Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game

Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game


Make sure it is in your dairy.
Not one to miss
Lionesses Woodsball RECRUITING for 2022 season! (Please share :D )

Historically, the Lionesses have been entirely focused on Sup Air. However, in 2021, we branched out (pun absolutely intended!), attending several Woodsball events over the course of the season:

Woodsball Classic Series
UK Woodland Masters
Skirmish Sherwood Forest Walk On Paintball
NPF Bassetts Pole Adventure Park Walkon
Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game

We intend to continue this trend into 2022 and beyond, and are very interested in growing this side of our team.

If you are interested in getting involved with casual or tournament woodsball with the Lionesses please get in touch with the team!

We are also keen to attend the European Classic Paintball League10man series. We are merging with a team for Round 1 on 20/03/22 at Skirmish Pro Training Centre (this will be 10man on Supair field)

(Pictures taken by Llúcia Wood Photography & Ant Perry)
What an amount of penny's 😲😲

Roll on 2022....... Dates coming soon
Some amazing pics of us taken at Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game, courtesy of Llúcia Wood Photography, check out her page 😊 also check these awesome pics of😊😊
Been looking around and can’t see them anywhere, so if I’ve overlooked something I apologise. But what was the final scores?
Massive thanks to all who attended Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game. Excellent weekend. Excellent venue.. games and people all awesome. Exactly what paintball should be.
Shout out to the faction leaders AJ, Adam and Lydia for putting up a hard fight for the heroes. Also Colin, Nigel and our very own Kelly for leading the villains to victory.
Most of all thanks to Skirmish Pro Training Centre, all the staff, Marshall's and all behind the scenes who make this event a must every year.. always a pleasure. 😀👌👌🏆
So shall we talk Northern Custom Works PBHydro UK Just Paintball UK joint donation..........
Check this mad boy out.

This beautiful item will be our auction tomorrow.
Have you picked your side???

Will you be the man to saves it all or the man who destroyers it all??
Hi All 👋🏻

This is my first time going. I’ve got my camping gear sorted but what do I do about food? What’s going to be there and prices? Also will there be any chance in the evenings of getting a crafty drink or no? 😁
If you are attending the Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game at Skirmish Sherwood Forest Activity Centre there will be prints of my artwork up for their charity auction.

Please give generously to a great cause!
Random question but how much was raised last year? I know it was all muddled around with the rain delay on the auction.
We may have lost the battle but I think we won the fancy dress competition.
Shame there wasn't a trophy for that one....
Hayley Bishop
Anthony Nutt
Sam Belknap
Just Paintball UK

Information page for the annual Superheroes Vs Villains big game, held at Skirmish Paintball Games N Last year, 2019, just over £4500 was raised for Myeloma UK.

£5 from every ticket purchased for our Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game weekend will be donated to a chosen charity. Along with other ways of raising money, such as a raffle, auction, cake sales, and so on. This year, 2020, we will be raising money for The British Heart Foundation, and to quote them, “Lets Beat Heartbreak Forever”. In 2018, with NickyTs help, £10,000 was raised for The En

Operating as usual


Scheduled plenty of time in advance, we will be hosting a Hyperball 7man this season! The website will be ready for team bookings shortly

Reminder here are our 5man dates, which are available to book in now!;
Sun 7th May
Sun 25th June
Sun 6th August
Sun 17th September

Our annual charity big game weekend will be Friday 22nd (Camping opens), Saturday 23rd (regular walkon style games, hyperball & sup'air open, 2v2 tourney), Sunday 24th (big game) website will be updated shortly.


HvV 2023 new date! Website will be updated asap

Our walkons are getting a revamp!

More details coming soon, but for now we can reveal that more variety of fields will be used and new game objectives!!


Fantastic surprise this evening. Massive thanks go out to all who have helped us get to where we are.
We have an amazing family of staff who work tirelessly to help us put on some fantastic events throughout the year. They are truly inspiring.
Thank you to all our customers for all the fun and support and to all those in the industry who have always offered their support and advice.


The Villains winning streak was finally broken! Well done to the Heroes faction leaders and all the players.

We all raised a nice £1365.02 for the charity Samaritans.

!!! HvV 2023 29th Sept - 1st October !!!

Photos from Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game's post 27/09/2022

Page 1 - Multi Buy Ticket Discount
Page 2 - Full Rental Equipment Available
Page 3 - Heroes Faction Leader Adam
Page 4 - Villains Faction Leader Nigel
Page 5 - Villains Faction Leader Colin
Page 6 - Heroes Faction General John
Page 7 & 8 - Site Map
Page 9 - Heroes Faction Leader Tommy
Page 10 - Saturday Morning
Page 11 - Villains General Lilian
Page 12 - Saturday Afternoon
Page 13 - Samaritans Charity
Page 14 - HvV History
Page 15 - Saturday Evening


What a weekend! We hope you all had an amazing time. Thank you again for all of you for coming to take part and help support this charity event.
Planning is about to begin for next year’s event so watch this space.
Thank you all for the hospitality shown to all the staff in the evenings letting us all share your celebrations and shenanigans.
The mission we should all share for next year is to encourage more new players to join in.
The last two years have proven that those who have never played paintball can join in, love it and become part of the community we all love so much.
So spread the word. Lets see more new players next year.

Photos soon.

The Heroes have secured peace for now…….

Stef, Wallace and the most incredible Orange Family!


Thank you to Shannon Lopes & Llúcia Wood for this awesome board!!!


Game day!



.x5 full weekend tickets for £275
.Full rental equipment available for new players
Charity - The Samaritans

.Heroes Faction Leaders;

Adam Parkman as Star Lord

Tommy Webb as The Flash

.Faction General;

John Shelley as himself

Villains Faction Leaders;

Nigel Dancy as Dr.Evil
Colin Barlow as Cyrus Grisom

.Villains General;
Lilian Huges as The Joker

.Gates open at 3pm for players camping

.Gates lock at 10pm


.Gates open at 8am

.Woodsball walkon games 9.30am - 12.30pm

.Hyperball open field 11am - 1.30pm

.Woodsball walkon games 1.30pm - 3pm

.Sup’air Clinic 1.30pm - 3pm

.2v2 tournament 3pm
Entertainment field opens 5pm, £1 per play

.Gell Blasters closes 8.30pm (goggles required)
Quiet camping location near the Hyperball field
.Gates lock at 11pm

.Gates open at 8am
Entertainment field open 10am - 4pm
.9.30am - 12pm game on Trenches, Crazi Bugz, Berlin Wall, Maze & village

.Heroes start gate on the Village
.Villains start gate on the Trenches

.12pm - 1.30pm - Lunch break

1.30pm - 4pm game on Compound 1&2, 3 Bridges, Convoy, Fuel Dump & FoB

.Heroes start gate on the Convoy
.Villains start gate on Compound 2
.Gates lock at 6pm


.Protect you Infinity Stones

.Defend your Flags

.Secure the Powerful Artefacts

.x4 Killer Gas assets per faction

.Gi Sportz
Custom - £32.00
4* - £35.00
Skirmish - £29.00
Superior - £33.00
Field Pro - £29.00


So it begins


Don’t forget:

Gates open at 3pm and not before. Please don’t queue on the road, it’s dangerous



Out of respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family we will be closed on Monday 19th September.
Our phone lines, shops and sites will be closed. We will be open as usual from Tuesday and will endeavour to return any missed calls and messages to our pages.


Paint Prices for 2022

You can now pre-order paint (still pay on the day) via the website it helps us order in what you want and ensure we have it for you.

Will there be more at the event? Yes - plenty

Head over and get it ordered 😀


Paint Prices for 2022

You can now pre-order paint (still pay on the day) via the website it helps us order in what you want and ensure we have it for you.

Will there be more at the event? Yes - plenty

Head over and get it ordered 😀


Fancy dress is optional.. however it does entertain our hard working marshalls


This year we will have more activities to do Saturday evening! Each game you play we ask for £1 donation towards our chosen charity (there will be no raffle or auction this year so this will be one of the few ways we can raise money).

Please start collecting and saving your coins so you have plenty of cash to participate in all the games!!

These games will start at 6pm and be open through to Sunday. Meaning there’s much more for spectators and families to do over the weekend!

GellBlasters, is for 8+ years and players will need to wear their mask/goggles.




The Heroes are bringing in the big guns! After several years of kindly donating to our charity auction and raffle, we are looking forward to finally having Tommy at our big game weekend!


This year, each side will have two faction leaders and one general.

!! Reminder that dressing up is optional !!


So here goes, our first bit of event info to share with you all, a bulk buy ticket discount!!

Book your tickets at;

Photos from Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game's post 01/08/2022

Photos from Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains Big Game's post


Skirmish Superheroes Vs Villains is having a makeover for 2022!

!! All details coming soon !!

Our Story

The Skirmish Charity Paintball Big Game weekend with £5 from every ticket being donated to a chosen charity. In 2019 we raised over £4500 for MyeLoma

This year we will be raising money for The British Heart Foundation, and to quote them, “Lets Beat Heartbreak Forever”

#paintballfamily #skirmishfamily #playmorepaintball

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