Kingfisher Fitness and Wellbeing

Kingfisher Fitness and Wellbeing


Starting all again this month.

This year went a little different with a business plan etc however Kingfisher is now going and isn't stopping.

Here we go.
Been working very hard to get the training program I wanted to use to make it my real own.
Message from David. Stay safe, stay active. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃‍♂️😎
Message from The Boss. More coming soon. Stay safe, stay active. 🏃‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️⛰.

Fitness and Alternarive Medicines/Foods

Operating as usual



Kingfisher Fitness is about to go crazy!.....for Fitness and Health!

This is David your Personal Trainer.

I apologise for the time off from operating this beautiful Fitness company and not keeping you all in the know.

However from this next coming week we are back to normal operations.

We are creating our own unique training regime alongside an amazing nutrition plan that will propel your health and diet.

Starting out? We absolutely have it covered.

Planning for an event? We have a dedicated plan for that!

We are ready, are you?

Let's do it together

We train as one!

Message me for any questions you may have.

Kingfisher Fitness and Holistic Healing.



Kingfisher is returning to full operations in the coming weeks.

We have been on the back burner for a little while but we have alot of amazing things coming.

More over the next few days.


Timeline photos 24/06/2021

You can always beat your demons!

Weight is temporary, if you want it to be!

Message me today for a complete life change!


"3 yeas ago vs today" Credit: CinnaPlaysGames –

Photos from Kingfisher Fitness and Wellbeing's post 24/06/2021

Well done on the client training this morning.

Digging deep and working very hard.

Getting ready for a wedding and other personal goals.
Train hard and the goals come quickly


Where does it hurt today:



Hehehe :)


Replace sugar with stevia.
You not only drop extra calories as sugar contributes to your caloric intake but this brings it down to almost zero calories.

And if you put it in it a cup of coffee or green tea the drink makes you lose weight (burns calories instead of putting calories in the body)

It's a win win for weight loss!
Buy some today and this will make a huge difference on your battle to lose weight.
You can even use it in cakes!


Put this into you diet instead of high calorie drinks and my personal dislike, Lucozade.
This is far more beneficial than most drinks if you don't like the taste then mix it with some cranberries. (Blend)

Replaces lost electrolytes.
It's good for weight loss if you are replacing high calories drinks with this.


******** Live Video Pesonal Training Sessions ********
Now taking bookings.

We are proud to announce video sessions from my very own home.
No intrusive gyms, clean environment (your home) and no kit needed!

This can be part of your personal training sessions or separate from that, its up to you!

All you need to do is contact me and we will do a free consultation and plan your sessions from home or in person!

We train as one!



Worried about covid in gyms or bacteria, train with Kingfisher Fitness in a safe environment, outdoors! Plus all the health benefits of training outdoors.

No need to sanitise, no need to worry about being to close to someone when training.

Feel safe and feel good 👍
Book in today for your sessions.

Kingfisher Fitness is currently doing a very competitive offer, get in touch for a free consultation......and more!

We train as one!
Kingfisher Fitness


Weight loss:

If you are worried you are over weight and its effecting your health, get in touch today and lets make a positive change in your life.

Lockdown ends, so does putting off training!
Take action and contact me today.
Free consultation where we make your plans to a healthy life.

We do this together!


I'm now back and working, had to take a little time off.

Let's get these sessions booked in!
Free Program and personal sessions.

Summer body let's go .....


Post Grief Syndrome is a real thing.
And many people who have had a big loss in the family (death or marriage breakdown) will feel this at some stage and can turn into a serious disorder or "syndrome".

So if someone is taking longer to get over something it means they could be heading towards it being a syndrome but it's totally fixable in time with the correct treatment.

You aren't alone. And the correct treatment is out there but you need to let your GP know if something like this has been going on so he can refer you to the correct people to help you.



Anxiety wellbeing.

Let's study this if your wellbeing is being dominated by anxiety.


Morning peeps

Right things are getting back on track. :)
Remember to keep a positive mind regardless of whether you THINK it will be a bad day.
It will be a bad day when you think negatively.

Just adopt one positive today, see how it effects your day if you are struggling at the start of it.

This could mean:

Phone a old friend up for a chat
Eat your favourite meal long as you think its positive then do it, add it to your day.



If you are struggling motivation for your work out, try the following:

• Take long deep breaths through the nose
• Put on some inspirational Music (YouTube it)
• Start doing some squats or your least favorite exercise (everything else will seem easier if you do the hardest one)
• Don't overthink your work out, you can build yourself up to an anti climax that falls flat on its face

We do it together. 😀


Book in for a personal training session.

We will do a fitness test and set targets for first session, which is free.
Plus a free consultation.

Message me or call .


It's true.


What a glorious day.
Warm, places seem to be busier, people seem happier.

Let's keep with the flow and not get caught out at the sidelines watching others succeed.

Good vibe day


So did we train today?
If so what did you do?

Doesn't have to be psychical training, it can be mental training to keep you sharp.


Photos from Kingfisher Fitness and Wellbeing's post 29/03/2021

Another client trained.
Flexibility session

She did a fab workout.
Really good.
And decreased her pain during the time she worked out, thats how the world works.

Plus the sun was shining, took on some vitamin D.
Great to hear the kids playing in the park. Feels like normality is slowly coming back.

Fab times!


Help, advice and alternatives is todays agenda

Quick run down on some things we need tovbe doing

Photos from Kingfisher Fitness and Wellbeing's post 28/03/2021

Some pics of the training session for my client.

Worked his ass off. He will be in shape in no time. Great baseline to work off now mate after those tests.

Well done.


Sign ups are flying in

Get that free personal training session for free and consultation.
I have a few spots still available.


Recovery. Are you in bed? Lol! I am. Seeing a client today who is on his 10 week journey. Can't wait :)

Recovery is important so rest up when you need to.



One free outdoor personal trainer session on me!

I'm ex military and very well trained in delivering sessions of all fitness levels.

Contact me Today!
Pm me or comment



Let's get health and wellbeing on everyone's minds

Thank you all so much!


My father getting his 2nd jab today.

Let's get immunised and protect the vulnerable.

Big shout out to my Dad!


SIGN UP NOW! First session free!
First taster session is free.

All fitness levels welcome.

Pentre, Treorchy, Gelli, Ton Pentre and surrounding areas.

Sign ups now happening due to covid restrictions lifting.
Date to be confirmed but within the next few weeks.

2 Runs per week
Expert advice
Kingfisher T Shirt
Advance runners Saturday free session.

Competitive prices and public liability all covered.

Message me or comment and I will be in touch


Stormed the castle! Bootcamp coming soon!





Kingfisher Fitness Motivational Fitness Video

Motivational post.


All first personal training sessions are free.

Once you see the motivation I can give you, this will change everything. Your whole concept on fitness and wellbeing.

Contact me and lets get the ball rolling.
Make that change today!

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Help, advice and alternatives is todays agenda
Recovery. Are you in bed? Lol! I am. Seeing a client today who is on his 10 week journey. Can't wait  :)
Stormed the castle! Bootcamp coming soon!
Kingfisher Fitness Motivational Fitness Video
Online Lessons coming soon!
Fintsss and wellbdong lessons....
Kingfisher Boot Camps. Caerphilly.
Mental Health @ Kingfisher Fitness
In Memory of Sir Tom Moore, I dedicate this run to him.






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