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Last year, from late December to around May, I suffered with an autoimmune condition called physical urticaria.

Pic 1 - how it presents

Pic 2 - how I trained in 0 degrees

Pic 3 - a happy day in a very stressful time

When my temp increases I get increasingly burny and itchy. Things like exercise, walking from outside to inside or eating warm food is enough to induce the awful mix of sunburn and stingy nettles all over my skin.

Its debilitating!!

Luckily, I'm still under the care of my specialist, so I can get my meds, but that's not a long-term solution.

I have a few things I'm going to try, so watch this space, I'll share as I go.

I'm clearly a little down about the impact on my goals this year, so I'll have to switch what I'm doing, reset and go again.

#2024 💪

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Unedited, raw.

This is me (yes I bloody selfied while crying) emotional and kind of sad, while wrapping my daughters presents.

I was sad for the childhood I wasn't given, I was sad for the flashbacks thrown into my head that I didn't expect and I was emotional thinking about my family now.

I remember one Christmas, I was about 13, being encouraged to drink whisky. I drank so much that I couldn't play Colin McRea on PlayStation because I couldn't see.... at 13.

One of many very very poor situations in my childhood. Many Christmas days spent finishing the cooking or being kicked out of my "home".

I'm sharing this because not everyone is excited for Christmas. If you're trying to get through this Christmas, I see you.

I'm blessed and lucky to be where I am now, but its not where I'm from.

Please, don't be alone, or worse, stuck with someone without support.

Ping me a message if you need anything.

I wont wish everyone a Merry Christmas, for some people you'll just want to start 2024 ♥️


I was asked this week -

'How do you run a business, train so much and be a husband and father?'.

The answer is and I don't do anything without agreeing it first, with each other.

So I'm blessed that everything "I" do, we do, as a team. So my business is our business, my training is our training, my relationship is our relationship.

Everything I do requires D to support.

I'm racing next year for the first time in a long time, racing not just finishing, which requires a lot of training, which in turn requires my amazing wife to pick up what I cant.

Without D I can't fulfill a long time ambition to qualify for

I cant run a business without D supporting all the hours it takes.

I cant be present at home without D providing the safe space for us to be open.

So the answer.... I dont achieve anything without the support and encouragement from


A session yesterday an amazing client showed up in another PT's colours 🫨🫨

I was genuinely happy to see this, we're not competing, it's not the Pokemon of the fitness industry, we don't have to collect'em all.

You should try other types of fitness, experiment with what your body can do and enjoy it.

At Will Bevis Coaching we've actively got people confident enough to go on and work with bootcamps like

I'm slightly biased, but having been to their work is amazing, so if I want the best for my clients, why wouldn't I set them up to succeed somewhere else.

Hopefully Will Bevis Coaching can help you on part of your health journey, but if we're not for you we still want you to succeed!!



If you've not seen this story, go have a look in the

The short version is that he's been a victim of awful bullying and been let down by authorities along the way

In the face of everything, he has been mentally through the mixer, but this isn't my story to tell

Even with all this going on in the background, he's made huge progress in the gym with us, where you'll find him every Wednesday, doing work experience

Bailey is a remarkable young man, and we're proud to have him alongside

And myself


Happy 3rd wedding anniversary ❤️

What a Fing legend is!

My wife and mother of my child, it's true to say I'd not be where I am now without you and your ongoing support.

You back me to run stupid races, to set up a business, and you've helped me become a dad. These are pretty huge things on their own, all 3 together is madness.

My favourite time of day is when I get the opportunity to have morning time with you and Issy ❤️

All our friends and family, whether you made it on the day 3 years ago, whether we see you weekly or yearly, thank you for your ongoing support, love, and guidance ❤️

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Is Western culture making you ill?!

Think about this...

Do we prevent diseases?


Do we treat them?

Exercising a few hours a week can reduce your risk of serious illness...

How about if I told you retiring, slowing down and taking it easy, will speed up aging...

and by aging, I mean you'll become less mobile, you'll be weaker and you'll more likely get ill, seriously ill.

Research shows that lack of activity, specifically a lack of weight training, will make you more susceptible to illness leading to death.

Scary stuff!!

However, research also shows you can start exercising at any age and start reversing the effects of lack of exercise.

Don't know how to start.... let me help.

DM me 'intetested' if you want help starting.

You can live better for longer.

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It's a bit different today...

I wanted to remind you that I started my fitness journey from nothing.

I was heavily into drugs, booze 🍺 and miserable 😔. I hated how I looked and how I felt.

I found my fitness when I decided to try a run 🏃‍♂️... it was awful... it was less than a mile... I thought I was dying... I really did think I might die⚰️

It shook me, and I took action 🎬.

I remember how scary 😧 a gym was in the early days!! I still don't like public gyms now!!

That's why I opened my gym 🏋️‍♂️

That's how you know, I get it!!

If you want to start your journey now but feel too unfit, too scared or too anxious 😨, I'm your guy!!

You're who I specialise in!!

Drop me a DM saying 'start', let me help you 🫵


⛔️ STOP❗️ It’s time to show what’s REALLY possible…

I’m about to offer up three spaces to people looking to start their health journey who want to feel amazing in the next 90 days - BUT… this will be a little different.

We’re going to show you how to make this possible whilst still:

Only exercising 2-3 days week (30 minute sessions / home or gym)
Having all 10 of your top 10 foods/drinks in your plan (even vino)
AND the flexibility to have family meals, meals out and even a birthday weekend if there is one 😂

This will burst the yo-yo diet myth for good and give you a game-plan of simple, sustainable nutritional and exercise habits that get awesome results and most importantly...


So much so I promise that after 90 days, stepping outside of your new habits (that have you looking and feeling 10-15 years younger) would now become the the very thing that feels weird to do!

However… this is only for three people who:

👊 want to lose more than 10lbs in the next 90 days
👊 have tried multiple diets before and are still not where they want to be
👊 are willing to follow a personalised game plan across 90 days


👊 are willing for me to use them as a show-off case study of what is possible in just 90 days (without serious diets and restrictions)

→ I’ll be choosing the three people based upon who I believe will get the very best results and be the most fun to work with across the next 90 days.

If you feel like this is a sign that this showed up for you, it probably is…


Is your teenager struggling at home or at school? Have they been bullied or struggling to make friends/fit in...

I can help...

I work specifically with young people, exactly like this, to build confidence and offer mentorship.

As an example, I have worked with Bailey for 2 months now and have watched him go from strength to strength, not only physically but mentally too. 

Bailey has been bullied, picked on, and set upon, completely unfairly, and as of yet, hasn't been supported by his school. 

That's where my Young Person Program comes in.... 

I'm trying to get into local schools, and if you can help, please let me know.

We can't change what is going on overnight, so instead, I offer support, a safe space, a place to grow confidence, and to discuss what's going on. 

If you know someone who needs this or you yourself need this, please reach out 🙏🏻

#supportouryouth #notobullying #lookingafterothers #pt 24/05/2023

Is your teenager struggling at home or at school? Have they been bullied or struggling to make friends/fit in...

I can help...

I work specifically with young people, exactly like this, to build confidence and offer mentorship.

As an example, I have worked with Bailey for 2 months now and have watched him go from strength to strength, not only physically but mentally too.

Bailey has been bullied, picked on, and set upon, completely unfairly, and as of yet, hasn't been supported by his school.

That's where my Young Person Program comes in....

I'm trying to get into local schools, and if you can help, please let me know.

We can't change what is going on overnight, so instead, I offer support, a safe space, a place to grow confidence, and to discuss what's going on.

If you know someone who needs this or you yourself need this, please reach out 🙏🏻

Is your teenager struggling at home or at school? Have they been bullied or struggling to make friends/fit in... I can help... I work specifically with young people, exactly like this, to build confidence and offer mentorship. As an example, I have worked with Bailey for 2 months now and have watched him go from strength to strength, not only physically but mentally too. Bailey has been bullied, picked on, and set upon, completely unfairly, and as of yet, hasn't been supported by his school. That's where my Young Person Program comes in.... I'm trying to get into local schools, and if you can help, please let me know. We can't change what is going on overnight, so instead, I offer support, a safe space, a place to grow confidence, and to discuss what's going on. If you know someone who needs this or you yourself need this, please reach out 🙏🏻 #supportouryouth #notobullying #lookingafterothers #pt


I’ve noticed something common when the sun (eventually) starts to come out.

People take less action on health and wellbeing.

Now whilst I’m all for BBQ’s, sitting in a pub garden and the occasional trip to the beach.

I personally don’t let it impact my fitness goals.

Nor do we let the weather change impact our clients achieving life changing results with exercise and weight loss.

Because to us maintaining health and wellbeing is waaaaayyy more important than sinking a few drinks.

What’s even better is you can still improve your health without completely giving up a few drinks…. Or that extra sausage off the BBQ.

Last year, we helped everyone who works with us maintain and INCREASE their health and wellbeing, and the whole process didn’t impact...

Trips to the pub garden

Family BBQ’s

Or trips to the beach

So this is just a gentle reminder that you don’t have to let the next 3 months pass by without taking any steps forward with your health and wellbeing just because of the sunshine.



We officially have been open one whole year today, and what a year it has been.

Cheers to all you folks for supporting us.

We couldn't have done this without you 🫶


Should you train on a bank holiday?

There are lots of reasons not to train on a bank holiday, some of them are pretty healthy too.

Some of our clients' reasons are not to train today

🤩 Spending time with the family

🤩 Going to visit friends

🤩 Taking the kids out

🤩 Going to a car show

These extra days to follow an interest or spend time with the family is till taking care of YOUR health. Make the most of the extra day off and enjoy yourself.

No one should guilt you into a work over quality time with loved ones or pursuing an interest.


I'm not sure how to go about this, but a socials post...

Mums and dads, do you want to improve the life of children at school?

I need your help! 👇

I've made a two pronged attack to help children at school (secondary). I'm working with a local school (Chiltern Edge Maiden Erlegh) and now going to charity's to offer personal training and mentoring.

The goal, amongst much more -

🚀 Allow the young person to build confidence through learning new skills

🚀 Build a positive relationship with exercise and their body image

🚀 Allow them a safe space to express their emotion

We've had amazing results with the children and families I've been able to work with...

buuuuuut I want to help more.


If you have contacts for school governors, head teachers, or anyone that can help me reach more schools. Schools have funding for projects like this.

I would also love to be put in touch with charities that support young people.

This project is ready to go, already helping young people, but we can help more!


Yeah, yeah… we all know we need eat a healthy diet, maintain our workouts, count steps, and drink more water..

But how do you actually make that happen - with ease, so you can maintain it over time and get amazing results?!

Here’s 5 great ways to make it happen:

👊 Eat at least 7 types of fruit and veg per day

👊 Get your protein right

👊 Ensure you are taking an intentional walk

👊Add another form of movement to your week

👊 Hire a good looking and funny PT 😉

If this has helped, drop your favourite emoji below, and I’ll create more like this in the coming weeks to make your route to a healthier and happier life even simpler...



Unfortunately, there is still no improvement in my health whatsoever.

As the nicer weather has rolled in, it's harder and harder to do the most basic of activities.

Mentally, it's getting harder to manage as I can't train at the moment, can't go for walks, and struggle to even play golf at the driving range 🏌‍♂️

You will all see the best of me on socials, my highlights, but that isn't everyday life.

I am seeing the specialist again later this month, which will help, after a letter through from the NHS was a years wait!

Unfortunately, time is of the essence here, with Daisy almost 6 months pregnant, we are forced to go privately again, but until then, I'll continue to manage as best I can.

I'll keep you all posted 📍


Do these 3 things Tracey did, and you too can build the body you want..

🚀 Schedule workouts 3 x per week

🚀 Get out and walk every day

🚀 Eat the right foods and drink plenty of water

You see, everyone's different.

Like Tracey, you’ll also have a busy life.

Not enough money

Definitely not enough time

And the rest…

That’s why, like Tracey and the 100’s of other women and men I’ve helped, we make sure that the game plan for your PERSONAL goals...

..Is 100% achievable.

None of this “here's what we do, hopefully, it works”.

We MAKE health and lifestyle work together.

Want to know how it all works?

Drop me a message saying “INFO” and I’ll send the details over 📩


🤯 Opportunity: For Just 5 people… 🤯

I'm going to take just five people who want too start their health and fitness journey

..through my ONE-time Six Week ‘Get ready for summer’ Transformation Challenge 👊

I will personally coach you in close capacity in to the best shape of your life…

[without having to do endless hours of boring cardio or give up ANY of your favourite foods, drinks or social events…]

This is NOT for…

❌ people who want a 6 week liquid starvation diet - like the usual January shopping list…

❌ people who want to workout 7x days a week (followed by 11 months of an unused gym membership)

❌ people who want to give up their favourite foods, drinks and social events to get in shape…

This IS for…

✅ someone who's truly ready to take action starting Monday (it’s been put off long enough - March is nearly over, summer is around the corner and we’re taking action now!)

✅ someone whose goals are to lose 10lb+ in the next 6 weeks (without hours of cardio or a ‘diet’ that removes half of your favourites) and wants those results BEFORE summer…

✅ someone who wants their results to stick long after you’ve hit your goal weight (Hey, we want banging results - but we’ll get there with a simple system you’ll WANT to continue with after we’re done 👊)

I will choose the five based upon who I believe will get the very best RESULTS and be the most fun to work with across the 6 weeks!

DM me the word "INTERESTED" now and I'll send you all the details 😘


REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Harriet has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I have loved watching her progression through weights and confidence.

She has let me know several times, and our coaching has helped her gain confidence but also reduced her anxiety and improved her mental health.

I'm excited to watch her grow even further!

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Client of the week ✨️

Katie V!

Ahhh, Katie, what to even say about you. Firstly, you have supported us endlessly since you started online with us. You're a true OG online client.

Secondly, you have made some massive life changes with exercise and food over the past 6 months.

We love you. You keep us going, and although you started with me, Daisy has slowly been taking you on and keeping you going.

Thank you for being an amazing client, and you are truly awesome 🤩



Sometimes you HAVE to do things you don't want too short term, because long term it pays off.

Such as working more hours because you know if you deliver a project, you'll get a pay rise. You'll lose out on some TV time, but it will better your future.

Health is the SAME!

It's an hours worth of time for a workout, not because you'll instantly feel better (you will, though), but for the long-term benefits. You might spend an hour food prepping on a Sunday so you save TIME and MONEY...

Your time is special, you'll not get it back, be selective about what you do with it and who you spend it with.

I was lucky enough to meet this legend on holiday, he offered me a ticket to Old Trafford and I accepted. I spent my time with my kind of person doing something that was a bit special.


We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone, making your sessions truly yours.

This young lady has been exceptional to work with, full of enthusiasm and kindness. It has been a real pleasure to see her confidence grow and her love for exercise.

Whatever your reservation is about starting your gym journey, I promise I'll do my best to find a way to help.


I am human.

I've been quiet on socials recently and that's true of everything in life for 10 days or so...

I've been ill and we've got some pretty big life stressors going on and it's taking it toll on my energy. I'm sure you've been there yourself.

Owning a business you love is AMAZING, I love it, I live it! However, I give everything to looking after our fantastic clients, after all they trust me with their health. I cant imagine how much responsibility parents must feel to look after their children 24/7.

Who looks after my health?

Well I need to take some responsibility, slow my life down, not beat myself up for missed workouts, poor meal choices or late nights. I also have in my corner (coaches have coaches) to remind me to follow my habits that serve me well when life is good, if anything these habits are more important when life is tough.

How many of you ditch self care when you're busy or stressed?

Anyway, if you think that as a PT I always love my workouts, never miss a session and get my 7 a day you're wrong. I am human and so are you, give yourself a break today, I know I'll be taking a rest.



Calorie counting seems to be a topic for DEBATE at the moment, like most things in the fitness industry these days.

So, why do I count calories? I have a habit of under eating, this affects my sleep, my training, my mood and leads to me binging a day later.

I'm also one of those people that goes on holiday and wants to know how much dinner is going cost me. In the UK thats no issue, I know what a pound is worth, on holiday though, I have to look up the value; make sure I'm not about to sit down and order a £1000 meal I can't afford. Calorie counting is like my converter, I pre fill in certain meals to know what I need to eat for the rest of the day to hit my target.

It's worth noting that trackers can "suggest" targets to eat for fat lose, these are often way under what I'd suggest to someone to start at.

It's not for everyone but it would help lots of people understand the value of their food choices.

Summary -

● It helps me remain accountable to eating enough calories

● It helps me to understand how many calories are in the food I pick.

For clarification though, I do NOT track on holiday, I do track everything I eat and DRINK and no, I'm not saying you SHOULD do it.

It could help you, like everything else in health and fitness, it requires a healthy mindset, not obsession.

Tell me your thoughts 🤔


I was listening to the podcsst earlier and the conversation turned to transparency in business.

As a business owner now, and an advocate for people talking about their mental health and seeking support when required, I wanted to share my past.

By the time I was 15 my home had decayed into a place to sleep, my mum was drinking and using drugs. Whilst I was supporting my two younger sisters by working 6 nights a week in a fish and chip shop.

By 22 I'd been abusing drink and drugs and been abused in a marriage.

By 30 I'd suffered with depression, anxiety, self doubt and had no idea who I was.

I was told countless times, oncluding by my own familyI'd make nothing of myself. But, I've made my life MINE 🙌

I'm sharing this so if you train with us, you're online with us, you're watching our videos and learning from a distance, you know a big part of who I am.

Also, this pain I carry, its my fuel. If you feel wronged by life, a person or a situation, use it gor fuel, DON'T let it sink you.

If you're struggling or this resonates with you reach out to us.



The question I was asked the most around the race... what are you going to eat next week to recover?

Most people assumed it'll be a binged week full of pizza, chips and chocolate treats!

So, will I be eating all the treats?

No. I had a bit of a bingy day yesterday, a pint and a half of beer with Arsenal getting spanked and a service station Subway footlong, besides that my eating will be, well, normal...

It's important to reward yourself after a big goal is ticked off but right now my body is recovering, it needs

■ Vitamins and minerals
■ Protein
■ Sleep and rest

My breakfast is perfect for me, bacon, eggs (protein), pepper, tomatoes, spinach, multi vit + cod liver oil (vits and mins) and over 9hrs sleep last night 🌙 😴

The body is an amazing thing, I might not have the body of a Greek god but over the weekend my body carried me OVER 50 miles, my mind dug in to drag me through the rough patches and over the line. It's now my turn to look after my body 💪

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Have you ever noticed how we don't have any mirrors?

That's a decision we made early on. We don't believe confidence should come from how you look, instead we work with our clients to build their self confidence within.

Too often we hear phrases like 'I don't like how my belly looks' or 'I need to lose X amount of weight'. I understand that mindset because I have it too.

So, by not having mirrors means we can align our clients thoughts with what they achieve, not how they look. Confidence is built by learning a movement that felt too complex to do or lifting a weight that felt too heavy.

With the focus on performance and feeling good after workouts we see people start to genuinely enjoy training, want to challenge themselves further. This mindset leads to the physical changes they wanted whilst setting a foundation for lasting change, not quick fixes.

If you want to know more about our ethos and how we can help you, drop us a DM, we love to give any help we can, when we can.



We all have our struggles whether that is past or present. The reason why we are sharing this week and not last week is because it can be and should be discussed openly ALL the time.

If you are struggling with your mental health and want someone to talk to about it my wife, Daisy and I, are here to listen.

On Mondays we will be talking about mental health and how fitness can help improve mental health. After all, it is apart of our body that we need to look after.


YOUR space..

This space is all for YOU. Our clients deserve 1-2-1 training and their own space to feel comfortable. We are proud to be able to offer that.

I love this space because my clients feel so happy and relaxed that no one is watching them work out. Its just me and them, and Daisy.

Get in touch with us if you want to k ow more about what we offer!

Photos from Will Bevis Coaching's post 02/05/2022


What a weekend! We are absolutely blown away by the response and enquiries we have received since opening our doors only 36 hours ago.

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday and today! We really enjoyed having you and showing you the space.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for a FREE consultation or just come up to the farm for a coffee and a chat. The gate is always open for you.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Reading?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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This is Bailey. Bailey unfortunately is being horrendously bullied inside and outside of school. This has had a massive ...
Do what you LOVE! It really is that simple, if you enjoy the workout you are doing, it will make you want to do it more....




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