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Hope you're all having a fab Sunday! ✨🌕✨

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"The great limitation of ego consciousness is that it tends to concretise reality in order to make itself feel secure. Thus it perceives life in doing, and doing implies being able to control or manipulate." - Marion Woodman
Instead, focusing on being - allows opportunities to come your way. This pose and breathing through the discomfort of the pose for me embodies just being. The discomfort only serves as a reminder that keeps me in the moment.


Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training - Shiva-Shakti Module

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Warrior. Strength. Power. The cycle of entering the darkness and transforming our own strength and reclaiming our power.


Kitten loves salt lamps


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I'm officially qualified in Reiki 1 😀😀😀✨✨


Practice! After what feels like ages being out of action thanks to a lovely eye injury! It feels sooooo good to get back on the mat and just let it all flow! Here's a snippet! 🦋✨


Hrdaya mudra is the energetic seal of unconditional love and all-flowing compassion.

Hrdaya means “heart”, “center”, “essence”, and “core of something”.

Hri means “heart”.

Daya means “compassion”.

Hrdaya is the root of the heart and the spiritual home where Heaven & Earth unite and give birth to ananda, the bliss that has no opposite.

Mudras are one of my most Beloved practices and an important component of Rasa Yoga. In our Online Teacher Training, I cover 33+ mudras throughout the 6-modules.

Learn more about Mudras and their power by joining me in this training opening for enrollment soon:

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✨Y O G A C L A S S E S✨

Come and join me on the mat! Tuesday's 6.30pm - 7.30pm. New classes. Contact me for details and to book.

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New classes starting on Tuesday! Contact me for more info and to book (details in bio!) take that leap into something new!


I am honored to be one of 30+ master yoga teachers, consciousness leaders and wisdom keepers chosen to discuss the deeper roots of yoga...WHY it is that we practice, and HOW we can embody and live yoga to activate the changes in ourselves and our world that we so urgently need.

In addition to my talk, “Vulnerability is the Gateway to True Intimacy” you will hear inspiring teachings from Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Anand Mehrotra and so many other leaders in the field of yoga and awakening consciousness as we elevate the discussion of yoga back to the heart of the practice.

Yoga + Self Mastery Summit
September 13-19
Sign up for FREE here:

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🦋 N E W C L A S S E S 🦋

Starting Tuesday 19th September, evenings. Contact me for more details and to book!

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With the eclipse yesterday (for those lucky enough to see!) and with Mercury retrograde it's a time of reflection and reviewing. What do we need to release in our lives in order to move forward. What intentions do we set and what do we call in 💙✨

Quote by unknown - if anyone knows the source I will gladly credit! ✨

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Back in Amsterdam! 🇳🇱

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Got some exciting projects I'm working on. Can't wait to share 😀 for now though - time to work hard! 💙

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I will be teaching a cover class at Nirvana Spa Pulse8 on Sunday 10th September at 8.30am - come and join! ✨🕉✨ feel free to share / repost!

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competition day 4: 🔥CONFIDENCE 🔥
This is my year of finding my fire. I am not a victim, I take responsibility and I act upon it. I am growing in confidence by stepping up and feeling proud of the woman I have become.
I am thrown (and I throw myself at times 😉) into situations that are uncomfortable and I am thankful as it is the only way to grow.
We all have amazing capabilities and amazing courage and strength - take a hold of it and show the world what you have to offer!! 🦁

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Urban Priestess competition day 5: 💕SISTERHOOD 💕

I'm so grateful for the amazing soul sisters I've met on this journey! Shared a beautiful moment visiting the Chalice Well last weekend with the gorgeous (and soul brother !) so very grateful to have met and connected with so many amazing people after such a unique heart / love vibe training group!!! 💕 the heart tribe community lives on ✨ sending so much love to you all ✨✨

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day 3 Finding your Voice!

Much like Sianna's post - I too was always terrified to speak out loud in front of people. When I was training to become a yoga teacher I faced this fear - which is helping me to overcome it as well as learning to project my voice with authority in loving service.
I have shocked myself at times stood in front of a large class hoping I wouldn't mess up my words, hoping everyone would hear me - knowing I stood up to my calling and people enjoyed it fills my heart with satisfaction. I am finding my voice more and I bow in gratitude for all the opportunities that led me to grow and to all my teachers who have helped me along the way 🙏🏽

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I'm a little bit behind! So will catch up today!! Belated day 2 of
For me collaboration starts within. The balance of the masculine and feminine energies within before we are able to give fully to others.
As a water sign 💧 I harbour mostly feminine energies naturally - but I needed to find my fire 🔥 I've been working on a new type of strength, within my practice and it's manifested within.
I have more to offer. More to give. This inner work gives way to an external collaboration for my community

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Lights and crystals ✨💜✨

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Sneaking into some ruins 🌱

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My main wish is that women come out of hiding and open their magical wings into the world. Women share collective memories and it runs deep in our psyche the times of hiding our magic, our healing capacities, our truth and our power.
Many women have been taught to distrust their own intuition and to compete with each other.

What if women all over the world started looking to each other for inspiration, support, and truly wanting to see each other flourish?

What if we said YES to our magic and shared our soul medicine with the world? This is my big hope.

Join our Global Sisterhood:

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Twisting Tuesdays!

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Beautiful sacred space for peaceful, loving and magical meditations 💕✨

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Let's show love and respect for all beings and nature. They have just as much right as we do to be on this planet but they don't have as much of a voice so we have to stand up where we can. Humans can be so destructive. One day we will realise we can't get it all back and money is totally useless then. The earth provides so much for us - food, moments of calm, beauty. So much to be grateful for. The animals on this earth want to be shown love and compassion, it breaks my heart to see the treatment of some animals. To see the reality of slaughterhouses and dairy industries, festivals in countries that kill millions of animals, poachers, fur and leather trade, animal testing, zoos etc leaves me in utter despair. What's happened? Where is the kindness and love towards the earth and all beings? Time to wake up and realise the realities of what goes on behind closed doors of these industries and make a conscious decision to make a change. Animals have as much right as humans to be here so let's treat them with compassion. Let's treat the earth with respect and you will get so much love back ✨🌎


The flow of every single aspect of life is in alignment with the flow of the greater whole 🌬✨

Dancing incense by 🕉

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