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Lorraine Dobbin


Introducing our sponsor for Most Inspirational Business......Lorraine Dobbin. Delighted to have you on board 💫💫💫

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Get fit @LD HEALTH AND FITNESS burn fat ,build muscle ,+have fun working out ,we will be the best +most challenging part of your day

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In a society that profits from self doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act

“She is so full of herself”

“She loves herself”

And what??

Why is it such a negative thing to love yourself?!

Why do we shame women who are confident within themselves?!

Why do we see it as not ‘normal’ if a woman isn't forthcoming about all her ‘flaws’ and focuses on what she does like about herself?!

Liking yourself in today's society is going against the norm

Does liking yourself mean you think you are ‘perfect’, ‘flawless’ or better than anyone else?! NO

There is no harm in liking yourself and wanting to improve yourself - they are not opposite and conflicting statements

In fact they go hand in hand. Respecting yourself, valuing your self worth, knowing you deserve more is a true sign that you love yourself

There is enough people in the world who will doubt you, try to tear you down, have endless negative things to say about you - don’t be one of them

Become your own supporter

Empower yourself

Give yourself a break and start celebrating yourself

Wake up each morning liking yourself and realise everyone else's like is extra. No one’s opinion defines you.

You don't need someone else to like you to validate yourself

Be enough for YOU

Love yourself for YOU

Work on yourself for YOU

Be kind to YOU



This nourishing lentil salad is good for your body, and good for your head.

Ingredients (2 big servings)
1 large cucumber
1 cup of tomatoes
1/2 of red onion
1/2 bunch of fresh parsley
1 mango
1 cup uncooked lentils
2 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp water
3 tbsp of tahini
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp of rice vinegar
1 tsp agave syrup
salt & pepper to taste

1. Start by cooking your lentil according to package instructions.
2. Chop up cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, mango and parsley.
3. Make the dressing by simply mixing all ingredients in a small bowl.
4. Assemble your salad and mix in the dressing.

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Take your daughter to the gym

Inspire her with your strength and teach her that lifting weights is normal and not intimidating

Be the lighthouse and lead the way ❤️

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are like little love notes to the body

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Here is a photo of me and my therapist

I hike to burn of the crazy 🤪 #covemountain
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You don’t need a more intense nutrition plan.

You don’t need to starve yourself.

You don’t need to try to burn as many calories as possible every day in the gym.

You don’t need to drink apple cider vinegar

You don’t need to do keto.

You don’t need to do HIIT.

You don't need to drink a filthy greens powder

You don't need fat burners that do, literally, f**k all.

You don’t need to do any of that.

What you need to do is be more intense about being consistent with the simple, basic s**t you already know you should be doing but aren’t.

Get outside.


Eat more fruits and veggies.

Lift weights a couple times a week.

Eat some protein fs

Drink more water.

Put your damn phone down and get some quality sleep.

You know.

That stuff.

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The best Christmas gift is to realise how much you already have 🎅❤️


Are you saying "F*ck it, it's Christmas" for the whole of December? Let me know in the comments 👇 
Eaten a whole box of cookies? 🍪  
🧑‍🎄 F*ck it, it's Christmas  
Fourth night getting drunk in a row? 🍷  
🧑‍🎄 F*ck it, it's Christmas  
Not trained for three weeks? 🏋️‍♀️  
🧑‍🎄 F*ck it, it's Christmas  
🤔 If this doesn't bother you and you're not worried about the way you'll feel after a month-long "F*ck it" attitude, carry on.  
👉 If you know that you DON'T want to emerge post-Christmas feeling worse than ever, you can make some steps to change right now. ✅  
🏆 Some of our best client results ever have come from people who decided to start coaching that month early in December and NOT gain the usual 10lb holiday weight gain, getting a head start on their goals.  
👍 Like Anna who wanted to work on her health goals for a year and see where it took her.  
✅ Or Maria who decided she did not want to gain another pound and continue to feel lethargic, bloated and frustrated.  
🏅 Or TRACY who started coaching on the 30th of December determined to override that usual attitude of eating everything and causing more frustration before January. She lost over 100lbs in a year with a goal of qualifying for fertility treatment. She didn't need it as she fell pregnant naturally! 
❌ You don't have to wait until January.  
✅ You can actually make a head start this month.  
🎄 And you don't need to use Christmas as an excuse to go off the rails and lose focus of what you actually want to achieve. We did that in lockdown, right?? Nobody wants to feel like that again!  

🗣 To talk to myself about how we do fat loss differently - with a blend of fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching, message us #RESULTS 📲  
To apply for 1:1 fitness, nutrition and mindset, click the link in bio 📲  
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Remember the reason for the season

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Getting together for some festive drinks

Gym nite out ❤️


Building a healthy relationship with food doesn’t require you to count calories.

And losing fat doesn’t require you to count calories.


Regardless of whether or not you count your calories, your calories always count.

Doesn’t matter if you do keto or paleo or intermittent fasting or weight watchers or atkins or Mundungus Fletcher’s 27 Day Colon Cleanse.

Your calories always count.


Just because I say calories are king for fat loss does NOT imply you should eat like an as***le all day, every day (you shouldn’t).

Or that calories are the only thing that matter (they aren’t).

Or that fat loss is always more important than health (it isn’t).

The reason I talk about calories is because when you understand how simple (not easy) this fat loss thing really is...the sooner you’ll start to believe you can actually do it.

And the sooner you’ll stop looking for the quick fixes

And the sooner you’ll start being more aware of what (and how much) you’re putting into your body.

So you can get the results you want...while enjoying your favorite foods...without spending every last penny you earn on useless fat burners.

Not because you need to count them.

But so you can achieve your goals as quickly and sustainably as possible without feeling like a prisoner to the latest diet trend.

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When my teenage daughter finally makes a in feed appearance with me 👪😂


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Ahh the BS in the fitness industry. There’s lots of it 😆

1️⃣Fat teas, burners, coffees, pills, supplements etc.
Some of these actually contain harmful ingredients and if not, they typically work by suppressing your appetite. Some of these also contain diuretics 💩 Nothing magic and potentially dangerous.

2️⃣Waist trainers/sweat belts/creams/cellulite creams
All they are causing is excessive sweating in your abdominal area, causing water loss. More sweat does not equal more fat loss. Rubbing creams on your body that make you sweat more doesn’t cause fat loss, this falls in line with waist trainers/sweat belts. It just causes water loss.
Cellulite creams/scrubs do not eliminate cellulite. To reduce the appearance of cellulite you would need to build muscle/lose body fat. Keep in mind cellulite is normal, common and nothing to be ashamed of ☺️

3️⃣Detox diets, supplements and meal plans
This is what your kidneys, colon and liver are for. If you feel they aren’t doing their job, go to a doctor, not purchasing a detox supplement/diet/meal plan.

4️⃣Foods specific to weight loss
There aren’t foods that cause weight loss. What causes weight loss is expending more energy than you are consuming (caloric deficit).

5️⃣Diets specific to fat loss
What these diets have in common is that they are more than likely very low calorie and don’t take into account any of your stats (height, weight, s*x, activity level). They also aren’t sustainable.

6️⃣Spot reducing workouts
There is no way to tell where you will lose body fat first. You cannot specifically target an area to lose fat, you will lose fat by being in a caloric deficit. You can build muscle in that area, but if you’re not in a caloric deficit, you won’t lose body fat. Anywhere.

7️⃣Fat loss devices

I hope this post helps you to see that the fitness industry is full of scams (not all of it) and will market products in a certain way to get your money. DON’T GIVE IN❌

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! Smashing her goals, more energy, grateful for life and loving the knowledge she has acquired for life.

Mary is a busy professional, mom of 3 and grandma to one! (We know, she does . 👶🍼

😞 "Before LD coaching I was mentally, physically and emotionally distressed."

😢 "I’d tried different workouts posted on social media and on the internet, intermittent fasting, military diet, BBG program, and prescribed weight loss medication. Nothing worked."

👩‍🎓 "What I'd been doing hadn't been working at all but with the support of Lorraine , I learned so much that I needed to know! Now I know it for life."

🗣 "Mary is a superstar! She was determined to make a change, not only for herself but for her family too. It didn't take long for Mary to dive headfirst into all LD coaching has to offer and adopt a growth mindset, always willing to learn and grow. Mary overcame feelings of guilt associated with food by eating all her favourite foods in moderation while getting insane results. I am beyond proud of Mary and so grateful we were paired together!"

🍟 "Being able to enjoy the foods I love with my family, guilt-free has been awesome! "

"My journey so far has been outstanding. My coach Lorraine by my side (virtually lol) reminding me of my goal for long term lifestyle change has been incredible. I should’ve made this decision a long time ago but it’s never too late to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. I am forever grateful." 🙏

💪 For results like Mary and to speak to me , message me #RESULTS

To apply for 1:1 mindset, nutrition and fitness coaching click the link in bio 📲

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How often do you say these words to yourself
how to un-complicate FATLOSS
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