Dan Fallon

Dan Fallon


When Dan Fallon- exercise rehabilitation specialist- hit us up to design his Logo we knew, just like everyone at his gym, that it would work out (because it’s a gym. So, they WORK OUT.) And because Design is our passion; our core strength you could say, so we were very happy to help.
We created the branding, logo and website for Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist Dan Fallon. You can have a strong web design too, no need to weight contact us today!
So during lockdown the studio has been busy with physio and rehab work, during these sessions we have taken the opportunity to test people as they got stronger we performed the VO2 max which gave a real insight into where they are at and what they need to do to get better. The Resting Metabolic Rate was also done to help them understand how many calories their bodies utilise and what they need to do weight management. It’s been great to watch people really dive into the numbers and make the most of the opportunity.

It’s now your turn tomorrow the doors open to the public by going to www.renegadesgym.com you can look at the performance testing page and see what it’s about. You can book and pay online or pop over a message and we will call you to discuss. If you have a PT/Coach then bring them to the session as the information will be something you can look at together and help build a better you.

Working with South Coast Rx Physiotherapy and Dan Fallon gives everything you will need for your journey all under 1 roof.
Gents, make some noise, give this man some props and donate if you can to previous podcast guest Dan Fallon PT who is doing 11 marathons in 11 days for the Royal British Legion
Today on the Guild of Dads podcast I speak to Dan Fallon PT​ Super You Online Dads' Fitness Community​ about his book – Start with One Thing: The Dads No BS Approach to Fat Loss and Fitness

My conversation with Dan covers the inspiration behind his book, the challenges we all face as Dads in getting fit and healthy (and staying fit and healthy), along with the simple steps you can take to get yourself in shape.

Dan has featured in a number of publications like Forbes, The Daily Telegraph and Metro recently so make sure to check him out!!!!

Not just this but there is also a FREE download of Dans Kettlebell workout which you can get by going to the show notes at 👉 https://www.guildofdads.com/2020/02/23/dan-fallon-no-bulls**t-fitness-for-dads

To listen and subscribe to this episode in your favourite podcast player click on this link 👉 https://guild-of-dads.captivate.fm/listen
Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes”
― Charmaine J Forde

Welcome to Issue 81 of Iceni Magazine. We hope you have all made lots of wonderful memories over the festive period and spent quality time with family and friends.

This issue’s focus on is: Aspirations. Pages 38 & 39 see Missy Hitchcox share her thoughts about the future relating to the home education of her two children. Vicki from Blossom Words reflects on recent political events to give her hopes for society.

Elsewhere, catch up motoring guru, Tim Barnes-Clay. Freelance motoring journalist for hire, as he reviews the Toyota Corolla Saloon on pages 16 & 17. Check out the very best of Norfolk through our readers’ photographs on pages 18 – 21. We were overwhelmed by the striking beauty of so many of the images shared with us and we are certain you will love the new feature too.

Until February, please take time to enjoy everything good in the world and start 2020 as you mean to go on. Enjoy Issue 81!

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Look what I picked today for my bear carry 😁

I am a no BS kind of guy that thrives on the success of all my clients. I use a blend of group and one-one coaching online and offline.

Operating as usual


This year I was asked to speak at an fitness industry event.

Very humbled and feeling blessed 🥹

I traveled 🧳 up there this morning a little nervous as I never done anything like this before.

I thought that would have been the highlight of my day.


It wasn’t.

What was the highlight of my day was spending quality time with these two beautiful human beings.

How we’ve laughed all day long.

Thank you Andrew Patterson and Bekki Bradley for always believing in me.

Fed up with algorithmic programs 14/06/2022

Fed up with algorithmic programs

Not worked on a project of this size since we opened the gym.

Heading back online to offer my services, I wanted to do it better than I did before.

Giving those that work with me complete support they need so they can achieve their desired and deserved goal.

Working with TylerJay Gibbons and his team has be EPIC and I hope this new concept is well received.

I’ve never done 12 week programs before.

Because my thinking is fitness and fat loss is long term.

So this is about teaching the skills and awareness to help people achieve a waistline that is maintainable.

This video is just a snippet of the work we have done so far.

Hope you like it folks.

Fed up with algorithmic programs


My identity crisis (and before you say anything @the_coffeeshop_copywriter , this isn’t about our Friday night antics 😂)

2022 didn’t really start according to plan you could say 😂

And today marks 6 months since I had surgery.

In mid January I had surgery to my right arm to help provide more stability to a very unstable bone.

This was after a very poor decision made whilst under the influence of alcohol 😬

The injury at the time left me with some very daunting questions.

And I couldn’t stop my mind creating catastrophic scenarios where I was left jobless.

Now, my job isn’t just a job to me.

It’s ‘who’ I am.

It’s my identity.

My purpose.

I am fortunate to wake up in the morning buzzing for the day ahead.

Like, I literally have the best time working with some EPIC people.

Yes, I still have challenging days.

That is life.

But, going to work and doing what I do, helping others achieve great things, just sets my soul on fire.

The thought of not having the ability to do what I do, was crushing me.

I didn’t move off the sofa for two weeks until I had the surgery.

My identity started to slip away from me.

I couldn’t see what was going to happen and it was s**t your pants scary 😧

Then, after surgery, day 1 I had some movement back.

It gave me hope.

I was actually able to move my shoulder and arm, although painful 😖

The surgeon recommended complete rest for 10 days.

After those 10 days I was hitting the rehab every single day.

My first rule of rehab with any of my patients is to stay fit and strong using any means possible.

I had 1 arm and two legs.

And I used them to get my fitness and waistline back on track.

Today, I’ve become more focused on my training than I have been since PT course.

More motivated to do what’s necessary to achieve my desired goals.

More driven to be in the best shape of my life at 40 (next year).

I’ve always said, in my opinion, injuries are a gift.

It hasn’t always felt that way at the start but I have definitely learned a lot and I would say those lessons are life changing.

Happy Monday 😁


Friday is always my busiest day.

Literally back to back.

And this little diamond brings me a coffee. @sharl20


One step forward and two steps back


In the great words of Old Blues Eyes ‘That’s Life’

We feel like we are making progress.


Boom 💥

A smack in the face.




The blow puts you on your arse and you didn’t even see it coming.

But it is in these moments that our character is truly tested.

Can we be resilient enough to come back stronger?

Can we look at life as happening for us, not happening to us?

You know.

S**t happens, can we grow from it?

Can we adapt?

Can we ask thought provoking questions like.

How bad did we really want it?

And for what reason?

Or if it’s s**t we can’t change, can we dissociate, let go and move on.

The promotion you didn’t get.

Is it because your heart wasn’t truly into it?

Is that another door opening to your dream job.

The business idea that goes in the toilet 🚽

Is that building you up for bigger success in the future?

Yo-yo 🪀 dieting all your life, swinging from one fad to another.

To then find a coach who fully listens and supports you with solid sustainable advice.

Like my little Nelly here.

My wife managed a bedtime routine, getting her down, sleeping a good few hours.


Boom 💥

Teething smashes all the plans you ever had of having a peaceful night in front of Netflix when you get in.


We can’t just give in.

Stop hoping for peaceful nights again 😂

Like everything in life, we take one step forward and two steps back.

It’s whether we see the steps back as a opportunity to take a longer run up, to the bigger success that could be waiting for us.


Get Personal

I don’t write many posts telling other Personal Trainers on how to do business.

As quite frankly.

It isn’t any of my business.

I do my best to stay in my own lane as I am sure I could be criticised for a few of my own strategies.

That said.

Something that categorically bugs the s**t out of me.


PTs forgetting the ‘Personal’ in Personal Training.

Whilst I do understand we are not clinical psychologists.

But we are human beings.

The times now I have inherited clients from around the town, to hear the very impersonal experiences they have had frightens me.

Instead of seeking the latest technology or trendy methods of fitness.

I’d suggest, practice your listening skills and how to appropriately respond to feedback.

This should be, in my humble opinion, THE 101 in the PT manual.

Just saying.


😴Sleep is a Superpower
There is no denying this.
Sleep is the human superpower.
The evidence that supports what a good night’s sleep can do for you is astronomical.
Even Nelly and Bugsy, know this.
Nelly has a routine.
She can sleep up to 12 hours (especially when cuddled).
We can learn a lot from Nelly’s bedtime routine and could possibly apply her principles to our own lives:
• Nelly avoids stimulants like caffeine and ni****ne too close to bedtime.

It is said that caffeine may have an effect for up to 7 hours.

I always have a 1500 cut-off nowadays.
• Nelly exercises every day. Now she is learning to walk, which takes a considerable amount of energy.

She is sleeping much better after she has had a good day on her pegs.
• Nelly keeps clear of foods that may trigger an unsettled stomach too close to bedtime.

You know the types: a vindaloo is probably not the best choice.
• Nelly maintains a regular and relaxing routine.

Nelly takes a warm bath, does some light stretches, and has some mindfulness meditation playing in the background.

Nelly makes sure she hits the sack at the same time most evenings.
• Nelly makes sure the lights are low, she reduces screen time (you can set a timer in your settings for this) and switch screens off at least 45 minutes before bed.
Paying attention to these basic principles of sleep hygiene, Nelly found that even if her sleep was disturbed, I she still would sleep soundly (in our bed 😂).


Are you in control?

When I work with people to help them shift their old habits and replace them with new ones.

They often don’t understand why they self sabotage and overeat on various occasions during the week.

3 questions I might get them to ask themselves are:

1). Are you going to feel guilty after eating the food you are choosing right now?

2). Are you neglecting your deep and meaningful goal by making the choice you about to make?

3). Do you suffer with withdrawals symptoms from the foods you choose to self sabotage with?

These questions are thought provoking and to some maybe even uncomfortable.


They could bring some awareness to why you just can’t get it together enough to make better choice towards your health and fitness.

Monday thoughts.


Life advice to my younger self

Today I start my last year in my 30’s (I know what you are thinking - hard paper round 😂).

And as I sit and ponder, what life has taught me I think of this:

1). Lifting heavy weights is a waste of time.

This is a lesson I’ve learned once again this year.

For most of my twenties I could lift a 300 lbs Bench on my off day and Deadlift double my bodyweight.


Would walk around the planet in constant pain in some area of the body.

For me, and since my surgery in January, looking good and loving what I see in the mirror and moving pain free is more important than numbers in the gym.

I have discovered in my 30’s, lifting well, under extreme control and watching your calories and protein, achieves just that.

I’m 39 today and feel absolutely mega, even after surgery this year.

This year I’ve been lifting weights with more consciousness taking the weight right down and focusing on keeping the muscles under full tension through full range of the joint.

And gained great results.

2). Be more grateful to your mentors.

Throughout my life I have had some EPIC mentors.

All teaching me different values and helping me build my moral compass.

Carl Partis always springs to mind when I think of my life when I was around the age of 16/17/18.

Crucial years for a man to discover who he is going to be.

My Dad was under the care of HMP and this beautiful human being (along with his even more beautiful wife) took me under his wing.

I worked with him.

Ate with him.

Did almost everything with him always looking over me.

He was my best friends Dad, but at the time he was the friend and the mentor I needed.

So for that I thank him enormously.

I think I’ve said enough for today 😂

Enjoy your weekend peeps.


☝🏻The one habit that optimises your fat loss success


We all have them.

Good or bad.

🧠 They are programmes that are stored in our brains that are on autopilot, until we challenge them.

Until, we take a moment and pause.


And ask the question.

Is this habit, serving my ultimate goal?

Ultimate goal of loving what you see in the mirror.

Loving being in your own skin.

Is this habit causing me pain and grief?

Pain and grief being, listening to that constant negative self talk.

‘You’re no good’

‘You don’t deserve to look great and enjoy being in your own skin’

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this year around people struggling with poor habits that have led to negative addiction.

People that are taking their recovery from drugs and alcohol very seriously.

As serious as life or death.

As serious as if if they don’t break these life threatening habits the consequences could be fatal.

One thing that I have learned most of all from this environment.

Is those that are successful in building their ‘clean time’ (time without using), focus attentively on build an environment around themselves that almost guarantees success.

They optimise their chances of resisting the temptation to use substances and seek more opportunities to build healthier habits, by been in the right environment.

This is what I encourage at all times.

To optimise your environment to encourage positive habit sacking.

Just like the guy in this photo.

Sit and think.

Is your environment sabotaging your progress?

Holding you back from having that body you deserve to see in the mirror every morning.

Is your environment helping you grow?

Or simply struggle.

Just some thoughts 💭

P.s absolutely mega proud of this online client achieving his desired and deserved goal.

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