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Happy 1st birthday to our lovely hirers Bounce Caversham- we have loved having you as part of the Milestone family 🎁🎈🎊🎂
What a way to start a new week... with our first Milestone Monthly Spotlight!

We want to celebrate our amazing hirers, staff, volunteers and members- and first up this month I spoke to Vanessa from Bounce Caversham to find out more about these high energy and fun exercise classes! 🤩

Classes are on the following days here at the Milestone Centre:

Mondays: 6pm -7pm
Wednesdays: 6.45pm - 7.45pm
Thursdays: ((B)) Blast (shorter, 45 minute version of ((BOUNCE)) including small hand weights (optional) for more intensity: 6.30pm - 7.15pm

It's £6.95 for a single session and £39 for a class pass which is for 6 sessions to be used within 30 days.

You can book and find the schedule here:

Follow them here: Facebook: Bounce Caversham, Instagram: bouncecaversham

You can find additional info here:

It’s our birthday today!
We are 56 years old today, and personally we think we look great 😉

We might have picked up a few wrinkles over the years but we’ve built our Milestone family over the last 5 decades and we are busier than ever… no signs of retirement here 😜

If you’d like to see us live to 100 (although I don’t think charities get a card from the Queen?!) then please feel free to join our family & get involved.

Thank you to all of our lovely supporters, volunteers, members, sections, staff and the groups that call us home - we wouldn’t be here without you ❤️

CPVA Badminton
CPVA Bridge
CPVA Squash
CPVA Table Tennis
Bloom Baby Classes Reading North
Bounce Caversham
Berkshire Maestros
Caversham Park Theatre
Caversham Park Social Club
French Tuition Classes
Inner Wheel Caversham
Lighthouse International Church
Little Stars After School Club
Older Generation Lunch Club
Rabble Theatre
StageWorks Performing Arts

… and more joining the family every single day 🥰
Due to popular demand the fantastic Bounce Caversham are launching an additional new class here at the Milestone Centre on Thursday 11th of November.

Sign up below to grab one of the last remaining spaces!

Due to popular demand the fantastic Bounce Caversham has added another new class ⚡️ Super exciting news!
Trick or treat! Spooky fun with Bounce Caversham
Our calendar is filling up!

With musical baby steps from Berkshire Maestros to jumping your way to fitness with Bounce Caversham, not to mention drama, french, squash, badminton and table tennis... we have a lot going on and we are loving welcoming everyone to the Milestone, old and new!

We have more exciting classes starting in the New Year, but still have a few spaces left in our week. If you're looking for a venue to host your class, whether that be knitting or karate, we could be the place for you! Get in touch and help us bring even more great community classes to the people of Caversham Park and beyond! Our Marketing and Commercial Manager Nicola will be happy to help so drop her a line to [email protected]

💃🏼 Looks like the ladies had another great week at Bounce Caversham at the Milestone Centre!

It’s nearly the weekend again!

Now that restrictions have lifted, have you been thinking about trying a new hobby?

Maybe you want to dust off that squash or badminton racquet? Or get some holiday feeling with a few games of table tennis?

Do you want to jump the calories off with Bounce Caversham or learn “comment parler francais” ready for a holiday next year?

We’ve got all this, and more! Please visit for more information on what we do and how to join. We are a charity that receives no council or government funding and have been serving our community of Caversham Park (and beyond!) for 55 years and counting 🥰

((BOUNCE)) is a FUN, FRIENDLY & FIERCE mini trampoline fitness class for all ages and abilities.

((BOUNCE)) Mondays 6pm - 7pm
((BOUNCE)) Wednesdays 6.45pm - 7.45pm
((BOUNCE)) Blast (use of optional hand weights) Thursdays 6.30pm - 7.15pm

Operating as usual


And you can make it even better with ((BOUNCE)).🤩

Come and join Mandie tomorrow at 6pm. Only 3 spaces left, so be quick.

On Wednesday @ 6.45pm, you'll have me, Vanessa. Only 6 spaces remaining.

To book, simply head over to:


...But then I ((BOUNCE)) it off during the week. 😆

We only have 4 spaces left on Monday @ 6pm. You'll have the lovely Mandie teaching the class as I'm away in Finland. 🥶😁

We also only have 6 spaces left at our Blast class on Wednesday @ 6.45pm.

So enjoy yourself this weekend but don't forget to book your space. 😊

To book, simply head over to:


Those sprint’ll get ya! 🏃🏼‍♀️ ⚰️ 🤣


Wise words from our Queen ((B)) :
Having people alongside you makes all the difference. Group fitness has that ‘special sauce’ when it comes to exercising, because when everyone’s energy and synergy is surrounding you, it’s palpable. You can feel the power, the positivity, people willing you on and wanting you to feel wonderful like they do.

That atmosphere is no mistake, we build it from the moment you walk in the door, the welcome, the smiles the ‘wanting you to feel comfortable’ - it’s what we truly want for you. And of course, it’s how we want to workout too. So remember that every time you think about  remember what it FEELS like to be around people who are nice, people who care and people who want you to feel so good and so well.
It’s not only our job, it’s a passion.



It's Carnival in Brazil and in Caversham! 🥁🥳

What a great class tonight! You keep on getting stronger each week and are just fabulous! 🥰

Next week is looking like this:

Monday @ 6pm ((BOUNCE)) - only 5 spaces left! You'll have the lovely Mandie as I am on holiday.

Wednesday @ 6.45pm ((BOUNCE)) Blast (our 45 min version of ((BOUNCE)) with optional small hand weights to intensify the workout. )

We recommend to book ahead as spaces are filling up fast.

To book, simply head over to:


1 space has become available for our previously sold out BEATS class this eve at 6.45pm! 😃
Come and burn off those naughty pancakes from yesterday 🥞 😆.

What is ((BOUNCE)) BEATS?

It's our percussion based workout where we use weighted Beats sticks to focus on the upper body and arms. We are on the trampoline, go around the trampoline, and even use the trampoline as a drum ( the best stress release! 😁) !
The music is carnival-style/ Latin and just lots of fun!

To book, simply head over to:



Enjoy yourself today!

Tomorrow you can burn it off at ((BOUNCE)) BEATS!
We only have 1 space left.

To book, simply head over to:


It was full house tonight and you were on fire 🔥!
Absolutely loved the energy. You were all fabulous! 👏

We only have 1 space left at BEATS this Wednesday and spaces are already filling up fast next week, so make sure you book in advance to secure your space.

To book, simply head over to:


Happy Monday, Caversham crew! 😃

Tonight is fully booked with a waiting list and we only have 2 spaces left on Wednesday. 😱

Here is a reminder about your options if you can't make a class (you can find additional info in the T&Cs in Bookwhen)😊:

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to transfer any pre-booked session up to 24 hours prior to the start of the class. It's super easy to do, just follow these steps:-⁠
1. Go to your email Booking Confirmation⁠
2. Click on 'View Booking'⁠
3. 'Ticket Options'⁠
4. 'Transfer'⁠
5. Select a new date and click 'Save' to confirm the transfer⁠

If you find you've got a last minute offer you just can't turn down, we would kindly ask that you please cancel it via the booking system. This will free up a space for the waiting list which is the ethos of a considerate . You can do this by:-⁠
1. Go to your email Booking Confirmation⁠
2. Click on 'View Booking'⁠
3. 'Ticket Options'⁠
4. 'Cancel'⁠

Let's not let that space go to waste! ⁠

Any issue with your advanced bookings, our Support Team are available 7 days a week at [email protected]

See you tonight! 😍


Happy Sunday, Caversham !

We are fully booked tomorrow with a long waiting list! We are so grateful for your amazing support and just love seeing so many of you turn up each week! 🥰
Please be so kind to transfer or cancel your space if you can no longer make it. You can transfer up to 24 hours before class, and within 24 hours cancellation is the only option. This can all be done in Bookwhen.

Also, did you know that we have a sister franchise called ((BOUNCE)) Reading South? We have a ((BOUNCE)) class on Tuesday @ 6pm, so it's an option for you if you can't get into this class. It's at Coley Primary School, only a 10/15 minute drive from Caversham. There are limited spaces remaining there.

In Caversham we have also limited spaces remaining this Wednesday at our BEATS class at 6.45pm.

See you next week! 🤩

To book for Caversham, head over to:

To book for Reading South, head over to:



The great thing about ((BOUNCE)) is that you can go at your own level - whether that’s taking a lower intensity option to ease back in or pushing hard to maximise your cardio burn!!

You’ll get a great workout, have loads of fun and make some friends!!

It’s hard not to smile on a trampoline! 😃

We only have 1 space left on Monday for ((BOUNCE)) and limited spaces remaining for ((BOUNCE)) BEATS on Wednesday @ 6.45pm.
Be quick if you want to join us. 😊

To book, simply head over to:


If ((BOUNCE)) was a weekday, it would always be a Friday!


So much love for ((BOUNCE)) Blast! 💗 It was our first Wednesday Blast class and what an amazing session it was with all of you! You were absolutely fabulous! 👏💪
A big welcome to our newbies, you did so well!
Sorry if some of you are disappearing in the back of the might have been a bit too dark. 😄

Next week is looking like this:

Monday ((BOUNCE)) @ 6pm: Only 3 spaces left!
Wednesday BEATS @ 6.45pm: Half full

Be quick if you want to join us again next week.

To book, simply head over to:


Happy Valentine's Day! 💖

We hope that you are spending today with your loved ones and/or doing something you love and that you are loving yourself, as you are amazing!

We look forward to ((B)) ing with you tomorrow at our Blast Valentine's session. 🥰


I have so much love for you, Caversham! ❤️ As it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, I had a playlist with lots of songs about lurrrvveee prepared for you and you absolutely smashed it! 😍

Our Wednesday Blast class is fully booked but you can add yourself to the waiting list as a space might become available.

Make sure you book in advance to secure your space for next week as we are already looking busy! 👀

To book, simply head over to:


We have great news! We have added 2 trampolines to our Monday ((BOUNCE)) class and these are now bookable on Bookwhen! 😍

We are also adding 2 spaces to our Blast class, so keep an eye out...this will go live on the schedule soon.

We have a long waiting list and for 2 of you now is your chance to book in if you're quick.

Go, Go, Go...


Happy Monday, Caversham! 😍

We are fully booked this week on Monday and Wednesday with waiting lists! 😱 Thank you so much for all of your support!

We kindly ask that you please cancel or transfer your space if you can no longer make it, to give someone on the waiting list the chance to join us. Thank you! 😊
Transfers are possible up to 24 hours before class, within 24 hours you only have the option to cancel.

If you would like to join us, you can add yourself to the waiting list on Bookwhen and you will get notified if a space becomes available.


Those reactions the first time you see ((B)) 😍

We are super busy next week but 1 space has just become available on Monday @ 6pm at our previously fully booked ((BOUNCE)) class.

We also only have 1 space left at our Blast class this Wednesday @ 6.45pm.

To book, simply head over to:


Enjoy your weekend! 😆🤩


Trust us on this one!     


Next week is all about the loooovvvveee, and as there are plenty of songs about it, you can expect a playlist full of love themed tracks. 🥰

Come and show your love to ((BOUNCE)) Caversham. ❤

Monday ((BOUNCE)) @ 6pm - only 5 spaces left!
Wednesday BLAST @ 6.45pm - only 5 spaces left!

To book, simply head over to:


We had ((BOUNCE)) BEATS tonight and you were on fire! 🔥
We worked those arms and upper body and had lots of fun! 😃🥁

Next week our Monday class is ((BOUNCE)) @ 6pm and Wednesday we have BLAST @ 6.45pm, our 45 minute version of ((BOUNCE)) with small optional weights.

Our classes next week are going to be Valentine's specials full of tracks about luurrrvveee. 🥰

We only have 6 spaces left on Monday and 6 on Wednesday, so be quick if you want to join us.

To book, simply head over to:

((BOUNCE))™ Caversham - Booking by Bookwhen 07/02/2023

((BOUNCE))™ Caversham - Booking by Bookwhen

Are you ready for ((BOUNCE)) BEATS tomorrow at 6.45pm? 😍

It's our 45 minute percussion based workout, where we use weighted BEAT sticks to the rhythm of the music to tone and strengthen our upper body.
It's fun, carnivalé- style music that makes you feel like you're on holiday. 😃

To book, simply head over to:

See you tomorrow! 🥁

((BOUNCE))™ Caversham - Booking by Bookwhen We’d like to set additional cookies to understand how you use Bookwhen. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services.


This is how you finish a Monday! 👏 It was a full house and you were all just amazing!

This Wednesday we have ((BOUNCE)) BEATS, our fun, percussion based 45 minute workout. Only a few spaces left, so be quick if you want to join us.

To book, simply head over to:


It's a sold out class tonight!
Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

If you would like to join us, you can still add your name to the waiting list in Bookwhen and you will get notified if a space becomes available.

If you can no longer make it, we kindly ask you to please cancel your booking, to give someone else the chance to book on. Thank you!

See you tonight @ 6pm! 😍


If it only was that easy...😆

We only have 4 spaces left on Monday @ 6pm and limited spaces available on Wednesday @ 6.45pm, so make sure you book if you want to join us. 😊

Our Monday class is ((BOUNCE)) and this week our Wednesday class is BEATS, our percussion based workout where we beat weighted drum sticks to the rhythm of carnival-style music and even use the trampoline as a drum. 🥁🤩

To book, simply head over to:

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Milestone Centre, Northbrook Road

Opening Hours

Monday 6pm - 7pm
Wednesday 6:45pm - 7:45pm

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