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Here is another example of the nonsense we can expect over the coming weeks.We know that Tain,Golspie and Brora fully support Coul Links Golf.There is no argument that they are all fine courses but with Coul acting as a hub everyone will benefit from increased traffic.Disappointing remarks re vandalism from someone who works on a golf course for a living.
This is what community is about - young people playing football, people chatting, kids playing and folk singing and dancing. Coul Links has brought us closer together, and will continue to do so and as a rural community this is exactly what we need. We need hope and future for our young people. This is not at detriment to our local landscape and as a person whose livelihood is ‘outdoors’ I would say I know more than most BUT I also work mainly with young people and THEY are our future and they need a place in their home area, their locality and that is why I celebrate this decision to approve the planning of Coul Links.
Anyone who disputes this cannot have a ‘broad’ outlook on the needs of a rural community. It’s about balance and careful consideration. If I didn’t believe Coul Links had both I would never support it.
I would like to speak to someone about an event we are holding in Dornoch. Would you have a phone number or email I can reach you on please? Sarah

Thought you would all like a bit of an update from our friends on Planet Dargie and their facebook comic.They have not had a good week!
They are still all very excited about their “petition”-they have so many of them I’m beginning to lose track -but I think they are referring to the planning committee objections which as we know ,after a carefully orchestrated and expensively funded campaign has resulted in a support predominantly from outside the area.How are they funding this activity and their ridiculous and pointless adverts?
The true measure of local support has been of course the local meetings and coverage in the local press.We don’t need expensive campaigns looking for cheap signatures, we already have an overwhelming vote in favour from real locals-that is how they choose to express their opinion.It might be more traditional but that’s the Highland way.
No news on Rebuttals this week-sorry as I know a lot of you can’t wait for a Dargie rebuttal especially those who have trouble sleeping.
I thought that we’d all agreed that personal attacks were off the agenda? Well the message has not yet been received on parts of Planet Dargie.Perhaps that’s because it takes quite a while for signals to get through to some parts.
There’s a real beauty (fb comment)about Todd’s investments in Dornoch and a suggestion that not only is Links House “empty most of the time” but Todd deliberately loses money to avoid paying tax.I’m not sure how often the person concerned has actually been to Links House but I can tell you from personal experience how hard it is to get a table and in the season it has been a total success story which is great for Dornoch.Todd knows what he is doing- and like most of Dornoch I think he did a great job with this and the Courthouse.What’s wrong with these people- is it just down to jealousy? First there was the suggestion that local planning officers were being bribed and now it’s some sort of tax evasion apparently.
Gillian Emerick starred in an article yesterday in “The Verge”.In the spirit of fair play and balance, here is the link to the full article;
We learnt that Gillian came to Embo to “retire” and actually that’s why she really opposes the Golf Course.I think that says it all .Too many retirees with nothing better to do who want to keep things as they are so they can spend time riding horses or looking for flies and fungi. Personally I think it is a really selfish point of view relative to what’s on offer from Coul Links Golf.By the way, why didn’t she have the picture taken in Embo at Coul?? This is in Dornoch!!
The rest of the article is the usual mix of some fact but mainly fiction, although it was apparently supposed to be a balanced piece-you can judge for yourselves.Apparently Golf is failing in Scotland-that’s why RDGC has a 5 year waiting list now and bookings are already up on last year…more on the apparent intimidation of locals who oppose…more comparisons with Trump and the usual we’ll gloss over the fact that Tom Dargie helped to get the course approved in Aberdeen…nothing about the lack of management on the SSSI and the fact that it is falling into disrepair…becoming a retirement home for retirees and ecologists…and approx. 5 people per day or less…

Tom Dargie is pictured in his “slacks”,but to be fair this is actually on Coul Links.Problem is as we keep being told it’s an SSSI Ramsar site and he should not be there at all…but he had to find a way to communicate with his followers on Planet Dargie.Is it a 4G mast-I hope so as the reception down there is rubbish!!
Andrew Mackay still thinks he can design a better course “up the hill” and is more qualified than the architects currently rated No 6 in the world.Keep running up that hill Andrew, you never know Kate Bush might be up there at the top.We love your passion but not sure about your direction…
That’s all for now folks-keep the comments coming!
Interesting letters in the latest Northern Times from Tom Dargie and Andrew Mackay, clearly “orchestrated” as Tom Dargie would say!
What’s most surprising is that Tom Dargie has written in at all, as on his own Facebook comic he said that his Not Coul disciples should;”Forget that stuff in the local rag”.So should we forget what you and Andrew say Tom??
Based on the usual misinformation we can expect from Not Coul, I have to say their letters were indeed totally forgettable.
Tom Dargie just can’t handle it when local opinion is so much in favour, as demonstrated by the letters pages over the last few weeks.Pretty much in line with the Public Meetings at around 10-1 in favour over the four meetings.Now what Tom Dargie would do at this point is to “EXTRAPOLATE” this information and apply it as follows;Local Population is around 11,295 so it would mean that 10,200 are in favour-result!He quite correctly points out that most people don’t express an opinion…and that’s very much the Highland way…but on planet Dargie that means that it must be equally split….Errrr I don’t think so Tom.He is also correct in that in terms of objections with Highland Council there are 1100 or so against and 328 supporting. Of course the fact that Not Coul have run a “carefully orchestrated” and expensive campaign aimed firmly at the green lobby outside the local area has nothing to do with this.I think we will find that the vast majority of supporters are local and the vast majority of objectors are not and despite what Tom Dargie says, Highland Council will be more influenced by genuine local opinion and local business views.
Andrew Mackay needs a lesson in Golf Course design and a reality check.He says that anyone with an opinion other than his, just like Tom Dargie, is “wrong” and guess what? He’s fact checked it too!!That’s the norm on Planet Dargie-they are never wrong.The Developer is apparently “second rate”…is that the same developer with two courses in the top ten in the latest Golf Digest World Rankings??Apparently Andrew is also now the Not Coul Economist-oh dear.He is correct in that employment is high in Dornoch and Embo. Why do you think that is Andrew??Could it be because the vast majority of young people and job starters have to move somewhere else and don’t live here anymore??We do have a balanced economy relatively speaking, but a static and ageing population in Dornoch and Embo. What we need is GROWTH to generate new businesses and jobs for more than just the current population and keep younger people here to reverse the ageing trend.
Have a quick look at the letters attached from this week and post your comments-another great “rebuttal” from Todd Warnock, I expect we’ll get another rebuttal from Tom Dargie, we haven’t had one for a couple of days!
Comments from northern times 29/12/17
Some great letters today in the Northern Times.Its the second week of their special feature and it quite clearly shows that local opinion is solidly in favour, very much in line with the public meetings with 10-1 in favour.Not Coul have lost the argument locally, hardly surprising as they are only interested in their own narrow and selfish viewpoint.

News and real information about the proposed golf plan for Coul Links, by Embo, near Dornoch.


To all of our wonderful supporters, Ahead of the meeting next Wednesday here are a few details
The meeting starts at 10am sharp it will probably be a couple of hours.

Buses will leave the Embo community shop car park at 9.00am
And Dornoch square at 9.15am
They will return after the meeting and drop off in the same place

We have had quite a few enquires so Please let us know if you want to take the bus as we can scale up or do a shuttle on the day so don’t worry you will get there

Many thanks and have a great weekend

The Coul Links team 10/10/2018

The pre-examination hearing of the Coul Links golf course development | Coul Links - an Environmentally Friendly Golf Links

To all our supporters and friends. The pre-examination hearing of the Coul Links golf course development application will be held at 10am on Wednesday 31 October in the Carnegie Hall, Clashmore, near Dornoch. To all our supporters and friends. The pre-examination hearing of the Coul Links golf course development application will be held at 10am on Wednesday 31 Octobe


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'It is anticipated that visits to the application site are likely to increase. There is a risk this could lead to adverse impact on nature conservation interests, such as disturbance to plant life or waterfowl during the winter period.' To Whom It May Concern, RE. Access to Coul Links As you will be aware, the planning application for the development of an 18-hole golf course, submitted by Coul...


Coul Links Supporters Stuart and Jimmy

Stuart and Jimmy are because they think it will be positive for the area, local residents and enhance the nature.

Thanks to Stuart Morrison and Jimmy Yuill, our latest Coul Links supporters.


Coul Links Supporters John McMurray

John McMurray from Dornoch thinks the plans for Coul Links are brilliant.

Thank you for your support, what a great testimonial.


Hannah & Dawn #BackingCoulLinks

Hannah and Dawn are because they both think the project will be great for the area.


Coul Links Supporters: Duncan Allan

Duncan Allan from Embo is because he thinks this project will bring Embo into the modern age.

Thank you to Duncan Allan. We are grateful for the overwhelming local support we continue to receive. ... 24/08/2018

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Rona Grigg #BackingCoulLinks

Rona Grigg thinks the Coul Links Project is the best thing that could happen:

Rona Grigg's fantastic testimonial for


Coul Links - Questions Answered

The site will be carefully maintained through the removal of invasive species, habitat enhancements and close collaboration with Scottish Natural Heritage to ensure that the land is protected at all times.

The development of the Coul Links golf course is a very progressive, environmentally conscious project. The site will be carefully maintained through the rem... 11/07/2018

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Good Morning to all our supporters and thanks for all your kind wishes on the Golf course gaining approval. We have been asked by a large number of people what the next step is and how they can help.

Here is an explanation of what we expect to happen over the coming weeks:

We anticipate the Highland Council presenting the successfully passed planning application to Government next week.

Once that has happened the Government has 28 days to see if they want to "call in" the project for review, or allow the local democratic judgement to stand.

What does this mean for Coul Links?

If government choose to uphold the Highland Councils decision which was unanimous at the first meeting and had only one opponent at the second, we could start construction this year - that's right, 2018. We would hope to have the course fully open in 2021.

Should the Scottish Government not allow the decision to stand this would delay the project by 18 months at least, meaning no golf would be played at Coul until 2023 or 2024 and no employment created for that very considerable time.

We of course want to avoid this as do the overwhelming number of locals, local businesses and golf clubs that we have spoken too.

How can you help? You can write or email your local MSP asking them not to call this in for many reasons, such as the much needed investment benefits and jobs to Sutherland and the Highlands. We would also have a Coul links land management plan for ever more, something which is not in place at present. Remember we have agreed to manage 100% of the links 93% Nature and 7% Nature and Golf.

Many Thanks for your help and support

The Coul Links Team


We continue to outstrip the opposition on a 6 to 1 basis for supporters. Thank you, after a momentous week – your support clearly makes a big difference.


SBNN National

Coul Links



Plans for a world class golf course which will give a major economic stimulus to the north of Scotland have been given the go-ahead after councillors reiterated their overwhelming support for the project today.

The Coul Links development, proposed for a site near Embo in Sutherland, was passed at a special meeting of Highland Council’s North Planning Applications Committee.

At a previous hearing on 5 June councillors spoke in favour of the project but deferred a final decision to allow the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to comment on a last-minute objection.

However, SEPA maintained its previous position not to object to the application. Scottish Natural Heritage had previously indicated it had withdrawn all but one narrow objection to the plan.

In making their decision, the committee recognised the significant economic benefits the course will bring to east Sutherland and that extensive mitigation measures will be put in place to protect the environment.

Links developer Todd Warnock said after today’s meeting: “After more than three years of thorough consideration of the project, we are excited to win such overwhelming support from the committee.

“The development has been comprehensively and fairly assessed by the two statutory bodies as well as the competent planning authority and we now look forward to bringing to Scotland the economic benefits of such a prestigious golf course.

“This major investment in a relatively remote part of the country has the significant support of local people and we thank them again for their help and encouragement.

“I would also encourage opponents of the golf course to now work with us to make the project a huge success. The evidence is compelling that Coul Links will improve the site ecologically, particularly with regard to bird life, and we will continue to strive to ensure the development progresses with environmental integrity at its heart.

“In summary, its seems there are four conclusions that are undeniable. First, a world class links course near Dornoch would prove economically transformational, perhaps creating the Highlands as the third major golf destination in Scotland.

“Second, Coul Links is an extraordinary site ecologically and our plans will improve it. We will disturb 13.4 hectares of dune habitat, but we will improve 20 hectares and provide a site management plan in perpetuity.

“The people in the community of Embo have spoken confidently with their outstanding support. We are humbled and thankful to be their neighbours and partners.

“Third, after three exhaustive years, virtually everyone in the Highlands wants this project completed. Yes, there are objectors with legitimate concerns, and we respect them but make no doubt the voice of the people has been heard.

“Finally, there is a process by which these decisions are made in a democracy. Statutory bodies with unbiased expertise are empowered to protect our collective interest. Other than a single narrow objection from SNH, they are not opposed.

“The elected competent authority, Highland Council’s planning committee, represent the people. We are humbled, thankful and honoured by their thoughtful deliberation and considered approval today.

“It’s now time to build a golf course.”


Approved! Statement to follow.



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