Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach

Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach


A piece I contributed to about running after having a baby, with the lovely Alexa Duckworth-Briggs!
I'm excited about this event next week, both speaking at and participating in.
A good read.
NEW class starts in two weeks at the Floating Point, Pangbourne!

Lucy is a Birth Recovery Coach. Using her skills as a postnatal exercise specialist, yoga & meditati Lucy is a yoga teacher, pre and postnatal specialist personal trainer, massage therapist and baby massage teacher based in Reading, England.

Operating as usual

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 04/09/2022

Oh my GOODNESS!!! Is that relatively clear skin I see?! 😱😱😱🤸🏻🤸🏻🤸🏻🥳🥳🥳

That was my internal reaction today when I saw and felt my pain free and spot free face… 😭❤️. This is huuuuuge for me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all that’s got me here. @ebonyjanenutrition being the absolute Queen in the last but intricate steps of this long, winding, traumatic, painful and patience testing journey with my skin.

I just wanted to update ‘you’ as I know a lot of you have empathised, been suffering yourself or just simply curious about my healing.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 04/09/2022

These poems by Nikita Gill are so amazing. They absolutely spoke to me at certain times when I read them, when I first discovered them.

I so agree with loving what is broken, as that needs the most affection.

And Matilda didn’t desert me but the rest was true one time, from the second poem ‘The Becoming’.

THIS is why I speak up about the things I do in the birth recovery journey. It is so important to feel strong and confident in your body again so you can thrive. It’s just as important to have healthy boundaries, to stand in your truth when tested, to know your worth, and to listen to your body’s signals and instincts.

Pop a 🙏🏻 if you agree.


I send informative, educational, hopefully encouraging, life-affirming, supportive emails once a week. In them, I’m not screaming “buy from me” each week. I care about your time being well spent. Therefore I think lots about what you’re learning and hearing from me about how to best look after and work with your brilliant body, mind and beautiful being in the perinatal phase which is my specialism.

There you go, you decide ☺️.


Did you know I specialise in pregnancy yoga and exercise? I loved moving wisely and intelligently throughout my pregnancy with Matilda. Let me help you if you’d like some guidance ☺️🙏🏻.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 30/08/2022

Rava. My divine resident dragon. Matilda named her.

I have loved dragons since I was a little girl, and used to have a fabulous dragon pendant (which I must have lost). I found this on Etsy and it was meant to be. My dragon tattoo is based on her.

Why do I love dragons? As they’re graceful and strong. What animal do you love and why?


Words from the absolutely divine @janehardwickecollings 🔥❤️🙏🏻 Thank you Jane. I’ve been listening to her more lately after watching a talk she did. Soooo good.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 30/08/2022

How do you express yourself? Through words, art, dance, music, cooking? Tattoos can be a form of self-expression. I love mine. I remember my first visit to a tattoo studio about 12 years ago. I saw the body as a canvas for the first time. I didn’t think of getting any then… but after birth trauma and relationship struggles I got the little lotus flower on my right arm in 2018 to represent rising from hardship.

I love that this ‘sleeve’ one is my biggest and most exposed tattoo. It feels like a piece of jewellery, or armour even — so elegant and beautifully done. Thanks @daisy_tattooing !!

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 29/08/2022

I just listened to this. Such a valuable insight from Julie at @pandanational talking to @amytaylorkabbaz

I’m passionate about Dads getting help and support too. It’s just not the area I work in. I do my absolute best to support the Mamas and it’s my hope that with them sharing how THEY feel, their partners can also open up about their experience. So the whole family can thrive more easily.

A topic very close to my heart. Please share with your partner or any Dads you know who may benefit. It’s never too late, or doesn’t have to be just after birth.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 28/08/2022

Baby Massage and Mama Yoga at @wearethechildrensshop starts again on Tuesday September 5th, 12.30-1.30pm. More info on my website (link in my bio).

There are a couple of spaces left if you’d like to book on! A trial class or a block of sessions. Some people come for months as it’s their weekly slow down and safe space.

What to expect:

❤️ A warm welcome to you and your baby to do as much or a little as you both need that day
❤️ I aim to be as inclusive as possible so all are welcome. Babes from birth up to whenever you struggle to chase them (I can keep an eye also ☺️).
✋🏻No judgement
✋🏻No toxic positivity

The last photo is me massaging Matilda, my daughter who is nearly 8. I regularly tell people this; I still use massage years after the baby stage 🥰.

(The drawing above is something I commissioned and it’s of me and Matilda.)

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 27/08/2022

Feet (can spread due to relaxin therefore go up a size)

These are all affected when you have been pregnant and had a baby. It needs to be talked about more so that we can grieve and grow and learn to love — and eventually if we can — accept our new body. I hear so many women talk about how they feel and there’s a long way to go yet as many self-silence.

Let me repeat EVERYTHING changes. — Matrescence is what happens and you change in every way! Your physical, hormonal, emotional, social, cultural, economic and spiritual states are ALL affected. It’s huge Mama, and I’m here to help guide you if you’ll let me.


Look at my delicious pink, protein rich porridge!! 😋 So yummy and pretty too. I used oats, frozen raspberries, water, @pulsinhq pea protein, then added chia seeds, desiccated coconut and Ceylon cinnamon to mix in.

How do you like your porridge?


I tried the [email protected] today and it’s yummy! Have you had it? I think I’ll be getting me some more of these. Thanks to Stephen Bartlett for recommending 😋

And I adore Matilda’s picture I have framed on the wall too ☺️.

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 24/08/2022

The book ‘How To Heal A Bad Birth’ helped me soooo much after having Matilda. I still hope to visit the ladies that wrote it to give them a massive hug some day. Do check it out. I got an electronic copy on my iPad.

Posted @withregram • @howtohealabadbirth This quote from our book is my husband (it’s Melissa here!) talking about how differently we each saw the birth of our first child. I need to say that this was 19 years ago and this was where he started... and I was SO angry with him back then! And I am very pleased to say that while it was where he started, it is not at ALL where he has ended up! He totally 'gets it' now, and I hear him offering support and validation to women he comes into contact with. And he has been our number one fan and cheer leader in the long (8 year!) journey to getting this book to the printers. He now speaks eloquently of the impact of birth, and why birth matters, and he speaks emotionally about the healing journey after a traumatic birth and he speaks passionately about the empowered births of our 2nd and 3rd children, and the effects these births have had upon our family. You could say he has come a long way :) ⠀

We have an entire section in our book called "Issues with your partner" and there are 7 chapters in there - partner issues is a bit of a big thing after a traumatic birth! ⠀

If you swipe you can see screenshots of some of the other chapters in that section. Plus a bonus photo taken just last Friday, as we celebrated my husband's 50th birthday together (just us! without kids! we got to talk!). He is still just as passionate about the importance of birth, and I am so grateful we have taken this journey together :) ⠀


To be described as ‘a machine’ is not a good thing I don’t think… We are exactly this. Beautifully put by my teacher @amytaylorkabbaz ❤️

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 23/08/2022

This conversation is f’ing powerful. Have a listen if you can make the time. Thank you @africabrooke and @steven 🙏🏻


Delicious salad I had on the weekend. How are you looking after your body via food today?


My little love. I adore her so. I care for her more than anyone or anything.

She has been a messenger for me. She helped me become a birth recovery coach as we had a traumatic birth experience that started on September 1st 2014 and ended with her entry into the world via my belly, with a c-section on September 7th.

It’s her birthday in two weeks but I know my body’s wisdom will lead me to feel an awareness in the days beforehand. Thinking of what happened each day I was in labour. It’s natural to be taken back. Your tissues know. A gorgeous Mama friend/client told me recently how she found herself upset, and then realised it was when labour was two years ago… Clever body. I tend to go gently each year at this time.

She also helped me to leave a toxic relationship. Things got worse when we became parents. And although I tried to stay, I couldn’t. I couldn’t let her see me treated that way. She deserves to see her Mama happy.

I am passionate about birth recovery because our bodies and minds matter so much more than many people encourage us to believe.

• You don’t have to struggle with incontinence, it’s not “just how it is” in my book. (I’m actually writing a book also.)
• You don’t have to come last on the list.
• You can feel strong in your beautiful changed body. I’m in the process of writing a poem about the changes we can go through…

How do you feel each year near your little one’s birthday?


I’m loving reading ‘What Mothers Do; especially when it looks like nothing’ by Naomi Stadlen.

Here’s a great quote from it ❤️ Remember how important you are Mama. 🙏🏻


Posted @withregram • @mamarisingmovement Reposted from @iamlisonryan

We see you, amazing Mamas!


Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 18/08/2022

Different teas and grains in lovely jars. It’s quite fun exploring things for my gut health, to cleanse my liver and to help my microbiome. It’s also to reduce even more the amount of wheat and gluten I consume.

Pictured: chamomile, ginseng, nettle and spearmint loose leaf teas. Plus red lentil pasta, freekeh and quinoa.

What do you like to cool with or drink?


I took pictures of me feeling sad/deflated/fed up but felt like I was acting for a photo so here’s an honest one. My hand on my heart. It’s been a tough day in my world, but I carry on. I just wanted to show some normality amidst the spread of glam/smiles/whatever it may be that can make you feel s**t. Especially if you compare yourself, your life, you. I don’t need empathy, that’s not what this is for. I’m fine. Just a rollercoaster day as parenting often provides.

I explained to Matilda that moving house after I left her Dad was HARD. To leave the cozy home and build anew… And more but it’s a bit personal and no need to share more detail here. I welled up. I wanted to punch stuff. My heart ached.

There we go.

Sending love ✨


Pop a 🙌🏻 if you agree? 👇🏼 My predictive and voice recognition is also crap so I have to manually write most messages.


Trigger warning (but I am treading lightly here so you may be fine also):

I don’t know how you feel about birth; what the body might be capable of or how your birth experience was but I’d like to share how I feel on it in some ways…

I aim to describe what I know from my own and others’ experience — not prescribe what you should do/feel.

I tried for 5 days to have Matilda, at home with a birth pool. Labour started on a Monday. I was not afraid of birth but actually excited and felt empowered in advance. I was/am in touch with my body and did a Hypnobirthing course. Birth progressed slowly over the 5 days. From full blown contractions to being able to take some pain killers and sleep through some of the latent phase. I held out night after night, day after day to have Matilda the way I THOUGHT I/we could.

I went to hospital on Saturday morning and laboured all day there too. Late on Saturday night the medical staff said “you can have an epidural to rest then push in a few hours or have a c-section”. I can still picture that scene. I had TRIED, for days by then and I just wanted to meet my baby! So I opted for a c-section.

I am grateful I was able to persevere that long. But I absolutely needed the help to birth Matilda safely. She actually got distressed inside me and they needed to get her out quickly so I’m SO grateful all was ok.

I have spoken to several people about my experience. I am one of those women who went though labour and tried a va**nal birth but Mother Nature handed me a different plan. And that’s ok. I have known it’s ok for years now. After healing and work of my own.

Yes I agree that some hospital staff are not supporting women. Due to lack of skills (interpersonal or practical), or time. And that’s tragic. At one of the most vulnerable and life changing moments. But also sometimes a va**nal birth isn’t possible and an operation is what saves both mum and baby.

Thank you to those who listen, hold space, empathise and look after birthing couples.


Yasss young QUEEN! Thank you so much for this 🙏🏻❤️

Posted @withregram • @davinakudish 📣 The v***a is not the va**na!

Proper language and education about the body is very important in our household. Knowledge is power 💪🏼

Charlie wanted to share this message with the assistance of the amazing crocheted v***a I got at the women’s day market here in Samara.

All v***as are normal and all v***as are beautiful!

Share and spread the word!

Photos from Lucy Wylde - The Birth Recovery Coach's post 15/08/2022

What a wonderful weekend. Good friends, delicious food, great chat, adorable friendly dogs, peaceful time as a couple and time on the beach. Feeling grateful and nourished. Loved discovering @hooglytealodge ! And got a cute little egg timer too.

How was your weekend?

I can’t WAIT for rain though to be honest. I can smell the petrichor and I’m like 😃☔️🙏🏻

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Look at my delicious pink, protein rich porridge!! 😋 So yummy and pretty too. I used oats, frozen raspberries, water, @p...
Posted @withregram • @mamarisingmovement Reposted from @iamlisonryanWe see you, amazing Mamas!@mamarisingmovement#mamari...
Pop a 🙌🏻 if you agree? 👇🏼 My predictive and voice recognition is also crap so I have to manually write most messages.
Yasss young QUEEN! Thank you so much for this 🙏🏻❤️Posted @withregram • @davinakudish 📣 The vulva is not the vagina!Prope...
Matilda’s little feet in the swinging chair in the sun…We rested. We read. We played Dobble, pairs and the genius square...
Fun in the park with Matilda at the weekend!Please know that the trampoline can feel INTENSE on your pelvic floor. This ...
Wow… it’s not every day you get a painting like this through the post. @kristinrawcliffe painted me dancing and my goodn...
This is how I felt upon leaving the hospital after having Matilda in 2014. If you feel similar, I HEAR YOU. Please know ...
Yassss! I f’ing love this!! So so good Kim 👌🏻👏🏻😀 In line with writing about sex, sexiness and our bodies after babies in...
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I first heard Sylvester talking to Mark Groves on @createthelove and loved it. What beautiful words here too 👆🏼.Posted @...





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