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Getting strong and building muscles can actually be very simple but it’s not exactly easy when it’s time to putting in the work.

It takes:
✅a solid programme
✅quality nutrition
✅the right calorie range

If you are are flying through your training then I’m happy for you! 👏🏽This message isn’t to you

If you are struggling to get the habits in 🥺or don’t know what to do to get strong 🤷🏽‍♂️or you just want some accountability🫱🏽‍🫲🏻, I feel you! And I know you can do it! 💪🏽This message is for you

Having a coach to guide you through your programme designed specifically for you makes the process EASIER, sustainable, educational and supportive

Drop me a message if you think 1-2-1 coaching may be the right move for you


Do you need an easy quick fix solution to planning/buying meals?

Here you go!

You’re looking to build muscle, right? You need to make sure you’re getting enough protein and calories (DM me for guidance on how much)

Cut the sugar! Cut the crap! Sugar and ultra-processed food is NOT going to get you to the lean, muscular body you desire

Follow this guide and you WILL see results💪🏽


Did you know that muscle actually builds in your sleep while you’re rested, not in the gym (although you must go to the gym first of course😂)

If you’re not getting enough QUALITY sleep then your body will not be recovered and will not grow the way you want it to

Women need 8-9hours ideally which can be a tricky thing to achieve when there are so many distractions from phones to work.

If you work until late in the evening and you’re struggling to switch off or you’re stressed and can’t relax and therefore can’t get a quality sleep, or you just want to improve your sleep then try these lil tricks

Let me know how it goes

DM📩me COACH if you have any questions


Just lifting weights and eating good food isn’t enough for a healthy life. We also need to embrace the things that make us genuinely happy, bring our mood up, lift our frequency or energy whatever you want to call it

Make time in the days and weeks for the things that perk you up

If you haven’t really got much that you know perks you up or you are lacking inspiration, try take some from this list

Is there anything not in this list that you feel lifts you up? Let me know☺️

DM 📩me COACH if you’d like 1-2-1 coaching to help implement principles such as this


Looking to optimise your diet?

Before looking at the endless supply of supplements, ask yourself:
Are you getting high quality meats and vegetables?
Are you prioritising healthy fats into your diet?
Have you cut the crap (sugar, alcohol, trans fats, gluten)?

Before splashing out cash on supplements and self-medicating/playing guessing games with what you THINK might help, get the basics right first and then think about supplements if you feel you still need to


Don’t know how to exercise? Want some inspiration?

Try out any of these forms of exercise. Some are harder than others, some more relaxed, some you may find are more fun than others

REMEMBER, the best plan is the plan you can stick to. And if you’re going to stick with something it’s because it’s of high value to you and/or you enjoy doing the thing

Treat movement the same way

Getting movement in everyday is good for:
The mind
Your joints
Your muscles
Your creativity
Your sleep
and so much more

DM📩me if you would like an exercise plan to get you to your goals

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Do you feel depleted and starved trying to cut fat?

We’ll you shouldn’t. You should be nourishing your body, not stressing it through malnourishment or starvation

If the body feels it isn’t getting the nourishment it needs it will kick into starvation mode, holding onto as much energy (aka fat) as possible until it feels nourished again

If you’d have any questions or would like guidance to kick your body into fatloss, pls DM📩me COACH

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Want to train on your period? Many women would prefer not to, which is perfectly fine, but if you do want to them try implementing these tips to ensure you’re doing right by your body

Too much stress at this time can damage the immune system as it is compromised during a ladies period. Remember, exercise is a stressor. A positive stressor, but a stressor nonetheless

So it’s important to adjust exercise intensity, rest time, nutrition and sleep

If you’d like help with your training program and 1:1 coaching to help you reach your goals 📩DM me “COACH”

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Some women wish to train still on their period. Some don’t, which is also fine.

If you do wish to train on your period here are a few things to consider and hopefully will help

Remember, the immune system is suppressed at this time and it’s important to not take on too much stress if you can. Remember exercise is a stressor, a good stressor but still a stressor

If you’d like help with your training with a personalised programme, 📩DM me “COACH”

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Too many people worry about how often they train, often comparing themselves to others. Fact is the way you train will need to be different to others because of your own commitments, priorities, work and family.

If this post is helpful, please like and share ❤️

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If you want to be lean or toned, able to see your abs even slightly, read this

Not saying everyone needs to have their abs on show, but if your goals is to tone up, I hope you find this post helpful

For help with your health and fitness, and/or training programme, DM me

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Should women train the same everyday? Ideally not.

Maximise your health and fitness training by training according to your menstrual cycle

Hopefully this helps. For more info 📬DM me, I’d love to help

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Find dieting hard? Maybe you can relate to one or even all of these.

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking to diet

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Calorie counting is a great tool for weight loss AND weight gain and muscle building. However, it can go bad…in some cases very bad

Hope this post is helpful

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A lot of us have been here before, many of us stay here for a while until the we realise our performance/results is going down

Look after yourself

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Women, before considering a low fat, vegan or vegetarian diet. Please consider this and the LONG TERM effects

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With January pretty much over, it’s time to check in with our goals for 2023. Here’s a little reminder of what you can each day, each week, each month that is simple and will help you teach your weight loss goals

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This is a common question I’d get asked. Here’s a few general answers/things to consider before making a decision.

I hope are helpful to all who are interested

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Dr Tim Spector claimed if you drink coffee ☕️3 times a day you’re less likely to die 10th years later. I’m not sure about that (although he does mention some have a hard time with caffeine). Still, how are the studies done, what about stress levels, the pancreas, organic vs non organic? These are just some questions I have regarding his statement.

For those who do drink coffee, here’s a few things about coffee/caffeine to help you use coffee properly👌🏽

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I hope this is helpful really you lovely women out there, but also to guys exercising with their gf/mrs and coaches looking to understand heir female clients

Pls comment or message me if his is helpful, your experiences and/or thoughts🙏🏽

I want to learn as much as I can and support my current and future female clients

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Diet is by far the hardest thing for most people trying to lose weight. Socialising can often be the hardest pa if this. Here’s why…

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Do I need RESISTANCE TRAINING? Yes, read slide for info

If you want a plan DM me and let’s work together to achieve your goals


ONLINE Stretch classes are back! Comment below or DM me to book your space your space 😁


There is so much you can do with a Bosu for Athletics, core strength, glute activation and so much more.

Why not learn from the creator of the bosu himself

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I never thought I'd ever try Pole. It is definitely a skill and sport worth a heck of praise. It requires a great amount of strength, core engagement, flexibility and creativity.

I'm super thankful for this experience, being invited by and meeting these lovely ladies.

If you'd like a mobility and recovery workshop for your gym, class, club or sports team DM me


Did you know footwear can greatly effect posture, athletic performance, pain, reflexivity and mind-body connection?

Buy flats
Buy barefoot style shoes


My 1st Menopause course (I say 1st bcoz I will be taking more). Knowledge is power at the end of the day

Every woman will go through menopause so it's important that us PT's understand and as men we should know our stuff to support the women we love around us

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Hiya everyone,

Hope all is good and thanks for following my page, and I hope you get some valuable info from it that you can apply to your own fitness.

I’m planning on doing a few classes beginning at the end of May/early June. I’d like to know if you’d be interested and what you’d be interested in.

Would you mind filling out this quick survey? https://airtable.com/shrFnPShvU9B7hi9c

Thanks so much

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My metrics
I'd personally like a bit MORE bodyfat. Being under 10% doesn't serve me well. I'd probably have more energy and better hormone regulation with a lil more body fat.

Of course it's fun, perhaps even impressive, having a lean figure. Everyone pays attention to it, but that's just appearances really, isn't it.

Bodyfat is a good thing within the right %'s.


Life/Nature is such a fascinating subject. How crazy is it that our brains evolved in us for the primary purpose of movement.

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