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Throughout over a decade of supporting people on their journey to better health, we have built a solid foundation of processes and steps that really work for people. Small habits build into small course corrections that can impact your health positively for the rest of your life. The best results come from when people take ACTION, we help you find the will to do so. Here at Eat Well and Work Out w

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Online Personal Training..spaces available!

⭐️ Daily diarised bespoke workouts (strength, torso, mobility)..tailored to YOU. Ensure you stay compliant as your coach gets to see all the check ins! 🤓

⭐️ Trackable results: body composition, food diaries, habits, sets, weights and reps. The mirror (and your perception) often misses the huge changes just under the surface..we don’t miss any!

⭐️ Videos of descriptions of every exercises, plus ability to video yourself doing the move and watch back comparing to the coaching video. Real time feedback on each and every rep.

⭐️ Download coaching cards, for that bit of extra info when you need it.

⭐️ Constant contact with your coach. Here at any time for motivation, ideas, adjustments and that well placed boost just when you need it!

⭐️ In person sessions available to clients in south east UK to compliment the online support

⭐️ Monthly (and more if needed) coaching calls with YOUR coach

Extending previous offer, discounted monthly rate of £59.99 (usually £100).

Drop a comment below if interested..and I’ll message you directly..

Or..text, call, WhatsApp 07870 262741.



What a 12 months we have had.

But we can use this..

COVID is becoming preventable as we learn how to fight it and the vaccine is being administered.

Heroes of the day (albeit always have been really!) are the Scientists, NHS staff, Docs, First Responders Key workers and, well, all of us that have stuck by the rules.

Maybe a bit of repositioning in our lives is in order..

We can become our own hero with regards to our health.

-We had to wait for the scientists to catch up with the virus..yet WE don’t have to wait to catch ourselves up with knowledge of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

-We had to wait for the vaccine to be produced, but we are only ONE choice away from getting some exercise, swerving some food, or too much of it, that we know we shouldn’t have. Wait for someone to ‘fix’ an issue you may have in 1/2/20 years...or take a tiny step now and swerve it completely?

-We are counting on our immune system if the virus comes out way to get it us clear, yet we know all the things we can do to ramp it up to give us the best fighting chance.

I know I’ve said it, and had it said to me, countless times that we feel more helpless than we ever have at this current time.

Yet, anyone, of ANY age is FAR from helpless when it comes to taking ACTION where they can with ownership of their lifestyle and health in some way or other.

We have an invisible enemy that we can spread before we know we have it. A dangerous disease that stops us being close to others and those we love.

Yet, may a bit of time and energy investing in a better YOU is a good idea so when we come out of this we have extra energy, less worry and a healthy body and mind.

The pride you will have in the changes you have made in this HUGE opportunity will keep you going for many years to come!


A Barbell can fix everything!

Well not everything, and it’s only one tool of many..but to those that use is a powerful one!

That said, I'm only half joking when I say to my clients that pretty much anything can be 'fixed' with a good session on the weights.

There actually is a really definite difference between entry and exit from a sesson that I feel in myself.....and see many times a day with my clients!

Check out the weightlifting pros at the next olympics..

These guys are at the peak of their sport and are strong, BUT it goes deeper than that:

Watch how they walk to the podium, the confidence and power they allude is not all bravado and the mental game they are playing.

They look confident and powerful because they ARE powerful.

We are primed as a hunter species to spot strength...the strong animals are to be avoided!

We are primed as a social species to spot strength in our own kind. Either as a threat in possible rivals, however more frequently as a strong friend that will be useful in our tribe.

You can bet on your life that ALL your ancestors were the fittest and strongest...otherwise you wouldn't be here!

So, how about harnessing that legacy in your genes and taking that amazing, adaptive body for a test drive?

Often the aches, pains and niggles we feel are from a LACK of activity, imbalance of muscle tone or diminished mobility.

Or in other words, USE it or LOSE it!

A challenging work out balances our mood, regulates blood sugar levels, helps us sleep and wakes up our muscles.

Also, after a tough day of stressors that we can't fight or scarper from...our physiology demands some sort of release or challenge to clear this imbalance.

-Had an argument which was resolved quickly after a work out?
-Had tough feedback that you can respond and absorb constructively after a quick lift of the barbell?
-Had road rage that kept you angry for hours until you got out for a walk which left you seeing it as a minor mishap?

Whatever your experience or fitness level, just add a little tiny workout or bit of movement of some sort every time you get that stressful, anxious or grumpy mood.

I've never had anyone come back and say this doesn't work.

It is how we are made up through evolution.

Brain frazzled = body needs to do work!

It will repay you in so many ways that your only regret is that you didn't try it earlier!

Connecting You to Your Movement Path | Gray Cook | Talks at Google 16/01/2021

Connecting You to Your Movement Path | Gray Cook | Talks at Google

‘Move Well, then move often’
- Gray Cook

Sometimes we need to learn how to learn again! I often get frustrated when I can't do a move first (anything balanced based I really struggle with!) and I see clients do the same.

It's always good to remember the concept of training age. This is the time spent training yourself and can also be broken down into the moves e.g. You have been squatting for 3 weeks but deadlifting for a day.

Everything (and everyone) must start somewhere so be ready to make learning part of the journey and enjoy pushing your boundaries!

Whether referring to a physical movement, practicing or starting a new habit, each repeated attempt means you create a better foundation. Deliberate practice is dynamite.

Your first attempts with anything new physically will need to start like this. Our brains create new neural networks with every attempt, seamlessly rejecting a wrong pattern and accepting a good one. Slight caveate however is you need to be conscious of what a good move feels like.

You will hear strength coaches/ PTs talk of 'form', this is the safest, most balanced and mechanically advantageous way to do a move. Getting coaching on good form is vital!

We've all probably seen the Four Stages of Competence:

1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence

I see this as happen in front of my eyes on a daily basis with my clients when learning a new move. It's probably the best part of the job 😉

My role as a coach is to guide someone to the point where they progress through all four stages until they master the move almost without thinking.

Then we add weights or resistance of some sort, where the process begins again as the load changes the dynamics and makes the move hard again. Every step we make our body gets stronger.

Really important points to remember:

- everyone must start somewhere so if you don't get a movement right, keep trying..and rest assured that each time gets closer to mastery
- we can improve balance considerably with practice
- you already have the hardware to move really well, it's maybe just the software that needs a reboot
- you need to make mistakes

Taking the time to learn movements to mastery in the beginning reaps massive rewards when you get's not a race!

Want to learn more?

Gray Cook is a genius in the sports and conditioning world. He is all over the internet for us fitness professionals..yet his material is lengthy and needs more than a healthy dose of anatomy and movement knowledge.

BUT..this video of a talk he did at Google, reframes and packages all of this in a way we can all follow, and more importantly, stay interested in.

Reposition your understanding of how you move, how you can relearn movement and probably a few answers to why your body seems to rebel against what we deem to be a good thing...exercise!

After nearly 20 years of coaching people, when they grasp the idea that what they ask their bodies to do starts from the beginning and their software and programming is set to....they make monumental strides forward.

We can relearn and develop in such a powerful way, and I hope this video can point you in that direction !

Watch the video, and remember this phrase!

‘Move well, then move often’
Gray Cook

Connecting You to Your Movement Path | Gray Cook | Talks at Google Gray Cook is an internationally recognized physical therapist, orthopedic certified specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Cook is th...


Move, move, move!

Mechanotransduction is a relatively new theory.

It is the mechanism by which EVERY cell in our body responds to movement and loads resulting in an adaptation.

This adaptation can affect us:

➕Positively: loads applied in the correct manner such as lifting, fact any natural movement, creates a response in the cells affected such as more energy, better removal of waste products and increase in strength (as in muscle cells)


➖Negatively: unsupported loads, poor posture and incorrect movement patterns create adaptations that are detrimental. Sedentary lifestyles also reduce load, therefore the adaptation is to switch off development of the cells...why would the body use energy on what you aren't using?

It really is use it or lose it.

Still water often stagnates, running water keeps fresh.

It is the same in our bodies....we NEED to keep in flow

When we move we stimulate our bodies to improve.

It doesn't have to be 'exercise'....we just need to move as much as possible.

Our circulation also needs movement to move nutrients in the blood to all of our cells.

The heart does the bulk of this, however it has to work really hard to supply a body that is not moving.

This is maybe the reason why bed sores occur and why someone bedbound needs manipulation?

Think through the movements you do across the day:

Could you do more?

Do you climb, walk, crawl, sit on the floor, squat, lunge enough?

What could you commit to adding to your movement for the day?

Everything you do across the day...think about how you can add different positions, movement patterns and more walking.

Compared to our pre-industrial ancestors we are very sedentary. Remember they didn't do the 'gym', go for a run or even lift weights.

Their bodies were a product of their lifestyle

Gathering food, building shelter, hunting prey and sitting/ squatting on the floor meant they moved 8+ hours of the day.

Not a chair in sight!

Thinking we need to go all out in the gym for an hour a day isn't necessarily the answer.

Of course exercise is important and the gym is a good place to do it, however it is movement across the whole day that keeps us growing.

flap your arms about
wrestle with your kids
climb a tree
roll down a hill

'we don't stop moving because we get old...we get old because we STOP moving'

Move like you did as a child.

We all note how quickly they heal and bounce back from illness....maybe, just maybe this is down to the huge amount they move?

Wait for the science to catch up with all this and read about it in the media in ten years ...or take a chance and get moving more now?


EVERYONE with a body, is an athlete! That includes you...

Yes..I'm sure that subject line got lots of 'yeah right' and 'I knew this man was crazy' ;-)

I stand by what I say though. The many people I've trained have convinced me week on week that inside everyone is an athletic giant waiting for his/her chance come forward.


a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

Whether it is walking, running, climbing, crawling...anything you do requiring some effort IS a physical activity!

I've watched a woman deadlift their body weight off the floor and stand up after with the look of pride on their face that makes all the 'gym guys' around stop and give a round of applause. Two months earlier she had been laughing at me when I was suggesting that one day she would love the Barbell!
I've been in tears with a Father who managed to give his kids a piggyback ride for the first time despite the docs telling him he should life nothing more than 10kg for the rest of his life.

Strong men lift heavy stuff but can't run for toffee...

Marathon runners can run for toffee but can't lift heavy stuff...

Work to find what you would really like to be proficient in.

Remember physical exercise doesn't need to be full on blood, sweat and tears.

Your inner althete is totally aligned to what your strengths are and what you enjoy doing. We can't be good at everything. This also changes as we move from decade to decade.

'A kick ass half is better than a half assed whole'

Give yourself permission to try different things, absorb what you are strong at and reject what doesn't work for you..

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