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Hi there I just got a notification on my phone that you were Live on youtube I did look in but wasnt sure what was going on I came back later just as you were finishing the red wine that was when I twigged that people were texting you live, sorry I didnt say Hello but if you do go live again I hope to say Hi, wildcamping150, Les.
Thank you for the generous voucher for our Christmas Jumper Walk and Crafts Day on Sunday!! We are very grateful!
Enter this here, til we get a look at ar Chameleon System Pack win wan here, so ye can → http://queue.vip/FPRFxgL and don't forget to confirm the email they send, mon now!

Apparel and Accessories for every day wear and outdoor pursuits, here you'll find a selection of popular brands. **Special Prices for Groups- Contact us for more info**

Apparel and Accessories for Outdoor pursuits, here you'll find a selection of popular brands, some mentioned below! **Special Prices for Groups- Contact us for more info** Jack Wolfskin Clothing, Rucksacks & Accessories Craghoppers Clothing Dare 2B Active Wear Hi-Tec Footwear Highlander Clothing, Rucksacks, Camping & Accessories Lifesystems & Lifeventure Accessories (Survival/ Essentials for Outdoors (First Aid) Vango Tents & Camping Accessories Trangia & Fuel Map & Silva Compass Coming Soon- Montane & Berghaus

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How to Navigate in Poor Visibility using leapfrogging

Useful skill for navigating in conditions of poor visibility or even featureless landscapes using a technique called leapfrogging https://youtu.be/xapvzqZXjRo

This little upload is just a demonstration on how to use leapfrogging when navigating in poor visibility or even featureless areas. We talk through the proce...

Mountaineering Ireland


Women in hillwalking, climbing and training, skill providers and coaches! This is the call for YOU❗️ 🖍✒️📕📇

Mountaineering Ireland and Women in Sport are calling for YOUR HELP❗️ Pick up your pen and write an article. Share your experience. We would like to hear your story! Increase the number of articles written by women and to promote YOUR achievements. 💪
We are inviting you to write about your journey in mountaineering. Over 50 % of MI's membership consists of women. We know you are active. Show off your skills and share it with everyone! Let's increase the visibility of women on the Irish mountaineering scene and increase the volume of women's appearance in MI social media and the Mountain Log.
Tell everyone about your journey in mountaineering. Share with others about the best days on the hills or the most exhilarating climbing experience or maybe about your failures and struggles and fears in mountaineering. You may have already tones of notebooks full of notes, hidden in your cupboard, waiting for the right moment to come. Now is your chance to tell your story!
Interested? please contact [email protected]

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How does time outdoors benefit mental health?


Foraging Blackberry Jam How to Make Simple Recipe

With the plentiful bounty of Blackberries at the minute why not make use of the free food and make some simple Jam https://youtu.be/EPQWl-UsOsc

Details to Follow


BBC One - Extinction: The Facts

This program is well worth a watch. Human kind really needs to wake up and start acting faster. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000mn4n

bbc.co.uk Sir David Attenborough investigates the loss of biodiversity happening around us.

Interested in foraging here's a helpful calendar why not give it a go September is a great month #freefood

Some flow today, 7 arches Cloane road, The Ford Mulnavoo and the big bridge Derrynoid Road. Moyola & Douglas


Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct Wash Demo & Review

Ever wondered how to use Nikwax Tech wash & Tx direct waterproofing for your garments hopefully this link helps https://youtu.be/Z5ggp2kUEfw

#nikwax #techwash #txdirect Done a demonstration using the NikwaxTech wash & TX Direct on my Paramo Jacket Link to other Nikwax Video https://www.youtube.com...


Places to stay Northern Ireland: 8 hidden gems

Quirky locations for a staycation on our door step https://www.redbull.com/ie-en/northern-ireland-accomodation-off-the-beaten-track

redbull.com If you're looking to immerse yourself in nature and veer off the beaten track, you have to check out these unique accommodations..


Sligo’s Neolithic tombs are being vandalised ‘on scale never seen before’

It's a pity ancient Monuments like tombs, cairns, Standing Stones etc can't be left alone from people stealing or constantly moving around the rocks or stones. Just leave them be and enjoy them https://www.facebook.com/45441411157/posts/10157639025071158/

irishtimes.com Experts say 5,000-year-old monuments will not survive unless action is taken


Waterproofing Leather Boots with Nikwax (Grisport boot)

Short clip on getting your leather walking boots reproofed using Nikwax Leather Waterproofing https://youtu.be/jRCxlY5RhTM

#nikwax #waterproofing #grisport Updated review on the Grisport Saracen Boot and How to use Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather Link to Nikwax Tech wash & T...


Stay local while still getting away.

discovernorthernireland.com #DiscoverNI


Police probe after attempt to poison wildlife in Omagh

Hard to believe this actually still happens https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/crime/police-probe-after-attempt-poison-wildlife-omagh-2852690

newsletter.co.uk Police are investigating a suspected attempt to poison wildlife in Omagh.

One of the many lesser known stone circles up near Beaghmore. OK a little less impressive but still a great visit up at Broughderg among lots of ancient sites in that neck of the woods. #sperrinmountains


Pitch perfect: Ireland’s best wild camping spots

Some brilliant wild camping spots on this list https://www.redbull.com/ie-en/8-of-the-best-wild-camping-spots-in-ireland-red-bull

redbull.com From wild camping gems to family-friendly sites, these are the best places to pitch up.


Sperrin Mountains - WalkNI

Nice little link to our own hills https://walkni.com/sperrin-mountains-destination/

walkni.com Discover the best walks in the Sperrin Mountains located in Co.Tyrone. From winding country lanes to rolling hillsides and panoramic views.

Search and Rescue Dog Association (Ireland)

Tragic news in the last few days, as Bonnie, a SARDA Ireland Trainee Trailing Dog died after she ate poison that had been deliberately put out on the hill with the intention of targeting wildlife. She and her handler Jim O'Brien were training in the foothills of the Knockmealdowns when the incident occurred.

Bonnie was a beautiful and talented dog who no doubt would have become one of our first SARDA Ireland Trailing Dogs. A tragic loss for Jim, who has lost his beloved pet, and a huge loss to the SARDA Ireland Trailing Dog Team.

RIP Bonnie 🐾

A very kind Facebook follower has set up a SARDA Ireland fundraiser in Bonnie's memory: If you would like to donate (no donation is too small) please visit: https://www.facebook.com/donate/637670100163379/


Idiot's strike again. We went for a family dander up through Moydamlaght Forest up to the Rock and came across this mess at the lower end of the forest not far from the parking and not even far from the path we spotted this Rubbish attempt at a fire and using the outdoors in this beautiful area. If people are going to light fires and use the outdoors please make some effort to do it correctly and safely and remove all rubbish and fires before you leave if not stay at home (its not rocket science) . We do not want rubbish or Black burn marks all over these great places. Show a little respect to our environment and LEAVE NO TRACE. Under usual circumstances I would normally have picked up this rubbish but under these strange times of covid I left it until I get back properly prepared.


Cause of river fish kill identified

Awful news for one of our local rivers being severely impacted by pollution

bbc.com The NI Environment Agency says it was alerted to slurry and dead fish in the Grange River, Londonderry.


Press release: IWT welcomes the leaked EU Biodiversity Strategy on the anniversary of Ireland declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency - Irish Wildlife Trust

Would be great to see this implemented brilliant read

iwt.ie Press Release 09th May 2020 Press release: IWT welcomes the leaked EU Biodiversity Strategy on the anniversary of Ireland declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency On Thursday May 9th 2019 Ireland became the first country to declare a climate and a biodiversity emergency. On its first anniversa...


The Great Realisation

This is a brilliant watch definitely embrace what we have learnt through this pandemic and take it forward to the future us. https://youtu.be/Nw5KQMXDiM4

A bed time story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020. 🛌 🧸 #stayhome #withme Music by Katie Phillips Sound Design by Sam Gee #untiltomorrow #tomfoolery

Just came across this link. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and love getting into the wilderness in some capacity every week and I know there is lots of people like myself and the lock down is tough. I think it's very essential to adhere to the advice for your own and everyones health so it is essential to minimise your journeys to help curb the spread. I do value getting out for my exercise everyday which is great usually spent dandering up and down our local roads. Now I know some forests across the UK & Ireland have been opened up for daily Exercise but I think a lot are still closed in this area. The link I have posted is a couple who have flaunted the stay at home advice to go on a camping trip to a forest and I see lots of people arguing that they are in a big forest in an isolated location and it really won't affect the spread of covid 19. Now in my opinion this is very untrue yes the risk maybe lower but its still there. Think about it this way if everyone thought it was ok everyone would be doing it to get more outdoors time during this lock down period it increases volume of people going to forest Parks, climbing mountains on well trodden routes, or even more obscure places because people will be thinking they are a little safer there (again others will be thinking the same) . Yous could be opening and shutting the same gates, going through same narrow entrances, stepping over the same stiles, resting on the same benches/areas, going on the same narrow paths or treks and even meeting people at these points etc etc you will be touching a lot more surfaces than you would on your local walks from home. Along roads the only thing you touch is the sole of your footwear on the ground. Also lots of people will probably drive to these locations wasting unnecessary fuel meaning they will have to fill up sooner (trip to the petrol station) possibly go get supplies (another trip to the shop) etc etc I could go on. Mountaineering Ireland the governing body for climbers & Hill walkers have also urged people to stay away from these types of locations. I know this is a bit of a rant but I do believe the stay at home advice is good but definitely go out and do your daily exercise safely. What do you folk think is it too harsh? https://m.facebook.com/derbyshireconstabulary/photos/a.221324207999/10158547115348000/?type=3

A man and a woman have been fined for breaching Covid-19 regulations after concerns about a BBQ in woodland near to Longshaw.

Officers attended following a report from the fire service on Monday 27 April. They found a man and a woman had set up a tent, a hammock and BBQ.

The 37-year-old man and 31-year-old woman, both from Sheffield, were given fixed penalty notices, and ordered to pack up their things, before being escorted away from the land.

PC Linda Hancock said: “We are working as part of a wider effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus infection and protect the NHS, and our role is to engage, explain and encourage people to follow the regulations.

“Most people are compliant and very understanding but unfortunately in this incident we were forced to issue fines for breaching the regulations We will continue to be out in our local communities to play our part in keeping people safe.”

Officers have the power to issue fines to those flouting the stay-at-home government rules and people can even end up in court if those fines are not paid.

People should not leave home, and:
• Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home).
• If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times.
• Wash your hands as soon as you get home.
• Do not meet others, even friends or family. You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

You can get advice and find out more information from the government about Coronavirus by visiting www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Great little photo the importantance of weeds and wild flowers is huge especially for Bees and other insects which then provide food for birds and small animals and the chain keeps going so if you have a patch in your garden (especially a rough area) to let grow wild or plant some wild flowers you would be helping all these important little guys out and will bring in loads of life into your garden.

Ireland Way town map featuring a cracking spot at 17 Moneyneena. This way could be something to look forward to after the pandemic

Cabin fever can be to much at times but practice your bushcraft in the garden 😂


10 Best Hidden Places in Ireland

10 great places to look forward to after the pandemic #keeppositive https://www.smartertravel.com/10-best-hidden-places-in-ireland/

smartertravel.com You've seen the Ring of Kerry and walked the Cliffs of Moher. Now what? Leave the crowds behind at these top attractions in Ireland that nobody knows about.

That time of year again with the biting insects especially if your spending some quality lock down time in your garden so why not try to stop the annoyance with some of these remedies.



Get reading free edition of Mountaineering Ireland Magazine enjoy


Mountaineering Ireland

Thank you for adhering to the Covid-19 restrictions, please hang in there


How Many Stairs Do You Need to Climb To Summit Famous Mountains?

Wanna keep mountaineering during lock down from your home? Scale the largest mountains⛰️? Go for it https://www.facebook.com/110069037308295/posts/117368353245030/

muchbetteradventures.com Sometimes, you can’t get to the mountains. Sometimes you have to stay indoors and gaze longingly at pictures of mountains, dreaming of the day you’ll reach their lofty summits. But what if you could bring the ascent of those peaks a little closer to home? With that in mind, let us introduce to y...

Back To The Past

During the Covid 19 outbreak has seen a lot more people out walking the roads for daily exercise and actually doing it wrong putting themselves at risk and also drivers. You always walk towards the traffic this means you can see thd car coming your way and also the car can see you by doing this you have now doubled your chances of not being hit. Lots of people walk with the traffic which is totally wrong this means a car may sneak up on you (especially if your wearing earphones) and if the car does not see you it may end up with you being struck. Keep your wits about you when walking the road use paths if they are there and stay safe.

Mountaineering Ireland

We can't go up the hills right now but we can stay hiking fit with a few key exercises. Here are some to get you started and if you have any other exercise suggestions suitable for hiking let us know.


First bear in Germany in 16 years

Some good news hopefully they have learnt from the last time

wilderness-society.org For the first time in 16 years, a bear has been spotted in Germany. Has Germany learned from 'Prolem Bear Bruno'?

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