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One on one personal trainer based at Pure Gym Reading. Helping people reach there weight loss and fitness goals. Contact for more details.

[06/07/16]   6 week summer body transformation now available.
Package 1: one personal training session per week /6 week training program/nutritional plan and guidance + one group boot camp session per week. £195

Package 2: two personal training sessions per week/ 6 week training program/ nutritional plan and guidence/ £5 discount on each training session + one group boot camp session each week. £330

Contact for more info on 07816988182
Or email [email protected]

[06/06/16]   Looking to get in shape for the summer?
3-6 day a week training programs avaliable to get you the body you want with one on one guidence to make it happen.

Contact [email protected] for more information or call on 07816988182.

[02/28/16]   Fat burning exercises better then running !

Goblet Squat

This is arguably the best way to squat, period.

Front-loading the weight allows you to keep your trunk more upright. This takes stress off your spine and works your thighs more.

Goblet squats are also safer to perform and more accessible than barbell squats, especially for higher-rep fat-loss training.

All you need is a dumbbell (easier) or akettlebell (harder). Just stand and sit tall and repeat. These are great for high reps and really tax your shoulders and core.

Try holding around half your body weight and do 10 reps on the minute every minute for 10 minutes straight for some serious fat lose and leg work.

[02/26/16]   Booking free consultations and taster session between Monday 29th of Feb to Sunday 13th of March. Email [email protected] for more details

[02/24/16]   Want to burn more fat and ramp up your metabolism during your workouts? Simply decrease your rest time inbetween sets and exercise. Less rest and more work will demand more from your muscles meaning more energy used,it will also make lighter weights seem heavier and your muscle recover less between sets. Start with a small reduction of 10 seconds until you are resting as little 30 seconds between sets. Once that is easy up the weight for that exercise and start from your original rest time again.

[02/23/16]   Holy guacamole! Avocados: Protect Your Eyes

Avocados do contain a lot of fat (about 23 grams in a medium-sized fruit), but it's the cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated kind that nutrition experts love. Avocados also contain lutein, an antioxidant that protects eye health, and they're rich in vitamin E. Research shows that people who get the most vitamin E from their diet (not supplements) have a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Avocados are a wonderfully versatile addition to salads, soups, and sandwiches (li

[02/22/16]   So you're certain you have your calories in check but are still struggling to lose that stubborn fat? You may be consuming to many calories from carbs. Carbs are a great energy source and help with daily brain function, but when over consumed or consumed at times that you are inactive they can ( especially high glycimic carbs ) quickly be restored as fat. Try swapping 20% of your daily carbs for more protein or healthy fats to start using more stored energy as fuel and shift that stubborn fat, and consume a majority of your carbs after training to replenish your muscles.

[02/21/16]   Lifting heavy is a great way to build muscle, get stronger and stay lean but it's not the only way to progress your training. Using time under tension while Keeping the weight lighter but focusing on slowing the movement and controlling the rep can make a lift harder without adding extra weight. It will also increase hypertrophy of the muscle and add some serious strengh gains while decreasing the risk of injury that can occur when lifting weights. Hitting them platues? Add some more time under tension to your reps.

[02/21/16]   Nutrition/training tip: Make changes that are sustainable and progressive

When you go on a "program" to lose body fat, you may set yourself up for failure. A program implies an endpoint, which is when most people return to their previous habits. If you want to lose fat and keep it off, make changes that you can live with indefinitely. Don't over-restrict calories to much. Focus on eating whole foods making healthier choices when it comes to your daily nutrition.(ie. Green veg,healthy fats,lean protein, more fiber.) and find an exercise program that adequately challenges you, provides progression and offers sufficient variety so that you can maintain it for years to come.


[01/01/16]   HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! Get the year off to a great start and begin crafting your summer body now! For January only get 12 sessions for only £300! Get started on that beach body and road to better health. (Session valid for 1 month from purchase date. )

[08/18/15]   For limited time only get fit for summer and for life with this PT starter pack.
12 sessions only £300 (normally £360 )
Workout out plan designed around you.
Food and nutritional advice on how to eat and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Offer ends 30th August.
Call. 07816988182
Or email [email protected]

[08/11/15]   Great fat burn routine for your compound lifts (sqaut,Deadlift,bench) use a weight that you can manage no more then 12 strict form reps with. Get 30 secs on a stop watch. Now perform 8 sets of 8 reps with a strict 30 seconds rest. Finish your work out with some isolation to targeted muscle group and you are done !

[07/13/15]   Flat belly tip. Time your carbs.
Eat your higher carbs meals around your most active points of the day where the energy can be used to help boost function and not be store as fat. For more nutritional guidence email [email protected]

[07/13/15]   Personalised training programs designed for your firness goals starting from £20 email [email protected] for more details

[07/02/15]   Today was a good day. 200kg Deadlift!

[06/30/15]   Daily fat loss and diet tips coming your way!
Flay belly tip 1: follow the 10:01 rule. For every 10 grams of carbs in your food source make sure there's at least 1 gram of fibre. :)

[06/30/15]   Out running in the sun ? Water is a must please keep hydrated in this heat guys and gals. Stay safe!

[06/16/15]   Deal of the week. 10 sessions for the price of 9! Was £300 now £270. That includes 10 1 on 1 sessions, a work out plan tailored to you plus nutritional advice and tracking. Email for a free consultation: [email protected]

[06/15/15]   5 Free taster sessions up for grab. Intrested? Email [email protected] to book yours now. Act fast!

[06/04/15]   If you or anyone you know is struggling with weight or fitness goals then get in contact via email : [email protected]
Or call 07816988182 to book your free taster session and discover your true potential. Be fast as I'm nearly fully booked.




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