Kenshinkan Dojo

For the study and research of Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu. Seirokan Norfolk Dojo is a shibu of the Main dojo of Sensei Brian Morrison in Nottingham we study the Eishin ryu school of iaijutsu.

Jikiden - transmitted teacher to student Eishin - a master swordsman and 7th Headmaster Ryu - way or style Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu can be referred to as Iaido or Iaijutsu. This Dojo teaches the traditional techniques with emphasis placed on correct body movement and effective Iai. This is a different training technique than one might find in other schools of Iaido and makes for strong, dynamic Iai.

Operating as usual

[05/24/20]   I have made a members page if you practice with me and havnt had an invite please contact me

Heiwana Kokoro no Ken Iaijutsu

My sensei Roy Bradford last night at the opening demonstrating tsukekomi.

Thanks Roy!!

[03/02/20]   Good luck to Scotty for the start of his new classes in Lowestoft.

[01/27/20]   The website has now been published my first attempt so constructive criticism only please.

Heiwana Kokoro no Ken Iaijutsu

Location confirmed, wednesday nights 8-10 at the ormiston denes high school in the gymnasium.

Starting on the 4th march!!!

Tying hakama

There are many ways for men to tie hakama. First, the obi is tied in a special knot (an "under-hakama knot") at the rear. Starting with the front, the ties a...

[12/31/19]   Happy new year

Great turnout last night for the final Eishin Ryu class of 2019 thanks to all of you for the support and look forward to seeing you all in 2020

Kokoro Academy Dewsbury

A lot of truth in this

Iwata Norikazu demonstrates kirioroshi cut

Roshukai seminar as discussed Iwata Sensei

"Iwata Norikazu Sensei was born in 1913. He began his iaijutsu training in Kochi with students of the 17th master Oe Masamichi, he then went on to University...

Yoshin Dojo

1800’s scroll of Ikeda Ryu Mitsu Dogu Menkyo Mokuroku. Mitsudogu is usually associated with the capturing tools of police officer of ancient Japan. A variety of tools were used in combination to subdue warriors and other individuals. Some of these tools are still used in Japan today. You can see these tools hanging in most Koban (police boxes or substations) and within many schools.
#mitsudogu #edomachikata #menkyo #police #policetools #三道具 #江戸時代 #江戸町方 #警察 #交番 #刺股 #袖絡み

Amazing looking armour

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Yoshin Project

Seiza is one of the most common practices in martial arts...but what are the benefits?

MUSIC Arigato / GrillaBeats

Watch Eishinryu Iai Jutsu Chuden 10 Kata by Yasuhito Asano Sensei online - Prime Video Introducing 10 Kata of Muso Jikiden Eishinryu Iai Jutsu Chuden by Yasuhito Asano Sensei. Asano Sensei will demonstrate 10 Kata with several angles and explains the basics, tips, and secrets.

#7柳生新陰流兵法|Genuine Japan Channel

[10/18/19]   what a great training session last night some kihon some omori ryu and tachi uchi no kurai to finish giving the newbies something to think about and the not so newbies plenty to work on hope you all had fun

Iwata Norikazu demonstrates kirioroshi cut

"Iwata Norikazu Sensei was born in 1913. He began his iaijutsu training in Kochi with students of the 17th master Oe Masamichi, he then went on to University...

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

Iaido MJER demonstration Terao Fukui sensei 8 dan hanshi Iwata Norikazu sensei 8 Dan hanshi

[10/11/19]   Really good session last night thanks guys you all worked really hard nice to be able to start putting detail into our iai

Kenshinkan Dojo

Kenshinkan Dojo's cover photo

Kenshinkan Dojo's cover photo

Tennen Rishin Ryū / 天然理心流

how cool is this

English below↓↓




The seminar on Kogusoku of Tennen Rishin Ryū was held on May 5th.

The Kogusoku section (part of the Mokuroku level) was practiced while wearing full armor, in a fashion that has been considered obsolete after the Meiji era.

The first part of the seminar was dedicated to the techniques’ explanation, while on the second and last part we had the chance to learn how to properly wear a samurai armor thanks to the teachings of Hiroshi Nagao Sensei, an instructor of Musō Shinden Ryū.

We then demonstrated the entire section with the armor on, proofing that each technique can be applied in a real battlefield situation.

ホーム 日本武道協会は、日本武道の研鑽および国内外への普及活動を通じて、より一層の日本武道の振興に貢献することで、健全な社会づくりと国際親善に寄与することを目的に活動しています。

[06/21/19]   Great session last night good turnout as well really pleased to see Chris back in our Dojo

[01/26/19]   Great session this week our newbie Archie did very well picked things up quickly so well done to him.

[01/17/19]   What a great session tonight first one in a long time on a wooden floor Ian and Andy you both did really well

video 1525294141

Kenshinkan Dojo's cover photo

Kenshinkan Dojo's cover photo

Kenshinkan Dojo

Samurai Manner: The ceremonially to Katana and to the Dojo.

How to Torei, the ceremonially to Katana and Shizennorei, the ceremonially to Dojo in our Japanese Budo Association. This is very important for Samurai Manne...

Yoshin Project

Kenshinkan Dojo

Shoden 01 : Mae Front Drawing.

Eishinryu Shoden, the first Techniques. 01 Mae, the front drawing. The basic techniques. Free Lesson.

About us

We are a small group who study the Eishin Ryu line of Iaijutsu under the direction of Roy Bradford.

Roy has been studying since 2000 when he met his late Sensei Brian Morrison from the Seirokan Dojo in Nottingham which is part of the Roshukai of the late Iwata Norikazu Sensei.

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Great Yarmouth
NR31 9NF

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19:30 - 21:30
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