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Operating as usual



I'm back!! 🎉

As some of you may know, I went off to travel for 2 months back in August, and I'm finally out of my holiday blues and ready to get Aspire sport massage back to its full form!! 🌎

Plenty of spaces available between now and Christmas! And keep your eye out over Christmas, might have some crackers coming your way!


1 hour - £25

30 mins - £15

Book a block of 4 and receive your 5th masssge FREE!!

Also if you recommend me to a friend and they book an appointment YOU get a FREE half an hour!!

Hope to see you all of you soon, old and new! Let's get you all fighting fit and relaxed in time for the festive period! 🎉



Do you suffer from:

- plantar fasciitis
- Achilles tendinosis
- shin splints
- osgood schlatters disease
- knee pain
- rotator cuff injury
- tennis/golf elbow
- lower back pain
- muscle strain
- tense/overworked muscles

Then a sport massage could be your cure!!

Book up for your massage!


1 hour - £25

1/2 hour - £15


Book for a block of 4 and receive your 4th massage FREE!!


Recommend me to a friend and when they book in, you receive a FREE half an hour!!

Happy Monday folks!! 🎉



Book an appointment TODAY for any time in the next 4 weeks and get £5 OFF!!

1 hour sport massage - £25 ❌ £20 ✅

1/2 hour sport massage - £15 ❌ £10 ✅

Get booking before 12 tonight to grab this deal!!

Aspire to be the best you can be!! 💪🏼



The new Aspire Sport Massage logo! Look out for this logo and get booking!


1/2 hour massage - £15
1 hour massage - £25


For the month of June, recommend me to a friend and if they book an appointment with me YOU get a FREE half an hour

Book a block of 4, and receive your 4th massage FREE!!

Sport massage can be for a range of problems.... not even problems, just deep relaxation!
Sports injuries, strains, stiffness, muscle soreness can be treated. However if you are a regular gym goer, a sport massage might be the relaxation you need! It doesn't have to be sore and intense, it can be LIGHT and RELAXING!

If in doubt of whether this could be for you, drop me a message with no obligations to book an appointment, and if you do, it's a win win for everyone!

Get booking!!

Aspire to be the best you can be!



1/2 hour massage - £15

1 hour massage - £25

Specific pain, general soreness, stiffness, deep relaxation... whichever massage suits you best, I can adapt to suit your needs

For the month for June, recommend me to a friend and they book in for a treatment, YOU get a FREE half hour!

Book a block of 4 and get your 4th massage completely FREE!

Aspire to be the best you can be

Happy booking 💪🏼🎉


I found out I'll be graduating my sport course at university with a 2:1 for an honours bachelors of science!!

Alongside my diploma in sports massage, I'm more than capable to help your body inside and out!!

Book now to find out if it's for you!!



****DEAL ALERT****

Starting up is all about getting the name out there!

So for the month of June, if YOU recommend me to someone and they book an appointment with me, you get a FREE half hour massage!!!

Remember a sport massage doesn't mean you have to have an injury! Sore muscles, an ache or pain, sore muscles from the gym, or even just wanting a light massage to relax those muscle, I can help!!

Get sharing guys!!


With a little help from my friends, a logo will be produced in no time!

Watch this space!

Meantime book up and see what I'm all about 🎉


A few people starting to book in already! Spread the word!!

If you're unsure whether a sports massage is for you or not, message me and we can talk about it!

Aspire to be the best you can be!



As an introductory offer:
Half hour massage - £15
Hour massage - £25

Pay for a block of 4 and receive the 4th one free!!!

These prices are introductory, and may increase over time

Keep an eye out for deals and offer to come!!

Contact me for availability and to get booked in!
Mail me on this account
Phone/text: 07805941502
Email: [email protected]

Lauren x


Hi Guys!

A little about myself!
I am a fully qualified sports massage therapist who is looking to start out their own business! I'm just graduating from 4 years at university for sport this year, and work in a leisure centre as a lifeguard.

The body is a fascinating piece of equipment, and always been an interest for me! So putting the body and sport together lead me to becoming a sport massage therapist.

I live in Erskine and willing to travel for some business. If you have a problem with your body, a general ache and pain from overuse, an injury, an old injury causing some problems, or overstretched or tired muscles, then let me help!

Aspire to be the best you can be!

Prices and more information to follow!

Lauren x


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