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Operating as usual


🎄Christmas hours!🎄
Hi Yogis! I’ve had a few people ask about classes around Christmas, so please see the dates below where there I’ll be NO classes! ⬇️
No classes on: 28th, 29th and 30th of December.
All my classes will be back as normal from the first week of the new year. And I will be offering my usual classes on the week leading up to Christmas, (21st, 22nd and 23rd).
If you have any questions please do let me know!
Happy Holiday season! 🎄 ❄️ 🎁
Love love


Feeling like your back is getting achey, stiff or sore? Or you’d like to delve deeper into the ins and outs of Yoga relating to the spine!
GOOD NEWS! It’s not over! There is one more date for our ‘Align Your Spine’ Yoga Workshop!
Saturday the 3rd of December
.health - Great Malvern
Delving into the anatomy of the back, common ailments, a mobilising Yoga flow, restorative Yin style practice and of course a lovey treat from the beautiful team at Rise Plant Kitchen!
I so look forward to sharing this afternoon with you and sharing more of the teachings of Yoga with you all!
Do let me know if you’d like to book yourself in for some TLC, either below or send me a DM!
Love love,


Thank you to the lovely ladies who shared their Saturday afternoon with me yesterday for our ‘Align Your Spine’ workshop ☺️
If you feel like you’ve missed out, don’t worry, I have another date!
Saturday 3rd December, .health.
Love Love,


🌙 Only 1 week until this fab Workshop!🌙
So excited to get together give ourselves some healing!!
If you feel your spine needs some aligning, you want to relieve or prevent back pain, or just want to delve deeper into some of the teachings of Yoga, then grab your spot while they’re still hot!!!
🌀Saturday 19th November - 2-6pm - investment of £40 🌀
Book here ➡️
Or DM me to book on or for more info!


🌼2 Years of teaching! 🌼
It’s been two years since I became a Yoga teacher and started sharing the teachings of Yoga. First all online but now happy to be teaching multiple classes in person every week!
So grateful for the hearts that share their time with me 💕
Love and light,


Exciting news … I am hosting a new workshop for you all, called ‘Align Your Spine’!
We have two dates and two venues, however the content taught within the workshop will be the same.
When, where and how much?
- Saturday 19th November - 2-6pm @ The Pavilion, Castle Green, Hereford - £40 - 10 spaces
- Saturday 3rd December- 2-6pm @ Rise Plant Kitchen and Movement Studio, Great Malvern - £44 - 8 spaces
In this workshop, we will look at the anatomy of the spine and how to move it safely in order to create and maintain a healthy spine. We’ll dive into how to prevent and ease back pain, especially in the lower back, by practicing a restorative and nourishing Yoga sequence. We will also look at the breath and energies within the body that run along the spine and how these both affect the body. And of course finish off the day with a beautiful guided meditation journey, (lavender oil may be involved 👀). A hot beverage and vegan treats will be provided at The Pavilion location (19th Nov), and the lovely .health will be providing some sweet treats and a hot drink at the Rise location (3rd Dec).
Booking is essential as there are limited spaces at both locations!!
To book please contact Krista on one of the options below:
[email protected]
Instagram -
Facebook -
- OR -
Click the link below to book on my website!
*Please note, payments are non refundable. However, if you are unable to make it, you are welcome to give your space to a friend. If so, please contact me with their name & contact details.
I am so looking forward to hosting these workshops and getting to spend some time with those of you who attend!
Any questions please, get in contact!
Lots of love and light!!


Wednesday 26th October!! 🌀
Good afternoon Yogis! There will be no Mindfulness class next Wednesday 26th as there has been a mix up with the room.
All other classes will be running as normal.
W/C 24th October:
- Hatha Yoga via Zoom - 10-10:40am
- Mindfulness via zoom - 7-7:45pm
- Hatha Yoga @ The Pavilion, Castle Green - 6:30-7:45pm
- Hatha Yoga @ The Pavilion, Castle Green - 10-11:15am


Happy Monday Yogis!

🎶 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎼 🎵

I’ve had a few questions on the music I play in class recently, so I thought I’d list my favourite artists below for those of you who are interested!
(I’m quite proud of the collection of artists, albums and random songs I have acquired over the years, so if you want any specific songs or types of music then please leave a message in the comments or message me directly 🙏🏽🌸💛)

Favourite Artists:
Sam Garrett
Deva Premal
Edo and Jo
Kate B
Hang Massive

Have a beautiful week all!


I’m back in Hereford …
Which means classes are back to normal this week!
I hope you’ve had a lovely few weeks and hope to see some of your lovely faces again in person soon 🌸
Book onto your favourite class below:


See you in a bit Yogis …
I’m off for 3 weeks, so classes will not be on until 24th September.
I will of course let you know when I’m back and when classes are back on.
But until then, I hope you all have a lovely few weeks. I look forward to seeing you back in classes soon 💛
Love to you all!


Dear Yogis, 🧘🏽

From September 5th to 23rd I am going to be working away with an Event, which means that there will unfortunately be no classes during these three weeks. Classes return back to normal from Saturday the 24th September and so on. And classes will run as normal up until I go away (until September 3rd).
As there will be a few weeks of no classes, I will be providing FREE classes via an online video link. I will send you the link for the class/es ahead of time, and you can watch as many times as you wish.
If you would like to be sent a substitute online video link for any of the following classes...;
- Wednesday Mindfulness Class
- Thursday Hatha Yoga Class
- Friday Hatha Yoga Class
... then please email or message me in reply, by stating the name of the class and how many sessions you would have liked to attend (had I not been away).
For example,
Wednesday Mindfulness Class x2
Thursday Hatha Yoga x1
Friday Hatha Yoga x3
I will then send you an email with the links of the classes you choose and you can watch and practice at your leisure.
Any questions please contact me! :)
I hope you see you all again soon!
Happy Yoga-ing!
Namaste 🙏🏽


Don’t forget to come and get some FREE Yoga at tomorrow at Hereford River Carnival!
I’ll be there from 11am to 5pm, on St George V playing fields!


This Friday will be the LAST Restorative Yoga class at The Pavilion. So, if you’ve wanted to try a slower, more relaxing, nourishing practice then this Friday evening is your last chance!!
All other classes will remain the same;
- Hatha Yoga via Zoom - 10-10:40am
- Mindfulness Class via Zoom - 7-7:45pm
- Mindfulness Class - At The Pavilion, Castle Green - 7-7:45pm
- Hatha Yoga - At The Pavilion, Castle Green - 6:30-7:45pm
- Hatha Yoga - At The Pavilion, Castle Green - 10-11:15am
- Outdoor Hatha Yoga - on Castle Green - 10-11am
To book onto the last Restorative Yoga Class or any of the other classes, lease visit this link:
Please feel free to contact me with any questions :)


Just put a new sign out in Hereford!!

First person to find it and send me a picture of it, gets themselves one FREE class!!!


Just put a new sign out in Hereford!!

First person to find it and send me a picture of it, gets themselves one FREE class!!!


Hi and Welcome!

Below is a list of all our current classes.
We have a mix of Zoom Classes and In-Person Classes; Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga!
All classes are open and welcoming to absolutely anyone; any body, any age (16+), any ability, any flexibility, any experience...

If you have any questions, please get in touch :)
To book onto any class please visit this link:
OR click 'Book Now' at the top of this page!
For more information and prices of classes, again visit the link above or click 'Services' at the top of this page.
*Please note, Booking is essential to ensure a place!



Just a reminder that there will only be classes on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY this week, as I will be away from Thursday 🌸
I will be back again as normal from the 9th August!
Join me thurs week for;
- Hatha Yoga via Zoom - 10-10:40am
- Mindfulness via Zoom - 7-7:45pm
- Midweek Mindfulness - 7-8pm - @ The Pavilion, Castle Green


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather 🌞
I’m back from my lil holiday and looking forward to starting classes again.
All classes are back on this week, but we’ll be taking it easy, because of the heat.
Hope to see you all soon!
Love 💛


Happy Sunny Saturday Yogis! 🔆
I am going away on my holidays this week, therefore there will be no classes week commencing 11th July!
I will be back as normal the following week and look forward to seeing you all again!
I hope you all have a lovely week 🌸
Love and light to you all
Namaste 🙏🏽


Happy Sunday Yogis/Yoginis! I hope you are all well?
I am now Covid free (yay!), so all classes over the next week shall be on as normal (w/c 4th July).
However the week after (w/c 11th July), I will be on holiday, so there will be no classes during this is week. I will be back again the weeks following and into the future!!
Lots of love Yogis!


All classes for this week have been cancelled as I have Covid.
I’ve contacted everyone with bookings, any problems please contact me :)
I hope to be back next week 💛
Love and light ⭐️


Happy Summer Solstice and International Yoga day! 🔆🧘🏽‍♀️
I hope you have all being able to enjoy this gorgeous sunshine!
Wishing you all a beautiful week 🌸 Hope to see you on the mat soon!


Opening day is 28th May. Lots of goodies, tasters and excitement!

I'll be doing a free guided meditation for you all at 11am. Please do let us know if you'd like to join us by sending us a message to confirm your spot ✨

Gallery Of Wellbeing 11 Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DF


A new weekly OUTDOOR class for you all, so we can soak up the coming sunny Saturdays 🌞


• When?
- Every Saturday morning - 10-11am
• Where?
- Outside on Castle Green, Hereford
• What?
- Please bring your own mat, block and blanket (or any think you feel you may need) - however I do have a limited amount of spare mats you can borrow :)
• How?
- Please visit the link below or click the BOOK NOW button on my Instagram or page :)


Booking link ⬇️


I bring to you two more Outdoor Hatha Yoga classes this week ONLY!! These classes will not run consistently every week, but I will be hosting more and more as the weather warms up!
🌸Tuesday 26th April - Sunset Outdoor Hatha Yoga Class- 7-8pm - on Castle Green, Hereford.
🌸Saturday 30th April - Outdoor Hatha Yoga Class - 10-11am - on Castle Green, Hereford.
*please note these classes are weather dependent, so may have to be cancelled last minute. If this is the case a full refund will be given or booking can be moved to an alternate class*
Please bring your own mats if possible.
To book on either class, please see the link below ⬇️

Namaste 🙏🏽


Happy Earth Day!!! 🌎🌱🌳
At the start of my classes I always mention Ahimsa, (originating from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras), which means non-violence, acting with kindness and respect.
This is relevant to ourselves, we must practice non-violence towards ourselves firstly. When we do this our compassion for ourselves helps us to live in a way that won’t negatively affect other people, therefore the practice of Ahimsa spreads from us to the people and things around us.
Like the Earth. 🌍
When we act compassionately towards ourselves, our compassion and self love directly affects the world (literally) around a us.
We can imagine treating the Earth, we live on, as a close friend. Sharing your love, compassion, positivity, and non-harming with your friend (the Earth), will positivity and directly affect the lives of those around us, as well as our own lives.
So, remembering Ahimsa as we go about our days today, tomorrow and into the future, hopefully we can all act together to make the Earth an even more beautiful place!
🌍 🌎 🌏


🌸Meditation 🌸

What is it? What can it offer you? Why you should give it a try?
☮️ What is meditation?
Our minds are constantly working, all day everyday, non stop. There is a constant chatter, commentary, or dialogue accompanying our every moment.
Meditation is a tool we can use to allow ourselves to slow down, quiet the thought waves of the mind, and give ourselves space and time to simply be.
In this state of focused attention, we are able to more clearly connect and listen to our inner selves, noticing thoughts that enter the mind and emotions that we may feel, but allow them to pass without judgement or attachment.
🕉 What can meditation offer you?
Meditation offers a wide range of benefits, some of which include; slowing of the heart rate, slowing and deepening the breath, mental chitter-chatter is minimised allowing anxieties to ease, an inner sense of peace, stillness, or bliss, a more positive outlook on life and daily goings on, easing of stress, deeper sleep at night, dissolving of the ego, deeper connections in relationships, improved memory and relaxation of the mind and body, to name a few! (There are many, many more)
☯️Why you should give meditation a try?
If you are struggling with the stress of work or just life, suffer with anxieties, feel like you are searching for something, or just want to sleep a little better at night, meditation can slowly help all these problems ease. Meditation won’t be an immediate, magical cure, it takes time and practice to allow the mind to quieten, but gradually it will become easier to drift into that place of quiet and inner peace, and in turn these obstacles will bro come less and less.
Join me every Wednesday evening for a ‘Midweek Meditation’ Class at the Pavilion, Castle Green, Hereford, at 7-7:45pm. See the link below (or in my bio) to book ⬇️
Namaste all

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All classes for this week have been cancelled as I have Covid. I’ve contacted everyone with bookings, any problems pleas...
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