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Ladies this is amazzzing!
You Rock!
'Retreating has never been more powerful or relevant to help you live your best life,' says our founder Caroline Sylger Jones, in her piece for the February issue of Psychologies Magazine , out now.

The piece reintroduces the of travel, with breaks that cast a glow of renewed vitality and optimism, as well as virtual options for those who can't or don't want to travel.

Featured retreats include Retreat of the Year

Therapeutic escapes in the UK:
Penninghame Process ⁠
Aluna Healing
The Detox Barn ⁠

Gorgeous havens where you can hang out:
The Bath Priory
Inhabit Hotels⁠

Healing adventures further afield: ⁠
Borgo Egnazia
Four Seasons Resorts Maldives

And online adventures with:
Chateau de Mouillac⁠
Jessica McGregor Johnson
Naturally Ecstatic
Peter Warnock
What a wonderful experience. It's such a warm and cozy house, in a beautiful setting. The hosts, Sharon and Lauretta are so welcoming, they make you feel instantly at home. The weekend is planned from start to finish with posh teas, treatments, yoga, meditative walks, food demonstrations, gorgeous vegans meals and more...all interspersed with delicious ginger shots (I need to a juicer to make those alone). I came back feeling completely refreshed and revitalised. I cannot recommend The Detox Barn enough for a much needed reset in our busy lives. You will be inspired, motivated and downright relaxed...guaranteed!
Feel energised, enthused and entertained when you come to The Detox Barn for a weekend of whole-food and plant-based eating in Suffolk. Run by sisters and established comedy duo ‘The Funny Vegans’, you'll find yourself in stitches and enjoying a tranquil and down to earth setting. ⁠

Head to the below review to learn more about this detoxing experience and what we found Queenly and Lowly about this particular weekend away.
I love it here.
Last weekend was my second visit to the detox barn and it was just as good as the first time.
Sharon and Lauretta are the loveliest hosts, extremely friendly and funny. Lauretta’s cooking is amazing, who would imagine that vegan food could be so delicious and so filling? I looked forward to every meal time.

The barn is beautiful, and extremely relaxing, I really enjoyed the yoga, simple yet effective, great for every ability, loads of stretching on the first day, and the second session is focused on detoxifying the body.

Lots of county walks, relaxation in front of a beautiful large fire place, where you can read, draw, play board games or cards and get to know your fellow guests.
Both my visits I can say I know I have made friends for life with everyone I’ve met. Such lovely people.

I can’t recommend the detox barn enough, and I can officially call myself a regular.

Thank you Lauretta and Sharon you really have created a very special idyllic retreat, which is in absolute Gem, and I cannot wait to keep returning, if I could give you a standing ovation for this I would.

Thank you ###
The Detox Barn experience just what I needed, it was soothing, relaxing and inspiring. Sharon and Lauretta made all kinds of delicious smoothies, juices and dishes. I'm already vegan but am keen to maintain their vibrant variety of tasty options in my diet. I loved being in such a homely environment, sitting by the open fire on comfy bean bags chatting and laughing with the group about life and all its challenges and adventures. I left restored, inspired and very grateful. Thank you Sharon and Lauretta...Xx
Great retreat with fantastic and supportive hosts. Great job Sharon Gavin and Lauretta Gavin. 2 weeks after the retreat I have changed my eating habits for the better seeing the results with weight loss, more energy and improved sleep. Thanks again for the motivation I was really needing. Helen Buchanan
I am giving some outdoor Reflexology treatments today. Listening to bird song and the breeze in the trees ❤👣

We are are health & wellness brand, founders of The Detox Barn and Funki Coffee

Operating as usual


For the last year lauretta and I have been developing our very own coffee. We have tasted hundreds of coffee and eventually found the one we loved. It’s triple certified organic coffee with a twist. It’s boosted my medicinal mushrooms - which you cant taste
The healthiest coffee you will find.
Our first product is now on sale! Funki Coffee. Thanks to all of you who have already bought it means so much to us!!!!Had lots of messages asking where to buy. Here you go!


It’s here! Funki Coffee! Triple certified organic coffee boosted by adaptogenic organic mushrooms. A supplement In your daily cup of coffee. Sharper mind, fights fatigue, boosts immune system, great for focus and crash free.
We are complete coffee snobs and absolutely love it. It’s on our website now!


Such a lovely message to receive.

There are so many different reasons people come on our retreats. It is usually because they are stuck, unmotivated or facing / have faced some challenging times. Using this time to reset, connect, look at our daily habits and take some time out to really look after “you”can have enormous benefits.


Getting messages like this from our guests really makes us feel so grateful that we have the privilege to spend time with some remarkable people. Thank you Louisa


Herbs. Freshly picked to go in our guests goodie bags! They smell amazing.

October and November sold out. But Availability on our December 2nd retreat. !!


Morning smoothie. How you set up your day impacts all the decisions you make through out the day. Get this bit right and you are more likely to make better food choices all day. Do this every day and you start to create a healthier you. Small acts lead to big change. We discuss this and more on our weekend retreats. Oct Nov sold out. Limited availability on our dec 2nd retreat.



It was great to be on Gavin Sisters’s podcast recently, discussing all things and , talking about how it’s not just just the hours you get but the quality too, and how concentrating on sleep aids can actually be detrimental to sleep. You can listen to their and the episode now via the link below.


Our last room for October 14th has just been sold. But we do have availability on Dec 2nd Detox before you Retox retreat! Love running winter retreats. Lots of open fires, candles and long walks in the country side.


Suki Thompson is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Let’s Reset, a business transformation company that puts wellbeing at the heart of outstanding business performance. Suki is well known in the Sunday Times as the ‘Champion of Wellbeing’ and is regularly named as one of the most powerful people in advertising by the industry bible Campaign. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by WinTrade. Suki is also a cancer survivor, having the BRCA2 gene, she has been diagnosed with cancer seven times. We talk today about being a successful entrepreneur, how to cope with a diagnosis, heartbreak and thriving in spite of it all. Link in bio


Self check for bowl cancer. Early detention can save you!


Loved chatting with ex professional footballer Fraser Franks! We talk about how alcohol took him to a dark place and being free from it is the best decision he ever made. He is passionate about changing Society’s narrative on how drinking is cool and fun. What a guy!


Country walks at the retreat is my favourite part! My sis has to stay home and cook a delicious plant based meal waiting for us all on our return, but I get to connect with our guests and have a wonderful hour out in the Suffolk country side.

Most of our winter retreats are full but we’ have one room left for Oct 14th [email protected]


Todays walk with our guests. Utterly breathtaking. Suffolk.

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show 08/09/2022

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show

This weeks conversation with the hugely popular Tony Riddle as seen on all the top shows including Dr Rangan Chaterjee Feel better live more, The Happy Pear and Chris Evans radio show! We were so thrilled to have him on and even Russell Brand is reading his new book!

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show Tony is a natural lifestyle coach, author and record-breaking barefoot endurance athlete. Regarded as a trailblazer within the field of natural movement and lifestyle, Riddle is the creator of the ...


This weeks podcast episode is with the amazing We loved his book, Be More Human and it really has made us both prioritise getting outside and using nature to optimise our mood and energy! God knows we need it! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did. Link to podcast in bio.


This was my walk to the tube today. . I deliberately chose the more scenic route so I got a good half an hour walk in and also I got my nature hit. Learning how to set up your day is one of things we are lost passionate about at the detox barn. Through out retreats we have lots of work shops on habit hacks that can change your life. We are fully booked sept and November. But we have some limited availability Oct 14th.


Sleep is probably the biggest problem that we get asked about. It’s true to say with out enough sleep everything suffers. This week we talk to the enlightening Kathryn Pinkham. She discusses it’s your relationship to sleep which is the most important factor.


In this weeks podcast we talk to Jack Bobo Futurity Food author of Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices. We talk about how our environment effects our food choices, plate size and how incremental changes make a big difference long term.

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show 17/08/2022

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show

This week’s episode. Why we want what we do. And how to want what’s good for us! We chat to Luke Burgess the best selling author of the book Wanting.

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show In this conversation we dive deep into why people want what they want. Luke explains that It’s all based on the notion that, in the end, we will either be masters or slaves of our desires and t...


We have one room left for our Sept 9th retreat. If you are need a bit of a reboot after too much ice cream this summer come and retreat with us in Suffolk. Digital detox, delicious nutrient dense plant based food, yoga, guided meditation, country hikes, massages, facials, reflexology demos and talks on health and wellness,!


Season 3 The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show

This week’s episode is with the most resilient man we have ever come across. When one marriage breaks down due to your wife running off with another women, it’s heartbreaking. But when this happens to you twice, it’s tragic and would break most people. Coming back from the brink, Adam navigates his way back to happiness. Delving deep into his past to heal, throwing himself into male friendships and finding his inner strength through his creative passions and loves. His ability to tell his story is utterly captivating. He talks of growing up in a harsh, Scottish working-class home which was often violent due to his alcoholic father. Despite all the darkness, Adam gravitates to light, and if he can’t see it, he becomes it. This is a treasured conversation.

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show 10/08/2022

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show

We have just launched season 3 of The Gavin Sisters Wellness show. We talk to adam about depression in men, heartbreak, resilience and moving on. It’s at times heartbreaking but a really inspiring episode!

The Gavin Sisters Wellness Show This week’s episode is with the most resilient man we have ever come across. When one marriage breaks down due to your wife running off with another women, it’s heartbreaking. But when this hap...


LAST DAY. HAVE THAT BACK TO SCHOOL FEELING. BUT DEF HAD SUCH A GOOD REST AND LAUGH WITH KIDS. READY TO FACE LIFE AGAIN. SO GOOD TO JUST PAUSE ! Can’t tell how good it is not to drink alcohol on holiday! You wake up each day feeling refreshed. We remember our drinking filled holidays where you would slightly wake with a dread feeling that comes with a hangover. So so happy to be free of that. Anyone thinking of a booze free holiday can’t recommend enough!


If you need a re boot after the summer holidays we have had a cancellation and have one room left for our Sept 9th retreat! We focus on creating healthy habits that stick so it’s the perfect weekend to re set



Little snap shot at our barn! Limited availability for our sept 9th retreat.


We have availability on our sept 9th retreat! Please message for more details. [email protected]


Yoga outside on the grounds. Just glorious.


Freshly picked herbs from our garden ready to go in our guests goodie bags!


Margaret has just walked in with these amazing greens. The guests are in for a treat this weekend!!!!


Lovely to be featured in this weeks Observer. Delighted to share the space with so many other fantastic places. I want to visit you all!!


Sept 30th retreat now fully booked. We have some availability on our Sept 9th retreat! If you need a re boot after the summer then the detox barn is for you. Our main passion is about helping people build new habits. You will learn lots about the science of creating habits that’ stick. Small hacks in your environments can lead to huge change!

About Lauretta & Sharon Gavin

Lauretta & Sharon are sisters with a passion for heathy plant based food without being hippy dippy tree huggers. Sharon was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease just before her son was born over 5 years ago. She was covered head to toe in a chronic rash and at times was wheel chair bound. On a cocoxion of very toxic drugs and steroids Sharon decided she needed to find another way to get her health back. After lots of research and a lot of trial and error Sharon found a high raw vegan diet with lots of fruits and vegetables made a massive difference to her health. She now has no rash is nearly off all drugs and back running. Her sister Lauretta decided to go along for the ride and support her after her own stressful divorce. After vegan cooking courses lots of juice detoxis they both feel better than ever and are passionate about others finding their mojo too.

They are also a comedy double act and write, perform and act.

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For the last year lauretta and I have been developing our very own coffee. We have tasted hundreds of coffee and eventua...
Suki Thompson is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Let’s Reset, a business transformation company that puts wellbeing...
Self check for bowl cancer. Early detention can save you!
When you sleep badly.Get out in the fresh air and exercise!!
Why we love chia seeds and being scammed on Instagram?!?
This is our last episode of series 2 and we have finished on a real high.  Dr Klaper is a real heavy weight in the welln...
New episode with the fantastic @emmarigbylyds . We talk the power of community, women in business and dating in your 40s...
This week we  to talk to David Begg all about the non alcoholic movement. 30 % of people do not drink anymore which is a...
Our latest podcast episode with @beejameditation and the lovely @__willwilliams . This was a fascinating conversation an...
Some amazing insights from @chefjohnlawson on our latest podcast episode, The Gavin Sisters wellness Show.
Celebrity chef John Lawson





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