by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Additionally, every customer must wash their hands immediately on arrival. And as they leave.

Dear lovely people. We are trying to keep our shop open during this viral shutdown period. We know you want to keep your bikes running and functioning to enable you to escape the onset of going stir crazy. Exercise is a release for us all, and a great way to combat the stress of the situation as well as vital for all round health.
Some of you will need to buy stuff, others simply need their machines setup for indoor training. We understand. But we all need to help the situation and reduce the possibility of contamination.

So From today.
Please don’t turn up unannounced.

Please email us ahead to make a time bound appointment. So we can ensure our customers are not all in at the same time.
It’s going to be hard but we can do this together with love and understanding.

Email to [email protected] is the best method of communicating.

we can’t always answer the phone during busy periods, often having our hands full of grease or minds focused on spoke tensions, so please leave a voicemail, we will get back to you.

You can also contact us via Facebook Messenger.

In the mean time, take care of yourselves and of your friends and loved ones.

Thanks for your understanding.
From the Flat Harry’s team: Cris, Paul, Dave and Dylan.


Guy needed a new bike. Having been riding a bike the wrong size for some time, he was used to being hunched and rather upright. Guy came to Flat Harry’s and I showed him the benefits of being stretched out, engaging the upper body in the process, creating a powerful aero position that is also far more natural and comfy. I helped him get the right size frame, choose the wheels, stem and bars, and then I provided the groupset, pedals, shoes and the finishing kit and personally hand built this lovely Tarmac. Using SRAM Force AXS for the most reliable groupset, Setup on the superb Corsa Control Tubeless tyres, Look pedals, Fizik Shoes....

and his response this morning was simply Wow!!!

Setting PB’s most of the way into work on his first ride of his new red tarmac.


Speedplay Zero Pedals bargains. Need space for new stock so these beauties have to go. Amazing prices. Just 4 pairs left.

Stainless Steel versions should be £200. You can pick them up for £110 during January.

Chrome-moly version (black axle) should be £150. You can have them for £75 during January.

One pair of red stainless left. All others are black. All with standard axle lengths of 53mm.

When they are gone. They are gone.


Sale time at Flat Harry’s. Sale ends February 29th. Come in and browse or take a look online (not everything will be listed online) www.flatharrys.cc


This winter. I’ll be mostly be rocking the Tango.
Ditch the death-wish-stealth. Go Jaffa.

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4:15 this morning we had a couple of uninvited visitors. Clearly well tooled for the job and determined.  Bikes were loc...
MTB North Wales. Road Trip part 1. Midnight driving.  Sticking 2 fingers at this snow ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️ there’s no stopping this ...
Majorly exited today. I've just agreed terms to rent the shop I want for flatHarrys.  Full steam ahead, might even be op...





Building 2, Entrance 1, Lower Mount Farm, Long Lane

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 10am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 10am - 6:30pm
Thursday 10am - 6:30pm
Friday 10am - 6:30pm
Saturday 10am - 5:30pm

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