Rhondda Rockets Cheerleading, Ferndale Video April 26, 2020, 1:26pm

Videos by Rhondda Rockets Cheerleading in Ferndale. A cheer and dance team from the Rhondda, we give a warm welcome to new members from age 5+! Both for boys and girls, we compete twice a year!❣

So far, during lock down 2020

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We’re back

Rockets during lockdown 2020

So far, during lock down 2020

Starting our masters pom

Aw a new oldie tonight trying our masters team. Chloe Webber it’s been about 6 years since you left us but it was like y...

A few from our masters training tonight, including our new mama doing her first cartwheel, awesome job rose, well done a...

Stevie doing her new move

Emily trying stevie new move

One of our tinies Aria nailing her walkover today, well done aria,

One of our tinies Lexi nailing her walkover last week, awesome job lexi,

2 girls got their Aerial today well done Eva Well done Isabella

Our youngest competitor trying so hard with her tumble, never gives up does Marnie,

One of our tinies mastered her back bend tonight, well done aria, back walkover next,

Nice one brooke, it’s coming lovely,

A few new moves today, regan learnt her back handspring last week, and this week got her tuck, well done

Teaching santa to do a toe touch

Wow Maisie

Well done to Kasey Leigh chapman today getting your front tuck,

Massive well done to Brooke getting her round off tuck today in cheer, nice one Brooke,

Maisie and her new bases

A few new faces

A few new faces today, our new stunt group,

Heno the interview,

On the tv show heno,