Piya Kata Yoga

Piya Kata Yoga


We have yoga at Henley with 2 great instructors - Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 9am. Both sessions aim to maximise mobility and leave you feeling fresh and revitalised for the weekend ahead! We have spaces on the Friday, 4pm session with Kim, Piya Kata Yoga . Just book via the Endure Store and come to the big tent with a mat or towel. We will open up more spaces if restrictions allow 🧘 https://endure-store.myshopify.com/collections/endure24-yoga-sessions/products/yoga-endure24-reading?variant=31256056660049
Thank you Piya Kata Yoga for hosting this luck draw aswell as your stretch class 🙏🏻

Congrats to the lucky winners! Look forward to hosting a party for you 💜💆🏼‍♀️
Piya Kata Yoga
Flying into Monday morning like Piya Kata Yoga. We will be bringing arm balance, inversions and more dynamic, advanced asana workshops to Yoginah 💪🏽🤸🏾‍♀️

Piya Kata Yoga offers Private, Group & Corporate Yoga Classes in the Berkshire area. A Unique and Fu

Operating as usual


Yoga Mini Retreat

It just happened Sunday last week but it seems like a while ago

How joyful & beautiful the day was with these humans.

How much gratitude I feel towards each person for trusting, for sharing enthusiastically, Sharing stories & listening to each other. Their smiling, laughter, humour, presence.

So much gratitude and love from me...

Until the next time

Watch this space 🙃

Supper Club..

Peace in me, Peace in you, Peace to the world...

Photos from Piya Kata Yoga's post 05/07/2022

Be around The magic makers, the world shifters & the game-changers. They challenge you, break you open and lift you up.

Thank you for your support, for making this event happen & making it such memorable day.

I'd just like to say special thanks to a few people

Firstly all the “Flow” events couldn't happen without you @anothai you are not just a co-worker, you are the friend who lifts others & is full of supportive people's dreams, especially You are my guardian of the kitchen “FLOW” event.

Second My talented student who started their yoga journey with me when I just started to teach yoga in 2019 and have become good friends. She is successful business women @headtotoes who love to help people heal. @rachel thank you for stepping up and not hesitating to say yes when I ask you to join us. The event can't complete without you and welcome to the power puff girl Team 🤣😆🙃

Last, this is important to tell you guys and the world 🌎 🤣 . I come this far and can follow my dreams because of my Husband's support @matthew. He always put me first & fully support my dream before himself even if he is fed up with yoga 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 because his wife, eats, sleeps, and breaths yoga 24/7. He doesn't want to get involved in any yoga business but you know what, this event he ran around like a chicken 🐥, be a driver, helping me to-do a checklist for all that I need, part time photographer, waiter, a cleaner, the pretending food judge and important role is “Perfect Husband” I'm so lucky to have you as my husband. Life isn’t fun if without you. Love you more than @hiccup love his catnip! 😂

and Few people missing @nic @mew our Flow power puff girls cos of the illness. Get well soon and can’t wait to have more fun times together for the next one.

Live life to the fullness and love deeply...✨🧡

We will see you again soon…

Peace in me, Peace in you, Peace to the world.

Much love
Kim & Flow Team


To remember, to move, and also to rest, to eat simple with delicious food…

Only 2 weeks till we all together again and going to be more fun & yummyyyyy…..

Clink the link to book


Much love

This pudding will serve as a 2nd course on 3rd July.

It combination between east & west, especially during the summer season in England & Thailand inspired me to create this dish

You only have thiis s*x pudding at the event!

If you have not booked it yet BOOK NOW!


Need more information DM me or Piya Kata Yoga

See you soon


Photos from Piya Kata Yoga's post 16/06/2022

Hi, wrist injury thanks for not being stubborn & thanks for not listening to the trigger points!!!

It has been a long recovery & rehab. If you remember this time last year my wrist was injured 🤕 it took me 3-4 months I can't even bare my weight on one hand and then I slowly get back to full weight on one hand but it wasn't a full recovery it was on & off.

Now I'm able to fully practice my arm balance again without that sense of pain 🙃

A lot of needles 💉 acupuncture sports massage therapist and a lot of strength training rehab because it creates a weakness in my shoulder, forearm, trap, and neck, especially since I lost my grip strength. Oh I created this my one program rehab 😉

Anyhow, I'm here now.

My HS 🤸🏻‍♀️still suck 😒 but my arm balances got stronger, especially the one-leg flying crow poses on the left side I hold longer.

Injuries suck, Just be creative, accept wherever you are & time to learn a new skill to unlock” only my wrist is trouble but my lower body is still good 😂 and only one wrist so I got another hand

The past year with my wrist trouble has not been easy but I gain some new skills.

Patience is the key to recovery with creative practice and you are exactly where you need to be.

Oh! And the BIGGEST thing don't blame YOGA for injuring me it is all about the Trigger Point from my under scapular, 3 of them.

Life sucks but when you have injuries makes it suck even more!

Have you ever been injured? How do you cope with it?

Photos from Piya Kata Yoga's post 10/03/2022

Last Saturday was my first event since my last workshop in 2019 and my first time to co work with my 3 power puff girls! 😆

It was an incredible day for me, with good energy, a great social aspect, reconnecting and bringing socialising back to real life again.

Thank you to Leo Yoga Marlow for the beautiful space and for letting us host the event.

Thank you to all those who came and for sharing your time with us. For those who missed this event, guess what? We are discussing the next date, so watch this space.

Swipe lift to check out the photos from the event.

Buy Your Tickets Here! for Ohshala Community Festival at Parmoor Park Farm, Sat 20 Aug 2022 8:30 AM - 10:30 PM 24/02/2022

Buy Your Tickets Here! for Ohshala Community Festival at Parmoor Park Farm, Sat 20 Aug 2022 8:30 AM - 10:30 PM

This summer ✨🧘🏻‍♀️

I will teach yoga at Ohshala Festival 🥰

And Early bird ticket now available.

You can buy one day pass of weekend camp ⛺️ go & check all the tickets 🎫😉

See ya in summer time…🤸🏻‍♀️

Buy Your Tickets Here! for Ohshala Community Festival at Parmoor Park Farm, Sat 20 Aug 2022 8:30 AM - 10:30 PM Ohshala Community Festival at Parmoor Park Farm, Sat 20 Aug 2022 - Welcome to a brand new wellness festival in Buckinghamshire! https://www.facebook.com/event... and join us for one day and explore different ways ...


Boy can do yoga too!

I know so many of us especially MEN would like to practice yoga but something 🤣😆 hold you back. Here’s the chance to practice & try a new thing…

If you want to try but
- fell unsure
- feel left out because they so bendy in the class
- yoga to soft for me
- not sweat & not working hard
- want to improve your performance
- move better
- well being and mental health
- boring! 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
- Ages 👉🏼 I’m too old

And so many reasons that hold you back come & practice with me and you will change your perspective

Men’s Yoga
8.30 am
45 mins

More information contact
[email protected]

…See you on the mat

Peace in me, Peace in you, Peace to the world

Leo is for everybody and every body and for that reason we are very pleased to launch Men's Yoga with Kim on Sunday mornings!

Calling all the guys out there to get involved in this 45 min class at 8.30am. A great way to be introduced to the world of yoga in a pressure-free environment. Contact [email protected] for more information.


✨Don’t give up, give in✨

Surrender isn’t quitting. It’s yielding to something greater. Don’t let fears of failure keep you from discovering the greatness that awaits.


Today: Surrender to this moment. Breathe and be present.

Quieting our monkey minds means releasing our hold on the past or future and giving in to the beauty of the now.

-Takes times to ask questions
-Listening and be present
-Empathize without judgment



Have a GOOD Saturday on a cloudy ⛅ day


New Class! 🤸🏻‍♀️

So many of us work from home and some of us are busy in the morning now you have a chance to practice with me if you missed 9.30 am class 😆😉

Every week
Strength & Flexible

The intention of the class is to awaken your centre and take you to your edge, building strength. In each state you will practice deep flexibility, increasing your range of motion.

The class is challenging but all movements are designed to be accessible to everybody.

See you many faces on the mat 😁

Much love ✨🧡

✨ New Class Alert ✨ We are so excited to share, the one and only @kimyoga.moveinsideflow will be sharing a Strength and Flexibility class here at Leo Yoga on Wednesday’s at 12pm.

The intention of the class is to awaken your centre and take you to your edge, whilst building strength. In each state you will practice deep flexibility, increasing your range of motion. Kim will share her usual light-hearted energy, combined with her drive for her students to achieve their best.

The class is challenging but all movements are designed to be accessible to everybody.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Love, Leo x


Do you practice yoga out of the mat? For me Yes I am...✨


Everyday I practice living in the present moment. It’s being aware of my race to the future & not lingering in the past. Being physically aware of my body, the breath in my lungs and the love in my heart.


When I live in the present moment I’m aware of small wonders that make me able to see the beautiful things around me.


In the present moment I can see things as they are. In the present moment let me soke up my life just as it is and letting go of what I’m trying to control. Because my life is happening for me and when I’m in the present moment I can hear the voice of my soul.



Practice yoga out of the mat

December swimming in 5C is challenging your body wants to keep going but your mind want to quit! “Dont let your body control your mind and 5 mins gone quick like snap your finger 🙌🏼😆 brrrrrr

As you know how much I love sea salt but this time I did swim in fresh water and yes, tastes not too bad 😆🌊

Take A Slow Wander, Get Into Your Senses, Slow Down & Be Present.


Next summer I will teach at a local festival 😉✌️🏼

Set your date 📆 & the thicket is available now!

Can't wait to flow with you 💕

Kim will be taking a morning class in our movement tent based on vinyasa flow with her own twist and favourite movement mobility methods
In this class the music will drive the creative flow and frame the whole sequence. Kim’s intention is to allow you to free your body and free your mind, find deep focus melting into the blend of music in an almost meditative state
“Movement & Breath as One”
Originally from Thailand, Kim moved to Maidenhead Berkshire in 2008 and has since been building a unique techniques that have been picked up from both Kim’s heritage and practice from Southeast Asia. You can find more about Kim’s classes and flows on her Instagram page @kimpiyakatayoga
We can’t wait to have you there Kim!


Support your local business this black Friday!!!


Our best deal ever! Get unlimited access to Leo Yoga Marlow for 1 month for just £37.50! This will give you access to our studio and virtual classes with no string attached at the end of the month. Invest in yourself this Black Friday 🤍 Link to purchase in bio, Love Leo, x


Vinyasa flow... Creative sequence Funkey pose Move with the music

Behind you, All you memories
Before you, All your dreams
Around you, All who love
With in you, all you need



Practice with me IN STUDIO ONLY! 🙃

At Maidenhead

6.30 pm
(only 1 space left)

Book DM or text me

...See you on the mat..


Grow steady and Grow stronger


Each movement in yoga practice for me helps build self-esteem, heal from past traumas and experience more joy in the present moment.


During yoga practice not only does it give me the tools to deal with emotional upset by providing stability, it can also help me map out a course of change.


Steady in mind = Stability in body.
Stillness in the mind creates stability in life...



Tonight Mantra
I can create change…
May you have the strength to accept where you are now and courage to move forward into the unknown…

…..Night Night Sleep Tight 😴…


Surrender Now and Let go....


This year I learned so far from my yoga practice. When I surrender to what is and it will become present moment and this including in my living life too


Through surrender, I change from external tumult to internal peace by letting go of expectations, for it helps me transform painful experiences into positive ones.


Surrender is a great stillness arises within you and that within is peace ☮️, within peace that is a joy and within joy that is LOVE....



Tuesday Morning

Start your day with positive though & one positive thought can change the whole day 💫✨🌈

Some bit frorm morning class love to flow into the day with these guys.

Would you like to share your practice & flow?

I run every morning Tuesday Zoom class
7.00 am
All level welcome 🤗🥰💃

Cliick here to book your space


Or any questions drop me a message 💬 😆😉

Have a good day

Peacce in me, Peace in you Peace to the world


The journey into self-love and self-acceptance begins with self-examination until you take the journey of self-reflection, it is almost impossible to grow and learn in life.

Without self-reflection, we can't build our way and create more unintended consequences and failings.

Be reflective of what you would like to receive, if you want love - give love, if you want the truth - be truthful, if you want respect - give respect. Whatever you give out it will return.

Have you reflected today?


Tuesday Morning


Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been.


Although courage can also be quiet—it’s something we draw strength from during our little everyday battles.


Is like When we woke up in the morning anxiety overpower us, letting go of something that you holding that to far to long and it show up like this often unkind world we live.


I do believe that is real, row courage in that simple everyday living, outgoing strength keep us moving even though smallest or biggest fears we have.


Stay strong, Be positive, We will struggle sometimes that will be okay and things will be better....


Tuesday Morning


Vinyasa flow no hand 🙌🏼

A few of you havd sent me Dm's & you have a similar situation with wrist pain, and have asked me how you can practice yoga without using your hands or just a minimal hands down.

Here is the video clip. I use basic asana adding up the hand 🙌🏼 flow.

The main poses I use are

Low lunge
Side Angle

Move as slow as you can with your strength and observing your body, how slow & control your body with flexibility, especially how the monkey mind stays still!

In the video, I speed up 2.7x

Try it and tag me! 😉


Before I forgot!

I run a class at the studio Maidenhead

Wednesday 6.30 pm
Only 2 spaces left.

Comment or Message me to book or more details 😉

...See you on the mat


Flow no hand

It has been up to 4 weeks almost 5 weeks since my wrist injury and each day I discover how hard it is not to be able to practice on my hands as I normally would, although learning to accept & surrender can be creative to my practice 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Some days I fully accept that it's okay it will take longer than I thought, you can't do what you could do anymore but it is how you got there. But some days the ego wins and says “Oh yes lets do it, who cares! just do it now".

The ego in me is like a shadow hiding in the dark & whispering next to my ear but the kindness side of me just switches on the light 💡 to show the way “be kind to my body”

So can you see how I am creating this in my practice? At lease I can still move my body 😁 & deal with an ego situation by not using my hand!

My Story

I am originally from Thailand and moved to Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2008. When I came here my life turned upside down, new language, new country, new climate and new people. The time difference made it difficult to stay in contact with friends and family. So much change made me feel angry and isolated. But in 2014, when I went back to Thailand on holiday, a yoga teacher friend of mine, introduced me to Iyengar yoga.

​This is where I started my yoga journey.

It made me want to know more and learn everything I could about yoga!

The more I practice, the more I want to find my true self and Yoga changed my life! It changed me back to who I was, who I used to be and has made me a better person.

Videos (show all)

Practice yoga out of the mat
Vinyasa flow... Creative sequence  Funkey pose  Move with the music
Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Morning
Vinyasa flow no hand 🙌🏼
Flow no hand
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Tuesday Morning
Forearm Stand
Tuesday Morning
Thursday Evening




Opening Hours

Tuesday 7am - 8am
Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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