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[07/24/17]   Test week continues (it started on a Thursday...)

Heavy pulls from the lads.

Good lifts all round. 17/07/2017


I set some goals last night. You'll be interested in my take on them- it's quite different from what you're used to hearing... I wrote down some goals last night. This is standard practice in the strength and fitness world. We write down our goals so that we have something to aim towards and a defined timescale to do it in.... 14/07/2017


Buyer Beware...

The main reason I decided to move into the fitness industry and open the gym was because I was tired.

Tired of all of the lies, misinformation and downright nonsense being peddled by ‘fitness experts’.

Years ago, when I’d not been training too long it made me angry (now it just makes me sad). I really couldn’t understand how someone could stand in front of someone who desperately needed help with fitness and exercise and sell them nonsense that just doesn’t work.

Sure, the nonsense might help them lose a little weight in the short term (FYI- ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will cause weight loss in the short term if you’ve not exercised for a while/ever) but 99.99% of the time all that would happen is the results would stop coming, motivation would dwindle and they would quit.

Sometimes, they’d even get injured and never want or be able to exercise again.

I’ve always been one to ask questions so I took to chatting with people in the industry I trusted and they all said the same thing- there are LOADS of UNQUALIFIED people out there passing themselves of as ‘fitness professionals’ giving advice and training people (often for a fair amount of cash).

This is a very bad thing.

This is a very bad thing because:

1) It damages the industry. You wouldn’t trust someone to wire the electrics in your house if they weren’t a qualified electrician. You really don’t want to trust your body and your HEALTH to someone with no qualifications. The real fitness professionals often charge more as their training isn’t cheap and is time consuming (time on course=time not training clients and earning). People who don’t care about you or your safety can charge less because they’re not paying out to get the skills and knowledge required to get you the results you DESERVE.

2) It’s dangerous. Coaching resistance and cardiovascular training isn’t a simple thing. In order to get results you need to work hard. Knowing HOW hard to work and when NOT to push people is essential. It’s hard to get this knowledge without proper education and training.

3) It’s REALLY dangerous. Training and exercise is generally safe. Rarely, it isn’t. Identifying and appropriately advising and referring (usually to GP) the small group of people who can’t exercise safely is really, really important for obvious reasons.

The take home point of this little rant is this:

ALWAYS ASK to see copies of a personal trainer’s qualifications.

If you’re going to trust someone with your health and wellbeing, it’s in your interest to make sure they’re QUALIFIED to do the work you’re asking them to do.

Say no to fitness cowboys (and girls).

-Phil Be careful who you trust with your money and your health.




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