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This is something that I see often. Someone trying to exercise 5 times a week with 1hr cardio sessions to start with


Once that stops working the only thing you have left to do is MORE to achieve results

The sensible thing to do is start going for 20/30 min walks 3/4 times a week with some tweaks in your diet

So when that stops working you have room to increase. If you're already doing so much it's going to be hard to increase, and you won't be able to keep up with the changes

Start slow as you want the process to be easy, and build up to be hard when you need things to be hard

If you don't want to set yourself up for failure and make sure you're achieving results be sure to hit me a DM to see how we can get you moving on achieving your goal physique


It's starting to get colder and colder these days so here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you stay active

Even though the cold isn't really an excuse to not exercise, I get that a lot of us want to be able to work out comfortably

Let me know if you can think of any others


So a lot of people don't actually like porridge and like sticking to cereal

Here are some low sugar/wholegrain choices which are also great


If you want your body to change you need to be making some sort of progress with your training

If you're working at the same intensity every workout you may see an initial change when you start, but no further improvements to the body part you are working

Here are some ways to make progress in your workouts when resistance training





The whole myth of having carbs in the evening has mostly been put to bed these days. So as the post shows, regardless of the time your food is always going to be the same amount of calories

So think about your total daily intake first, rather than what time you are eating


Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain being hydrated will benefit your goal. Here are some ways to tell if you are dehydrated


If you're that person who isn't about the meal prep life and haven't got the time for it, make sure yourself planning for the week ahead and have a plan when doing the weekly shopping


Looking after your physical health is important, no doubt about that. But looking after your mental health is something that needs to be taken care of especially due to the amount of depression and stress we're under these days


If you do cardio make sure it's something enjoyable otherwise it won't get done. Find something that you enjoy and get that cardio done


Not saying that these all need to be done but mist people who are achieving results are giving these habits priority

If you're where you want to be in regards to your weight/physique/fitness make sure you get in touch and get yourself onto Project Lean or Project Toned



If you're someone who says "I swear I EAT healthy, but I have no idea why I don't lose weight" then this post is for you

What we think we ate throughout the day, isn't usually what we actually ate throughout the day. Such as sips, nibbles, bites, finishing left overs, sauces, dips, condiments

These things all add up to our calorie intake and if we don't track absolutely everything. We can quite easily be eating way more than we think we are

So write it down or add it to your electronic food diary so you're not making any mistakes with your food diary

If you're unsure how much to eat or what to eat make sure you get in touch and join PROJECT LEAN or PROJECT TONED. And DM me to get started


If you're finding fat loss a problem then something such as this may be beneficial for you

If you've got more veg on your plate then there's less space for anything else

Intermittent fasting is great for someone who has hunger issues or wants to eat bigger meals throughout the day

If there's something from here than can make your fat loss process a little easier then go for it


Heading to McDonald's? Here are some low calorie foods to choose from

Yep not everything is healthy from there, but if we're out for a bite to eat and our goal is fat loss, then picking low calorie options will be beneficial for us


Sick of hitting the gym but not really seeing results? Make sure you have a plan

Whether you make your own plan or get one from a trainer. You're always better off than the person who doesn't have a plan at all and just goes to the gym for the sake of it

If you're sick of putting in the time and effort and not getting anywhere make sure you get in touch, DM me to start achieving results




We're back with an Asian/Indian twist


Fitness and exercise is definitely beneficial for our health but we won't be able to see any extravagant changes until we change our diet

And changing our diet also means finding different ways to manage our stress other than food or alcohol, not going out to the local pub with our friends several times per week or making a healthy swap to our after dinner sweet tooth


We're back with an Italian theme this time. As the post suggests when you go to an Italian it's not just pizza that's there! We have pasta options too! Tomato based pasta dishes are always going to be lower calorie than your creamy carbonara's etc


Looking for low calorie ice lollies to bust the cravings but not your calorie intake?? Try these options


If you're hitting up a Chinese restaurant or takeaway here are some items to either avoid or enjoy. Based on the amount of calories, sugar and fat in these particular dishes


Make sure you always have targets and goals to keep yourself motivated. A long term goal and also short term goals to help you get little wins out of each week and keep you head strong whilst on your journey

When you lose track of your goals and where you want to be, that's where obstacles and excuses start to creep in


With a significantly less amount of calories and fat, Caesar salad takes the win over mayonnaise


There's no 2 ways about it! Putting money towards your health is never an expense, it's an investment


There's no substitute for eating right and exercise. That's the antidote which has been working since day ONE. So don't let anyone selling this terrible stuff access your bank account

When you stop using these things you still haven't been taught how to eat correctly or exercise correctly. Make sure you do things the right way


Couldn't have said it better Arnold ๐Ÿ‘Œ Exercising gives such mental benefits as well as physical

Personally it's my free time, my alone time, my escape time to just let my mind be free and be in another dimension away from everything

Not that my life is really stressful but it's important for everyone to find an activity that takes their mind away from the every day life and stresses that may occur


Honey Mustard takes the win against Sweet Chilli Sauce. Just a reminder to check the nutrition of sauces that you add to your meals

You could be potentially adding a lot more extra calories to meals. Therefore going off track and adding frustration to why you're not getting results


100 calories goes a long way. And is definitely easier to eat than to burn. So here are some quick and easy ways to burn an 100 calories in or out of the gym


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Make sure youโ€™re doing the basics before making excuses





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