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Lucy is a Birth Recovery Coach. Using her skills as a postnatal exercise specialist, yoga & meditati

Lucy is a yoga teacher, pre and postnatal specialist personal trainer, massage therapist and baby massage teacher based in Reading, England.

Operating as usual


I live by this or a version “be prepared to disappoint everyone but yourself” (which I’m sure Glennon said on a podcast or in Untamed).

It doesn’t mean I actively seek to disappoint people. It means that when I feel like I don’t have the capacity to do or attend something, and my body is saying “no” or “rest up” or whatever it may be, I don’t beat myself up. I don’t stress at disappointing others as I once did.

Now, mine and Matilda’s needs come first. If you think it can sound selfish, I hear you. It can take practice to get used to. I do this now and practice good boundaries as I was a people pleaser, a super giver and I got very unhappy and unwell in the process.

So thank you for the words. For my mantra.

Anyone else like this quote and do similar or wants to?

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 23/01/2023

Goodness, nature is beautiful. Treading through the ice over a muddy spot felt like breaking a layer of chocolate on a pudding… So satisfying ☺️.


I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside
I am light
I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I'm not the mistakes that I have made
Or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind
I am light
I am light
I am light
I, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am not the colour of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age
I am not my race, my soul inside is all light
All light
All light, yeah
All light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light, yeah
I am devinity defined
I am the god on the inside
I am a star
A piece of it all
I am light

🎵Lyrics from ‘I Am Light’ by India.Arie Simpson 🎵

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 16/01/2023

I took these pictures at a lovely venue I teach. But I wanted to talk about them…

Yes these images might be motivating to some. But I also want to illustrate how fitness and yoga is NOT just about muscle and showing our bodies. F**k how toxic the world can be sometimes!?

I work with people (and have been there myself) who are doing their best to get through the day; whether it’s due to depression or ill health. The body is saying “no” or “go slow” or “bed is best” today.

We can talk about intense challenges and slamming the body, working HARD and pushing it in all the ways but I say HELL no…

I say how about being LOVING, and gentle and slow and sensual and feeling oodles of pleasure.

I’m not into no pain, no gain. I’m not into overriding the body’s signals. I’m not into competing with others.

I’m not going to apologise for my passionate share. I’m not going to say “rant over”. Because it’s not a rant. It’s my truth.

I’m in my pre menstrual phase which means pre menstrual TRUTH in my book.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 15/01/2023

These 3 quotes have really struck a big chord with me lately.

1. Just a massive f*ck yes .love 🙌🏻

2. It might be obvious but I truly hope more partners know this!! I listened to and her husband (two episodes) on her pod last week and loved hearing all they shared. (I won’t say anymore as it’s quite personal for me too.)

3. Yes Brené. Thank you. So good to know you feel this way. You don’t always need data other than that from your body. ❤️

Matrescence Zoom Workshop - Busylizzy 11/01/2023

Matrescence Zoom Workshop - Busylizzy

I am doing a talk on Monday about matrescence! Would you like to come? Sign up via the link below: Really looking forward to it! I hope you can join us.

Matrescence Zoom Workshop - Busylizzy


Holding space…

In case you don’t know what holding space means, it’s allowing someone else to share and hearing them. It’s letting someone be themselves in your company. I didn’t know this word before I became a Mum I don’t think. And it was so profound for someone to hold space for me; a Women’s circle facilitator, a therapist, a Mummy friend who had the capacity (as we can often be at full capacity, not able to give, and there’s no blame in those words).

When we hold space for others as a parent, friend, carer, teacher etc. it’s so important — vital even — to make sure we are nourishing ourselves.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup” as the saying goes. But let’s not even think about the word ‘empty’ for a moment, because I don’t believe we should be on our knees before changing unhealthy patterns.

• You needs matter
• You are important
• You deserve to feel joy, pleasure and ease

After some shocking, upsetting news yesterday I had to go slowly. That was my way of nourishing myself so that I could hold space and teach kids yoga. I was tender hearted but present and able to give because I stripped my day back to basics. No rushing. No pushing. Honouring the body’s needs where I was at.

Can you slow down? Give yourself permission? We are holding space for our children so so much, doing our best to accept all that they share and show us. So please remember that and look after you Mama.


I love looking after my feet. It makes me feel so pampered and nourished.

I think I will run my yoga workshop about the feet online soon 🤓! Stay tuned for that!

I first started thinking about my feet after a course with Then even more when living in Brighton and walking on the pebbly beach was quite painful on the fascia on my soles 😣.

Making a point of kneeling with my toes tucked, mobilising my ankles and massaging my feet more really helped/helps. I LOVE having healthy feet. Do you look after yours?

Let me know if you’d be interested in my yoga workshop on Yoga and the Feet 👣 with a comment below or DM.


So so true. We really need this.

I invite you to have a think if you have great support around you? Partner, family, friends… anyone.

You and we ALL deserve great support; to be seen and heard and allowed to feel all we feel.

Esther Perel is amazing. I listened to her and Brené Brown on Brené’s pod recently. F’ing phenomenal listen 👌🏼…


Night Time Parenting

For those of you awake in the night. Or very 😑 early with little ones — or not so little ones… I hear you. I see you.

Please acknowledge how much you’re doing, and give yourself a f’ck tonne of credit Mama. Hopefully someone shares the night duties with you. (Someone who is supportive and willing not grumpy 😑🤣.)

It could be b**b in mouth, done. It could be sitting up, talking, reassuring, stroking, cleaning up sick, stripping the bed — all sorts… And you do it in the day too.

So go easy. We are meant to have a village. We really are. It’s not just a saying. My heart aches for those who suffer, parenting alone or near enough.

Sleep deprivation is TOUGH. It makes everything else harder.

We need good quality sleep for so many things; some essential (safely moving through the day), some just nice to feel (rested).

Nap when you can. Ask for help to get good sleeps in at night or during the day to catch up. If I’m local to you ask me 😘

So much love in the journey of parenthood. DM if you need.

(I’d like to thank my divine friend Hannah who is not on socials for the inspiration for this post.)


I am doing a talk for Busylizzy - U.K Fitness & Fun] 😊

Posted • Busylizzy - U.K Fitness & Fun] Are you prepared for the monumental shift that happens when you become a mother?

Are you able to support your partner as she undergoes this transition?

Anthropologists use the term "matrescence" to describe this process.

Improving our understanding of matrescence helps us to realise why it is that you feel so hugely different when you become a Mum. Relationships, emotions, priorities and lots else shift in the most unexpected ways.

These changes catch many of us unawares and forewarned is forearmed!

Hosted by Mama Rising Facilitator and experienced postnatal exercise specialist, Lucy Wylde

✅ Suitable for expectant and new mums and their family members
✅ Monday January 16th 8pm - 9pm
✅ Informal but informative interactive workshop
✅ 1 hour workshop and live Q&A via Zoom
✅ This workshop is free for members (book via the app as usual). Non members can purchase a ticket online: £5
✅ Open to members and non-members

Book your place via the website [Link in stories]


✨ Hello and Happy 2023! ✨

Two things;

1. Did you know I specialise in pregnancy yoga and exercise as well as postnatal? Perinatal is my EXPERTISE! So, if I can help you 1:1 or in a small group with some NCT pals just let me know. It would be my pleasure to guide, relax and empower you to feel great in your amazing, changing being Mama.

2. Also! I have a brief yet important and informative blog piece (PDF) I’ve written titled ‘Training During Pregnancy and My Top Tips’. If you’d like to get and sign up to my mailing list just pop me a message with your email address!

Many women don’t know how to move in the best way for THEIR body, especially in pregnancy. With lots of shoulds being thrown your way, it’s no wonder!? It is so hugely exciting and again — empowering — to know how to move safely (so baby is safe and your joints, your back, etc.), wisely (working on strengthening where is under physical strain and tending to where needs softening, not just training as you would non-pregnant!) and WELL (with effective movement patterns, using your time and precious energy with wisdom).

It can make SUCH a difference. Trust me. Or I hope you will learn that you can trust me. You and your body matter. You deserve to feel great and pain free ❤️

Remember you can hop onto my website for more about me and to sign up to my weekly emails, whichever side of birth/adoption you’re on.


It’s such an honour and a pleasure to help Mamas. I needed it when I had Matilda. I think most if not ALL new Mamas new support, in all kinds of ways, and we don’t always have who or what we need in our existing support network.

Rosie is a gorgeous Mama who I offered my time to. I listened. I supported. With all my skills and wisdom. And look how it helped ❤️

Reach out if I can help you. Much love xx


This. Is. Phenomenal 👇🏼

You choose whether to listen or not of course. But wow, is this time well spent, with these two legends 🔥❤️


I honestly believe we can force less and flow more. It’s taken a while to get here but that’s my feeling on life…

Now some people might think that’s a cop out and a lazy approach. Ah well, it’s not for me to change your mind…

But in my 16 years working in well-being and my experience with exercise, yoga, and many areas of life — both for myself and my clients (both in group sessions and 1:1) — I have witnessed numerous times how less force, more flow often gets the best results.

I am learning this still with my skin journey mind. F*ck it’s been hard to flow (🤬🤣) when it’s sore and breaking out but I am getting there.

More on this theme in my weekly email going out soon. To sign up pop me a DM or hop onto my website (link in my bio 👆🏼).

Namaste beautiful beings x


Signing off for a break now… and I leave you with this quote… Sending love xx

“Although we often feel guilty about it, relaxation is time well spent. The modern world is just now starting to understand that there‘s a value in slowing down and listening to the needs of our body. Deep listening cultivates a very therapeutic relationship with the inner workings of our mind-body network, and over time, the compassion inherent in that listening relationship cultivates a lifelong dialogue that leads to greater overall health over the long term. And if feeling better isn’t enough of an incentive, that work that we do in cultivating a kinder and more tuned-in relationship with ourselves reverberates into the relationships we cultivate with others." Bo Forbes, psychologist


Waiting in the sun for yoga at .space Goodness was it nice to get some sun today! Sending love and kindness to everyone at this time of year; which can be stressful, emotional and all sorts.

My weekly email is going out tomorrow! I’m excited to talk about self-belief and Goddesses ✨. Want to get it? Pop me a DM or sign up on my website (link in my bio).

I’ll be on my socials less as Matilda is off school and back with me tomorrow 🥰. If you too want less time on here and want my wisdom in your inbox then do sign up for my emails. Some exciting news and offerings coming via them in the New Year 😉!!

🎄 Love and festive wishes 🎄


Hello beauties. I posted this on my IG the other day forgot here. I hope you find it useful! 😘


Amen to THOSE words from 👆🏼in her latest podcast.

So sooooo true. We need to be helping NOT telling her to add more… Simple as that. And if we’re not physically able to help it’s also about social and systemic change. Paying attention to, empathising with and small gestures of support.

Please know I think support for new parents overall is needed. But my work is with Mamas. Love to the Dads who are struggling too! Truly. I regularly thank the men I know who are doing the work supporting other men. Such important work also.

This stuff is huge. So important. And impacts families, communities, the WORLD 🌎.


Wow. I just finished watching ‘Feminists: What We’re They Thinking?’. Here are some powerful clips…

Do they resonate? This kind of s**t is still happening today in 2022. See my post on Instagram for the whole lot.

Love Jane Fonda’s words the most… So true.

“The goal of our lives is to bring her back up.” Talking of the feisty little girl we used to be.


Morning all. Here’s a photo of me and part of a poem I wrote about my skin. With my skin journey I’ve often thought why do we not see more examples of different skin conditions, so that we’re not stared at and not asked “what’s wrong with your skin?” so much 😑. I’ve been resilient and explained but sometimes I’d just want to cry about it when someone commented.

‘And so it is… like a collage of pigments and shapes
And that’s ok
As a new Mum I needed to get to know my body
I am now getting to know my skin

Well done me. Well done body. Well done skin.’

I see you. I hear you. If you have trouble with your beautiful body telling you something is up via the organ this is our skin. ❤️

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 13/12/2022

Hey Mamas. Did you know I can help with all of these? You may know already so forgive me.

BUT… did you know you deserve to feel GOOD? To feel ease? And so much more?

I’m right here beautiful. No shouting. No shaming. Just supportive and encouraging words to help guide you. ❤️

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 12/12/2022

Such a precious book for children and grown ups alike. Do you know it?

I find it quite moving to read when I’m feeling fed up, or disheartened. Thank you so so much Charlie Mackesy. ❤️


Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 09/12/2022

Look at my beautiful friend Gabby! She came to visit me today… We have been friends since 2010. We met on a course about gait analysis with when I worked at The Third Space gym in Soho.

We have stayed friends, we’ve had ups and downs, but my goodness has she held my hand over the years.

The poem on the next page is one I wrote for the two women who stuck by me when at the worst time of my life.

So. Bloody. Grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 08/12/2022

What’s your wish Mama? Will you allow me to help you?

Did you know I also offer beautifully designed gift vouchers? In case a family member or friend could benefit from working with me ❤️.

Just pop me a DM, email or a phone call to enquire. There are no silly questions 🙏🏻.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 07/12/2022

Thank you nature both outside and inside my home. You nourished my soul today, as ever 💚.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 07/12/2022

Hello pretty tree decorations 🥰. Thank you to my mum and my sister for making them 🎄


It’s been 2.5 weeks since this came out and now I have the courage to share it. Here it is…

Posted • Today's episode is with the wonderful Lucy Wylde who is bravely sharing her story of the domestic abuse she experienced after giving birth to her daughter. This is a very sensitive topic, but one Lucy and I both feel passionate about sharing and shining a light on to help others recognise similar situations for themselves or those they love.

Lucy Wylde is a Birth Recovery Coach. Her work and passion lies in helping new mums to thrive (in body and mind), not just survive. Lucy is a highly experienced postnatal exercise specialist, advanced yoga teacher, baby massage instructor, massage therapist, matrescence activist and Mum, to Matilda, born in 2014. She has worked with the body for over 14 years and has a degree in Dance.

Links to where you can connect with Lucy are in the shownotes

What we discuss in this episode:

➡️ Lucy shares who she is and what she does to help others

➡️ How Lucy and her then husband's relationship changed after they had their daughter

➡️ Lucy shares her traumatic birth and PTSD experience

➡️ What the red flags were and warning signs that something wasn't right

➡️ The pressure she felt in those early days to be 'over' the traumatic birth experience and expected to jump back into work

➡️ The 'MASK' that Lucy wore to cope with the abuse and her beliefs behind it

➡️ What is GASLIGHTING and Lucy's experience of it

➡️ From one abusive relationship to another

➡️ The connection between emotions and physical illness & Lucy's example of this

➡️ Lucy finally recognising her self-worth and now helping others find theirs

If you resonated with this episode, maybe from a place of unresolved trauma from a previous experience or maybe you recognise yourself to be in an abusive relationship, please reach out. If Lucy or I can help we will. We are also well connected and can help signpost to appropriate support.

If this isn't your personal experience please do share, you never know who it could help 💕

Link in Annie’s bio to listen 👆🏼😘

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