Ystrad RFC Events

Ystrad RFC Events


FOODSHARE - please complete this if you would like a food parcel - and please share.

No doctors letter or social services referral needed & it's not means tested. If you know someone struggling, please let them know about this.
I never noticed this until now.

If I top the poll I'm only 434 votes behind and have till 1pm tomorrow so just 12 hours and 45 mins till the poles close, I could have the opportunity to perform live, please can we just have one final push, ask your partners, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and in-laws, share it with friends and work colleagues and ask each person to tag 3 others, let's see if one man from merthyr can top the current runners being a stage school.

See below, what an incentive to finish top,

8. As a special incentive to reach the top, the winner of this poll will automatically qualify to perform and represent their region at the National Entertainment Awards in January 2021.

But on a serious note thank you to each and every person who has voted in favour of
The BIG Guy, I wouldn't have got this far without you all,

Please share & tag away, when sharing please caption


The BIG Guy

Thank you so much. From Welsh Blood Service. πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ₯°
Hi all Quick update on our blood donation session being Held in Ystrad week commencing 8th June. Monday all appointments gone. All other days at the moment appointments are available please click on the link to book https://wbs.wales/RhonYstRFCevents
Thank you to those that have booked already.
Hey all The Welsh Blood Service are at Ystrad 8th - 12th June. Rhondda Sports Centre. Would be great to see New and Regular donors attend. We have set up hubs throughout Wales during this pandemic and we are working safely along with all the Safety guidelines.
During the pandemic there will be no walk in`s
Please click on the link https://wbs.wales/RhonYstRFCevents
Please Share πŸ˜€πŸ’‰πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ Ώβ€οΈπŸŽ€

We are looking for volunteers in every street. Can you help your self-isolating neighbours with shopping and collecting medicines? And just being there for a friendly chat?

Now is the time for the Rhondda’s community spirit to come alive. Please - get involved.

If you are fit and healthy, you can register as a volunteer here (tick to receive e mails so we can keep you up to date) -


Sign up to the GELLI & YSTRAD group on Facebook here:


Occasionally we will shout out in this group to ask for a volunteer to help someone who has asked for it.

For the scheme to work, we need at least one person taking charge of their street. All you need now is access to a printer to print off enough forms to put out in your street. And you are ready to go!

Who wants to get involved?

The Rhondda need you ✊
Hi all we have a blood donation session coming up at the Rhondda Sports Centre 28th which is a Friday.
Would be great to see New and Regular donors attend.
Please click on the link below to book an appointment at a time to suit yourselves. Thank you..
link https://wbs.wales/Rrhonspcrfc
Hi all we have a blood donation session coming up at the Rhondda Sports Centre 28th which is a Friday.
Would be great to see New and Regular donors attend.
Please click on the link below to book an appointment at a time to suit yourselves. Thank you..
link https://wbs.wales/Rrhonspcrfceve
πŸ˜€πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ·σ ¬σ ³σ ΏπŸŽ€πŸ‰πŸ’‰β€οΈ
30 years since The Berlin Wall came down...
Those on the tour to Berlin may remember
Ystrad Rhondda RFC were the 1st rugby team to cross over and play a team in Eastern Germany..what a game & trip that was. Mr Murphy I got another great photo album of this tour I'll pop it in.

This page is to inform the people of the Rhondda and beyond about the events that this venue is going to promote. Please read more about conditions below.

The branding will belong to Ystrad Rhondda Rugby Club. All people are welcome at our venue, there is no exlusiveness as we try to set ourselves apart from the rest. Bands that wish to play this venue, please bear in mind that under our licence there is a STRICT restriction on the use of external PA systems used by bands because of non controllable dB levels by the manager/licencee. This will be re

Operating as usual

[10/04/21]   The world shortage of Madri affected us again on the werkend as we run dry. We are doing everything we can to get more barrels in, bear with us. πŸ‘

Double Or Nothing - Live Showreel 03/10/2021

Double Or Nothing - Live Showreel

It was a pleasure to mix this band for the first time and also one of the very bands who all use my in-ear monitors. What a great bunch to work with. As usual, better if you listen through headphones and HD settings on Youtube. Enjoy.

Double Or Nothing - Live Showreel D.O.N. are a dynamic four-piece covers band from South Wales. They bring you two sets of songs that differ from the usual cover bands repertoire. Highly reco...


Happy Staff 😁

Jason Dale - Live Elvis Showreel 02/10/2021

Jason Dale - Live Elvis Showreel

And here it is, tag and share away folks. Thank you to Jason Dale and Julie Pomeroy and all who came out for another fantastic night at the club! It is a must to listen through headphones for that full sound immersion and to set Youtube settings to HD. Enjoy

Jason Dale - Live Elvis Showreel Recorded at Ystrad Rhondda RFC on Friday 1st October 2021. Jason is an accomplished tribute to the late, great, king of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. Jason als...


A taster of last night before Elvis (Jason Dale) performed. The audio is of Jason. Full video to follow at some stage today. Don't forget tonight, we have a first time band, Double Or Nothing, FREE entry

[09/30/21]   If your a tribute band, who's guitarist happens to look like Slash, then good luck when large venues and theatres book you for the fee you told them, as tickets sales will and should cover the 'top of the food chain' in bands costs. However, dont expect to ask a small 120 max venue to pay the same as a 500 to 1,000 seater or standing venue on a one size fits all fee as ticket sales wont cover the cost. Cut your cloth, even if one of your band menbers does look like Freddie. You're just a covers band that plays one bands songs all night plus VAT. A mere observation and not a rant. 😁

Shaken & Stirred - Live Showreel 26/09/2021

Shaken & Stirred - Live Showreel

Another legendary day and night at the club, Shaken & Stirred were brilliant. Enjoy!

Shaken & Stirred - Live Showreel A showreel of Shaken & Stirred, who are an accomplished trio of musicians, that play a fantastic 2 sets of popular songs. Check them out for your venue.


Another Saturday Night

Shaken & Stirred were helped with Proud Mary with the lovely Rachel Thomas

media4.giphy.com 24/09/2021


If the club did beer shortages, then Sunday mornings would be like this



This Saturday Ystrad play Cardiff Met away, bus leaves around 12. In the evening we have Shaken & Stirred (Below from 2018) a three piece covers band from Caerphilly. Free Entry. We will be putting on solo artists from week next Friday for a few weeks and longer if successful. Saves people using the club as a meet to go elsewhere, now you can have a great night whether chilling or out for a few right here!. No Cardiff prices here you know ❀🀘

Otherside (Wales) - Showreel 19/09/2021

Otherside (Wales) - Showreel

Another brilliant night at HQ with OTHERSIDE. A great win for Ystrad and a fond farewell to Stevie who has been a great asset to the club. Good luck with Uni from all at the clubπŸ‰πŸ€Ÿ Get your headphones on, switch to HD setting, and enjoy the video! See ya'll next week for another live band.

Otherside (Wales) - Showreel A dynamic 5 piece band that plays all the classic songs from the '70s to modern. Recommended for weddings and corporate events as well as pubs and clubs. Th...


Thanks to Otherside (Wales) for a fab evening of live music, video to follow and to Mitch for ending the night. We can safely say the club is back!


Gregg late 50th birthday party

Daz Edwards gave Gregg & Jo a great night to celebrate his birthday, here is a short video of a fab night


Devious now sold out. Last 6 tickets bought.

Devious now sold out. Last 6 tickets bought.


This Saturday Folks

Another popular band at HQ, Otherside from Llanelli a mix of old and new pop middle-of-the-road songs that everyone loved last time.


The Hornblowers

The Hornblowers

Whole Lotta Rock - Showreel 12/09/2021

Whole Lotta Rock - Showreel

If you like good old fashion unadulterated rock you will love these.

Whole Lotta Rock - Showreel If you like rock, then you will love this band. Always a pleasure to work with people who love what they do. Jay's sublime vocal range and along with Adam's ...


My new apprentice

Rocking the look, fair play

[09/10/21]   If you are picking up tickets for any event, you need to pay, 2 years ago was a nightmare with the amount of IOU slips I had to go through. Hope you understand. πŸ‘β€

[09/07/21]   Tickets are in for Devious 11th December Β£5.00. Boxing Night, Mr Hate Β£5.00 and NYD Β£8.00 for The Big Guy and The Strip Lights. You will note prices have not gone up and we are one of the least expensive venues if not thee least expensive for that time of year for entertainment. Don't leave buying them until the last minute (you know who you are) the last minute brigade. This year once sold out thats it, no favours. ❀🀘

The Big Lick - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC 05/09/2021

The Big Lick - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC

And here it is, the first Saturday night band showreel in 2021. There are a few of you lovely lot in there. Don't forget your headphones and HD settings for more immersive sound. Enjoy

The Big Lick - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC Saturday, Sept 4th, 2021, The Big Lick was the first Saturday night band to play here in 18 months and they smashed it!

[09/05/21]   It was amazing to get live bands back on a Saturday night again, thank you all for coming out and to The Big Lick who rocked the place video to follow ❀


For the season 😁

For the season 😁

[09/04/21]   So here it is, 16 months in the making, hundreds of "we can't wait to see live bands again" posts from you during the lockdown, now lets see shall we. Tonight we have The Big Lick to start the Saturday night band season off and its going to be awesome. No masks, same beer prices as last year, no booking, walk to the bar, beer garden and more. See you all tonight. ❀


Training tonight. Looking forward to seeing the players later. NEW PLAYERS WELCOME. With school starting back, it is the perfect time to start playing. Boys and girls welcome. Your child will be in a safe and friendly family environment. #OneClubOneCommunity #Coty


Tomorrow night, the all-new slimline version of The Big Lick, she has done amazing!! FREE ENTRYπŸŽ€πŸŽΌπŸŽ§πŸŽΈπŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈπŸ‰πŸ€˜

[09/02/21]   If you click on the EVENTS tab on this page, you will see all the bands and entertainment over the next few weeks into early October, if it says load more, click on that too. Some great gigs and events coming up.

Photos from Ystrad RFC Events's post 30/08/2021

Some photos of yesterday

The Crudes - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC 30/08/2021

The Crudes - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC

Here are The Crudes from yesterday afternoon. Headphones and switch to HD is a must. Enjoy!

The Crudes - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC An August bank holiday Sunday gig at Ystrad Rhondda RFC 2021. Always a pleasure to play here. A fab diverse set of songs which the patrons loved!


Rug Sunday

Rachel Stephens - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC 29/08/2021

Rachel Stephens - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC

Last night was a quiet night at the club because of warm weather, bank holiday, caravans, festivals and of course saving money for today, however, Rachel entertained those who did come out with an amazing performance. Enjoy.

Rachel Stephens - Showreel - Live at Ystrad Rhondda RFC Rachel is an amazing singer with a sublime vocal range. Her 2 sets of songs are upbeat and will always get people dancing. Always a pleasure to book her at o...

[08/29/21]   Today is the day, a live band back at the club for the first time in 16 months, I know there are a few birthday celebrations at HQ later, so it's going to be a great day. Can't wait, see ya'll this afternoon to make some more great memories of another RUG SUNDAY!

Photos from Ystrad RFC Events's post 15/06/2021

No more analogue snake. Still waiting to use, if you know, you know.

[06/14/21]   We are open for the Wales game and Ascot races on Wednesday 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🀞

Our Story

The branding will belong to Ystrad Rhondda Rugby Club. All people are welcome at our venue, there is no exclusiveness as we try to set ourselves apart from the rest.

Bands that wish to play this venue, please bear in mind that under our licence there is a STRICT restriction on the use of external PA systems used by bands because of non controllable dB levels by the manager/licencee. This will be reviewed by RCT in future providing we have no complaints about noise pollution. This was strictly enforced by the HSO at RCT, a copy of which can be seen on request, this was due to complaints from some neighbours in the past.

However, you will be pleased to know that we have an in-house dedicated band PA system with a very experienced sound man who will mic up vocals, drums, back-line amps, line out for keyboards, click and backing tracks, any other instrument is catered for. We have FOH set up of 2 JBL PRX800 3 way active tops lopped to 2 Mackie 2 wayβ€˜15" speakers. Behringer X32 digital desk with 18 ins and 8 sends. We have seven stage monitors if needed plus the use of Sennheiser top of the range in-ear monitors, 12 ceiling speakers around the venue plugged into desk. Shure mics, AKG clip on mics, overhead mics, DI boxes, mic stands, lights, lasers and haze machine. This in house PA service is NOT optional but compulsory as we wish to keep our licence, so if we book you or you request to book a gig, bear this in mind. If you read all the reviews from bands you will see that we have a great sound and set up notwithstanding that we know the sound acoustics of the venue better than gigging bands.

We have a discretionary budget for cover bands and anything over Β£250 has to go through the committee as we are a free to enter venue and do not charge our patrons. Tribute bands we will have now and again and because of their hierarchy of fees in the food chain, they will have to be approved and ticket only if approved. Bands always get a very good welcome from the promoter and club. These are the terms and can be updated once certain restrictions are removed, so please don't insist on bringing your own.

Please enjoy the venue and respect us and our neighbours as we aim to make your experience a good one. Feedback is always welcome.

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Another Saturday Night
Gregg late 50th birthday party
This Saturday Folks
My new apprentice
Rug Sunday
August 21st Pre Entertainment
Oasis Highjack



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