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Thankyou to for this lovely write up in their latest edition. See you all next Tuesday in Henley town hall for some Meditation and TaiChi 🙏12-1 🧘1.15-2.15 ❤️


We ran our first Flourish workshop today, meditation, Qigong and TaiChi for children at Trinity Primary school in Henley. It was magical to see the children's faces as they connected to their energy, such lovely kids, an absolute joy!


For readers of the book, 'For Tibet, With Love.' - I’ve never met Charles. But my talented friend Ian Cu***ng (who took this photograph) has done. He writes, “This was one of the more surreal moments of my life… but to be fair - the royal press officer was pretty amazed too. There were only a couple of press people here for this event at St James Palace and the press officer had told us under very strict terms that we were to keep a good couple of meters distance from Prince Charles. As it was, the Dalai Lama hooked arms with Charles and lead him right up to us until we were backed right up into a hedge and could go no further. The Dalai Lama then told us what a great friend he was and what a lovely person he was too. I don’t think you can get a much better referee than the Dalai Lama!
All I can say is that having been with the Dalai Lama for a few days whilst he met various politicians not one of them really came across as being genuine - meeting the Dalai Lama seemed to be little more than a photo opportunity for them. When he met Prince Charles though it felt very different - much more like two old friends who were clearly delighted to be seeing each other again. He felt like the real deal.
Given this and his passion for the environment I have great hopes for our future monarch.”

Thank you for this insight and beautiful image Ian.

📷 Ian Cu***ng]


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Please come and join me for a mindful and strengthening Yoga practice from the comfort of your own home.

All levels welcome! 💚

Here's the beauty of online classes...

1. You’ll never have to miss a class, as you will get the recording if you miss it.

2. You can practice anywhere, whether you're on holiday or travelling for work, your teacher comes with you 😉.

3. If you’re not feeling quite well enough but want to move a little and do a bit, you can attend and not worry about spreading germs.

4. If you want privacy while you practice, or even turn off your camera, then you have the option.

5. No driving, petrol and parking issues, saving time, money and the planet!

6. Get feedback on alignment and posture via my big screen.

7. Nobodies bum in your face 😂.


Just spent 3 beautiful days here in the Ashram with my wonderful friend Kim. Chanting, meditating, asanas and working in the garden was the perfect way to retreat from the world and charge up energetically. Highly recommend!

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Come and join me from the comfort of your own home, lovely group of people and a relaxed class.


Come and join me!


Come and join a lovely group of beginners in this beautiful space. No experience needed, just a willingness to learn something new.

Come and check it out.

Feel free to ask any questions. 😀

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Great fun at Wood festival last weekend, running a Tai Chi and Qigong workshop in the kids tents!


Instead of reaching for the wine to let go of your day, come and indulge yourself with some Hatha Yoga and start to feel stronger, healthier and happier. 😁

Come and fill your lungs deeply, release those knots of tension and bring your mind into the peace of the present moment. 😇

I’ve been teaching Yoga for the past 17 years and I’ve just spent the past 10 years in a Taoist Temple and monastery practicing Tai Chi/Qigong every day for 4/5 hours. 🧘‍♂️

I’m a 48 year old single mum and I know how challenging life can be. I can honestly say that these practices have changed my life and given me the strength and clarity to move forwards in a healthy way. 😍

Your first class is a free trial, so come and give it a try, it will be lovely to meet you. Send me a message and I’ll send you the link.


I’ve spent the last 10 years living and studying in a beautiful Taoist Temple on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Our daily schedule started at 5am and throughout the day we spent around 4/5 hours practicing Tai Chi, Chi Gong and sitting meditation, as well as trying to grow our own food and run a small farm.

It was an intense daily schedule designed to keep you so busy that you start to reduce your selfish tendencies and find a more peaceful and balanced state of mind.

Spiritual community living has its challenges, it can be described like a bucket of muddy potatoes rubbing against each other. By rubbing together, the process helps you to clean yourself by exposing your weak spots and working to harmonise with others.

It was certainly a life changing experience that I’m immensely grateful for and I’m now happy to be back in the UK sharing the practice with anyone who is interested.

If you’re in the Henley area and you fancy trying Tai Chi or if you are a seasoned practitioner, come and check out this class next week…


Such an incredible practice space we had in Guatemala. Gong baths were a highlight.


Please join me from the comfort of your own home.... 🙏🧡


Anyone feeling sluggish and stiff and in need of an energetic shake up? Come and try my Yoga class at 5pm today, which will include relaxation and breathing techniques, a warm up and a fairly dynamic flowing sequence of asanas, to get into all those tight spots and get your life energy flowing.

Your first class is a free trial, come and check it out, here's the link...


If you're suffering with overwhelm post lockdown, maybe you're not sleeping well, feeling anxious or a little depressed, starting a regular Yoga practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Having studied Qigong and Taiji intensively for the past 10 years, I incorporate these elements into the practice, to heighten our awareness of our life energy, connecting us back to our true selves so we can navigate the external world more peacefully.

If you have any questions about this class, please drop me a message.


Please join me for a meditational Yoga flow practice, where you can release deep rooted physical tension and energetic blockages, improve your strength and flexibility and recalibrate your mind. Breath work, pranayama, asanas and relaxation will leave you feeling amazing! Send me a pm for more information, first class is a free trial.


Improve your mental health by building a deep connection with your breath and your body. Come and join me for a dynamic Hatha flow sequence, where we will go deep and release unwanted tension and blockages that are causing you physical or mental dis-ease. Start the journey to realise your full potential and feel amazing!

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Are you looking for experienced guidance in Yoga and don't know where to start? Then please join me for my 6 week beginners course that starts next Monday and start to feel the benefits of a strong healthy body and a happier mindset.


Online Zoom Classes:

Monday - 7 - 8pm - Beginners
Wednesday - 5 - 6.30pm - All Levels
Saturday - 9 - 10.30am - All levels

£10 per session
£25 for 3 sessions
£50 per month for Wednesday and Saturdays classes.






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