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Sunshine Circuit Finals
Sunshine Circuit Finals

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from VISIONAIRi, Coach, Maidenhead.

Creating a community committed to 1 tree = 1 Jump

The vision of getting people together to experience the joy of human flight, progress current skills, abilities & learn new ones.

Operating as usual


Who doesn't LOVE TO FLY?

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A huge thanks to everyone who donated to reach 189,867 trees to Trees For The Future].

This really does give a glimpse what the skydiving community can do when workings together.

We are aiming to make it easy for you donate over the coming months so it will be a bit less ‘clunky’ for you to off set your jumps.

It cost $0.25 per tree and 💯 of any donation goes to Trees For The Future]

So if you do 200 jump a year that’s $50, less than the cost of two jumps.

Big thanks to for giving it as an option for membership to donate to, for offsetting all their production and shipping for helping to spread the message on both national and international stage for supporting the initiative & for spreading the word in Germany and of course everyone else who donated. Every bit helps.

We look forward seeing this grow over the coming season.


Huge thanks to everyone who has donate towards the last donation run.

We (you) have donated to Trees For The Future] for 168,613 trees to be planted.

A special thanks to for supporting the community and offering it as an option for their members to donate towards when they renew their membership.

We are still aiming for our target of 250,000 trees this year and it would be fantastic to have you join the community who are offsetting their jumps and help reach that target.

It costs $0.25 per tree planted through Trees For The Future], 100% of any donation we received goes to them. So if you did 100 jumps it’s $25 dollars, less than th price of a jump ticket 🤘

You can find out more about the community and how to donate on our website, for donation info please click the donate button on the top of the web page.


Timeline photos 06/07/2022

Huge thanks to British Skydiving for their support of

Also the members have donated over 1400 trees a that will be going to Trees for the Future on our next donation run in a few weeks.

If you want to join the community to offset your jumps please check out the website and let’s see if we can hit out target of 250000 trees this year 🤘

Members can now make donations via the members portal of the British Skydiving website, both as part of renewals and ad-hoc donations.

There are 3 options for donations
🌲 VISIONAIRi 1jump1tree
🚧 Dropzone Defence Fund
🪂 British Team Fund

Previously donations have only been possible through paper renewals since we switched to the new membership system and as such, donations to our British Team and Dropzone Defence funds are much lower than in previous years.

The Dropzone Defence fund is used in times of need, such as during the pandemic when the fund was used to provide grants to PTOs during the shutdown. A total of £35k from the Defense fund was used during this time.

EPC now have more discretion over the British Team Fund and how this fund can be used, rather than just for team uniforms, so an increase in this fund will also go towards helping new initiatives in EPC.

The latest beneficiary VISIONAIRi's 1jump1tree is a crucial step towards helping offset the CO2 emissions generated by skydivers and is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting the skydivers you make each year.

You can find the new section in your members portal, under "Make a Donation".


Rainbow Boogie 2022 ✅

It was amazing 👊🌈

Thank you for hosting a brilliant three days, I’m sure everyone there has a little bit of the boogie blues and looking forward to next years dates. 🤘

One of the most welcoming drop zones around that’s for sure. If you haven’t been there yet go pay them a visit 👊.

Also a huge thanks to for offsetting all the jumps made on the event through , we will be getting the exact number out in a few days, the was a great way to wrap up the boogie that’s for sure🤣.


Lots of laughs were had…..

aviles__ & getting some training done

Keep your eyes peeled for some more info about .aviles__ which we are excited to share with you soon!



First course Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club] done and one big surprise for all the candidates (and probably the examiners as well)


Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club] club covered all of the flying bills for those on the course which they had been advised could be upwards of £100.

“As new basic instructors you will be having to do a-lot of work whilst making very little money (if any). We hope this gesture helps you a little bit at the start of your journey as an instructor. “ Buzz

was fairly adamant that it was the club who had decided it was important to support and help those on the course at the start of their career as instructors.

We here VISIONAIRi] truly believe that all of the club members are behind this, BUT, that attitude and ethos starts from the top!

Great to see the next generation of instructors coming through and with an example of care and passion for the sport (and people) like that we are excited to see them grow into a great bunch of instructors.

VISIONAIRi] will be donating for ever jump made on the course.

EPISODE 1 Sweeping to Swooping with Steve Simpson - The Big AL Podcast 24/04/2022

Steve Simps and Alex Hodgson sit down to have a chat

Check it out

EPISODE 1 Sweeping to Swooping with Steve Simpson - The Big AL Podcast The Big Al Podcast, first episode discusses the journey of Steve Simpson's skydiving career not so long ago Steve was sweeping hangar floors, now you will find him swooping in international competitions and instructing and rigging. Take a listen a...


We are really excited to annouce the LO line up we have ready to fly with you at

It is filling up pretty quickly so please complete the registration form to get your seat on the Heli to come fly and learn from these guys and girls

Dario Jotti
Milko Hodgkinson
Siân Stokes
Herman Landsman

Jarno Cordia
Jenna Gygi
James Boole

Ju Lian
Piotr Novi Noworol
Han S. Olo
Harry Shanker
Alabama Deanna Shanker
Mac Sam
Nick Davison
Chris Sears

Canopy Safety Officer

Adrian Daszkowski


Registraiton opens Wednesday 30th March.

Keep your eyes peeled for Coaches line up and we can't wait to fly with you in Hungary again.

we donate 3 trees for every jump made at a VISIONAIRi event to Trees for the Future

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British Skydiving joins VIONAIRi’s #1jump1tree initiative – British Skydiving 04/03/2022

That is a pretty cool way to end the week.

A huge thank you to everyone at British Skydiving and we look forward to many more of the members joining the community.

Hope you all have a brilliant season and we look forward to seeing you around the DZs.

To find out more of what we have been up to head to and check out the blogs.

Trees for the Future

Alti-2 Europe
Performance Designs
Sun Path Products, Inc

British Skydiving joins VIONAIRi’s #1jump1tree initiative – British Skydiving British Skydiving joins VIONAIRi’s initiative Posted on March 3, 2022 by Craig Poxon British Skydiving are proud to announce the collaboration with VISIONAIRi’s initiative. Members who are concerned about their environmental impact from skydiving can help mitigate the eff...

Photos from VISIONAIRi's post 01/03/2022

Great things happening again this season Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club.

Starting this week 4&5th March with the Tilly Takeover Women’s edition and later on the in the year the 🌈 Boogie is back, 2nd -4th June!

Two events that are certainly worth sticking in the diary and keep an eye on their Facebook and website for events and open weeks.

Alex Busby Hicks has been leading the way in the UK & at British Skydiving DZs with offsetting the carbon produce during their flying operations for a number of years.

They have been doing with by offsetting with Carbon Footprint and supporting a bore hole project in Uganda.

An amazing project and thank you Alex Busby Hicks and all the team Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club for pushing the standards and raising the awareness. Hopefully more UK based DZs will be following in the not to distant future.

We are also incredibly pleased to let you all know that during these two events will also be supporting and double offsetting the jumps made on the events. 🙏

Fingers crossed the weather plays ball this weekend and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible up this season.

Alti-2 Europe
Performance Designs
Sun Path Products, Inc
Trees for the Future


Chris Sears getting chased down by Skydive Spain

Desaer ATL-100H hybrid aircraft mixes electric motors with turboprops 13/02/2022

MagniX are keeping on pushing to explore new boundaries in aviation🤘

Exciting to see what is going to happen next

Desaer ATL-100H hybrid aircraft mixes electric motors with turboprops As is the case with cars, pure-electric aircraft may be the greenest way to go, but fuel/electric hybrids have a considerably longer range. Brazilian company Desaer's ATL-100H will be just such a plane, utilizing both turboprop engines and electric motors.



29th August - 2nd September

We have the dates for HeliFun2022 and some fantastic coaches lined up for you.
We are already looking forward to a brilliant week back at

We will get registration and more info out in the coming weeks, but clear your diary.

Very briefly:
Sunday 28th - Arrive kit and docs & welcome dinner
Monday – Friday – 24 jumps, 3 meals a day
Saturday 3rd – Breakfast and goodbyes
Accommodation - Sunday to Friday night

For those who still have your deposits with us from way back when, do not worry, you will have first priority on a seat on the Heli.

We have also been making great progress with the community, check out the blogs to find out more!
If you would like to donate for your jumps please fill in the donation form on the website .

Chris Sears also gave a talk at the AGM about where we have got to so far and some goals for 2022.

Check out what he had to say on the YouTube channel

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Hungary if not sooner.

All the best and here is to a fantastic season🤘

Alti-2 Europe
Performance Designs
Sun Path Products, Inc
Trees for the Future



Two bits of brilliant news
1. 148,410 trees
2. Two more role models joining the community

Check out the bog for all the info

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to reach this amazing achievement in year 2. We are really looking forward to what we can do in 2022.
We are also delighted to announce Jarno Cordia and Jenna Gygi have joined the community, find out more about them on the website🤘


Alti-2 Europe
Sun Path Products, Inc
Performance Designs
Trees for the Future



Check out the new blog as we have had some super exciting new! and link in the bio

A huge thank to and Milko for joining the community of and furthering their support and commitments to the skydiving world.

We will be making the next donation to just before Christmas so if you want to find out more information head over to the website to find out more info or get in touch with us🤘🙏

📸 &


New blog post is out

Target of 100k trees for Trees for the Future from by the end of 2021

Check out the new blog to find out a bit about how has been getting on, what we are aiming for this year, a few changes for 2022 and of a little sneak into some events for 2022.

Alti-2 Europe
Sun Path Products, Inc
Performance Designs

Photos from VISIONAIRi's post 26/10/2021


A huge thanks to everyone who donated to this donation run.

Your donations will plant 30,474 trees with

We were just over 11000 short of the target for the year, so super exciting to think that we should be able to reach 💯k before the year is done!

Please get in touch to join the community and check out how to donate at



On route to mash past 80,000 trees to 👊🙏

this year?
We had a mad plan to see if we could hit 100, 000 trees this year and thanks to all of you it is looking like we may just do it.

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated in the last few days, we will be making the donation to on Wednesday next week so if you are interested in getting onboard for this donation run please get in touch.


Donate – Visionairi 13/10/2021

Join in on this donation run to Trees for the Future

We will be making a donation to in the next week or so if you have jumped this season join the community of people committing to

So far we are well over 15000 trees on this donation run, to name a few of those who have donated already Chris Holland Chimera: 4 Way Formation Skydiving Team Pumas 4way Skydiving Team Simps Steve Chris Sears Eros Skydive VISIONAIRi JEDI AIR WEAR

Let’s get to 100,000 trees this year

Performance Designs
Sun Path Products, Inc
Alti-2 Europe

Donate – Visionairi Please fill out the form below to request the details to make your donation directly. Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you are expecting a reply and can’t find it in your inbox. Thank you.


Awesome stuff and big congratulations to Sophie.

June’s Prize winner Sophie Cook with her brand new LB Altimeters Ares2 and Cookie Helmets G4.

Massive thank you to JEDI AIR WEAR for supplying the prizes and to all of you awesome people that enter. Together we are making a difference VISIONAIRi YoungMinds


Pumas 4way Skydiving Team ready for the weekend Skydive Langar

Weather looks amazing for Puma Challenge this weekened and we're ready for some super fun advanced 12way! Then it's back to team training next weekend!
We're delighted to have all our matching suits now and helmets now!! :D

Special shout out to Cookie for our impact rated G4s keeping us safe in the wind tunnel when we full power kick each other in the head!

Cookie Helmets , Symbiosis Suits , Skydive Langar , VISIONAIRi

Photo by Spencer Bailey


New Blog Post

Great to see Piotr Novi Noworol Jakub Langowsky and Infamous Skydiving Team getting loads of events done in Poland, if you have seen Hel Yeah. . . go check it out in the blog.

We are also super excited to see Ozzie Smith & Han S. Olo getting some VISIONAIRi Skill Camps going in September.

So although there is a huge disappointment that we will not all be meeting up Kiliti Kiliti Skydive Balaton this year we are certainly looking forward to next year and really please there is still some amazing flying and learning going on.

Performance Designs
Alti-2 Europe
Sun Path Products, Inc
Trees for the Future


Who wants to win a G4 and Ares???

Huge thanks for the support towards and Trees for the Future

We will be drawing the winner for the Cookie G4 and Ares 2 on 30th June. The draw will take place regardless of how many slots are left.

Share with everyone you think would like a chance to win.

As it stands there are 39 places remaining so everyone involved so far has a 1 in 21 chance of winning 😉

To be in with a chance of winning this prize read the rules on the original post on our page and enter


Eros Skydive 🙏 for supplant donation towards Trees for the Future

We all know our sport isn’t the most environmentally friendly, but as we head to the dz again we thought we’d help where we could.
We’ve chosen to support VISIONAIRi and . With a bit of luck that could be a 1000 trees.
Go check them out, you never know they may send you a buff.

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The Heli is back





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