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(Including gift vouchers)

ends 30th November



(Including gift vouchers)

ends 30th November



How often do you take time for you? To rest, renew and let your nervous system totally calm and realign.

Rest is just as important as getting your daily tasks ticked off.

Allowing your nervous system to fully relax and realign helps the normal functioning of the body.

Here are some of my yoga students practicing this in shavasana 🥰

Vinyasa yoga class
Starlight Dance Academy


✍🏼 Client Review ✍🏼

Leaving reviews for a small business can make a massive impact and it’s so lovely to hear your what your experiences were like 🥰



Did you know you can mix your usual massage up a little?

I am always updating my skills to bring you the best possible results. Every individual body is never the same which means every treatment is never the same.
With a good consultation I can adapt any treatment working intuitively to the clients needs whether it be remedial or therapeutic ☺️

This particular treatment included….

💥sports/deep tissue massage
💥infrared light therapy
💥instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation
💥cupping therapy
💥lymphatic drainage massage

Please feel free to ask any questions about my services 🙏🏼


Psssssst!! 👋🏼


Did you know as one of my practicing yoga students you receive 10% discount on all treatments this includes the amazing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 💆🏼‍♀️

This is my way of saying thank you for your support and to help you relax and connect with yourself and help calm the nervous system over time, which will help you in your yoga practice, meditation and in everyday life off the mat 🥰


Always remember to take time for you 💚



// Yoga Class //

Todays yoga class is all about connecting to our bodies, if you are new to yoga tonight’s class is a nice easy floor based flow. Sometimes when we think of yoga I think we have a misconception of how it “should be” or how it “should look” and actually the asanas (poses) are a very small part of yoga as a whole.
I think sometimes we are that hung up on throwing are selves into a pose and it looking a certain way, we are actually forgetting to dive deeper to our inner world and connect with ourselves.

Yoga Class - Thursdays 7.15pm - Starlight Dance Academy, LS9

To express my gratitude for your support…… yoga students also receive a 10% discount on all mobile treatments ☺️


Cash or bank transfer is accepted I do not have a card machine at the moment, if bringing cash please bring correct amount, thank you 🙏🏼



What’s new this November……..

First of all can you actually believe it’s November already?! WHAAAAT! 😱
We will be flapping about Xmas in no time 😩😂

So what’s new?

I’ll start with Novembers
I will be offering 10% OFF ALL MOBILE TREATMENTS offer ends 30/11/22

NEW YOGA CLASS starts tomorrow 3/11/22 every Thursday evening 7.15pm at Starlight Dance Academy, LS9

We will also be offering discounted taster treatments at our first market stall on the 26th November (stay tuned for details)

As it’s the crazy run upto Xmas and to help take the pain out of buying gifts no one actually wants (yes I said it🤭) I will be offering 10% off gift vouchers running till the 24/12/22



Another successful group booking at this stunning venue 😍

Always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work here and meet new people 🙏🏼
Everyone was happy with the treatments they received and gave some lovely comments which is why I do what I do 🙌🏼

One client in particular mentioned she is a massage therapist herself and has been in the industry 26years and it was one of the best treatments she has received 💛 (obviously I was jumping for joy after this review 😬🤸‍♀️)



Reviews/testimonials make the world of difference to a small business 💛

Grateful for your continued support 🙏🏼💛



From the 3rd November I will be teaching a vinyasa style yoga flow at starlight dance academy, 7.15pm.
This will run every Thursday evening ALL ABILITIES WELCOME!!

My aim is make yoga accessible for everyone and to spread the joy yoga and meditation naturally brings.

Dm me to book or walk ins welcome 🙏🏼





Till we say goodbye to October, which means there is only 1 week to go for our October Treatment Of The Month offer……. Receive 20% off Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 💆🏼‍♀️ (ends 31st October)

I have Limited availability this week so if you would like to take advantage of this discount please dm me to book or follow the link below 👇

(Please specify if you would like a mobile appointment)

Current availability this week -

Tuesday - 11.45 - 4pm

Saturday - 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm,



Working the magic of AYM 🪄🙌🏼✨

Client review…….

“ I would highly recommend this, it’s almost someone doing yoga for you whilst massaging your body! Stretched out, regulated, ready to go ✨”

Thank you for such a lovely review, 🙏🏼

Photos from Northern Glow and Flow's post 16/10/2022

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spreading peace and tranquility threw the art of massage 🙌🏼
At this beautiful Castle, where a huge group of friends celebrated their friends big 40th 🍾

Feeling grateful to have made some lovely connections and to have had the opportunity to work in this dreamy castle it truly was magical (and ridiculously huge 😂)




Did you know we use feet to massage in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage?

Aswell as using hands, forearms, elbows and knees. This allows me to adjust to the clients needs and add more or less pressure if needed, it also helps to cover larger surface areas. Using different body parts to massage really does give me freedom help you connect with yours.

The beauty of AYM ✨


🧖🏼‍♀️✨ LADIES NIGHT IN ✨🧖🏼‍♀️

Do you ever feel like life is just so hectic!?
It’s so hard to fit everything in and find a balance between work and play 😫

As health and well-being is our priority and the stress’ of working, having a family life and seeing friends can feel quite overwhelming at times to find time to squeeze it all in, not to mention all the housework that builds up 😭

To avoid burning out (which is unfortunately becoming more and more common these days) I have decided to offer a ‘LADIES NIGHT IN’ 💖

Imagine a mini retreat……….

To allow you and upto 10 friends/family to gather together in a venue of your choice (home or hotel), have a catch up and also be able to fully relax and switch off from everyday life 🙌🏼

What’s included…….

✨Full consultations

✨ Massage Treatment of choice for every guest

✨Complimentary wine

✨Goodie bag for each guest

✨Discounts for any future bookings

LADIES NIGHT IN is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and glowing from the inside out 🥰✨🙌🏼

* Prices to be discussed with host.
* Minimum 5 guests

📧- [email protected]
☎️- 07816060943



I have just spent a beautiful 3 days with a lovely group of women updating my skills with .uk learning pregnancy AYM Massage 🤰🏼and massage for neuropathic back pain.

To learn this style of massage was an absolute pleasure and to be part of someone’s pregnancy journey is an even bigger pleasure 🤍

No two bodies are the same and no two treatments are the same, due to health reasons , illnesses, injuries and pregnancy. I learnt how to adapt to different clients pregnant and non pregnant (who struggle to lie on their front or back) to make their experience the most comfortable and beneficial for them.

I will be running a trial offer on pregnancy AYM very soon please keep an eye out for that if your interested 😊



Here are the amazing students which have completed AYM For Pregnancy Course this week, and AYM for neuropathic back pain.

Level 6 Part 1: Pregnancy & Neuropathic Back Pain

Suitable for Therapists qualified at Level 2 upwards.You will learn how to adjust what you already know about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to make it for pregnant clients, and non pregnant clients who cannot lie in the prone or supine (lying on front or back) positions because of health conditions or injuries.

We also discuss neuropathic pain, and how to approach treatments with clients with neuropathic back pain.

These techniques also work really well for clients with: conditions of the circulatory system, stress, anxiety, dealing with recent loss or challenging situations in their personal or professional lives, pathologies of the lungs, acid reflux.

Whether you intend on regularly massaging these groups of people or not, having these options will give you confidence to support the needs of most clients that arrive. It also gives you more options and variety for clients who have regular massages with you.



New month, new treatment offered 🙌🏼


I want to give my clients the chance to experience this beautiful style of massage, Ayurvedic yoga massage is done on the floor on a futon (abit like Thai massage). I found this style of massage is more effective than the traditional sports massage or Swedish massage that is done on a massage couch. I can adapt this to any clients needs, so if your wanting relaxing or a deep tissue/sports massage you will love Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

This month I am offering a 20% discount on ALL Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Treatments including pregnancy massage 🤰🏼

In house treatments - Weds/thurs .goodness

Mobile treatments - Tues/Fri

Please DM if you would like to book a mobile treatment.


Photos from Northern Glow and Flow's post 29/09/2022


Todays Chakra workshop we worked on opening the heart chakra 💚
Beginning with a heart opening yoga flow to engage our breath and open up our heart space led by myself and then we had and a beautiful meditation ceremony led by Hannah .goodness 🤍

Such a beautiful class and everyone did amazing!

Working with our heart isn’t easy, but threw yoga we learn to open up and accept where we are mentally and physically, accept our bodies, and accept the perfect in the imperfect, all our flaws and be grateful for what is 💚

Sending love out to anyone who needs it and practice gratitude daily ✨

Next weeks workshop we work on our throat chakra 💙

LINK IN BIO to book next weeks workshop




Did you know offer a mobile service? All our treatments can be offered mobile and in the comfort of your own home 🏠

Picture this……….
Therapist turns up at your door 🚪 sets up all her equipment in which ever room you prefer to give you the most relaxing therapeutic experience in the comfort of your home 💆🏼‍♀️
At the end of your treatment you can then take rest for as long as you like, no more rushing to get out the treatment room, no rushing to the car half asleep 😴 just take rest in your own home and just float away with the fairies 🧚‍♀️ BONUS!!

Now that’s how a treatment should be relaxing and as beneficial to you as possible ☺️

As I am a stranger to most clients and entering your home, to put your mind at ease, I am DBS CHECKED ☑️

If you would like to book this service click the link below please state if you would like a mobile service or drop me a dm ⬇️

Click here to book your next appointment anytime, from anywhere.

See you soon


🍂 A U T U M N T I M E T A B L E 🍂

As we all settle into Autumn (my fave season 😌) I have done a lot of reflection this Equinox and a few things have been highlighted for me one is to be more organised 🙄 I have been a little all over the past few months with treatments, starting mobile treatments again, studying and starting to teach my own yoga classes.
So it’s easier for everyone I thought I would do a quick post for my new schedule 😊

TUESDAYS ~ Mobile Treatments only

WEDNESDAY ~ 10am Vinyasa morning yoga flow.
12pm Onwards Treatments
Holistic Health & Crystals | Leeds]

THURSDAY ~ 10am Yoga Flow
12.30pm onwards Treatments
Holistic Health & Crystals | Leeds]

FRIDAY ~ Mobile treatments only

SATURDAY ~ Last Saturday of each month open for treatments

Everyone who attends my classes receives 10% off any treatments to complement your yoga practice 🙌🏼

For everyone else keep your eyes peeled for TREATMENT OF THE MONTH! I will do a post each month promoting this and also send an email out to everyone on my email list (DM me if you wish to be added) 😊


Thank You all for your continued support


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