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Some 3 months back I commented to Robby running wasn’t get any easier and he gave me a bit of simple advice. It won’t if you don’t go out and run (outside of his sessions), sometimes he said just put a few miles under your belt. And that is what I have done and low and behold he was right.
However, advise aside, and he has lots of it, Robby puts the fun back into running. When he is not pushing your heart rate through the roof or fine-tuning technique it’s a pleasure chatting about sport and all manner of stuff of which he is very knowledgeable and clearly loves. As hard as he works you he also understands rest and proper body and energy management. He takes great care to insure the sessions are enjoyable, rewarding and safe.
The real strength of Robby though is how he helps you develop technique and he builds his sessions to help work on the techniques and the muscle groups to support the technique. The knock-on effect of running properly is that I am running without injury and that consistence means I am losing weight and getting much fitter. Whilst not particularly quick yet, I am sure that will come overtime, the 10k runs are becoming enjoyable and my recovery is quicker.
A lot of hard work inspired by Robby has meant that I can go out and enjoy a run. I can highly recommend Robby whether you are an absolute beginner, struggling with injury or a much more advanced athlete that is looking for that extra few percent.

A private studio coaching movement for weight loss and total physical and mental well-being. We don't do gyms. We do results. We don't charge a membership fee.

We only do one-to-one and small group training programmes. Personal Training and Small-group training
Weight-Loss, Fitness and Performance Programmes
Yoga, Pilates, PureStretch and Core Conditioning
Injury Treatment and Prevention
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Operating as usual

The Movement Clinic updated their address. 03/07/2021

The Movement Clinic updated their address.

The Movement Clinic updated their address.

[05/15/21]   Yoga with Joy is re-starting at the clinic!

Tuesday 19:30-20:30pm( from 18/5/21)
Saturdays 9:15-10:15am (from 22/5/21)

Then from June 16th there will be Wednesday 9:30-10:30am

[05/03/21]   1 space has come up on the sought after, evening pilates matwork classes (intermediate level). Thursday at 1945. This can be on zoom, or in clinic from 17 May (classes restricted to a covid safe 4 in clinic so will also zoom them).


Sam is back offering her amazing sports massages!

Sam is back offering her amazing sports massages!

Home | THAMES MARVELS 10/04/2021


One of our Directors, and our physiotherapist and pilates teacher Vicky is hoping to swim the channel in a relay team called the Thames Marvels (after the initials of each team member Marike, Alaine, Rebecca, Vicky, Elizabeth and Lee). They will swim to raise money for the charity The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. This charity aims to create a world where young people understand and talk about mental health, and where everyone has the tools to look after their own mental health and has the confidence to seek help when needed. They now have their own website to promote their swim, and a page. Do please take a look if interested.

Home | THAMES MARVELS The lure of open water and an exciting challenge for a relevant cause has drawn six brave women together for an English Channel relay swim.

Photos from Thames Marvels's post 14/02/2021

Thr Movement Clinic ltd donated its room to swimmers and cyclists yesterday for medicals to be done safely and locally. All 17 people assessed hope to achieve their huge sporting challenges for charity this year, including our Director Vicky Elson Smith. Good luck everyone!

[09/24/20]   Hi All, in line with new government guidance the NHS QR code will be on display in The Movement Clinic for you to scan when you come in.
If you are unable to use the QR code, don't worry as we will have your details safely stored in line with the NHS Contact Tracing requirements.

[09/03/20]   Pilates will be back in the clinic for half the class, and zoom for the rest, from September 21st. Mondays and Thursdays at 1945 for intermediate mat work. Booking essential. One to one sessions
for either option also available on Mondays and Thursdays (daytime and evening). 3d (upright) gentle pilates also available in the day at 1030am on Mondays and Thursdays.

[09/03/20]   Yoga with Joy is back in the clinic next week.
Radiant Body Yoga with Joy Golding. Contact Joy on
07956620868, [email protected] as pre-booking is a must.

Class times:
Tuesday @7:30pm
Wednesday @9:30am
Saturday @9:15am

Radiant Body Yoga is an energizing and dynamic blend of Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga accessible to every body.


Samantha Hinkley: Sports Massage Therapist


Pending government changes or circumstances beyond my control I shall be returning to The Movement Clinic w/c 14th September 🥳

As expected things will be different with changes and new protocols in place. Some of these are:

💻 Pre-screening via an online Google Form

📆 Fixed appointment availability, which means less flexibility 😕

☎️ Client consultations may be conducted prior to your appointment if necessary

🤲 Hand sanitising before entering and leaving the room (provided)

😷 Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times, this is compulsory until guidelines change

👟Shoes must be removed at the door

👕Clothing and personal items will be stored in a sanitised box (please wear something loose and comfortable)

🔑📱Only bring essential items into the clinic

🕰 Arrive at your appointment time and not earlier, as there is no designated waiting area. If you are late, we won't be able to run over

⏳🧼 30 minute gaps between clients to allow for deep cleaning, changing of towels and to ventilate the room.

💳 Payment via bank transfer (please request details). If you have to pay with cash, please bring the correct money.


Sam ☺️🙏


Sam is back in the clinic from 15th September. Appointments on Tuesdays (2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm) Thursdays (12.30pm, 2pm, 3.30pm) and Fridays (4pm and 530pm). Can't wait!

Spot the difference?!


Rock Paper Scissors

Isolation PE! Another beautifully simple game that forces you to think and work hard at the same time. It seems simple but remembering which way you're meant to be running is harder than it looks... The downside is you do need a minimum of 4 people for this game to work at its best. There are creative ways to make it work with two but maybe we'll post those another day!

A classic game for all ages that tests your ability to think under pressure, develops acceleration, deceleration, change of direction... Remembering which wa... 01/05/2020

Physical activity habits 2020 All of our lives have changed significantly over the past few weeks and this includes our physical activity habits. Get Berkshire Active have put together this short survey to understand how to provide better opportunities for physical activity to keep everyone active now and when the Covid-19 pande...


Rasputin' Leg Set

Friday disco time!

Another bangin' tune and another quick and simple set to get the legs working, challenge coordination and your stability. Have fun!



This session focuses on jumping and is suitable for all ages, children and active adults alike. Skip to around the 9min 30s mark to Jump Around to the music... Jumping is a frequently overlooked skill that is a part of nearly any dynamic sport. These 6 simple drills develop our ability to generate power, control acceleration and deceleration, move our bodies through different planes of motion and find stability. More than that, jumping is just fun.

More PE ideas while you and the children are in isolation. This session focuses on jumping and is suitable for all ages, children and active adults alike. Sk...



Another lockdown garden game!

Another great ball game for the garden - or the front room if you've some sponge balls and a bit of space!


Eye of The Tiger

Two simple workouts for all ages. The first focuses on our ability to stand on one leg (not as easy as it sounds!) while the second is a fun pulse-raiser using basic kickboxing moves. Make sure you've plenty of space around you for the second - don't go kicking the television, your brother, sister, mum, dad or dog!

Two simple workouts for all ages. The first focuses on our ability to stand on one leg (not as easy as it sounds!) while the second is a fun pulse-raiser usi...


Sprint Noughts and Crosses

Another isolation game for the garden that includes sprint repeats, change of direction and decision making under pressure. And is lots of fun (but extremely tiring!)

This is a great game that anyone can play. It's best played as a relay race - for which you'll need a minimum of four people - but can be done 1vs1... be war...


Indie Disco Workout!

Another set of isolation workouts for you and your kids. These ones are set to a few classic tunes from the past. Two are quite high intensity - so be sure to go easy if your fitness isn't quite up to it. The third is low intensity but does require a certain amount of upper body strength. Remember, don't force your body to do what it can't or doesn't want to do. Finally, sorry about the light in these videos...

Another set of isolation workouts for you and your kids. These ones are set to a few classic tunes from the past. Two are quite high intensity - so be sure t...


Short Sharp Intervals to Music

A quick, high intensity workout simple enough for kids and adults to follow. If your fitness is lacking, go easy on the 'runs' and take the squats at your own pace. Sorry the sound quality isn't quite up to scratch...

A quick, high intensity workout simple enough for kids and adults to follow. If your fitness is lacking, go easy on the 'runs' and take the squats at your ow...


Wall Ball

Isolation activities for parents and children. This is a classic catch-and-throw game from my childhood. Still love it!

Isolation games for the garden. This is fantastic for developing your catching and throwing techniques as well as tactical thinking. As a child I played this...


Music Man Returns!

Another set of isolation exercise workouts set to music! Some of these moves you might find quite hard to do. I've tried to include alternatives where possible in the warm ups. Please don't force your body to do anything it can't or doesn't want to do. If in doubt just jump around a bit and enjoy watching me look like an idiot!

Two new isolation exercise routines set to music. Some of these moves you may find tough, but they can be adapted to suit your strength and mobility (shown i...


Wacky Races #1

These races can be done inside or out. They are not only good fun and get your heart-rate going, they help develop different aspects of speed and agility. They are suitable for all ages including adults. Look out for the second in this series which will explore different movement patterns involving the upper and lower body. PS Sorry if I'm a bit mumbly at times - I was in a rush (I know, I'm self-isolating... how full can my diary actually be?!) and also quite breathless by the end!

Exercises for isolation that can be done indoors or out. These races are not only good fun and get your heart-rate going, they help develop different aspects...


Pyramid Workout - HARD!

This is a tough workout (with awesome music) so only give it a go if you're already reasonably fit and mobile. Adapt the exercises as necessary. All year groups can give this a go but it's probably best-suited for year 5/6 and above. If you want to get your own interval timer I recommend GymBoss.

This is a tough workout - only give it a go if you're already reasonably fit and mobile. Adapt the exercises as necessary. All year groups can give this a go...

[03/28/20]   Online pilates for my intermediate regulars on Monday and Thursday at 1945. I will email you all a link to the class so check your inbox/spam. As it is online there is space for a couple more people than usual, so email the clinic to request an invite and try a class for free.


Music Man!

Two workouts, both set to music! If you've ever thought I don't look like the dancing type, well you'd be right. So even if you don't give these workouts a try you'll burn a few calories laughing at me...

Two workouts set to music suitable for all primary school ages and their parents. Younger kids may find some of moves hard to coordinate - it doesn't matter ...


Animal PE!

Another fun set of exercises to do while in isolation! These are aimed primarily at kids in years 1 and 2 but everyone should give them a go as they're surprisingly hard. Once your kids have mastered them, and come up with a few of their own, you can keep them moving all day by intermittently shouting out the name of an animal which they have to imitate for 2 minutes. Please, no comments on my Australian accent.

A tough but really fun workout aimed at school years 1 and 2, but if you can put aside your inhibitions then all the family should try this... it's a lot tou...


Movement Clinic's Simple Family Workout

This is the first of our Isolation Workouts. It's designed to be as simple as possible, for all the family and all abilities. It focuses on some basic key movements - mainly squats, single leg balances and planking. I'm a still a learner in terms of recording/editing etc so go easy on me! In case I don't make it clear in the video, the idea is that you do x10 repetitions of the exercises for round one. Do x8 reps for round two, then x6, x4 and x2. If you're feeling good, go back up the pyramid x4, x6, x8, x10. If you're doing it on your own, instead of the handclap press just lift each hand off the floor and touch your shoulder (get your feet wide and your hands close together to make it easier!)

[03/19/20]   Over the coming weeks we will be posting home workouts for children, adults and families of all abilities... we’ll keep you posted! 05/03/2020

Five top stretches for swimmers Five top stretches for swimmers By Paul Hobrough • Guest Writer • 12th January 2016 Strength and aerobic capacity decline with age. We can’t deny it but we know that if we continue to exercise we can slow the decline. Perhaps less talked about, but equally important to us swimmers, is that our...


New studio looking good

[09/12/19]   A few spaces remain on intermediate Pilates on Thursday night's at 7pm and 8pm. Message Vicky if interested. 03/06/2019

Swimming May Slow Down Aging By Decades From cradle to grave, swimming might just be the best exercise ever. Here, eight health benefits of...


Physio Network

Soft tissue injuries simply need PEACE & LOVE

Can these two new acronyms optimize recovery? 🤕

They encompass the rehabilitation continuum from immediate care (PEACE) to subsequent management (LOVE). PEACE & LOVE outlines the importance of educating patients and addressing psychosocial factors to enhance recovery.

Read this great BJSM blog here:


APPI Health Group

Did you know its national stress awareness month in April? Exercise can help in many ways to control stress and anxiety here's a great article with all the reasons why Pilates is a great choice! #appihealthgroup #nationalstressawarenessmonth

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Movement Clinic's Simple Family Workout




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