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Operating as usual


I had a bit of a moment (in a really good way) during a journaling sesh on Friday. It was following a business coaching call with and, again, a bunch of πŸ’‘ moments.

I was thinking about my work - and the massive spread of it. Two businesses, a part-time job, self study (with the hope of PrOpEr StUdY soon). What was the thread that ran through the areas I am the most passionate about?

It landed on the page without me even knowing it was there. That common thread is helping people find their voice.

With yoga, it's their inner voice. The true essence of who they are. With aerial, it's the inner child. With mindful writing, it's expressing a voice through pen to paper which may have been stifled in the past. And with my work as a Communications Facilitator, it's creating total communication environments where EVERYONE has the space, safety and support to share.

And in my personal life, it's become the most important thing. Since Dad has slowly started to gain his voice back - something we were told would never happen - we have found a new focus and strength. There's nothing I love more than hearing him say my name. Hearing him laugh. Hearing him say naughty words 🀣

I think this realisation was the first time since his illness that I've actually felt a small fragment of clarity. Honestly, I think my time teaching on retreat had a lot to do with that (so thank you pals).

There's so much here, so much to explore and so much to get excited about.

But, for now, I'm going to enjoy a quiet Sunday β˜• The first half of the year has been BUSY. I think now's the time for me to find my own nourishment.

With love

AB x

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Middle pic = do your best Celine Dion ✌🏽🀨

Out, out to let loose, have fun and probably get drenched when it inevitably buckets down β˜”

Enjoy your BH, pals 🩷

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 22/05/2024

I've been thinking a lot recently about what my classes DO. Well, what I want them to do, anyway.

Now that my teaching schedule is so much more limited - and my own working week has totally transformed - it feels important to pinpoint this. For my students but, also, for me. For my slightly lost sense of identity.

I think about the pals who join me and the things we talk about before and after class. A running theme is that they're tired. They're overwhelmed. Overworked. In need of time purely for them.

I think subconsciously I always knew it, but I do desperately want to pour back into my student's cups; to create safe spaces that contribute to their wellbeing. For my teachings to help regulate those busy minds and lessen the load… Even just for 60 minutes.

And we can do it in different ways, right?

So, whether you need uninterrupted rest or to activate stagnant energy through the thrill of flight, I'm here.


Wednesdays 6pm - The Cosy Club at Bursledon Village Hall
Thursdays 6pm + 7.15pm - Aerial at Fairthorne Manor
Monthly Deep Rest at The Yoga Shed

I'd love to see you there 🩷



I really missed all of you last week and am looking forward to gathering tomorrow for some YIN NIDRA πŸ’«

Join me from 6pm at Bursledon Village Hall for major chill vibes as we continue our journey into the Niyamas.

Will I see you there?

Book your spot, loves:

(PS - Image not taken from BVH... BUT this is the feeling you're going to have by 7pm tomorrow..!)

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Despite the bloody awful weather, April was a month with more moments of sunshine than we've had in such a long time. And ofc the big LM had a lot to do with that.

1. Crossing the finishing line hand in hand with my Pops.
2. Squishy nose.
3. My favourite class to teach of the month.
4. Soz Ollie.
5. Two big ol' years since this boy came into our lives.
6. My third day retreat.
7. Still not sure how I spent the majority of 26.2 miles smiling.
8. He makes me laugh constantly.
9. An off lead baby.
10. She's a winner baby! πŸ…

Not shown: enormous tears, stress and anxiety, rollercoasters of emotions, going back on my medication, having to stop a class for my wellbeing, working 13 hour days.

So, I take one day at a time. Sometimes it's all you can do, isn't it?

Sending love, wherever you're at right now x


If you saw my stories earlier in the week, I've had to make the tough decision to pause my St Denys aerial class for the foreseeable future.

It's kind of mad to me to think I was this 🀏🏽 close to going full-time with the yoga. But life changes, doesn't it? Priorities shift, time and space becomes tighter and energy depletes.

I'm trying not to judge myself - to see these changes as a failure - and, instead, make the classes that remain as enriching both for my students and, actually, me as possible.

Because I DO adore teaching. Last night, my monthly Deep Rest, was an utter joy. It fills me with so much gratitude that people feel safe enough to practice with me.

So, looking ahead to this week, you've got 4 options ✨ and the opportunity to get started with a 5-week series of classes focusing on the niyamas πŸ™πŸ½


Monday 9.15am (Yoga Flow)

Wednesday 6.00pm Bursledon Village Hall (The Cosy Club)

Thursday 6.00 + 7.15pm (Aerial)


Our next Deep Rest gathering is Saturday 25 March and there are currently 5 spaces left 🧑

Would love to see you there! Please do remember to book ahead πŸ’š

With love

AB x


Find your meditation πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

I remember when I was doing my YTT, we were asked to write an essay about the power of meditation. Silent, seated meditation is something I often struggle with (due to maaaany reasons 🧠) and so I took the lens that meditation can be whatever you need it to be... That's what makes it so beautiful.

I'll probs never stop talking about what running has given me. As someone who - and I quote - would proclaim 'I HATE RUNNING!!' to anyone who asked, it blows my messy mind that it has now become a medicine for me.

Last week's classes were all about flow state, and boy did I find my flow state on Sunday. I floated, both in and out of my body, totally immersed in a feeling of deep connection, joy and understanding.

This has become (one of) my meditation. This has become the way I drop back into myself, find pockets of time where I am able to still regulate my emotions and clear out some of the clutter so I can think in a more focused way.

Running isn't for everyone. I get that. But we all will have something that helps us on this journey.

For you, it may be traditional meditation. And pals, it is incredible. Undoubtedly. Sadly when I need it the most is the time I feel unable to do it.

BUT (and it's a big but!). We can also find our meditation in countless other ways.

My little invitation for you today is to think about what YOUR meditation is. And, if you don't feel like you currently have one, have some fun exploring new, beautiful options.

With love,

AB x

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A day like no other 😭🧑

I knew that the atmosphere at was going to be insane - but nothing could have prepared me for the energy, the love and the support from thousands and thousands and thousands of strangers right from mile 1 to mile 26. For the feeling of running through those legendary sights. For totally dropping into flow for the first half and it honestly flying by (the second half... Well, it was definitely more of a strug πŸ˜…).

Most of all, it was beyond beautiful having so many of my loved ones there supporting me, as well as a bunch of them cheering me on from home.

I've never felt love like it. I've never felt pride like it.

My feet may be battered and blue (seriously) but I am on cloud 9 ☁️

To anyone who's ever had something on their bucket list but didn't know whether they could ACTUALLY do it - please give it a go. You will shock yourself at how strong the human body and spirit is 🧑

Thank you Universe for bringing this opportunity into my life πŸ™πŸ½

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🦡🏽 300km stored in my legs
πŸ‘Ÿ 40 runs (after not running for years / ever really enjoying it)
πŸ‘› Nearly Β£2,800 raised for

I know I've talked about this A LOT. But training for the marathon has been the only consistently good thing in my life these past six months.

I remember so clearly being sat in the family room at Queen's Square Hospital after more bad news. I had no idea whether Dad was going to make it, but I saw the poster for the marathon and thought - maybe this is your sign. Maybe this is the thing you can focus on while navigating this horrific, terrifying, long and winding journey.

So, I contacted the charity. Made an application. They'd JUST had a cancellation and felt - out of a waiting list of 50 - it would mean the most to me.

On the days when I've been crying on the floor in the morning, I've found a way to get out for a run that afternoon.

The times when I've felt so angry that all I wanted to do was smash everything in my sight - I smashed my trainers against the street instead.

Every run - whatever the distance - I've cried and held my hand to my heart thinking of Dad. Speaking to him in my head. Thanking the Universe that he's still fighting.

This marathon has kept me going. It's so much more than a run - so much more than a race.

Tomorrow, even in the friggin awful bits, I'll be running knowing that I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. I've kept going. I've kept fighting too.

Wish me luck, pals. I reckon I'm gonna need it!


Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 02/04/2024

I actually find these monthly roundups so helpful nowadays. They're a reminder that in among the tears, the panic attacks and the overwhelm, there are still moments of joy.

1. Cute boy guarding his store in Porto
2. Twin time is good time.
3. Another heartwarming deep rest (and 125km in March)
4. Eastleigh 10k with my big baby cheerleader
5. First time taking Alf to visit Dad in hospital and carrot cake to celebrate
6. Movie night for Tom's bday
7. Pretty scenes.
8. Pawz
9. Making Easter cards at the day service
10. The floating beast.

I hope you and yours had many joyful memories last month 🀍

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 15/02/2024

🧣 Getting cosy on Valentine's day πŸ’Œ

Last night was week 2 of The Cosy Club. This hour long weekly practice is all about - you guessed it - cosying on down πŸ₯±

I'm super happy to have a permanent fixture in this beautiful hall; and even better, teaching a class that I'm enormously passionate about.

I'm bored AF of the rhetoric that if you aren't working hard you aren't challenging yourself to ReAcH nEw HeIgHtS. Sometimes pausing, resting and BEING is the best gift you can give yourself.

Fancy joining us next week?


Hope to meet you for a class soon 🀍

AB x

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🀍 It's LOVE week in classes 🀍

I'm not a Valentine's Day kinda gal, but I do adore love.

I have so much of it, all the time - sometimes to my detriment, but I honestly wouldn't change it. It's what makes me who I am.

Howeverrrrr, like many of us, the hardest person I find showing love to is... πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Ofc myself.

And so, this week we'll be turning our love inwards. We'll be tending to the heart space and - dare I say - moving with a little bit of sensuality.

Fancy joining us?


πŸ’Œ Monday Morning Flow - 9.15am
πŸ’Œ Aerial Lunchtimes - 12.30
πŸ’Œ The Cosy Club - 6pm Bursledon Village Hall
πŸ’Œ Evening Aerial - 6pm + 7.15pm

Can't wait 😍😍😍

See you soon,

AB x


🎢 When she slips her hand in my hand, and it feels so small and helpless, and my fingers fold around it like a glove 🎢

All of my tattoos tell their own story. Places I've been, people I've lost, moments in my life that were transformative (for better and worse). It means a lot to me to carve those tales out and give them an eternal space in and on my body.

My Dad and I have "a song" - I just can't help believing by Elvis (aka, the king πŸ‘‘). There's a line in it that means so much to the two of us, and even now it holds enormous power.

I wanted to create an interpretation of not only that line, but our neverending relationship. A relationship that soars above words and movement - our souls forever intertwined. Hands forever holding.

Thank you to the beautiful .tattoo for bringing my vision to life, for the gorgeous conversations throughout the experience and the healing journey that it took me on.

My heart feels boundless love every time I look down at this new addition to my physical body 🀍

AB x


To think that I started teaching yoga in September 2022 and now - a year and a quarter later - I've spent an entire month teaching vinyasa, yin and aerial to beautiful students from all around the world HERE is just beyond 🀯

And after teaching my final class this morning, I'm so thankful for the things I've learnt from both this amazing array of yogis and also my fellow teachers.

I'm still in the thick of this delicious mug of gratitude, but aaaaaahhhhh. What dreamy classes. What crazy moments (for example, a squirrel dropping from the ceiling right next to a student's mat the moment they moved after nidra and another student having a lizard land on their back and crawl into their hair). What soul-affirming realisations for where I want to expand my teaching (and wider career).

Taking my teacher training has to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Fo shizzle ✌🏼

AB x



I've journaled every day since I've been here and it's been so beautifully cathartic. I'm such a big advocate for journaling, but I'd be lying if I said I had a regular practice back home. It fluctuates with the place I'm in mentally and energetically, and from the moment Dad became ill it was too painful for me to write.

Here, I've tried to let myself experience all of the feelings - those deemed 'good' and 'bad'. On a personal level, it was my core aim for this month. To let everything that needed to move through me do exactly that.

Something I wrote this morning was "I don't feel like I'm going home a new woman, or that this experience has changed me into something completely different. I feel as if I'm actually going home more acquainted with myself. Better friends with her. Deeply connected."

I've often fallen into the trap of thinking I need to change in order to be happy and fulfilled. But what if, actually, the 'me' that was there all along was precisely who I needed? That, in reality, what I needed was to get to know her better and give her the space to feel, say and do what was right for her?

This felt like a special realisation. 'Cos the truth is, I think I really like who I am.

AB 🀍 x

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Good morning my loves 🌞

As my countdown to 'home' rapidly speeds up, I am starting to look ahead at my own pre-Spring seeds. The moments carved out in the future that I feel so much clarity and joy for. One of those moments is my upcoming Spring retreat.

A day filled with yoga, aerial yoga, meditation and mindful writing. A day designed to meet you exactly where you are - energetically, emotionally and physically.

Never done aerial before? Perfect. Come on over.
Slightly nervous about journaling? Darling, you are not alone.

This is a sloooooow and sweet retreat 🍯 A beautiful opportunity to reflect on the winter gone by and set your spring intentions. We'll move, think and rest within the delicious nectar of this abundant season.

There are 4 spaces left and you can split the payment across two installments between now and the 'big day' if this helps.


Saturday 13 April 10am - 4pm
The Yoga Shed, Wickham
Β£90 or 2 x Β£45

I would love to welcome you there 🀍

For more information, pop me a message πŸ’Œ

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 23/01/2024

A holiday within a (working) holiday πŸ₯₯

Grateful for the sweet angel pie that is πŸ˜‡πŸ°πŸ€

What a scrummy day πŸ₯°

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 16/01/2024

Taking a momentary break from my Sri Lanka broadcast to share a little on what to expect when I'm back in February 🀍

I can't lie to you pals - I've been feeling somewhat lost (in all areas of my life, let's face it) and unsure how I can show up for my students, what I can offer and how this will fit in with our new way of living.

Today I had a really beautiful moment of clarity while floating in the ocean. There is no doubt that I am at a point of transition - that some major things could be happening in the next 12+ months - but I am so sure that this is the timetable I want to pour a nourishing deal of my energy into.

If you are ready and raring to get back to classes in February, I've set up a class pass 10% discount code redeemable until the end of January. Simply pop in CLASSPASSJAN and Bookwhen should do the rest 🀞🏼

With love

AB x

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 15/01/2024

Day off, Sri Lanka style 🏝️πŸ₯₯

Such a beautiful day of filling my cup up with the ocean, laughter, sunshine, good food and deep conversation.

My little heart feels happy right now 🀍


When you've spent the last 12 years of your life working in marketing, you become pretty good at taking on different masks. For clients, you have to do it. You become that brand, embody their language and share their message, totally disconnected from anything you may or may not think.

I believe, over time, I've become my own client.

Whether I've done so knowingly or not, I'm able to step into a shell and live, move, talk within it.

I've really noticed it recently.

I live in one suit while surrounded by others, while serving and being kept busy. As my day reaches a crescendo - the peak where everything starts to slow down on the other side - my anxiety rises out from the depths.

And yes, I'm trying not to fight any emotion right now... But this one is starting to push me. A friend shared a post about how anxiety feels like the moment before a rollercoaster tumbles to the ground (but all the time) and I couldn't relate more.

I don't want to be my own client anymore. I want to be me.

I'm just trying to figure out who that is in this new way of life.


Deep Rest... But in Sri Lanka πŸŒ…

Oh my loves. You all know how much Deep Rest means to me. The way it makes my heart sing. The energy it cultivates.

Well, this evening I brought my Deep Rest practice to an intimate group while the ocean waves kissed the shoreline.

It was a moment. One I'm so grateful for 🀍

AB x

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 07/01/2024

And so my first experience within a Talalla opening ceremony is complete 🌺

Every moment of every day I can't quite believe I am here - surrounded by such beautiful souls and glorious nature.

I'm so looking forward to being a part of these openhearted guests' retreat experience 🀍 To unfurl and dig deep alongside them.

Grateful πŸ™πŸ½ Grateful πŸ™πŸ½ Grateful πŸ™πŸ½


It comes in waves
Some so gentle you barely notice them
A gentle tap on the shoulder
Remember me?
Others engulf you
Roaring over your head
Dragging you down
Until you're gasping for air
You don't know how you're ever going to break free
Of their watery arms
How you'll ever take a breath again
But you do
You find your way back to the surface
Fingertips reaching towards the sky
Searching for hands to hold
You lean your head back
You open yours eyes
And breathe.



Waking up to a family of monkeys scurrying outside my room, a dreamy yoga class in the beach shala and fresh fruit for breakfast.

Totally sublime.

Now to immerse myself in a few days of grounding before I get fully stuck into teaching with the beautiful Talalla team and their very special guests 🀍

AB x


And I'm off ✈️

I didn't allow myself to believe this was happening until this very moment. But, with Papa Badge defying all the odds (and telling me time and time again to go!), I'm now Sri Lanka bound for a month of teaching aerial yoga at the sublime πŸ™πŸ½

I'm going to make the most of every single second 🀍

Here's to always chasing your dreams ✨

See you on the other side 🌍

AB x

Photos from Amber Badger Yoga's post 30/12/2023

Ins and outs for 2024 πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Inspo'd by and - two top babes who were a big IN for my year πŸŽ‡

2023 has taught me a hell of a lot (many lessons of which I'm still unpicking). It's a cliché, but the biggest thing has been that you can't take anything for granted. I'm going to harness this, one way or another, next year. As good old Sammy once said, a change is gonna come 🫴🏼

So, let's keep the trend going... What would yours be? 🀍


2023 classes - over and out ✨

Thank you to everyone who has joined me throughout the last 12 months for:

πŸŒ€ Monday Morning Flow
πŸŒ€ The Wednesday OGs
πŸŒ€ Maternity cover for Gem
πŸŒ€ The tried (and failed - which is okay!) Hedge End Tuesday
πŸŒ€ Deep Rest
πŸŒ€ Online Rest
πŸŒ€ Lunchtime Aerial
πŸŒ€ Aerial at Fairthorne Manor
πŸŒ€ Creative Day Retreat collabs
πŸŒ€ Aerial, writing and yoga day retreats
πŸŒ€ Silks and Sound
πŸŒ€ My short step into Southsea
πŸŒ€ Journal & Flow
πŸŒ€ PJs + Yin
πŸŒ€ Corporate Yoga
πŸŒ€ Yoga at Bow Square

It's been a ride 🎒 and you're all dreamboats.

See you in 2024, my lovelies 🀍

AB x


Yesterday brought with it the Winter Solstice - and I was honoured to share a journaling and nidra practice online for the first time πŸ€β„οΈ

When we think of the Winter Solstice, it's that point of transition... The moment darkness envelops the day and we prepare ourselves for more light, more life and more hope. For renewal and rebirth. Brighter days ahead.

I know that it isn't always easy to flip the switch and land in this mindset. I'm certainly not there myself. But, I do see these points in the year as a beautiful opportunity to take stock and reflect.

One of the questions I asked my deep resters, was what is your 'soul goal' for 2024. Since our practice, I've been trying to decipher my answer.

At first I thought it was to heal - yet, with further thought, I realised that it's hard to heal when you are still in the midst of a struggle.

So, instead, I think my soul goal is to find a state of acceptance. For the past, the present and the future.

I pray to the Universe I can find my way there.

Maybe today you can spend some time asking yourself this same question 🧑

With love, yogi community,

AB ✨

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