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Operating as usual


Nice to get back on the pads with just warming up! 🔥 🥊


Seems like there is light at the end of this tunnel and hopefully we’re on the path back to freedom!🙌🏾 Have a great week, enjoy it & smash it!


No Monday Motivation this week, just wanted to say- Do something that makes you feel good this week, make yourself happy!👍🏾😊


Tuesday Tips- Goal Setting 🥅
We all want to achieve our goals In all the different facet of our lives. But a goal without a plan is just a dream.
The same goes in the gym If you want to change your body get stronger, lose weight etc, the best way to go about that is structured programming otherwise you’re really just stabbing in the dark and delaying, reaching your goals and being the you, you want to be.
So either seek help from a Trainer (Me) or Do your own plan if you feel you have the knowledge, but give yourself the best opportunity of success!
Any PT or Programme Enquires DM Me 📧


March/New Month, New Opportunities, Hopefully It’s A Good One, But You’ve Got To Make It One, No One’s Going To Bring Success To You...You’ve Got To Go And Get It! 📊


Tuesday Tip
How can you get the most out of your workouts?
In Lockdown if you’ve got lighter weights it’s best to do higher reps stuff to try and get close to the load you would be moving if you were in a normal gym environment
If you’re doing 2/3 weighted sessions a week, it would be best to do full body sessions to get the most out of your training so each muscle gets hit with a high amount of frequency throughout the week
It’s Lockdown, it can get boring, make your workouts enjoyable and effective, switch them up do what you enjoy, maybe boxing maybe running maybe more movement based stuff like skipping whatever it may be keep switching it up so you can be consistently engaged! 🙌🏾


The saying is “ If you’re going through hell keep going” and thats true. But sometimes you’ve gotta take a step back to take 2 forward, you may get upset, unmotivated, discouraged, lose your way because let’s be honest, life’s tough. But the answer isn’t to quit it might call for you to sit down look at your life, assess and then go again! It’s only over if you quit, you never know how close you’re to that breakthrough and getting where you want to be, keep going! Have a good week!👊🏾


Monday Week 7 📌
Everyday’s probably starting to feel like groundhog day and stress begins to build. Don’t be too tough on yourself, sometimes your mind and body needs rest, that may mean taking a week off workouts or tapering them to lighter sessions, or starting exercise for those that haven’t, it could mean going for more walks, meditating, coming off social media, reading a book. Whatever it may be, make sure you take the time to look after yourself, make sure you take time to recharge yourself and not just your phone, so you can also operate at full capacity. Have a good week👍🏾 🔋


Week 6 ✅ , Times are tough for everyone atm, but stay strong and try and stay on the right track, slow and steady wins the race! 🚃


Week 6, Another Monday, you know what it is......another week of life & opportunity, go and grab it! 🙌🏾


Friday! Week 5 ☑️


FEBRUARY- Week 5 you’re all probably bored of hearing me say it but I’m going to keep saying it anyway 😄 It’s a new month 🙌🏾 new week new opportunity, go out and get what you want!🙏🏾


FRIDAY- Week 4 ☑️
Feels like the quickest January on record😅, hope you’ve all had a good week, remember not every week’s going to be your best, but just keep showing up and you’ll get there!
How’s you January been?! ⬇️


C’mon guy’s week 4, weekends done, let’s get back on the bike and smash it, here’s to a good week! 🥃 smash it! 🚀


Finishing another week strong! 🙌🏾 ✅ Hope you’ve all had a good week, enjoy the weekend! 🎉


Stiff Back? Tight Hamstrings?
With lockdown a lot of us are living a more sedentary lifestyle atm and a lot of you who are working from home are most likely sat down all day without much activity which leads to tight hip flexors/glutes/hamstrings and backs
These 3 stretches will help you feel more mobile, looser and less tight and should help free up your lower back!
1) Hip Flexor Stretch- One foot forward, other leg bent on chair, keep your knee as close to the chair as possible, you should feel the stretch at the top of your thigh.
2) Glute Stretch- Pidgeon stretch place one leg across yourself while having the other leg straight back and sit as deep into it as possible.
3) Hamstring Stretch- this ones really good for the top of your hamstrings and will help your lower back too. Place 1 leg on to something slightly elevated at the front part of your foot
and the other leg behind you bent, keeping your back straight.
Hold each stretch anywhere between 30secs - 2mins, do it morning and night and you should feel to begin looser and looser!👌🏾


Staring at week 3 ready to smash it like😂 💣, you know what It is another Monday another week another opportunity! 🙏🏾

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Friday Week 2, another week done ✅ keep ticking them off stay focused, stay strong and we’ll all get through this 💪🏾 just focus on 1% better every week, everyday! 📈


Workout Boredom? The Likelihood is we’re going to be in this Lockdown well into March, so you’ve got to make sure you’re still getting your workouts in, but mix them up so you don’t get bored.
At the moment I’m doing 3/4 weighted workouts a week a long with 1 Boxing & Core Workout, and one on a Saturday which maybe a bit of football or a long walk and a few shots in my golf net😅
Which is allowing me to still work hard and have fun with my workouts, so make sure you’re switching yours up too, get your weighted sessions in, for you cardio...go on a bike ride, walk, run, bit of boxing or skipping, whatever it may be. It’s going to be a long few months for some of us so just try and have fun with it! 😄🙌🏾
1-2-1 PT Sessions are available with me, just drop me a DM 📧

Photos from Aaron Watkins PT's post 11/01/2021

Week 2- Attack The Day/Week, Make It A Good One! 📈💥


Week 1 Done! ☑️ Keep Pushing You Got This! 💪🏾

Photos from Aaron Watkins PT's post 06/01/2021

Just some tips I thought would be useful for some of you through my lockdown experiences, the last slides the most important 😁👍🏾


Don’t let yourself falter in Lockdown DM/Email to get started/more info!


First Monday of 2021, make it a good one, let’s get it! 💣 📈🙌🏾


📤Gym’s back open Wednesday...but you’ve prob had a month off weightlifting, pushing weight to your normal capacity or exercise all together for some of you 👀.
So when you go back, don’t just try and pick up where you left off, you’ll likely won’t be able to lift what you were lifting with correct form and with that comes injuries, so be smart and build yourself back up! 📊📈
Will post a workout tomorrow, which will be good for you, when you get going in the gym again, have a good week!👍🏾


Health Is Wealth
Just because we’re in lockdown, don’t sacrifice your good work and “sack it off “ till the new year, there’s a lot of time between now & then. Keep a happy,healthy balanced diet 🖇⚖️


Another Week, Keep It Moving, Keep Working, It Will Pay Off Eventually! 📊📈


Friday Workout- Woke up tired and when I’m tired I’m very irritable 😅 but I couldn’t be bothered to do a heavy weight session or train at all really. But I knew really, I’d feel better doing a workout so I switched it up just done a little circuit to get that good after workout feeling and it’s always nice to get a little sweat and blow on! 😅 🌬
Give it a go, only equipment required is a resistance band and swap out the slam ball exercise if you haven’t got one, happy Friday 🤟🏾


Lockdown or No Lockdown Every Day’s Another Chance To Chase Your Dreams! 🥇 ⛰ 🏃🏾‍♂️


Get your Lockdown PT sessions booked in, just drop me a DM to get started
Outdoors but with cover, so rain’s no issue!

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Nice to get back on the pads with @aaron_boyle just warming up! 🔥 🥊





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