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Fit In Minutes


Do you struggle year on year to keep to your health & fitness routine? Maybe you start off strong—setting goals, buying new workout gear, hitting those workouts each morning and even prepping your weekly meals, but somewhere along the way, you began to fade.

‘Beat the Turkey’ is a FREE 5 day Virtual challenge run by Elite Conditioning and Fit In Minutes to help burn off the festive overload but also set the right strategy for sucesss in 2021.
Explore a variety of workouts
Shape your habits
Set a structure
Make time for you
Build a routine for 2021 that brings balance & happinesss.

To find out more go to:
If there is a 'you' shaped dip in the sofa and you need a bit of a kick start to get your fitness back after what has basically been a 3 month long buffet (surely not only us!) then please let us point you in the direction of Elite Conditioning and Fit In Minutes. They have teamed up to bring you the Lockdown Shred. Sounds scary but isn't!

We did Lockdown Shred 1 and it was very effective. The instructors are lovely, very motivational and fun. You will amazed at what you can achieve in just 20 minutes a day.

Lockdown shred 2 starts w/c 6th July💥🔥💪

Train with a GB Team Gold Medal Winner
2 instructors for high and low options so open to ALL abilities
Workouts designed for effective fat burning, for fast results including an insight to some of Karen Burles PT double GB championship training (indoor v40 60m & 200m 2020)

20 minute workouts
Yoga Shred™ Inspired Finishers
5 days a week
Live on Zoom Mon - Fri 8am
Recorded for catch up
4 weeks

Sign up here:
If you find yourself flagging and feeling a bit 'meh' and you're in need of a mind and body pick-me-up have a look at the Better Together programme designed by Karen Elite Conditioning and Kirsty Fit In Minutes.

It's a full 30 day programme of different exercises for all levels (a full run down is below) alongside virtual social events, beauty sessions, mini-challenges and mindfullness.

Both Karen and Kirsty are experienced instructors and they both have a great sense of fun so you'll never be bored! As you can see from the picture they have a lot planned but the great thing is that you can pick and choose what events you attend. But the real joy is that you can get all of this for just £30. If you're still uncertain just take a look at the reviews they've received for April and May's programme....

"I feel amazing and I'm loving the classes. My positivity has rocketed and my shape is changing" - May participant.

To join up just go to:

Right, so the exercises:

INSANITY - Insanity Live is a high-intensity-interval training and aims to constantly challenge your muscles so your body doesn't get used to a workout and it stays effective. ALL fitness levels are catered for!

BARRE BODY - Barre Body uses bodyweight moves from the Barre fitness program to specifically strengthen the core muscles (glutes, obliques, lower and upper abs). A great way to recover and prevent injuries whilist benefiting and toning the mid-section and glutes.

PILATES HITT - A faster paced pilates class that bring together tradtional pilates with HITT training. Moving from one move to the next, each exercise is performed for longer timed periods bringing the heart rate up and building strength.

BARRE 360 - A complete 360 Barre workout that combines Barre Basics – the fundamental Barre moves from Ballet, Fitness & Yoga
Barre Burn – intense, cardio moves and blasts
& Barre Bend – flexibility exercises for the perfect stretch

PiYo STRETCH & FLOW - PiYo Stretch & Flow focuses on the stretch & flow components of the tradtional PiYo format for a gentler, slightly slower paced workout, Bringing in sun salutations for the heat builder, lower body strength, straight into the flow section to work with the breath for slower, deeper movement and a final sculpting strength & stretch before a cool down.

METABOLIC BLASTER - A pure HITT training class to boost your metabolism, tone muscle and maximise fat loss though a combination of body weight exerises that will leave you feeling energised and ready to face the day ahead.

PILATES STRETCH - This class focuses on correcting inbalance and moving through a series of exercises that are designed to improve posture and strengthen the back. The ideal class if you are finding yourself sat in the same position on a daily basis. The perfect start to the day, completed regulary this class an help release tension and set you up for good posture throughout the day.

PiYo THE FULL WORKS - PiYo is an upbeat & exhilarting infusion of yoga and pilates moves to the vibing beat of the musiC. Segmented section-by-section, song-by-song working us through heat building, lower body, a short cardio burst then sinking into two songs of sweet, soulful, flow before finishing with a core focus and deep-heated stretch.

Please remember you can pick and choose the sessions you want and that are best for you.
You may have seen our post yesterday about FastTrack Fit Camp and we know that there are many other local health and fitness groups, classes and Personal Trainers who have taken their expertise online so please post in the comments below of any virtual classes that you are doing or are taking part in.

We know that Elite Conditioning are having a test week and will be running online Strong by Zumba and PiYo tomorrow night - hop over to their FB for sign in details and information.

Fit In Minutes are running online pilates classes. Again, check out their page for all the important details.

Anytime Fitness UK will have trainers running sessions on their FB page (see timetable)

Immortal Fitness is planning live online workouts, so stay in touch with their page.

We're sure there are many others and we will post them as soon as we know but please do share the online fitness groups you know of below.

Thank you!

Passionate about exercise that fits into everyday life and the mindset you need to keep it there.....could you get fit in minutes? http://www.fitinminutes.

Ok, so I’m not an ex athlete, marathon runner or extreme sports fanatic! I am an ordinary person who, like you; struggles to fit exercise into daily life. Despite this I have found numerous ways to motivate myself to exercise daily and to take my personal fitness to a higher level. Do you want to get your mind-set in the right place to achieve what you want from exercise? Do you want to find a way

Operating as usual


Can you help us 🤩❤️🤜

⭐️ We really need you ⭐️

👏 If the Elite Conditioning Team has inspired and helped you achieve your goals please take a moment to vote for us in the Community Fitness Awards 2021 in the Category Community Fitness Group/Team South & Wales 2021.

🗳 Only 25% of our final score is down to the public vote with the remaining 75% coming down to the judges vote.

⏰ Voting is open until Sunday 18 July at 8pm!

🏆 To make it to the final a huge achievement for the Elite Conditioning team who have work so hard, and even more so over the last year to inspire, keep our clients moving and having fun!

Click here to cast your vote:


Why summer IS actually the perfect time to make a start on those health & wellness goals.

🌅 The lighter mornings bring with it a renewed energy for waking up earlier and working out first thing.

☀️ The warmer weather makes working out outside more enjoyable.

🌇 Even the lighter evenings motivate you to be more active after work.

🥗 Summer see’s us all getting creative with our salads

🍓 Those summer fruits are more appealing on these warmer days, fruit salads, fruit and yoghurt, fruit smoothies, so much more refreshing in the summer.

At just 20 minutes a day, with two instructors for high impact & low impact follow along, our award winning Shred 20 online program is the perfect fitness program that can easily become part of your weekly schedule....

for life.

Not just for summer!

Sign up here:


Next week in our Shred 20 group we are featuring our “Waist Away 5 day challenge” - Nutrition coach Kirsty will be sharing her top 5 tips for safe & long lasting weight loss.

To join our members as they take on this challenge or to get your nutrition back on track just add yourself to the group:


Wow! One year of Shred how fabulous is that?


Ooo look 👀 what's happening!!


3 ways to keep moving online with Elite Conditioning:

Stronger Together - for that full online support from classes, well-being, nutrition, art therapy and socials
Shred 20 7 am, Mon-Fri
Lockdown Shred 3.0 (Starting next Monday) 7 pm, Mon - Fri

Stronger Together & Shred 20 sign up here:

Lockdown Shred 3.0 sign up here:


I simply love what we have created with this programme ❣️

Looking for more than just another virtual fitness class? A group with added nutritional coaching, daily challenges and motivational posts?

Stronger Together is our 30 day online version of our test group ‘Be more you’ and successful Lockdown ‘Better Together’ program.

Stronger together Oct:


Are you are feeling in need of some stretch and recovery? Join me tomorrow for Pilates Stretch 👍


Metabolic Blast tomorrow at 8.30am..start the day with a boost 👊


Pilates Hiit tonight at 7pm....a faster paced Pilates session to get you strong and lean 👍👍


And finally! A blast of a Fastract Fitcamp session!

It’s free to register for any of the classes:…

And donations go here:


A great opportunity to join me tomorrow to sample 3 types of Pilates - Traditional, HIIT and Stretch all in one 45 minutes session. Free just click the link!

To register for any of the classes:…

And donations go here:


In need of some recovery? Join us for Pilates Stretch on Saturday morning. 30 minutes of re-setting and rejuvenating 👌


And just in case your not exhausted enough 😂 Karen Burles PT is on for her final class at 3.00 pm for a full 45 minute version of insanity 🔥💥

It’s free to register for any of the classes:…

And donations go here:


***Not to be missed!***

Double trouble with Karen and Kirsty for our Yoga Shred Inspired workout launch tomorrow 🔥

It’s free to register for any of the classes:…

And donations go here:


Awake tonight at midnight? Come join Karen Burles PT for this fabulous free Barre Body workout as part of the FastTrack Fit Camp Virtual 24 hour Charity Event - you may even be able to lie down for most of it (well do lying down exercises that is 🤪)

It’s free to register here:!list-2020-06-13 — feeling energized at FastTrack Fit Camp.


Calling all night owls! An opportunity for you to join the amazing Karen Burles PT for a free PiYo flow session.

A full 2 beautiful rounds of PiYo Flow to calm the mind, body and soul. Perfect to set yourself up for a great nights sleep. Join her FREE tonight at 1 am:

It’s free to register for any of the classes:!list-2020-06-13

And donations go here: — feeling calm at FastTrack Fit Camp.


It's day 9 for team Lockdown Shred... Today is cherry picker - an awesome upper body workout 😍


Join me tomorrow morning for a 30 minute Metabolic Blast. Get your day off to a great start 👍👍


Fancy a virtual challenge this weekend? From Friday night there are some treats at FastTrack Fitcamp. Do join us for our 24 hour charity event.

You can join myself and Karen for some great workouts including Pilates, and our brand new Yoga Shred Inspired class.

It’s free to register for any of the classes:!list-2020-06-13

And donations go here:

See you there!


Join me tonight for a blast of Pilates Hiit 👍 the perfect way to end a day of sitting at your desk...


This fast paced Pilates class is a perfect way to end any day 💪


They are off ! 65 Lockdown shredders kick start their journey ‘live’ with Kirsty and myself this morning 💥 with the rest catching up via recording later today.

‘Great to be back working out in the morning - loved it’

‘Well done Karen & Kirsty that was amazing 🙂 Really looking forward to the next 19. Off to measure now 🙂 Who knew so many of us could do a 4 minute wall squat.’

‘That was amazing thankyou, did the low version with Kirsty Boswell. Struggled with that wall squat so did some burpees at the end.‘

‘Really loved that! Thank you. Im feeling all set up for the day and kind of proud of myself for achieving a 4 minute wall sit (I did straighten my legs out a couple of times but went straight back in, wasn't sure if that was classed as resting or not but did the burpee forfeit anyway.)‘

‘Really enjoyed it K&K - full of energy and all before 9am on a Monday 👌’


We start tomorrow 💪


Finishing of the 30th day of the Better Together program with my Pilates Stretch class. Join me to ease yourself into another glorious Saturday.


***30 day challenge - Day 30***

The exercise everyone’s loves to hate but is so good for you. Pop us a like or comment when your done ⬇️


There is still time to join us 💥




***30 day challenge - Day 29***

A nice simple one before we hit the big ‘30’ challenge tomorrow! Pop us a like or comment when your done ⬇️


‘This program has brought consistency and variety to my usual fitness routine. I am feeling stronger and progressing each week and I’ve tried so many new activities through the socials that in the usual world I wouldn’t have had the time or confidence to do. A wonderful positive to lockdown life’.


Are you ready to work?



Our Story

Ok, so I’m not an ex athlete, marathon runner or extreme sports fanatic! I am an ordinary person who, like you; struggles to fit exercise into daily life.

Despite this I have found numerous ways to motivate myself to exercise daily and to take my personal fitness to a higher level.

Do you want to find a way to fit exercise into your life and make it part of your routine?

I would love to help you feel fitter and healthier, I offer 1-1 personal training, group fitness and PiYo classes coming soon!

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