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8pm – Mixed class kickboxing, Caversham Hall, St Johns Rd, Caversham
Beginners w

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Beaten Path Secret Trail Running Club

Trail running adventures for all abilities. We won't tell you where you're going, only when and how far. Discover more of where you live. 27/04/2015

Don't Apply If You're Not Going To Try

Don't Apply If You're Not Going To Try This weekend tens of thousands of runners, joggers and plodders took on the London Marathon. There are hundreds of marathons run around the world, on every continent every weekend (yes, even Antarctica), but every runner admits there's something a little special about London.  Without doubt, it's th… 01/04/2015

Mounting Mountains: A Missive From The Movement Clinic

Mounting Mountains: The latest missive from The Movement Clinic. You'll love it. Also available on our website blog with a nice picture of a mountain. A little over a week ago, around 15,000 people ran the Reading Half-Marathon. I wonder how many spent last week walking like John Wayne, shuffling down the stairs on their bums and using the disabled toilets at work?   And how many have been for a run since? How many, having reached their goal, will… 20/03/2015

Break it Down Bobbo-Style

Shut Your Yapper – The Movement Clinic Break it Down Bobbo-Style! This weekend, up to 15,000 heroes will take to the streets of Reading to run, trot, walk and stumble their way through 13.1 miles.   The fastest will be round in about an hour; others will take at least three. Some, whippet thin, will glide smoothly over the tarmac. Others will look like they’re lim… 26/02/2015

Wholier Than Thou

Wholier Than Thou - the long overdue newsletter from The Movement Clinic now available! It's been too long since our last newsletter. I'm sorry. The fact is, we've been busy. Really busy. Which is the world's worst excuse. No one should be too busy to do important things. It's the runners fault. We're currently in the middle of the busiest part of their year. People are preparing for 5… 29/01/2015

Adventures of Geography and Soul

Adventures of Geography and Soul: The Movement Clinic's latest newsletter/blog post detailing one man's struggle with fat and footpaths. By 'Barefoot' Gavin You are special. Yes, you. A unique combination of atoms and chemical interactions. A magic mulch of stardust that has never been before and shall never be repeated again.  You are capable of amazing things. You are capable of more than lying on a sofa; more than watching other peoples' lives on the… 14/01/2015

New Year New Poo

Our first blog/newsletter of 2015. Also available on the Movement Clinic website with a picture of some toilet paper. Keeping it classy.!New-Year-New-Poo/ch57/975586C7-49F4-4F8B-A053-6B736845F4EA So, it’s the middle of January already. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Have you broken it yet? If not, you’re in the minority.   You don’t need to see the cupboards full of research papers on New Year’s resolutions to know that they invariably fail; we’ve all been there and done that.   Resol… 24/12/2014

Eat. Drink. Be Merry!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry! A festive missive from the Movement Clinic It’s the most wonderful time of the year. A time when it’s acceptable to eat chocolates for breakfast, spoonfeed yourself a mixture of butter, sugar and brandy straight from the bowl, and pickle yourself in your alcoholic poison of choice. All from the comfort of the sofa while watching back-to-back… 10/12/2014

Why Fronts: Goals are Pants

Our latest most brilliant newsletter is now out. Also available on our blog with a picture of some pants. Comedy gold. ( Last week I met a young man who wants to become an officer in the British military. We were meeting because officer selection requires a pretty rigorous fitness test.   When I quizzed him about the tests, how many press ups he’d have to complete in two minutes and how fast he’d have to complete the…

[09/16/14]   Belated, but deserved congratulations to Gavin Maitland-Smith who knocked 5 hours off his previous best in the 100km Thames Path Challenge. It was an impressive performance in which he stuck religiously to the race plan and was still putting in fast, strong running intervals right to the finish line. In one year he has achieved so much, changed so much, and developed into a fine runner (and technique coach to boot!) If you want to know how it's done, get in touch!

[09/09/14]   This Saturday, I will be accompanying the indomitable Gavin Maitland-Smith on another 100km foot race along the Thames from Putney to Henley. It marks a year since his first Ultra marathon and will be his fourth in the past 12 months. We are hoping to take 5 hours off his previous time... Wish us luck!

[06/26/14]   Plyometrics are advanced exercises designed to induce the 'stretch-contract' reflex in muscles and develop power. There are countless variations, but simply hopping is a plyometric exercise that transfers directly to running... Yesterday I bet my 8yr-old daughter £50 that she couldn't hop all the way up the hill from her school (from Victoria Road to Blenheim Rd for any locals!). She was allowed to change legs twice. It's about 100m and steep. And I'm now £50 lighter. If you're not used to plyometrics, do NOT try this... it's a shortcut to injury! But if you can match it, we want video proof!

[04/14/14]   No circuit training this morning!

[04/06/14]   NO CIRCUIT TRAINING Monday April 6th.

[03/17/14]   NO Circuit Training this morning - sorry! 04/03/2014

Is nutrient timing dead? And does "when" you eat really matter?

A great article this - especially if you're hung up on what and when you eat (no carbs at night - protein heavy breakfasts etc; cramming protein shakes during the anabolic window post-workout). Turns out everything you thought you knew might be wrong! For the past two decades, nutrient timing has been a hot topic in sports and exercise nutrition – seeming to answer many questions about weight loss, body composition, and health. But is it really as important as it seems? Brian St. Pierre examines the latest evidence, showing us why it’s high time…


At the finish of the 2014 Thames Trot. Well done Gavin, and hope your VivoBarefoot Coaching exams go well today!


The Next Family Fitness Class is on Monday 17th Feb (half term) at 9.30am at Caversham Hall, St John's Road. Who's coming??

Family Fitness Classes 07/02/2014

Family Fitness Classes


2014 so far 30/01/2014

Professional intervention can challenge childhood obesity - PT Magazine

Parents, carers, teachers, schools... act now! We are well experienced in producing fun and simulating exercise sessions for children. Perfect Fit already delivers regular parent/child exercise classes; children's kickboxing classes; has taught in schools (fitness and kickboxing) and coaches a local primary school running club. But we must do more: Childhood obesity needs urgent action to prevent a futu […] 28/01/2014

Why Running Form Matters

Why Running Form Matters!
This is a long but interesting read for anyone interested in starting running, or getting better at it. If you've trained with me, you'll no doubt have heard me talk about all these points before (you may well be sick of them by now!) but have a read anyway. Key quote:
"A lot of people waste far more time being injured from running with muscle imbalances and poorly developed form than they do spending time doing drills or exercises or short hills or setting aside a short period each week to work on form itself." When Bill Rodgers was the best marathoner in the world in the late 1970s, a biomechanist named Peter Cavanagh tested him in his lab at Penn State. As part of the test, Cavanagh had Rodgers "fix" his trademark across-the-body right arm swing. The result? Running with more textbook form, Rodgers' runn...

[01/14/14]   So today, I had to teach a class of 7-8yr olds all about the different components of fitness, why they're important, and how you might train for each. I think I got away with it... Now I just have to assess the 40min training programs they come up with on Thursday...

[01/13/14]   Traffic just silly this morning... Might have to start circuits class a little late

[01/08/14]   There's a good chance that with your new year's resolutions under your belt you're currently out running in an attempt to get fit and lose weight. And you're probably not enjoying it. And you're probably heading for injury. In the words of The Blow Monkeys, it doesn't have to be this way. Some key (though not exhaustive) tips for safe, efficient and more enjoyable running:

1. Take it easy. If you're new to running, don't force it. Even if you haven't run for months (or years), and have only just got round to starting training for the Reading Half Marathon, don't force it and don't panic. If you're worried, pm me and I'll happily talk you through how you're going to manage (and you ARE going to manage). If you force it and push the mileage too quickly, you WILL get injured. Better to run your race slowly than never make the start line at all.

2. Focus on HOW you run, not just on racking up the miles in a state of purgatory. By treating running as a skill, you will enjoy the experience more and reduce your chance of injury.

3. Shorten your stride. Don't overreach to try and generate speed. Landing with your foot too far in front of your hip (typically with a stiff leg) slows you down and increases impact forces.

4. Increase your stride pattern. Increased cadence actually has the effect of shortening your stride. Most elite runners take over 180 steps per minute. Runners who 'over-stride' typically take less than 160. Research by the Uni of Wisconsin showed that a subtle increase in cadence of 5-10% produces a significant reduction in impact forces. Run to the beat of Mr Blue Sky (176bpm) or go to and pick songs to match your desired stride rate.

5. Think posture, rhythm, relaxation. You want to be running tall, leading with the hips with relaxed legs and shoulders. You don't want to be one of the masses of shufflers, bent at the waist, face to the floor, looking like you're on a death march. Start each training session by standing tall, looking at the horizon and gently jogging on the spot (to your desired cadence). Then, keeping your posture and rhythm, simply start moving forward.

6. Strengthen your body. It's possible to run fast marathons and even ultramarathons by only running 3 times a week. As long as you strengthen the body with cross training. This could be another sport, or it could simply be a strength and conditioning program. You want to work the glutes, quads, calves, the stablising muscles of your hips, your core... Look, you need to strengthen the whole body! Every muscle is connected and any weak links in the chain can have knock-on effects elsewhere. Pilates works well. Kettlebells are excellent. Or get yourself to a decent bootcamp and you'll get extra cardiovascular conditioning too (try Love Your Life or Progressive Fitness).

7. ENJOY IT! This goes back to point 1. Yes, you're going to have to put in some hard work. Some very hard work at times. But it shouldn't feel like punishment. If it does, get in touch. Not everyone enjoys doing the same thing, and maybe you need to look at getting your exercise another way, but my clients will attest to the fact that running can, and IS, fun.

[01/07/14]   Total of four miles, uphill intervals with the increasingly impressive Gavin M-S at 6.30 this morning... Pure insanity in driving rain and standing water over our shoes... The manic laughter through the worst downpour just proved we've truly lost it in pursuit of ultra marathon success; well done Gavin!

[01/05/14]   Don't forget - Circuit classes start again Monday Jan 6th, 9.30am, Caversham Hall, St John's Road (next to Newbridge Nursery), RG4 5AN. Everyone welcome and all fitness levels catered for - start the new year breathless!

[12/23/13]   Finished last training session before Christmas this morning and I'm still buzzing from it. I'm simply blown away by the progress made by all my clients and Sue H typifies their inspiring efforts. As someone who when I met her said she 'hates running', she is now out on her own, 2 or 3 times a week, racking up the miles. Every Monday morning she's up for a 6 o'clock session with me doing intervals and strength work. She's gone from managing intervals measured in seconds to intervals lasting minutes with some steep hills thrown in for good measure. She's losing weight and, most importantly, she's running because it makes her happy. When people find the joy in movement - whether it's weightlifting or distance running - that to me is the 'moment'. That's more important than dropping a dress size or winning a race; that's when you've found your path to a happier, healthier life.

[11/29/13]   It's not over yet, but so far this week my clients' effort and dedication has been inspirational. And always great to see the improvements; in strength, confidence, speed, weight loss. Apologies to the lovely Cathy Smith for not being able to coach you tonight... I will be spending several hours giving free massages to Caversham Primary parents in order to raise much needed money for the school.

[11/26/13]   Hard set of intervals this morning with Gavin M-S. A quick 'warm up' (7x 60s sprints with decreasing rests from 60s down to 20s). Followed by 5x 800m repeats with rests decreasing from 90s to 30s; all in what we optimistically term 'undulating' Oxfordshire countryside. The high points: a magnificent sunrise over a classic English landscape, and Gavin's unstinting hard work. The lows: Gavin suggesting I read a Dan Brown novel and insisting on telling me about his appendage... Not sure which sickened me more. It's the idea of reading a Dan Brown novel actually.

[11/22/13]   Long but exciting day full of great clients and big efforts. Trish pushed through her pre-dawn press ups; Gavin nailed both downhill and uphill sprint repeats; Tone It Up class got tricked into burpees but performed spectacularly (even though there was some confusion about 'ripping the paper' during squats!); and Paula capped her third training session of the week with a mean core & press matrix and still managed to smile at the end of it (and she's lost 9lbs in the last month!) All that plus a new runner on board with London Marathon training... Shame Cathy S can't make tonight, but we'll get back to your deadly-ninja training on Monday! Helen P - coming for you tomorrow morning! Tired but happy - thanks everyone! 21/11/2013

3 Myths About the Role of Minamilist Shoes in Improving Running Form : Runners Connect

Form before footwear - something I always try to drill in to my runners. Or more simply, it's not about the shoes; it's about mechanics.
One of the best running resources on the web has come up trumps again and explains it brilliantly: Do minimalist running shoes automatically improve running form? Shoe companies would like you to believe so, but what does the research and analysis say? 20/11/2013

Paleo, vegan, intermittent fasting … what's the best diet?

The best bit of writing about nutrition I've read in a long, long time. Key quotes:
'The best coaches don’t actually have a single nutrition philosophy… It is possible to be healthy and fit whether you eat mostly meat or mostly veggies, mostly fat or mostly carbs, many times a day or just a few times, and so on.Which means that… when you work with actual human beings, you must be a nutritional agnostic.' The question I'm asked more than any other is which “nutrition camp” I fall into. Am I a paleo guy? What about vegan? Low carb? Intermittent fasting? In this article I'll explain why those are actually the wrong questions to ask, offer a new question, and reveal what kind of "nutrition guy" I really...

[11/20/13]   Only Wednesday but already been a great week for my runners – Monday morning Sue is gently finding her new and improved running technique and discovered she can run for longer than she imagined; Paula R surprised even me today with her pace and durability, managed to adapt to a more efficient technique in just one hour and conquer a previously dreaded hill. And Gavin M-S put in another hard interval session as part of his transformation from pit-pony to elegant race horse! Good work all... feeling just a little bit proud.

[11/11/13]   Don't forget Tabata Circuit class this morning - 9.30am, Caversham Hall, RG4 5AN. Suitable for beginners and hardcore exercise monkeys, and perfect cross training if you're embarking on your half-marathon training program!




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