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Ultimate Aerobatics


The view from Hurricane R4118 this afternoon during her first post annual maintenance flight. Many thanks to John Romain for doing the test-flying … and for the photo 😁 Ultimate Aerobatics hurricaneheritage.com
I had an amazing experience on Saturday flying alongside this wonderful Battle of Britain veteran Hurricane MkI R4118 courtesy of Ultimate Aerobatics and Hurricane Heritage. R4118 shared in the damaging or destruction of 5 Luftwaffe aircraft during the Battle, flying with 605 Squadron. Discovered substantially intact in India in 1982 by Peter Vacher, it was not until the 1990s that Peter realised the significance of what he had found and began negotiations to bring the Hurricane back home. This was achieved in 2001, the machine taking to the air once more after an exacting restoration on December 23, 2004. The aircraft is now owned by James Brown and operated out of Duxford.
The Ultimate Aerobatics Pitts has been pulled out, ready for today's Taster Flights at White Waltham.
sleap today think its your plane ?
On Sunday 18 July our 2020 Taster Flight winners will be taking flight, after much delay, at White Waltham with Ultimate Aerobatics.

BWPA members are invited to visit to meet the winners and spend time with fellow members.

To see photos from our 2019 Taster Flights, visit our website ➡️ https://bwpa.co.uk/events/past-events-galleries/
A moody shot of Hurricane R4118 being chased by Ultimate Aerobatics with Jonny Cracknell in the Harvard. Anyone who fancies a go at air-to-air, this is a great chance to do it with from White Waltham in partnership with www.darrenharbar.co.uk
Hurricane Heritage in Hurricane R4118 with Ultimate Aerobatics and Jonny Cracknell in the Hurricane Heritage Harvard. These images were taken to promote a great fly alongside package available from from White Waltham. www.darrenharbar.co.uk
Ultimate Aerobatics - Cap & Extra departing Waltham for an incredible sunset display!
BrillIat experience, cannot Recommend highly enough! Have to give a massive thank you to my pilot Emily she was superb from start to finish. For anyone that is an adrenaline ju**ie this is a must. ✈️
Pitts S-2A (G-ODDS) is owned by Ultimate Aerobatics and is operated from their White Waltham base in Berkshire.

The company offers both experience flights and aerobatic training. For more information see their website at:
Thanks Emily and Mike for a great display as part of the Great War display team at RIAT 2018!
What an absolutely brilliant way to spend your birthday - your first flight in a Pitts Special!

Emily was fantastic! After a chat explaining what would happen we taxied out and we took off. We flew out and Emily showed me the basics and how responsive G-ODDS was and then I took control and flew a few turns, a gentle climb and descent.

Once we were out in the aerobatics area Emily flew the first loop explaining as we went. Then she flew another loop with me following along holding lightly on the control stick. Then I got to fly a loop - well Emily was doing the throttle and rudder pedals and helping with a bit on input making me feel like a pro ... ;-)

Next Emily did the same with a couple of loops and then I got to take control again and fly a loop.

I had really wanted to do a 8 point hesitation roll like the ones I've seen at so many airshows - so Emily flew us through it - what an amazing feeling – a few seconds hanging upside down during the 3rd, 4th and 5th points of the roll.

After catching my breath and doing a bit of flat flying we set about doing 4 amazing stall turns. Our first stall turn was over a field close to the motorway - Emily gain a little speed and pulled up vertical easing off the power - wonderful hollow tummy feeling as you feel a bit weightless. Just before we ran out of speed Emily kicked the rudder over and we kicked around to the nose pointing straight down at the fields below and the motorway with the cars going along the edge of the fields. Amazing staring over the aircraft nose straight down for a few seconds with the plane gaining speed heading straight down and then Emily pulled out and levelled the plane - another 3 stall turns followed which was just superb.

With time running out Emily suggested doing an avalanche as the last manoeuvre - so Emily pointed the nose down again to gain some speed and off we went into a loop. At the top inverted Emily threw in a slightly quicker snap roll back to the inverted and pulled back to complete the loop and pull it out level. So so cool.

And then Emily said sorry but we were out of time and we had to head back to the airfield - I said that was very sad but that's fine. So Emily handed control (at least of the stick) over to me and guided me back to the airfield (keeping a close eye on my direction and altitude). It gave me a good few minutes flying back doing a few turns to get us there and also to get the needed visibility that the airfield was clear of traffic. Emily took over control again and brought us back to a nice side slip landing. Despite Emily saying the landing would be bumpy and a bit of cross wind it was a lovely smooth landing.

Right, where do I pay to do that again Emily ...

Ultimate Aerobatics was established to let more people know about our sport and bring the discipline of aerobatics to a wider audience.

Operating as usual

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 05/03/2022

Our Extra 330LX G-IILX looking very naked during her annual last week . She’s back online now and ready for the season 💪 .


Bringing Hurricane R4118 back to Duxford for a run and break on a glorious Sunday afternoon. 😀

Is there a better noise?


If Carlsberg did winter mornings…


A massive congratulations to the world’s newest Harvard pilots, David Kean and Alex Truman. They made the best of the weather and soloed FE511 today. Top effort chaps! 👏

West London Aero Club
Hurricane Heritage


Wishing all our friends and supporters a Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022 🎉


Nothing like a bit of Hurricane aerobatics above a stunning cloudscape to cheer up an otherwise grey and wet day!


Merry Christmas everyone from the Ultimate Aerobatics Team. 🎄🎅

Photo thanks to Keith Wilson

West London Aero Club British Aerobatics


We are delighted to announce that we will be working closely with Hurricane Heritage in the coming year to operate the World’s only two seat Hawker Hurricane – BE505. It is 84 years almost to the day that the Hurricane entered service with the RAF on No. 111 Squadron at RAF Northolt.

We are looking forward to playing our part in keeping this iconic aircraft flying and sharing it with others as a tribute to those that flew, built or worked on these incredible aircraft. BE505 represents a Hurricane Mk IIb of No 174 Squadron based out of RAF Manston, Kent in 1942.

Check out Hurricane Heritages new website here: www.Hurricaneheritage.com for more information.

Hurricane Heritage are offering several incredible flight options for you to choose from, just in case you’re still looking for that Christmas present for someone special!

Look out for more information in the coming days and months!


Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 07/12/2021

A flight in the Extra 330LX really is the Ultimate Christmas gift 🎄🎁 for you or the thrill seeker in your life. It’s lightweight yet strong structure combined with the 315hp six-cylinder engine mean it has a power to weight ratio better than even the most extreme sports car. It can sustain +/-10G and roll at an incredible rate, perfect for any adrenaline junkie. For more information on this unforgettable experience, have a look at our website and get in touch.

Photos thanks to Keith Wilson

Ultimate Aerobatics | Aerobatic Lessons | Harvard Flying | London UK 02/12/2021

Ultimate Aerobatics | Aerobatic Lessons | Harvard Flying | London UK

With Christmas🎄 just around the corner, why not give the gift🎁 of flight? We have a wide selection of unforgettable experiences for you to choose from. Today we look at our Warbird Experiences in our beautiful 1942 Harvard 2B. We have a variety of different flight lengths to suit most. The flight will take place out of the historic wartime airfield of White Waltham just outside of London. The participant will be given a full brief and de-brief and there will be the opportunity to try aerobatics if they wish. Check out our website: www.ultimateaerobatics.co.uk or get in touch for more information.

Photo thanks to Darren Harbar Photography-Aviation

Ultimate Aerobatics | Aerobatic Lessons | Harvard Flying | London UK Ultimate Aerobatics delivers aerobatic training, aerobatic experience flights and air displays. They also offer Harvard flights and more.


Well done Edward Pinnegar for completing his aerobatic rating over the weekend with Dave Hall . Edward was awarded an The Air League scholarship to help him achieve this. For those of you that don’t know the The Air League is a fantastic organisation that gives out the largest number of aviation scholarships to help people achieve their flying goals. Look out for them in the spring of next year.

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 29/11/2021

It was great fun playing in the snow this morning. Despite the temperature 🥶.

It’s amazing how a little sprinkle of ❄️ makes everything look so different!

West London Aero Club


It’s that time of the year when CIVA publish the aerobatic figures for next year's ‘free knowns’.

For those who are not competition pilots, we are given 5 figures (these ones) and have to design a programme (sequence) to fly. There are certain rules about what must be included and the overall difficulty factor (known as the 'K').

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 13/11/2021

Busy day today West London Aero Club with lots of Pitts and Sukhois flying despite the grey weather. The highlight was flying Ben Davis superb little S1T that has a fair amount history. Brilliant fun!😄

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 13/10/2021

A massive congratulations to the West London Aero Club contingent that competed last weekend at the British Aerobatics Advanced National Championships Shropshire Aero Club with our very own instructor David Kean flying the Extra 330LX impeccably to bring home the trophy 🏆 . Followed by David Nichols flying the 330SC in second 🥈. However well done to everyone else that competed and it was great to see new faces flying Advanced.

For more information check out: www.aerobatics.org.uk/contest/result/201

Thanks have to go to the organising and support team British Aerobatics , our friends Shropshire Aero Club.


A moody picture from Jacob Hurley of our Harvard FE511’s Pratt and Whitney R-1340-AN1 Wasp engine.


Fokker Triplane at West London Aero Club

Looking forward to a bit more of this on Saturday with The Great War Display Team at Imperial War Museum Duxford. If you’re there come and say hello 👋.

This video was from the West London Aero Club members day in September.

Video edited by Lee Earl.

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 16/09/2021

It was a huge privilege to fly R4118 over the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Dover today.

Thanks to Southend Airport ATC for being so accommodating.

Also what an incredible line up of aircraft at the Aircraft Restoration Company and Aerial Collective


“Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

Photo by Ed Byrne


Some fun flying a while back when the sun☀️ actually made an appearance. Alex Davies is getting to grips with 4 point rolls and loops in the Extra😎

Video by .l


Photos from Aviationphoto's post 30/08/2021

Some incredible photos from our Hurricane fly-along on Saturday.

If you’d like to see views like this,let us know!



Looking forward to displaying the Cap 232 at the Little Gransden Air Show. If you’re there come and say hello.


Now where’s that pesky Sopwith? Below I suspect!😜

Displaying every day over the Bank Holiday at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival.

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 22/08/2021

Over the last few days, the British Aerobatics Sports and Intermediate Nationals have been hotly contest at the Flying Club Conington airfield. The standard of flying was incredibly high with scores of 80% or more not even getting a medal! The Ultimate Aerobatics Waltham contingent had a good couple of days with scholarship winner Stuart Baylis picking up a silver medal in the Sports. It should have been a gold but for a momentary loss of concentration! The weather called for a close a day early, however I think everyone left happy.

A massive congratulations to Andy McKee who won the Sports Nationals in his incredible Twister and to Maciej Kulaszewski for winning the Intermediate trophy.

It was the first major competition since 2019 and it was great to see everyone once again. Our thanks go to the British Aerobatics team including Chris Sills for putting the contest together and the superb Flying Club Conington for hosting.

During our time at Conington, they unveiled a fitting tribute in the shape of a mural to the brave B17 crews of the 457th Bomb Group that were stationed there during WWII, many of which never returned.

If you’d like to learn more about aerobatic competitions or how to attend just get in touch.

Photos from Ultimate Aerobatics's post 17/08/2021

Last weekend finally saw the British Aerobatics Club Competition at Little Gransden. There was some superb flying and high scores that reflected it. The team did incredibly well with Bettina Bajaj winning gold🏅 with 84.5% and Jamie Williams one of two Ultimate Aerobatics scholarship winners flying bringing home bronze🥉, the other Kerrin Dutton achieved a very respectable 5th. However, I think it’s fair to say that everyone that attended had a brilliant day and the real winner was the sport of aerobatics and general aviation!

Thanks go to the team at British Aerobatics, the attendees that made the event possible and our instructing team consisting of Dave Hall and Dave Kean who had a very long day!


Fantastic to do a bit of formation flying with the Cap10 being flown by on the way home from a display at Duxford.


Finally, summer starts to return


Busy day ahead. will be based at today for fly-alongsides with the Harvard.

Photo by .harbar


The benefits of having a second seat😎👍

Sometimes it’s nice to share our sport with friends & family. Thanks to Mike Collett at Ultimate Aerobatics.


Great to share a hangar with this incredible Pitts S-1-11B build the other week. Can’t wait to see her fly!

Little and Large! Our Pitts S-1-11B next to the truly impressive Hurricane being flown by Mike at Ultimate Aerobatics


On ‘patrol’ in R4118 out of Shropshire Aero Club last weekend heading past Bridgenorth with Chelmarsh Reservoir on the nose. Next stop West London Aero Club , it’s fair to say it was a bit hot🥵.

Sleap Pistons & Props 2021


Great photo from of Alex bringing TR in for a landing during the BWPA aerobatic taster day on Sunday .

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Fokker Triplane at West London Aero Club



White Waltham Airfield

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