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Hi we are at Cullinghood and you have been recommended - I need the basic sort of field shelter for my Connemarra pony who lives out all year - can you give an estimate of costs including you putting it all up in the field please? Many thanks Sonya
Another very happy customer. Glad we could help.
Fab stable, thank you so much for going the extra mile (200 in fact). Probably took us a litle longer to erect than your guys, but it is up. Thanks again
good stuff mat

Private Estate - Countryside – Grassland – Forestry – Equine - Conservation Contracting, Management and Maintenance across Berks, Hants, Bucks and Oxon.

ACC Contracting are fully qualified and insured for public liability, third party liability and employers liability for all aspects of work undertaken. If you require work which isn’t featured, please get in touch and I will be happy to do my best to help.

Operating as usual

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 10/06/2022

Quick delivery of big bale barley straw to Horseshoe Lake today between mowing jobs. The bales are anchored out in the lake to keep the algal levels down and the water clearer.


Our heavy duty 2.6m flail mower in action on the back of our 100hp Massey Ferguson earlier today cutting access paths along the River Blackwater for the start of the fishing season.

Also available for paddock topping, vegetation clearance and scrub clearance. Works very quickly to reduce even thick vegetation.

Flail can also be hired separately to be used on your own tractor. Hydraulic sideshift and hydraulic opening rear gate.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 08/06/2022

Some experimental game cover crop preparation carried out for a sporting shoot on a local private estate where there were smaller areas of unutilised ground. Several smaller areas of herbicide application with the quad bike and trailed sprayer before cultivation with the 50hp Tractor and 1.8m rotavator and power harrowing and seed drilling with the Massey Ferguson and 3m power harrow and seed drill.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 08/06/2022

A few recent photos of herbicide applications showing before and after photos.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 06/06/2022

With the arrival of two new high capacity mounted spreaders for both the 50hp and 100hp tractors after lots of requests, we are pleased to say we can now offer large and small scale lime applications to paddocks, pasture and grazing land.

Both tractors have GPS guidance fitted for accuracy and the application rate can be adjusted from the cab for maximum accuracy in smaller areas.

Please get in touch for prices.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 06/06/2022

Whether it is a one-off job, an annual woodland management regime, contract forestry or clearance of a dangerous or windbown tree, ACC Contracting have the knowledge and equipment to help. ACC Contracting undertake routine tree reduction, tree felling, pollarding, tree harvesting, emergency tree works, logging, wood splitting, wood chipping, windblown tree clearance, hedge removal, tree planting, tree stump removal, firewood and log supplies and collection, et cetera.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 30/05/2022

With most of the herbicide application now coming to an end and the grass getting high, we can now offer grass cutting / paddock topping / mowing / pitch mowing / scrub clearance for all size areas from a 1.5m self propelled mower, 2m flail on the compact tractor mower to the 5m batwing mower on the larger tractors. We also have the 3m fine turf mower for amenity grassland, sports and polo pitches and large forma lawns. Our smaller tractors also fit on our HGV for transport.

Please get in touch for prices.


Just an update for those that are waiting for herbicide application:

We are doing our best to carry out herbicide application as and when the weather allows, including working late evenings but it is proving tricky because of the wind speeds at the moment.

Even with low drift air injection sprayer nozzles and drift reducer being used within the tank mix, we can't apply herbicide when it is breezy or we have intermittent gusts of wind because of the risk of spray drift into non-target areas.

Bear with us and hopefully mother nature will show some kindness! This does mean though that pasture is growing at some rate and some sites may require topping prior to herbicide application to prevent the vegetation becoming too high for herbicide application to have a decent effect.



Photos from ACC Contracting's post 26/05/2022

Almost a shame to take this muck heap away when someone has spent a lot of time nicely shaping it! 🤣

With the weather not helping us out for herbicide applications, we are out carrying out the multitude of other and tasks that were building up - muck heap removal, fine turf mowing and flail mowing till the wind goes away and we can resume applications at the end of the week with luck.


Out on one of our regular sites this morning, applying a mix of selective herbicides and adjuvants in equestrian grazing paddocks to remove unwanted ragwort, thistle, dock, nettle, ground elder, chickweed, dandelion and plantain from the grass sward.

Our versatile 50hp Compact Tractor and 6m boom sprayer makes applying herbicide to a large overall area of smaller fenced paddocks much easier.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 14/05/2022

Bit of equestrian muck heap clearance going on yesterday with the and big red trailer. Our 100hp Massey loader tractor is just compact enough to get into small equestrian yards even with a bulk tipper trailer on the back.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 04/05/2022

Nice to get some photos sent through by a new customer showing one of their ragwort infested grazing fields approximately 7 days after we applied a tank mix of selective herbicides to it with the 12m boom sprayer, showing the ragwort rosettes and other broad leaved weeds dying off nicely.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 30/04/2022

A quick mowing job this afternoon for a private estate in Finchampstead with the and 2.6m flail mower on some parkland.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 29/04/2022

A view from the drivers seat of the while Matt was out applying selective amenity herbicide and adjuvants to polo pitches on behalf of SAS Land Services to get them into shape for polo season. 6 hectares of fine turf treated with our 12m boom sprayer.


Kubota M5092 spraying polo pitches

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 26/04/2022

A couple of days of small scale for a local private estate felling and extracting Ash trees affected by Ash Dieback and felling and removing a long line of Leylandii damaged in the storms. The Ash will be transported to our timber yard and processed for firewood sales.

Hydraulic winch, and brash grab all working well to get the work completed in two days and get back to herbicide applications.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 24/04/2022

Bit of selective herbicide application for Hungerford Livery Stables and Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, England today to reduce ragwort infestations in fields with the and boom sprayer before the rosettes get too large for herbicide application to be effective.


The larger boom sprayer is now fitted to the for applying herbicide to larger areas. 12m booms (which can be folded down to 8m) and a 1,000 litre tank capacity (or 1,600 litres with the front tank) gives the capability to cover 12 - 18 acres in one application with GPS guidance for accuracy.

Please get in touch for larger scale herbicide application on pasture, paddocks, hay meadows, polo pitches, sports pitches and other larger areas of grassland.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 18/04/2022

Removal of a large windblown & dead Oak tree from the Blackwater River this morning with the & hydraulic winch. This tree came down across some of the features we installed in the channel six years ago to improve the habitat for native coarse fish stocks and was causing the only gravel riffle in this stretch to silt up.

No need for the chainsaw drysuit today fortunately, just about small enough at 1,200mm diameter to cut & double line the winch to get it out of the channel and up the bank.

Once it's dried off for a month it will be added to the large piles in our timber yard for processing into firewood.

The stump was left in situ to provide some much needed channel diversity & hydromorphology. The recent high flows had scoured out under the stump, creating new gravel riffles for fish spawning when the water temperature increases.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 16/04/2022

Six different small holdings & some sites visited yesterday with the 50hp tractor and 6m boom sprayer to apply selective herbicide and adjuvants to control ragwort rosettes, dock, nettle, plantain, thistle, creeping buttercup, daisy, dandelion and a few others to over 20 acres.

At one site, the client remarked that she'd paid nearly twice what we charged to apply herbicide for the past two years for a company to send people in to pull ragwort, only for it to keep coming back the next year and be left with huge piles of dead ragwort to dispose of afterwards. She asked us to use chemical control having spoken to several long term customers where we have reduced the ragwort growth by over 90% without relying on seeing it and pulling it.

More FAQs and information available here:!AnbqidPrr8ITx0SdcjvTxIr214W1

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 13/04/2022

A bit of tine harrowing for SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines in a field overlooking our barns as the sun goes down to finish the day off.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 10/04/2022

Photos from ACC Contracting's post


Managed to squeeze another one of the tree clearances outstanding from the storms a few weeks back in this week as weather hasn't allowed us to start herbicide application yet.

Our hydraulic winch on the back of the being put to use extracting several windblown Willow trees from a boggy pond to allow them to be cut up and piled with the timber grab and loader for burning on site.


The new 5m spring tine harrows doing a lovely job of pulling all the moss, thatch and dead grass out of the grazing fields to allow the new spring growth to come through after this bit of rain.



I have 12 bale packs (21 small / conventional bales) of our own hay available at £4.00/bale for single packs or £3.50/bale for all 12 packs.

These packs were moved on a bale trailer in light rain after one of our hay barns were damaged and have since dried so will be some water damage to the bottom bales from road spray, but the rest should be good quality.

Please send us a message if you'd like some.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 31/03/2022

With the weather not being kind and Conditions unsuited to carrying out springtime grassland maintenance yet, we were back on the tree clearances for a couple of local private estate clients this week.

25 large Leylandii climbed, dismantled and felled to ground level after the recent storms and high winds caused damage to them. Our compact 40hp loader tractor was just narrow enough to traverse the hedges in the formal garden and provide some much needed muscle to move all the limbs and brash with the grab.

One large Oak tree in a TPO area lost all of the canopy bar a couple of large limbs, rendering it dangerous and had to be felled. The undamaged timber from this will be milled into oak slabs and used for internal decoration within the property and the damaged timber used as firewood.

We will be revisiting the site in the autumn to plant a replacement tree as per the conditions of the TPO.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 28/03/2022

Both and tractors have been out working over the weekend for our customers, harrowing and air seeding poached grazing paddocks to encourage spring grass growth after being grazed all winter.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 24/03/2022

I'm aware of some recent comments made by someone regarding our services in an equine related Facebook group by someone who we have never carried out (and will never) work for (and thank you to some of my customers for bringing it to my attention).

Perhaps the pertinent question to ask is this: Do you want a cheap herbicide application by someone who turns up and sprays a generic herbicide on your horse's paddock for cash on the cheap and then disappears leaving you with absolutely no knowledge over what has just been sprayed on the field your horse spends all it's time in?

Or do you want your horse's field treated by one who is qualified and who provides a spraying record detailing what and how much chemical and adjuvants has been applied on the advice of a BASIS qualified agronomist, site map (really helpful for livery yards to pin up for all the liveries) showing where has been treated and safety information around future maintenance included with the invoice?

We don't apply the same herbicide or herbicide mix to all sites because each site can have different problem weeds. We don't do cash jobs / quick jobs / rush jobs / beat any other price jobs to cut corners. We do a proper job with the qualifications and paperwork to prove it.

All the best,


Herbicide Application has started. Selective herbicides and adjuvants applied to 30 acres of equestrian grazing to combat ragwort rosettes today by the 50hp and 1,000L sprayer.

The cost of herbicide application by us worked out far cheaper than the astronomical cost given by a company to send people out to pull them by hand.


Turns out that our horse trailers work out cheaper than hiring a van to collect garden furniture too!

Doesn't just do what it says on the tin!

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 17/03/2022

PADDOCK AND PASTURE MAINTENANCE: In addition to the herbicide application / spraying we offer, we have invested in new grassland maintenance equipment for this spring for all the paddock and pasture maintenance we undertake. Our 100hp tractor can be fitted with 5m heavy duty chain harrows with levelling boards for levelling poached areas or 5m spring tine harrows for both levelling less poached ground, removing dead grass, moss and weeds and aerating the ground. Our 50hp tractor can be fitted with the same chain / tine harrows or smaller 2m and 3m sets to cater for smaller sites, and all of them can be fitted with an air seeder to overseed with grass seed at the same time. We can also transport on our own HGV to allow us to minimise travel time and cover a larger area.

We also have a 2.5m three leg sward lifter which can be used to relieve compaction after areas have been poached and grazed through the wet winter which will improve drainage and generate grass growth with a spiked heavy duty aerator for smaller areas where the sward lifter can't be used.

Please get in touch now if you need spring time paddock / pasture maintenance by sending the page a message, contacting Matt direct on 07826067939 or emailing [email protected]. Our regular customers should be receiving emails in the next few days to book theirs.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 16/03/2022

Recently completed 620m of 1,400mm high four strand Horserail UK fencing on creosote Octoposts for a new customer to create four new 60m x 40m summer grazing paddocks with 3m wide half mesh galvanised steel gates.

Photos from ACC Contracting's post 08/03/2022

One of the remaining tree clearances completed today with two storm damaged Alders felled and a large Willow with the canopy snapped out of it felled, winched out and burnt up on site.

Onwards to the springtime paddock maintenance and herbicide spraying!


Morning all,

As some of our long term customers will be aware, I haven't increased costs for small scale equestrian tractor work and paddock maintenance for 5 years and have absorbed the increase in both rebated (red) diesel and road / white diesel instead while using the same hourly rate on site (and I have never charged for the travel time to sites / jobs either by tractor or by HGV).

Unfortunately with effect from April, HMRC have changed the regulations around the use of rebated (red) diesel and what activities that fuel can be used for. In simple terms, it can now only be used for horticultural, fisheries and agricultural or forestry activities and we will continue to use it for those activities.

What it does mean is that anything outside of those activities, such as equestrian and amenity services will need to be undertaken using vehicles fueled by white / road diesel instead of rebated / red diesel.

The cost increase to me to use white diesel is more than 100%.

Rebated / red diesel (at least historically) has been at around £0.65 per litre. Road fuel is currently at £1.70 per litre and rebated diesel has also risen dramatically. Our main Massey Ferguson tractor takes 160 litres of fuel and will use anything up to that in a days heavy use towing laden muck trailers or flail mowing. Thats a cost of £272 per day for white diesel compared to £104 per day for red diesel.

I will, unfortunately, be increasing prices to cover that massive cost increase from April and whilst I shall try and keep any price increase to a minimum, I am left with no choice other than to charge from when we leave the yard, rather than from when we arrive at the job as a starting point for equestrian work and it may be we have to change to fixed prices for work instead of hourly rates.

I have refrained from increasing prices with immediate effect, despite the cost of both rebated / red diesel and road / white diesel increasing by over 40p per litre in under a week.

I hope you all understand and thank you for your continued custom in these difficult times. I am seeking advice from HMRC and various organisations and associations as to what activities can and cannot be carried out using rebated / red diesel, and it may be that not all services we offer to the equestrian community are affected. I shall post updates as and when I have confirmation.

A PDF statement regarding the cost increase can be downloaded here:!AnbqidPrr8ITgsNt8KyGX5IOrMIT0w?e=rMnqf0

All the best,

P.S. - Have a photo of Ranger masquerading as a smiley lion to try and lessen the news!

About ACC Contracting

ACC Contracting was founded by myself in 2016 with an ambition to provide bespoke and tailored conservation, rural, land and equine contracting across the south east. This came off the back of ‘ad hoc’ work I have been asked to undertake by other equine premises and landowners over the last ten years, from owning my own small country estate and private stables in Berkshire. Understandably, I’m proud of mine and my company’s ability to effectively deliver large or small projects and work within budget and timescales with a personal touch I enjoy providing as a small business. I take great pride in putting my customers first, and as a small, local business, I offer extremely competitive prices and do all I can to look after and show my appreciation to my loyal customers. ACC Contracting is fully insured for public liability, third party liability and employers liability for any and all aspects of work undertaken and copies of insurance are available on request or available to download from the link below. ACC Contracting staff are fully trained, qualified and certified to NVQ, LANTRA, NPTC, City & Guilds and Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) industry standard and certificates and qualifications are available on request.

I have a B.Sc (Honours Degree), am a member of professional institutes, and previously worked for a large government agency, where my role was to improve the environment through large and small scale practical work before I took the decision to leave the public sector and start ACC Contracting.

Most of the work we carry out for customers is also work I undertake on my own land, on my own buildings, for my own horses and for my own family, so I know what works and what doesn't, and the best times to undertake certain aspects of work. ACC Contracting will undertake any work from small scale hedge and grass cutting by hand to large scale ground clearance and land based or conservation projects. It really is the case that no job is too big or small and I am always interested in a challenging job! I am also happy to provide an equine and environmental consultancy and advisory service and offer work placements to encourage children and students to contemplate a career in the countryside or get involved in conservation and enhancing the natural environment or improving their skillset. I own a fleet of modern agricultural and construction equipment, and can offer competitive hire prices if hire equipment is required.

On the rare occasions I am not working, I can be found on horseback, out shooting with Henry the gundog, with a fishing rod in hand on the river bank, or enjoying a glass of fine red wine (although generally not all at the same time). Henry is our unofficial company mascot and can often be seen loafing around fields while I am working. He is friendly so please say hello!

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