Hunny Corner Cottage Plants

Micro Nursery providing home grown cottage and young vegetable plants to local people. I like to chose really good plants, most with awards from the RHS, to propagate from for my customers.

My business model is to enable gardeners to succeed

Operating as usual

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours. 05/05/2021

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours.

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours.

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours. 05/05/2021

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours.

Hunny Corner Cottage Plants updated their business hours.

[03/26/21]   Good to have better weather coming up next week. I've started selling plants using my Facebook Hunny Corner Cottage Plants page. I currently have cherry tomatoes , Gardeners' Delight red, Sun Baby yellow, and Black Cherry, dark bronze, and regular tomato Moneymaker ready to sell at £1. However they are definitely not hardened off yet and won't be able to go outdoors until late April at the earliest in a sheltered spot. Ideally they like a daytime temperature of about 15 degrees. I also have a few Cucumbers Marketmore and Burpless Tasty also £1. Similar instructions apply, but care must be taken not to overwater, and to keep in a sheltered part shaded spot on sunny days. I have sweet pepper Bell Boy and C***o di Toro Rosso, which need to be indoors. Chillis, Basket of Fire and Hungarian Hot wax are also growing well but are still a bit small, only 5cm so you may want to let me hang onto these a bit longer. Peppers are £1.50


The horrible tomato blight has arrived in our locality. It kills the plant and makes the fruit inedible, and rapidly spreads to other nearby tomato plants. I've been cutting out all the diseased parts and disposing of them. Most experts say don't put them in your compost heap. Unaffected fruits are still safe to eat. Look out for dark brown stains on the plant stems


Asters Pink Victor and Fellowship, so lovely now


There are Asters for all different soils. This is Aster Augusta


Keep Asters, Dahlias and Salvias dead headed to prolong the season and keep them tidy. Aster Cotswold Gem here loves Sun and free draining soil. The Salvias flower early May at least until the frosts and are little shrubs. They must have good drainage in Winter and, if in pots, can be pushed up against a wall for the Winter where it's usually drier and more protected


Dahlias, Salvias, Asters, Fuchsias, Bidens are still going strong looking wonderful this month and should continue at least until the frosts.
check Dahlia stakes as Autumn winds and moist flowers make it hard for the stems to hold blooms aloft on their own, A useful tip is to have some horticultural fleece to hand for the early frosts if they come next month. A couple of layers can give a lot of protection and prolong the flowering season, often, into November. Lift it off in the morning and let it dry somewhere before using again.


Hardy fuchsias will survive a very cold night, like tonight, but new foliage may be damaged. A layer of fleece or similar light fabric or even plastic will help to protect it. These Fuchsias are Army Nurse, Garden News and Hawkshead


Anyone locally seen compost for sale anywhere? We've tried B&Q, Aldi and Lidl. I grow a succession of dwarf daffodils through the late Winter and Spring, this lovely one, which might be 'Snipe' , or 'Pipit' is the the latest and it's fragrant. I much prefer the dwarf daffodils as they often come earlier than the big ones, and don't usually flop, so the slugs can't massacre them!


I cut my Japanese Quince back now each year. Cutting back all the growth beyond the last bud displays the lovely flowers and keeps this attractive but very thorny shrub within bounds


It's the time to put out slug traps. For many years I've used wheat bran to trap slugs. They love it and gorge on it which dries them out so they can't escape. It only works when dry so I keep it under a dark plastic, or terracotta dish where slugs shelter anyway. Wheat bran can be bought very cheaply at pet shops. Place the traps near susceptible plants such as clematis, most vegetables and delphiniums

[10/01/19]   Tomato blight has arrived in the South with all this rain. It's a good idea to pick as many tomatoes as you can, even if you have to ripen them on a window sill, before blight ruins them. Advice varies between experts as to whether it's safe or not to put blighted plants on your compost heap, it's up to you but they might be safer in the green waste bin


Asters are now in full bloom and are perfect for Autumn colour. These shown love improved clay, but there are plenty more which do well on lighter soils


Bergamots are another excellent plant for heavy soils with their lovely aromatic leaves. Prepare the soil well and plant now and they should give much pleasure for many years to come. These are also for sale at £4.90


Peonies can be lifted and divided at this time of year. I've just divided my much admired white Peony festiva maxima from by the gate and have some to sell at £4.90. They love a heavy soil but like most plants won't tolerate waterlogged clay. We've added plenty of sharp sand and compost which has turned our soil into rich clay loam which is probably the best soil going. It's important that they are not planted with the buds on the roots more than 2-3cm below soil level, and they should also not be mulched for this reason. They should produce at least one flower next year, and should be flowering abundantly by 3years. I also have pale pink peonies established in pots for sale at the same price

[09/07/19]   Fuchsias, Salvias and Dahlias are likely to continue flowering until the frosts so keep any of these which are in pots fed with high potash fertilizer such as tomato feed. Never cut Salvias or Hardy Fuchsias down in the Autumn, but wait til new shoots appear in late March or early April and then cut back to these new shoots

[09/07/19]   Courgettes. The best advice I've heard regarding courgettes as some of the older leaves get mildew is to cut them off and get rid of them, so the spores don't spread to the rest of the plant and keep regularly feeding so the plant puts on more growth to balance things out. They should continue to produce for a few more weeks yet!


What a lovely time of year in my garden, this evening. We're open tomorrow and Saturday 9 til 5


These are some of the plants in flower in my garden today, looking lovely despite the rain and grey skies. Most are for sale in my plant nursery. I have some new shrubby salvias including the deep purple 'Nachtvlinder, seen in the photo, and some gorgeous Clematis like Piilu or Little Duckling shown in the photo. The white Geraniums are Kashmir White and do well in sun or shade. They are purest white with purple veining and look stunning

My Garden Today September 22nd 2017 22/09/2017

Shots all round the garden

Shots all round the garden

Untitled Album 17/09/2017

Untitled Album


Sorry this is late, but it's my garden in July, with my granddaughter

[04/30/17]   We're open tomorrow as it's a Bank Holiday


This is a strange year this year. My lovely, very fragrant Zephrine Drouhine is in bloom today, despite my rather cold garden(we're at the bottom of a hill). I've also had 2 Salvia shrubs in flower since the middle of April in the garden, 2-3 weeks ahead of usual


We plan to plant out our tomatoes and beans this week, we usually do the first week of May, but we always keep some fleece handy just in case. We have plenty for sale too runner beans £1.50 for a pot of 9 and tomatoes 80p-£1.50 depending on the size of the pot and plant


we're open again for the Summer, lots of lovely plants all ready to put straight in the garden


Hippeastrums can be really lovely at this time of the year. When they've finished I keep them indoors until May, fed and lightly watered, when they can be hardened off in a sheltered shady spot and put out in the garden to fatten up the bulbs, keeping them fed all the while. In late Summer I dry them off by putting them in a cool shady spot, maybe on their sides. When the leaves have shrivelled, putting their goodness back into the bulb, I remove them and keep them cool and dry for about 8 weeks, or longer and then repot them, gradually bringing them back into growth by watering a very little at a time, ready to flower bigger and better next year. I feel quite sad when people don't know what to do with the finished plant and just throw them away. They can go on year after year giving so much pleasure. These are two I've grown this year, one of them I had for two or three years now at least and there is still a further flower stem coming


I have really enjoyed getting out in the garden yesterday, no such thing as bad weather they say, just the wrong clothes and it's fine once you get going. There are loads of bulbs poking through the soil and lovely fat glowing red and pink buds on the Hellebores ready to burst open soon. I take all the old leaves off at this time of the year, which tends to stop black spot, and makes room for the new flowers and leaves which are just emerging. These flowers are an excellent nectar source for queen bumble bees which are often on the move on sunny milder days in January


I'm reposting this because it's such a brilliant example of how beautiful a garden can look in late September into October. It's now an excellent time for planting hardy perennials and shrubs, unless you're on soil that waterlogs, because the soil is moist and will remain warm enough for good root growth for several weeks yet, even after air temperatures drop. Plants put in now will need little or no watering next year and will have a head start, especially if soil is loosened and improved with compost at the time of planting. it's also one of the best times to move evergreens, for the same reason.


One of the flowers of the moment are Asters, loved by bees and butterflies, and there are whole groups for every non-water logging soil. The largest family are those which suit heavy soils, and will grow there happily and healthily, these are the ones called Aster novo-belgii. Most of those found in the garden centres will be in this group. On a lighter soil, or in a pot, they will tend to develop powdery mildew, but there are Asters for these soils and situations too. The Aster frikartii and amellus are the most commonly found in this group. They often flower from July well into the Autumn. Most of those I grow (see pictures) and sell are the Aster novae-angliae Asters which will do well on either set of soil especially if compost is added,

Untitled Album 17/09/2016

My garden today, September 17th 2016

My garden today, September 17th 2016

[09/16/16]   keep an eye on tomato plants, especially for a few days after rain. Tomato blight spores are washed out of the air by rain onto the plants. Watch for brown leaves and patches on the stems which then spread rapidly. Cut out these leaves and sections of stem promptly and bin them, and you may well save the rest of the plant. The tomatoes may continue to ripen even on the detached piece of healthy stem, or ripen them on your window sill even into November


My favourite Aquilegia at the moment. It flowers for 4 months and comes true from seed. My garden is full of foxgloves, Aquilegias and red campion and looks gorgeous


Pruning worries most people. A general rule is to prune early flowering plants straight after flowering, and late flowering plants the following Spring (when exactly depends on hardiness). That way you never cut off this years flowers, even at the earliest stage of development, when there's nothing to see yet. However, it is always good to dead head as plants will waste huge amounts of energy making seed, and will stop flowering prematurely.



Hardy herbaceous plants, Fuchsias, Shrubby Salvias, Asters, also Dahlias and lots more



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