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#health #fitness #yoga #stretching #workout #dragonwarriors

#health #fitness #yoga #stretching #workout #dragonwarriors


What did you learn from this image ..? #strongwomen #strongman

What did you learn from this image ..? #strongwomen #strongman


Train with us Kung Fu and much more . #kungfu #wushu #whitehaven #sheffield


Little warrior boy show the world of wushu in competition #dragonwarriors


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[09/09/20]   Train hard fight easy , ... #dragonwarriorsuae #dragonwarriorsuk #martialarts #kungfu #fights #fitness #fitnessmotivation #uk #cumbria #white #london🇬🇧

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Private Lesson - DRAGON WARRIORS

dragonwarriorsmartialarts.com Train[ed] Specialized training for all round strength and fitness Book a class MEMBERSHIPHaving a Private class will improve your confidence and you'll be constantly learning from him or her directly, which will increase your own knowledge. You can then use everything you have learnt with your train...

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Muay Thai & Kickboxing - DRAGON WARRIORS

dragonwarriorsmartialarts.com Muay Thai is dangerous. The keyword here being “competitive”.


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Simple training for beginners, make sure your body is full straight,More details in our website or YouTube. ..


Trying to remember when I was Training Ninjitsu long time a ago this was our daily training in the morning before breakfast, If your down now you’re dead 😬💪🏾💪🏾 .
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TRUE HISTORY OF BRUCE LEE FIGHT WITH JACK CHAN /Full video https://youtu.be/nna46ywtzsY #dragonwarriorsgroup #uk#brucelee #martialarts #uk #kungfury

[07/08/20]   TRUE POWER OF WUSHU KID DEMONSTRATION / Full video https://youtu.be/qGj52vo7fSM #truepower #wushu #ukwushu #ukmartialarts #kungfu #uk #fighting #motivationfitness #fit #hero


Train your Qi anywhere you’re at anytime with @dragonwarriorsuk @dragonwarriorsuae @dragonwarriorstz @gmshifo or visit our website for more information #martialartstraining #cumbriamartialarts #uk #london #fitnessgirl #fitnesmen #selfedefense


Taiping Institute

At the borders of Henan, Hebei and Shandong provinces, lies Guan County, Liaocheng. Historically border towns were a reservoir for bandits and those avoiding the law. It is in this area that Cha Quan had been propagated within the Qingzhen Mosques. In the past it was said "Shandong Cha, Zhili Chuo" referring the representative Chaquan in Shandong and Chuojiao in Hebei. Chaquan was also the style from one of the old Logistics Security Bureau (Jinyuan Biaoju) from which Li Style Chaquan and Cai Style Huaquan were practiced. After a few generations Chaquan found variations (Zhang, Yang, Li) and new centres of practice (Zhangyin village, Nanjie, Rencheng) and more distant areas such as Kaifeng in Henan province. How did it reach there, well it was not a direct route but via Cangzhou.

Kaifeng Chaquan Origins:
In the 1830's, the Kaifeng Eastern Great Mosque invited a martial arts expert from Cangzhou, M Huang Mingxin to teach. It said that Huang heralded from the Cangzhou area but was having difficulties with his father being strict in both academics and martial arts like so many Hui-zu of the area. Huang felt good enough and refused, so he ran away reaching Kaifeng. In those days the local Hui-zu community practiced the Seven Postures boxing (Qi Shi Men). When Huang was hanging around the Mosque in Kaifeng, a local Seven Postures teacher Wang Zhaoxiang asked to come over (actually was telling him to not watch because in those days martial arts were not practiced in front of strangers). Huang having a peculiar temper at the time refused and after an altercation, lost to the local Master. Ashamed Huang returned to Cangzhou apologized to his father and trained more disciplined than ever before. A few years later Huang returned to Kaifeng seeking out M Wang. Unfortunately he was no longer there, so Huang asked any local experts for a challenge (in a polite way this time), after that there was a Master Bai Sanxi who noticed the Gong Fu in M Huang. They invited Huang to become their teacher and since then Kaifeng Cha Quan (sometimes referred to as 'Huang Pai Cha Quan', was practiced alongside Seven Postures. Huang taught many including Li Zhanfa, Ding Zhankui, Li Gang, Li Zhenxing, Li Shiying, Bai Qingshan, Ding Quanfu, Ni Shilin, Zheng Deshun, Li Changsong, Chen Hongbao, Din Cunfang and so on. Since then much exchange between Kaifeng, Cangzhou and Liaocheng Chaquan has led to further developments.

Video: is of the KaifengChaquan 4th road performed by Coach Ding Zhifei. This set which has been adopted widely across China and abroad, is the most commonly known. Ding Zhifei is a Hui born in 1971. He studied with Cha Quan M Li Daming (李大明) since 1987 learning Cha Quan for almost 30 years. In addition he is a modern Wushu coach (which some of the stylistic features are evident in his practice).

PS: Cha Quan (Zhang Wenguang) alongside Hua Quan (Cai Longyun) was adopted by the modern wushu commission as one of the foundations for the development of modern wushu Chanquan routines. As time past those have evolve beyond the martial intent into aesthetic and gymnastic ability. Although some things to an outside observer seem similar, the traditional Chaquan routines encompass throwing, striking and grappling skills applicable to combat.

taipinginstitute.com - preserving the combat arts

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dragonwarriorsmartialarts.com MMA training teaches self-defence skills, which builds confidence and self-assurance.


DW HealthFitness

TAI CHI 24 FORM FOR BEGINNERS , SIMPLE AND HEALTH / More details visit our website #dwhf

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Time is for online class , Learn with us now .

dragonwarriorsmartialarts.com Why should i take private class.? As private class is usually on a one-to-one basis, teachers can focus their attention fully on a student. As private class is usually one-to-one,Trainer and student are able to work much more closely and develop stronger relationships..Read More

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DWMA – Dragon Warriors


dragonwarriorsmartialarts.com Increased self confidence: Training in selfdefense helps people, especially women, develop more confidence in themselves and their surroundings..Read More


Dragon Warriors MartialArts-UK's cover photo






Really fight coming from heart #dragonwarriorsuk


Dragon1 TV

BIHIND THE SCENE IP MAN 3 #ipman #donnieyenofficial


Timeline Photos


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Showing Basic Tai Chi Hand Full movements visit our YouTube Channel - Dragon Warriors UK or DW HealthFitness @dwhealthfitness #taichi #taichimoves #taichi24 #taichilearner


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Dragon Warriors MartialArts-TZ

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You want to learn Wushu ...? Best way to learn is to contact us ..!


Real Descipline of KARATE

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Trying to remember when I was Training Ninjitsu long time a ago this was our daily training in the morning before breakf...
TRUE HISTORY OF BRUCE LEE FIGHT WITH JACK CHAN /Full video https://youtu.be/nna46ywtzsY #dragonwarriorsgroup #uk#brucele...
Train your Qi anywhere you’re at anytime with @dragonwarriorsuk @dragonwarriorsuae @dragonwarriorstz @gmshifo or visit o...
Showing Basic Tai Chi Hand Full movements visit our YouTube Channel - Dragon Warriors UK or DW HealthFitness @dwhealthfi...
You want to learn Wushu ...? Best way to learn is to contact us ..!
Real Descipline of KARATE
Tai chi for beginners part 1 - 24 form Younger Style , Good For the knee and back pain.https://youtu.be/XeqSTNRk4Jk#ukta...
My today Training at morning. Join Dragon Warriors for more https://youtu.be/-vfLx9MSsEE #morning #morning #ukshaolintem...
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