Artis Community Cymuned

Artis Community Cymuned


It was lovely seeing my amazing friends from Crafty cuppas today on zoom I miss them so much. Loved doing our lockdown map 😍🗺️
To Fiona Cullen
This was the only contact I could find.
I hope you get this poem.

The Year I Got the Shove

Abbey Road got zebra stripes.
My father gave a shove:
‘Cut your hair and cut the crap!’
But I was a cut above.
So, I hitch-hiked down to Busses farm,
with my Levin, folk guitar;
where women had the ethnic look
and Dylan was our star.

With my trouser bottoms chiming
and my floral kipper ties,
I went to find survivors who
had stardust in their eyes.
I went to sing with innocents,
the songs that must be sung.
I went to find the rhymes to say
we’ll ‘be forever young’.

Those were the rare times:
the gypsy fair times;
the orchard was awash with Adams and Eves.
Those were the fine days:
the nettle wine days.
Our hearts were worn on tie-dyed cotton sleeves,
and flowerchildren were as thick as thieves.

There was Shiva on the dresses;
there was incense on the wind.
There was sandal-wood organic soap;
there was soy and tamarind.
There was korma in the curry;
there was karma at our feet.
Our brussel-sprouts were hallowed,
but the guilts clung to our meat.

The bras were flame resistant;
There were boots and dungarees.
The folk songs were insistent that
we sailed on stormy seas.
There were herbal preparations;
there were homeopathic pills.
There was dancing in the firelight;
there was Crosby, Nash, and Stills.

Those were the good years
the Robin Hood years:
John Lennon said, ‘Let’s all give peace a chance’,
Those were the bright days:
the ‘we-are-right’ days,
when Cosmic Children learned to country dance,
and reason didn’t get a second glance.

Blavatsky came for breakfast;
Annie Besant stayed a week.
Steiner ran the veggie patch,
and Jesus was a Freak.
There was Buddha next to Krishna
singing ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.
Maharishi hummed the harmony
when we chorused ‘Kum-by-ah’.

I had ‘Marrow Bones’ in my pocket
when Joni and the crew
went down the road to Yasgur’s Farm;
our spirits went there too.
4 hundred thousand hippies
rocked the frantic world to sleep.
The Californians loved us, Man;
enough to make you weep.

Those were the ripe times;
the Irish pipe times.
The protest clan knew Vietnam was wrong.
Those were the sure days;
the simple pure days,
when maps were hidden in a three-chord song,
and all our voices rang-out loud and strong.

There were different strokes for different folks;
Charles Manson went on trial.
We fought like fiends for Peace on Earth;
we walked a crooked mile.
There were star signs; there were spaceships;
Atlantis was revived.
The sensible was senseless.
It’s a wonder we survived.

Nixon was elected;
we invented Brigadoon.
Elvis was ‘Suspicious’ of
the footprints on the moon.
Cecil Sharp was canonized;
We knew ‘The Seeds of Love’.
Black and white got colourized
the year I got the shove.

Those were the high times;
the we-can-fly times,
when cornflower missiles rained down from above.
Those were the clear days;
the have-no-fear days,
I learned by heart the words to ‘Seeds of Love’
in ’69, the year I got the shove.

Alan Wagstaff
Just thought I’d post some of my (recycled) card making today
Our last Glambeenies session for the moment. Keep a look out for other events soon. 🎶
Glambeenies Music club for ages 4 - 8 years at Temple Baptist Church, Pontypridd. 11am - 12pm. £2 each.
Awesome morning with these ladies. It may be raining but we were glowing inside ☀️ #danceaerobics
I loved the screen printing today 😍
Another fab morning Brandon loved it
Are you from Pontypridd? Support Year 3 University of South Wales Creative and Therapeutic Arts #student Chloe through sharing your 'hidden', 'secret' or interesting places in Pontypridd and their stories - your place could feature in her #pARTofPontypridd Grad Show Art Trail #photography project this May 11th-12th!
Great morning again on Monday in Crafty Cuppas thank you Rhian ❤❤
Another lovely crafty Cuppas today

Artis Community believes in the transformational power of creativity to make a real difference to people's quality of life.

Artis Community works in partnership to play a strategic advocacy role in the arts and creative industries across the South Wales Valleys. Equality of opportunity is at the heart of our beliefs. We deliver high quality professional art experiences to communities. Including:

• An accessible and imaginative performing arts programme

• Regular creative dance and dance theatre projects and workshop

Operating as usual

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 03/06/2022

To continue Volunteers Week we wanted to showcase our volunteers' amazing creations! We feel so lucky to have such a talented group of volunteers here at Artis.
I barhau Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr roeddem am arddangos creadigaethau anhygoel ein gwirfoddolwyr! Teimlwn mor ffodus i gael criw mor dalentog o wirfoddolwyr yma yn Artis.

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 02/06/2022

Come along to our brand new Boppers Dance Class starting June 16th at St Johns Pontypridd! Pontypridd Online Pontypridd Mums PontyHub Click here to book now! 👇👇
Dewch i'n Dosbarth Dawns Boppers newydd sbon yn dechrau Mehefin 16eg yn St Johns Pontypridd! Cliciwch isod i archebu nawr!


Its Volunteers Week so we're starting off our celebrations with a video dedicated to our wonderful and supportive volunteers. If you want to get involved and volunteer with Artis Community Cymuned contact: [email protected].

Mae hi'n Wythnos Gwirfoddolwyr felly rydyn ni'n dechrau ein dathliadau gyda fideo wedi'i neilltuo i'n gwirfoddolwyr gwych a chefnogol. Os ydych am gymryd rhan a gwirfoddoli gydag Artis Community Cymuned cysylltwch ag: [email protected].

Explore Programme - Artis Community 01/06/2022

Explore Programme - Artis Community

We are excited to offer this opportunity in partnership with our affiliated organisation RANSACK DANCE to join our ‘EXPLORE’ professional development Programme. The programme involves skills sharing and training across community dance and dance performance practices. Find out more info visit our website here! Find out more info visit our website here!👇👇👇
Rydym yn gyffrous i gynnig y cyfle hwn gyda’n sefydliad cysylltiedig RANSACK DANCE i ymuno â’n Rhaglen datblygiad proffesiynol ‘EXPLORE’. Mae'r rhaglen yn cynnwys rhannu sgiliau a hyfforddiant ar draws arferion perfformio dawns a dawns cymunedol. Darganfyddwch fwy o wybodaeth ewch i'n gwefan yma!👇👇👇

Explore Programme - Artis Community Dancers Call Out for ‘EXPLORE’ professional development Programme APPLY NOW! The EXPLORE programme is delivered in partnership with our affiliated organisation Ransack Dance Company. The programme involves skills sharing and training across community dance and dance performance practices, traini...

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 31/05/2022

Last week we had an exciting conversation discussing Pontypridd being declared a nature reserve. We explored and discussed our different ideas and experiences with Catrin Doyle and Anne-Mie Mellis. We finished the conversation with a delicious bowl of locally foraged nettle soup!
Yr wythnos diwethaf cawsom sgwrs gyffrous yn trafod Pontypridd yn cael ei datgan yn warchodfa natur. Buom yn archwilio a thrafod ein gwahanol syniadau a phrofiadau gyda Catrin Doyle ac Anne-Mie Mellis. Gorffennon ni’r sgwrs gyda phowlen flasus o gawl danadl wedi’i chwilota’n lleol!

[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community 27/05/2022

[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community

Don't forget there's still time to apply for our Bilingual Marketing and Communications Manager position! Click below to read more and spread the word👇👇
Peidiwch ag anghofio bod amser o hyd i wneud cais am ein swydd Rheolwr Marchnata a Chyfathrebu Dwyieithog! Cliciwch isod i ddarllen mwy a lledaenu'r gair 👇👇

[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community Bilingual Marketing & Communications Manager Salary: £ 23k – £ 26k per annum commensurate with experience Location: Home based / YMa Pontypridd Hours: 37.5 hours per week* to include some evening and weekend work due to the nature of the role Closing Date: Monday 30th May 2022 Interview date: We...

Connections Youth Dance/Dawns Ieuenctid Cysyllt (Age/Oed 11+) 22/05/2022

Connections Youth Dance/Dawns Ieuenctid Cysyllt (Age/Oed 11+)

Dont forget to book onto our Connections Youth Group. Next wednesday at the Park and Dare Theatre! Book Here👇👇
Peidiwch ag anghofio archebu lle ar ein Grŵp Ieuenctid Connections. Dydd Mercher nesaf yn Theatr y Parc a'r Dâr! Archebwch Yma👇👇

Connections Youth Dance/Dawns Ieuenctid Cysyllt (Age/Oed 11+) A fun contemporary dance class for young people aged 11+.

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 19/05/2022

Planed ponty planet is picking up pace! Big thanks to Fran & Katie From Re-make Newport Benthyg Cymru Repair Cafe Wales WCVA, who visited us today in our space YMa to offer their expertise and help in setting us up as a library of things and repair cafe in the heart of Pontypridd! If you'd like to help with our project get in touch with volunteer coordinator Emily: [email protected]
Mae Planed ponty planet yn cyflymu! Diolch yn fawr i Fran & Katie Re-make Newport Benthyg Cymru Repair Cafe Wales WCVA, a ymwelodd â ni heddiw yn ein adeilad YMa i gynnig eu harbenigedd a'u cymorth i'n sefydlu fel llyfrgell o bethau a chaffi atgyweirio yn y calon Pontypridd! Os hoffech chi helpu gyda'n prosiect, cysylltwch â'r cydlynydd gwirfoddolwyr Emily: [email protected]

Artists call-out for digital content | Arts Council of Wales 19/05/2022

Artists call-out for digital content | Arts Council of Wales

Call out for Artists!

The Arts Council of Wales are looking to commission a range of new creative content by different artists and creative practitioners in Wales for the Cultural Cwtsh. The aim of this content is to provide the restorative power of art and creativity to support the NHS and social care workers who care for us.

Use the link below to find out more information and get involved!👇👇👇
Galwad am Artistiaid

Mae Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru yn bwriadu comisiynu amrywiaeth o gynnwys creadigol newydd gan wahanol artistiaid ac ymarferwyr creadigol yng Nghymru ar gyfer y Cwtsh Diwylliannol. Nod y cynnwys hwn yw darparu pŵer adferol celf a chreadigedd i gefnogi'r NHS a gweithwyr gofal cymdeithasol sy'n gofalu amdanom.

Defnyddiwch y ddolen isod i ddarganfod mwy o wybodaeth a chymerwch ran!👇👇👇

Artists call-out for digital content | Arts Council of Wales We provide funding for individuals and organisations in Wales. Find out where this funding comes from, and how you can make the most of our grants.

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 13/05/2022

We’ve been dancing and crafting this week with our new term full of exciting activities and workshops! If you want to join in on the fun and laughter, or learn a new skill, use the link below and book onto our events! We look forward to seeing you!👇👇👇
Rydym wedi bod yn dawnsio a chrefft yr wythnos hon gyda’n tymor newydd yn llawn gweithgareddau a gweithdai cyffrous! Os ydych chi eisiau ymuno yn yr hwyl a chwerthin, neu ddysgu sgil newydd, defnyddiwch y ddolen isod ac archebu lle ar ein digwyddiadau! Rydyn ni'n edrych ymlaen at eich gweld👇👇👇


Another lovely session tonight with young carers at our Space For Me online session! We chatted about how loneliness and motivation can affect our mental health and what this feeling is like for all of us! But we remembered the importance of laughter and sharing! Barnardo's Cymru
Sesiwn hyfryd arall heno gyda gofalwyr ifanc yn ein sesiwn ar-lein Space For Me! Buom yn sgwrsio am sut y gall unigrwydd a chymhelliant effeithio ar ein hiechyd meddwl a sut deimlad yw hwn i bob un ohonom! Ond roedden ni’n cofio pwysigrwydd chwerthin a rhannu! Barnardo's Cymru


Come along to St Johns Pontypridd today for an Open Rehearsal with professional dance company Ransack Dance! As part of our Creative Pathways Project, open to all! RANSACK DANCE
Dewch draw i St Johns Pontypridd heddiw ar gyfer Ymarfer Agored gyda chwmni dawns proffesiynol Ransack Dance! Fel rhan o'n Prosiect Llwybrau Creadigol, sy'n agored i bawb! RANSACK DANCE


Today we’re at the Rhondda Sport Centre! Pop in and find out about our upcoming Repair Cafe, Library of Things and our new and exciting volunteer opportunities.

Heddiw rydyn ni yng Nghanolfan Chwaraeon Cwm Rhondda! Galwch i mewn i ddarganfod mwy am ein Caffi Trwsio, Llyfrgell o Bethau a'n cyfleoedd gwirfoddoli newydd a chyffrous.

[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community 09/05/2022

[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! We are looking for a passionate Bilingual Marketing Manager. Please share! Diolch!

CYFLE CYFFROUS! Rydym yn chwilio am Reolwr Marchnata Dwyieithog angerddol. Rhannwch os gwelwch yn dda! Thank you!


[:en]Work with Us[:cy]Gweithio Gyda Ni[:] - Artis Community Bilingual Marketing & Communications Manager Salary: £ 23k – £ 26k per annum commensurate with experience Location: Home based / YMa Pontypridd Hours: 37.5 hours per week* to include some evening and weekend work due to the nature of the role Closing Date: Monday 30th May 2022 Interview date: We...


Signing out from my role as Company Manager at Artis. What a journey we have had over nearly 6 years. So many wonderful memories with colleagues and participants who I am lucky to be able to call friends.

Thank you for all your support and love for me and to Artis. I've always said that Artis is about the people and those people are awesome!

I have been blessed to work in such an inspiring team, such dedication and passion in abundance! It's now time for me to move on leaving Artis in Safe hands with an exciting future ahead in their new home of YMa. Time for me to face new challenges, to be creative, spend time with my family & be excited by the wonderful opportunities the artis team will bring to our community!

Love to you all
Hannah ###


We are so honoured and excited to be part of the 'Above and Beyond Awards', especially with so many other great organisations alongside us! Visit their page below and use the link to vote for us if you believe we went above and beyond during the pandemic. Diolch!
Mae’n anrhydedd a chyffro mawr i fod yn rhan o’r ‘Above and Beyond Awards’, yn enwedig gyda chymaint o sefydliadau gwych eraill ochr â ni! Ymwelwch â'u tudalen isod a defnyddiwch y ddolen i bleidleisio drosom ni os ydych chi'n credu i ni fynd y tu hwnt i hynny yn ystod y pandemig. Diolch!

Nominees announced for the ‘Above and Beyond Awards’!
Deadline: 31/05/22.
The poll is now open! Vote for who you think went above and beyond in the pandemic here: The winner will take £1000, with second place receiving £500, and third claiming £250. You have to be a member of Connect RCT in order to vote, so become a member for free, and ensure that the money goes to a good place. Register on Connect RCT:

Artis Community Cymuned Blaenllechau Youth Project Care & Repair Cymru Cwm Taf Morgannwg Mind Cynon Valley Organic Adventures Follow Your Dreams Charity Men's Sheds Cymru Mothers Matter Cwm Taff People First Rhondda Foodbank Rhondda Radio 106.1FM + 97.5FM Rhydyfelin Community Group Valley veterans

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 04/05/2022

Another great week with Suzi Joshi in our printmaking workshops! We can’t wait to showcase everyone's amazing talent and artwork in YMa. Join us next Tuesday for more fun and creative printing through the link below!👇👇👇
Wythnos wych arall gyda Suzi Joshi yn ein gweithdai gwneud printiau! Ni allwn aros i arddangos talent a gwaith celf anhygoel pawb yn YMa. Ymunwch â ni dydd Mawrth nesaf am fwy o hwyl a chreadigol argraffu trwy'r ddolen isod!👇👇👇


We're so excited to be part of this Make It networking event. Visit their page now and find out more. We can't wait to see you all! Diolch!
Rydym mor gyffrous i fod yn rhan o'r digwyddiad rhwydweithio Gwnewch e hwn. Ymwelwch â'u tudalen nawr i ddarganfod mwy. Ni'n methu aros i weld chi gyd! Thank you!

Well, it looks like our partners Artis Community, Leeway Productions and Wales Millennium Centre will be delivering at our upcoming Networking Event!

Come see what they’re all about! And meet our other amazing partners too 🤩

Book your free ticket👇

Artis Community Cymuned Cynyrchiadau Leeway Productions Wales Millennium Centre - Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 28/04/2022

A big thank you to Re:make Newport for giving us a tour of their amazing Library of Things and Repair Space. We can’t wait to embed their inspirations and values into our own Planed Ponty Planet in the heart of Pontypridd! Benthyg Cymru Repair Cafe Wales
Diolch yn fawr iawn i Re:make Newport am roi taith i ni o amgylch eu Llyfrgell o Bethau a Gofod Trwsio anhygoel. Ni allwn aros i wreiddio eu hysbrydoliaeth a’u gwerthoedd yn ein Planed Ponty Planet ein hunain yng nghanol Pontypridd! Benthyg Cymru Repair Cafe Wales

Photos from Artis Community Cymuned's post 27/04/2022

What an amazing start to our printmaking sessions with Suzi Joshi. The creativity was flowing and there is no denying that our participants are immensely talented, just look at what they made! Join us next week on Tuesday for more printmaking and have your artwork featured in YMa!👇👇👇 Photos by Rey Shakirzhanov
Dyna ddechrau gwych i'n sesiynau gwneud printiau gyda Susan Joshi. Roedd y creadigrwydd yn llifo a does dim gwadu bod ein cyfranogwyr yn hynod dalentog, dim ond edrych ar yr hyn a wnaethant! Ymunwch â ni wythnos nesaf ar ddydd Mawrth ar gyfer mwy o printiau a chael eich gwaith celf yn ymddangos yn YMa!👇👇👇


This exciting job opportunity is still available!
Mae'r cyfle swydd cyffrous hwn yn dal i fod ar gael!


We are looking for an experienced and skilled Freelance dance teacher with experience in creative dance and working with children aged between 4 and 11 years. We need cover for two classes at Dolau Primary School, Llanharan on Thursday between 3.30 - 5.30pm Hourly rate £25-£35 per hour (depending on experience) Th classes run from May 12th to July 14th for 9 weeks.

If you are interested please contact Linzi at [email protected] or call 01443 490390

Rydym yn chwilio am athro ddawns Llawrydd profiadol a medrus gyda phrofiad mewn dawns greadigol a gweithio gyda phlant rhwng 4 ac 11 oed. Mae angen tiwtor ar gyfer dau ddosbarth yn Ysgol Gynradd Dolau, Llanharan ddydd Iau rhwng 3.30 - 5.30pm. Cyfradd yr awr £25-£35 yr awr (yn dibynnu ar brofiad) Mae'r dosbarthiadau yn rhedeg o Fai 12fed i Orffennaf 14eg am 9 wythnos.

Os oes gennych ddiddordeb cysylltwch â Linzi ar [email protected] neu ffoniwch 01443 490390

Creative Pathways - Artis Community 18/04/2022

Creative Pathways - Artis Community

Have you seen our Creative Pathways programme yet? Join us for these FREE events and discover your creative pathway into employment. From workshops and masterclasses to Creative Conversations and our Creative Caffi in Pontypridd and Mountain Ash - there's many ways to get involved...
Ydych chi wedi gweld ein rhaglen Llwybrau Creadigol eto? Ymunwch â ni ar gyfer y digwyddiadau RHAD AC AM DDIM hyn a darganfod eich llwybr creadigol i gyflogaeth. O weithdai a dosbarthiadau meistr i Sgyrsiau Creadigol a’n Caffi Creadigol ym Mhontypridd ac Mountain Ash - mae sawl ffordd o gymryd rhan...

Creative Pathways - Artis Community Creative Pathways is a part of the RCT360 programme. This FREE learning programme offers exciting opportunities that support the development of participant skills and a creative pathway into employment. There are free workshops, master-classes, training, mentoring, creative conversations, networking...

Photos from Alex Davies-Jones MP's post 16/04/2022

Thanks Alex Davies-Jones MP for joining us on a recent visit to YMa great to show you around!


Another amazing volunteer social we had this afternoon catching up with some of our wonderful volunteers over a cuppa!
Sosial gwirfoddol anhygoel arall a gawsom y prynhawn yma yn dal i fyny gyda rhai o'n gwirfoddolwyr gwych dros baned!

Photos from RANSACK DANCE's post 13/04/2022

Da iawn RANSACK DANCE we can't wait to be part of this!

Planed Ponty Planet - Artis Community 08/04/2022

Planed Ponty Planet - Artis Community

We are very excited to launch Planed Ponty Planet today, our new Library of Things and Monthly Repair Cafe at YMa - Man Creu Meithrin Celf | Place for Culture Creativity and the Arts in Pontypridd.

In partnership with Benthyg Cymru & Repair Cafe Wales, we have secured grants from the The National Lottery Community Fund and WCVA Landfill Tax Disposal Fund to develop this exciting new project which will include events and workshops aimed at reducing our impact on the planet in a creative and sustainable way.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT! What sort of items would you like to see at our Library of Things? How would you like to see it work? To find out more and to take part in our short survey, click here:
Rydym yn gyffrous iawn i lansio Planed Ponty Planet heddiw, ein Llyfrgell o Bethau a Chaffi Trwsio Misol newydd yn YMa - Man Creu Meithrin Celf | Place for Culture Creativity and the Arts ym Mhontypridd.

Mewn partneriaeth â Benthyg Cymru a Chaffi Trwsio Cymru, rydym wedi sicrhau grantiau gan Gronfa Gymunedol y Loteri Genedlaethol a Chronfa Gwaredu Treth Tirlenwi WCVA i ddatblygu’r prosiect newydd cyffrous hwn a fydd yn cynnwys digwyddiadau a gweithdai gyda’r nod o leihau ein heffaith ar y blaned mewn ffordd greadigol. a ffordd gynaliadwy.

RYDYM ANGEN EICH MEWNBWN! Pa fath o eitemau hoffech chi eu gweld yn ein Llyfrgell o Bethau? Sut hoffech chi ei weld yn gweithio? I ddarganfod mwy ac i gymryd rhan yn ein harolwg byr, cliciwch yma:

Your Pontypridd BID Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taf Pontypridd YMCA Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru | Arts Council of Wales Welsh Government RCT Arts and Creative Industries Rhondda Cynon Taf Council Pontypridd Green Week Pontypridd Pontypridd Online Ponty Town RHONDDA-OUR VALLEY Rhondda Leader GTFM

Planed Ponty Planet - Artis Community WELCOME TO PLANED PONTY PLANET! This is our new Library of Things and Monthly Repair Cafe in the heart of Pontypridd at YMa – Man Creu Meithrin Celf | Place for Culture Creativity and the Arts. In partnership with Benthyg Cymru & Repair Café Wales, Artis Community Cymuned have secured grants From...

Videos (show all)

Vocal warm up for Sing Along Saturday
Artis Community Cymuned - Our Year in Lockdown / Ein Blwyddyn yn y cyfnod clo
Graig Movers Dance




JR House, Unit D6, Suite J, Main Avenue, Treforest Industrial Estate
CF37 5UR

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Welsh Universities' Number 1 Futsal Team

Pontypridd RFC Pontypridd RFC

🛒Club Shop👉 #WeArePonty ⚫️⚪️

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One to O Gym - leading by example Wales No1 fitness facility which has recently been refurbished throughout, with over 50 classes a week, personal training, expert class instructors, sports cafe, One Sport Nutrition shop, and The Beauty Den beauty salon.

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Trallwn Workmens FC is a new founded football team based in Pontypridd. We are looking to sign senior players for Saturday league

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Pontypridd Swimming Club has been around for more than 90 years! We have 5 swimming groups, with man

Hawthorn Swimming Pool: Leisure for Life Hawthorn Swimming Pool: Leisure for Life
Hawthorn High School, School Lane, Hawthorn.
Pontypridd, CF37 5AL

Hawthorn Swimming Pool is now under the management of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council's Leisure for Life.

Miss Equi-Gem Miss Equi-Gem

Co-Owners - Taleia Williams & Lucie-Anne Davies (Est. 2020 by Taleia). Bringing a bit of sparkle to your equestrian and canine friends as well as providing quality clothing and accessories for the humans, too! Like the page to keep updated with products!

Sardis Road Sardis Road
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