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Em yoga


NEW yoga session on this Saturday with Em yoga and the wonderful The Yoga Barn!

Being active whether it is walking with your dog to training for a triathlon offers many benefits at the time of peri-menopause through to post-menopause ranging from emotional wellness, a sense of calm, strong muscles and building strength and stamina plus maintaining strong bones and empowering ones self through movement.

As our hormonal body changes, some women may experience their fitness both mentally and physically harder plus recovery time takes a bit longer. We may also find it confusing as to why our regular run pace changes or what we lift needs adapting, also what brings us joy may shift and these changes can be an interesting time!

This session is designed to look at both a sense of strength (through yoga shapes), a sense of ease (restorative yoga) and a sense of understanding (through discussion) why this may be a challenge and sometimes a block to enjoying, maintaining and also starting a fitness routine. Through conversation we will also discuss the benefits of exercise and how this can be an investment in our future health as women.

The session is open to all women.

A helpful handout will be provided including resources such as reading list, essential oils and a short sequence that can be taken away and practiced at home.

Please contact me with any questions on 07834 161350 or [email protected].
Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I am founder of Em yoga. In addition to yoga classes and retreats I also offer sessions created specifically for women in/approaching/post menopause and recently taught one here!

I have two workshops coming up on Zoom. One is about Ayurveda and includes a yoga session and the other is about fitness training and the menopause. Both are led by wonderful women and myself.

Vicky Copeman is a wonderful Ayurvedic Practitioner and also a physio and yoga teacher. Karen Weir offers coaching for runners from any distance to ultras, she also does olympic weightifting, crossfit and more!

For more information please head to my website below and please do feel free to ask any questions here too.

Thank you and have a great day!

Such an enjoyable session with SocialEyes crew today as we welcomed Emma to the group to teach a yoga session for us. This is the first time that several of the group have practised any yoga & the energy in the room was amazing! Emma talked us through different poses & we ended with some calm time just to connect to our breathing. It was brilliant 🥰 thank you so much to Emma Em yoga for today & to the group for your enthusiasm. Also, Polly, Victor & Daisy guide dogs were wonderful too 😊 Laura x
Hello everyone!

I am happy to be bringing yoga back to Ottringham Village Hall from next Monday and hope you can come along and join the class.

It is from 6pm - 7pm, £7.00 per person and booking is open by clicking on the below link. You are welcome to come along as a complete beginner too!

It is a great way to stretch, move and rest too!

Please do ask any questions here or message me directly also via Em yoga.

Did you know we do collaborations?

We love being able to work with people who are passionate about making candles that smell that good they are willing to put their name on it!
Last week we made to order another batch Emma @ Em yoga.

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☀️August is here! Which means it’s event month!!

We are super excited to be able to bring you two wonderful events inside our Mama Belle tent this month ⛺️✨💗

🧘‍♀️Start your weekend early with a blissful evening at Wyton Belle on Thursday 12th August. Pop along to a pop up yoga practice hosted by Em yoga
90 minute yoga, meditation and restorative yoga practice. During the practice you will create an affirmation to take us through the rest of 2021. After the practice Sarah, Oswell&Rose will hand-stamp your affirmation onto a beautiful bracelet for you to take away and enjoy! Head over to @emyogaforyou to book!

We have also teamed up with Macrame Mama Makes to bring you a Macramé workshop. Enjoy creating a Macramé Wall Hanger alongside some cream tea ☕️🍓
To book contact Hannah on the details above or head over to her page!

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Thank you Emma Heald for an amazing midweek break at the tree 🌳
My first Ever yoga retreat... More to come for sure 😉
I had the most fabulous break away from the busy life 😂
It was lovely to slow things down for a few days ☺️
October can't come quick enough 😁
Thank you again 🥰 xx
We all need Em yoga on days like these 😍🙏

Starting this Friday and running each Friday morning until the 28th February, we are so proud to be hosting a Yoga and Mindfulness class with the lovely Emma Heald of Em yoga. Please see the poster for details and how to book.
Hello everyone,

Two new classes this week from Em yoga!

On Friday we have Yoga at the lovely Halsham Waterside and then in the evening Yin Yoga at Ottringham Village Hall.

Please contact me to book!

Em x
Saw this and thought of you...

Day 26 - RunWell in November

Here are two out of three of the RunWell team - Em yoga and Karen Weir on a recent run weekend in the Peak District.

Along with Bernadette Dancy the RunWell team LOVE getting out and about whether it be East Yorkshire where Emma is based, the Peak District where Karen lives or Richmond where Bernie spends her time and we love to travel too!

If you would like us to visit your area then drop us a line as we are looking at weekend and day workshops for 2020.

and p.s there doesn't have to be big hills!

Welcome and thank you for choosing em Yoga! Group classes, 1-2-1's, small groups, pre/post natal yoga. Taught in Hull and London.

Operating as usual


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Have a wonderful evening everyone xo

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Photos from Em yoga's post 29/05/2022

V I B R A N C Y 🙂 -

June's newsletter has been sent and will now be in your inbox!

Retreats, classes, updates and NEW products all waiting for you.

Have a wonderful evening everyone xo

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“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."

~ John Lubbock

Photos from Em yoga's post 26/05/2022

Two new beautiful bracelets ~ Moss Agate & Tiger Eye, shown here with Amethyst and Tiger Eye Mala 📿

Moss Agate:
Affirmation: With this bracelet I am ready to step into new beginnings.

Tiger Eye:

AFFIRMATION: With this bracelet I am brave, courageous and shine bright.

Shop directly here with a DM or head to Etsy via linktree 😍


What a weekend!

How was yours?

We had busy classes, zoomies, coffee chats, product drops and then this weekend a wonderful Menopause Yoga workshop at the @theyogabarnsouthcave and today I LOVED talking about the breath and creating a discussion then into movement and rest!

Now to have some rest time before our classes tomorrow 🙂

11am @our_peak
6pm Ottringham
8pm Yoga for Runners via zoom.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!


How does it feel to take a deep breath?

What does it mean to ‘connect to the breath’?

Why do we talk so much about breath in, breath out in a yoga class?

The next session of ‘What can yoga do for me?’ is Sunday 22nd May, 9.30am in-person (Ottringham). Spaces available and booking open online! Come along and let’s discuss the breath, have a movement based practice and rest too.


One aspect of teaching yoga is the preparation. I’m taking my time this week to read through books, listen to podcasts, note down my own thoughts and theories and compile them into a three hour offering, Fitness & The Menopause.

A few spaces remain for this Saturday at the @theyogabarnsouthcave ~ investing in time like this is investing in your current and future health 🙂

Book via linktree!


HIGHLY recommend taking this training - Katy Appleton - appleyoga and the team are absolutely brilliant. I love doing the course and I love being part of the teaching faculty.

If you are thinking about it I am sure you will love it as much as I did!


4 weeks remaining before this stellar training runs live online!

If you know anyone that could benefit do pass the flame.

Watch the space here for some live instagrams answering your questions about pregnancy and postnatal yoga or teaching…

What’s your question?

Love to hear your voice


Green Aventurine 108 mala beads📿


Affirmation: With this mala I invite in good fortune and celebrate the good fortune of others.

How to wear: Pick up this mala or place it where you can see it as you create a courageous path towards finding your fortune whether that be financial, health or love. As a leader in the world this mala takes your empathy and confidence forward towards those that are seeking it.

Further information: This pale green allows you to tap into the space of the heart. This is where we lead from with care and empathy, the Green Aventurine taps into a sense of abundance and happiness allowing you to both share and receive these back over and over again.

Placed here with light green Jade bracelet 💚

Mala £15.00 & bracelet £7 + £1.50 p&p 🙂

Photos from Em yoga's post 15/05/2022

What a weekend.

Massive thank you to the @thetreerelaxationretreat for looking after us so beautifully and to all the people who came along for a weekend full of yoga, laughter, food, walks and lot and lots of laughter!

Photo acrobatics by @theyogabarnsouthcave ~ don’t try that at home!


Photos from Em yoga's post 13/05/2022

Hello from me and the Tree Retreat Centre!

“Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” - Thich Nhat Hanh



Jade Mala Beads 🙂


Affirmation: With this mala I create and welcome good fortune and success to my world.

How to wear: Grab this mala and wear it with pride as you stride out into the world with an open and grateful heart, proud of who you are.

Further information: Jade is an excellent choice for abundance, wealth and good fortune. It can be a crystal for getting to know yourself which plays a part in our success. When we know who we are and what we wish to align with (dreams, values, hopes, aspirations) then, what seems like luck and good fortune, can lead to wealth in the areas of our life that count.

This mala is also helpful, as they all are, for creating and supporting a meditation practice and creating focus and intention on that which you wish to invite in. In the case of Jade that would be welcoming in abundance to your world.

White Jasper Power Beads ~


White Jasper is a strong, solid, 'no nonsense' stone. Helpful for grounding energy and can be combined with taking time out in nature or/and the process of earthing (barefoot on the grass!) It has a sense of stability and alignment and can protect your energy by absorbing all the negativity, so it's a great one to have on hand when going through a hard time.

Affirmation: With this bracelet my energy I am rooted, grounded and I am strong.

How to wear:

Further information: Jasper can come in many different colours. These bracelets are White Jasper.


One of the lovely rooms 🥰


Two of our wonderful guests sadly are unable to attend this weekends retreat at the wonderful Tree Relaxation Retreat.

If you fancy a last minute mini break - yoga classes, hot tub, wonderful walks, quiet time and more please message me directly.


There are many, many reasons why I love visiting the Tree Relaxation Centre 🌳

~ the beautiful yoga space full of light, all the props we need, spacious and clean.

~ the delicious food 🙂 plus afternoon scones and cream (vegan options available)

~ the cosy rooms, share with a friend or create a cocoon of restful vibes for yourself. Tea and coffee in your room too!

~ the sounds of the surrounding land. Sheep bleating to gently wake you in the morning - a wonderful alarm clock!

~ sauna, hot tub and wine list 🙂

~ three separate lounges to chill out in.

~ and of course the daily yoga, meeting new people and more!

I am heading there this weekend for our first 2022 retreat, back in August and October. A few spaces left for August and one possible space for October.

If you fancy coming along then get in touch and we can see how we can make it possible!


M O N D A Y.

Why invest in a yoga class? A few reasons may include.....

- relax the mind
- ease tension and stress
- work with injuries and niggles
- take some time out for you
- invite in quiet time
- learn new ways of keeping the body healthy and mind calm
- meet new people (in person classes)
- practice from the comfort of your own home, yoga directly to you! (zoom)
- complement your training schedule (yes, runners!)

and many more reasons why! Tonight is 6pm class at Ottringham Village Hall and 8pm Yoga for Runners (all welcome) via Zoom.

Why do you practice yoga?

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One of the lovely rooms 🥰
One minute listening meditation 🙂
Chair based yoga 😊
Sliding YIN to RESTorative!


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