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Traditional Goju Karate for the heart, mind and spirit. The school follows Yonemotoha with particular emphasis on the aiki within it

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Hisa Takuma, the Technical Successor of Takeda Sokaku 13/11/2021

Hisa Takuma, the Technical Successor of Takeda Sokaku

Hisa Takuma, the Technical Successor of Takeda Sokaku Hisa Takuma (久 琢磨) was born on November 3rd, 1895 in Sakihama-mura, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku. He was the only son in a family of five children. His father, Hisa Katsusaburo (久 克三郎) worked as a lumberjack and his wife Ushi (久 丑) took care of the children. ...


Courage has many faces and many sources of inspiration - this book reveals both :

"As my technique improved and my knowledge expanded, I felt something swell inside me. Not quite confidence,nor hope, ,nor will ,though it contained shades of all three. Mostly I felt I was unconvering a long-buried instinct for survival. Somehow, I knew I possessed the ability to endure and overcome. It was there in how I tuned in to the moment , how I learned to listen to my intuition . It was about accepting the battle as inescapable and entering it with the calm trust that you will somehow sense what to do and how to react. This is the peace in war ." Azad Cudi

Lockdown need not confine our study ..we just need to embrace the random, the diverse and the less travelled paths.


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Aikido&Jiu-Jitsu&Ninja techniques - Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

A special techniques Mixed Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and Ninja Shirakawa Ryuji shihan - aikikai 6th dan ◆Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/aikido.shirakawa ◆Instagr...




Yamaumiaikan Goju Karate Do's cover photo


Yamaumiaikan Goju Karate Do's cover photo


A great night out with my dojo sister Sensei Debbie Strong from the Kyudokan . Open heart and open mind is always our way


Study comes in many forms. The best technique comes from nowhere and everywhere. Look to the sky , feel the wind and watch how animals and children play. Above all listen to the music that inspires you.for that is the heartbeat of life. Kanji and the Bubishi have their place in the right hands. Life is in the small things freely given from those you trust and love. The rest is just an illusion

guillaumeerard.fr 16/03/2019

Honnêteté intellectuelle et traduction du Japonais

guillaumeerard.fr J‘ai récemment publié un article pour Aikido Journal dans lequel je présente des preuves qui démontrent que contrairement à ce que M. André Cognard a dit et écrit par le passé, son professeur, Kobayashi Hirokazu, n’était pas un maître de Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, et qu’il n’avait jam...

aikidojournal.com 23/01/2019

The Surprising Origins of Budo: An Interview with Guillaume Erard – Aikido Journal

aikidojournal.com ContributedFeatured The Surprising Origins of Budo: An Interview with Guillaume Erard Guillaume Erard1 week agoAdd comment11 min read Guillaume Erard (born April 13, 1981) is a French biologist and budo instructor living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He began practicing judo at the age of six, then s...


Nishio Aikido Evolution

Aikido - Shoji Nishio sensei 1993 seminar in Sweden 4 (5)

mountain-dojo.com 19/10/2018

Three Things Every Fighter Needs

mountain-dojo.com When the moment comes, and you face an opponent, things get real simple. You do what you need to do. That is something all fighters know.   But what you bring to bear on that moment is not so …


Another great day training with Sensei Phil Rozier. Fascinating and inspiring as always


Great morning training with the Seibukan


Aikido with Brighton Aikikai

Coming soon ...another joint Goju / Aikido seminar with Sensei Phil Rozier. Definitely not to be missed !!

We are a Christian Tissier inspired Aikido club lead by Phil Rozier in Brighton, England. We hold classes and seminars regularly. Practitioners of all levels...


A great evening of karate beer and home made pizza in celebration of my 59th birthday. Great to have to Mike Clark sensei teaching in the dojo and to be joined by my Seibukan dojo brothers. Training was followed by Kay's superb homemade pizzas at 44.


Who is LEO TAMAKI - Ep 53 - Paris/France

I often say that the karate is in the music . A view echoed in this interesting interview with Aikido sensei Leo Tamaki.

Learn more about Leo Tamaki here: http://www.leotamaki.com/ and follow my project here: http://travelinmelody.com


Yamaumiaikan Goju Karate Do


And I'm thinking about home
And I'm thinking about faith
And I'm thinking about work
And I'm thinking how good it would be
To be here some day
On a ship called dignity


Yamaumiaikan Goju Karate Do's cover photo


Aikido Interview w/ Christian Tissier Shihan

Inspiring insight from Christian Tissier Shihan

Special short interview with Christian Tissier Shihan at the IAF Meeting 2014 Aikido Seminar in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Visit Christian Tissier Shihan on the w...


It was a pleasure to welcome Sensei Phil Rozier and Brighton Aikikai to our dojo yesterday. Humbled and honoured to share the teaching with such an outstanding aikidoka. We explored many of the common themes in goju and aikido. Above all it was a day about friendship and sharing. Many thanks to Holly Bayliss for providing the dojo free of charge and to Gavin Mulholland Shihan for inspiring the fundraising idea behind the course.


" What is called budo is a single integrated path ...In past times all bujutsu .was in the end, the mainfestation of a unique path of war....Actions of advance and retreat, body posture, breathing - they must all match each other" A letter from Kenji Tomiki to Admiral Isamu Takesh*ta . Looking forward to welcoming Phil Rozier and Brighton Aikikai to our dojo tomorrow and exploring the aiki in goju and the goju in aiki


Have gi will travel ....open heart open mind ....this is the essence of Yamaumiaikan. Whilst the east and its masters have much to teach us ...this is not everything...In Antigua we are reminded that "hand wash hand " and in Martinique we are shown the hurricane shelters and reminded that old friendships and family are the best shelters of all


The Warrior of light sits around a fire with his companions. They talk about his conquests ,and any strangers who join the group are made welcome because everyone is proud of his life and of his Good Fight....Paulo Coelho ..Manual of the Warrior of Light... kanji required


Timeline Photos


As martial artists it is traditional to look to the east for inspiration but we must never forget the lessons of the West both spiritual and martial .


"Have gi...will travel " is a mantra I try to live by. To visit another dojo of whatever discipline with an open heart and an open mind is a great way to both learn and make lasting friendships. Time and distance often mean those visits are not as frequent as I would like. But this gives better perspective and nothing is more enjoyable than seeing other teachers and students skill develop between visits. Visiting Brighton Aikikai is always a great pleasure and seeing the progression of Conan Theobald as an aikidoka and teacher always makes me smile. His love of his art is plain to see and he shares it to all with humility,patience and warmth. A lesson to us all


In the end we are all in a Ryu of one. Ultimately we must visualise how we would use kata to fight rather than getting lost in the detail of the individual movements. For me Unshu will always be the Tomahawk kata as that is how I would use it to fight. So if a little of the finer detail gets lost along the way thats okay....because the important thing is the ferocity and not stopping until the job is done .


"I am not inclined to be subject to anything at all "...La longue Carabine. The essence of Yamaumiaikan


"To become the best, we have to become like a branch. We seek our original trunk in order to become a stronger branch. Therefore, we can say that we stem from that particular trunk. The only true question is whether we are a thin or a thick branch. The more the branches grow, the better, because then, the more the trunk grows with them, and as the trunk grows, so do the branches."
Chiba Tsugutaka (1931 - 2017)


Congratulations to Josh Gilroy and David Platt on passing their grading to 9th kyu.


There are many paths to the top of the mountain so we must choose our paths carefully and our companions for this part of the ride even more so. Above all we must enjoy the journey, the companionship and the view.


Great evening training with Shihan Gavin Mulholland and the DKK





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