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It's important to understand the full scope of stress and how it doesn't just impact your mind but also your body! 🧠


Progress isn't determined by one set of numbers! ❌

There are many ways you progress each day, especially in your fitness journey! This can be from losing weight to even waking up happier each day, it's all progress but not all of it is always measurable. ❤️

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This client worked so hard over the 12 week challenge to get her results! 🤩

She lost 7lbs across the challenge and gained definition (her arms at PT are incredible when shes using those muscles). She was able to eat a non restrictive diet of 1600 calories per day and was consistently exercising and hitting her daily protein target of 120g.

I'm super proud of her and can't wait to see more of her fitness journey! ❤️

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Your dinner plans tonight sorted! 🍽

Huevos Rancheros, perfect for the whole family and only take 20 minutes! 😋

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 30/04/2024

Hit those calorie goals with Pumpkin Pie Oats! 🥧

Best served fresh and only take 30 minutes to make 😋




Skye is a coach who is absolutely killing it with her PT business 🔥 and also has a pretty epic pink studio gym!

Read about Skye’s journey in our latest blog post where we delve into some insights on how she has gotten to where she has.

We are so proud to be supporting coaches like Skye!

Don’t forget to check out Skye’s socials to keep up, too. You never know what someone might teach you if you are open to it ✨


Did you know the amount of sleep you need changes with age? 🤔

Good exercise and nutrition is important for keeping your body healthy, but don't underestimate the power of a good nights sleep as well! 😴


Some recognition from one of the apps that I use to make SkyeFit the unique business that it is 😊

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We all have rolls!

Don’t compare your sitting belly to someone else’s standing belly!

Don’t compare your post baby belly to someone’s belly who hasn’t been pregnant!

Just don’t compare yourself to anyone!

Everyone only shows you what they want you to see. You don’t see their “bad angles” so you are only comparing yourself to their best version of themselves.

Be real, be you! ❤️

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What can you eat within 1600 calories?

This would be a great day, not only for calories and macros but for your tastebuds.


Love seeing messages like this!!!

Who said you’ll never be the size you were?

It’s possible if you work for it! This amazing lady has been working with me for 23 weeks and is still seeing results every week because she works so hard.


You can’t just exercise your way to the body you want!

You need to focus on your nutrition too.

Lucky for you, I can help with this! Message me if you need advice and guidance to take control of your diet and lose weight without restricting any food types and still enjoying food!

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Meal prep for the week made easy!

Cook up a batch of this Chicken Saag and you’ll have lunches or dinners for the next 4 days and with a huge 43g of protein per serving you’ll be well on your way to smashing that protein goal!

Take the stress out of your week by taking away the need to think of what to have for lunch every day! Staying on track will be easier.


Well durrr!

It sounds obvious but you’d be amazed if you knew how many times people say “I don’t have the energy to workout” or “I’m always so tired”

Your first workout will be so hard and it will hurt! But each workout gets easier and once you start working out regularly, you’ll do it without needing to push yourself.

I tell new clients that they’ll get addicted to exercise and they always say “Not me, I’d never be addicted to exercise” but a few months later they always remember that conversation and will say “Wow! You were right! Exercise makes me feel so good”

So yes, it might seem so hard now to get yourself in the gym but the sooner you start, the easier it will get!

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Vegetable Frittata!

Can be made up to 5 days in advance and kept in the fridge for a quick breakfast or lunching its low calories so you could even have it as a mid morning snack.

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 06/04/2024


What an amazing 12 weeks! Thank you to everyone who came today for the winners announcement. Everyone smashed this challenge and worked so hard but there could only be one winner!

was in third place and won a SkyeFit hoodie!

came in second place and won a SkyeFit hoodie.

was the winner and has bagged herself a SkyeFit hoodie and a spa day for 2!

These ladies have not only lost weight, they have changed their lifestyles! They have formed new habits with exercise and healthy eating being part of their everyday now. They have all grown in confidence and improved their lives in so many more ways than just losing weight. I’m so proud of all of the ladies who took part in this challenge and so grateful that they have trusted me to help them on this journey! Love having a positive impact on so many lives 😘

Swipe to see how you can join the next challenge and win a spa day for two!


You don’t have to be perfect, just consistent!

It’s better to do one workout than do nothing and then, celebrate it! 🥳 Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t do the other two workouts in your plan! You still did more than most people!

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 04/04/2024

Are you eating 1900 calories a day?

Do you struggle to hit your protein or need some ideas for new meals?

You could eat all of this within 1900 calories per day. You definitely won’t be feeling hungry!

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 03/04/2024

Maybe its not the healthiest smoothie but it is the most delicious which makes it worth the calories 😁


There is so much more to losing weight and “toning up” than you think.

If you are highly stressed and not getting enough sleep, that will slow your progress!

If you are not drinking enough water and eating too little/too many calories, that will slow your progress.

Exercise is fantastic but you need to focus on several other factors to see the results that you want!

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 01/04/2024


Want to change your relationship with exercise and nutrition? Want to lose weight but don’t know what to do? Do you need accountability and support to keep your motivated?

Win a space on the next 12 week challenge and not only will you lose weight, you will feel more confident, have more energy and feel amazing!

All you have to do is like this post, share to your stories or your page and tag a friend. There is no limits to the number of entries you can have so keep sharing, keep tagging and cross your fingers.

Winners will be announced on Friday 12th April!

Want to guarantee your space on the challenge? I will only be opening 10 spaces for new clients so book your space now. You’ll get 5 bonus entries and you’ll be refunded if you win! Make sure you don’t miss out! 😊

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 31/03/2024

🤩 Want to be WOWED?!? Swipe across >>>

This fantastic woman has been with me since August and has lost over 2 stone slowly but consistently. She started on a 12 week challenge and decided to keep going after to see more results.

She has completely changed her life and now her workouts are part of her daily routine. She has understood the intensity of her workouts should be difficult and not only has she lost weight, she has become stronger and much more confident.

Her relationship with food has improved and she has achieved these results whilst still eating 1,750 calories everyday and with no restrictions. She still eats carbs, she still eats chocolate and has the occasional glass of wine. She isn’t miserable!

I think we can all say that this transformation is incredible and she hasn’t just followed my program, she has learnt how to make better decisions and changed her lifestyle to be able to maintain her results for the rest of her life.

This isn’t a quick fix weight loss plan! This is a life changing program that will educate you on the how’s and why’s so that you understand how to keep the weight off. No more yo-yo dieting!

Do you want to see results like this? Anyone can do it, you just need to commit!

Join my next 12 week challenge and find the new you! Message me to book a free consultation (no hard selling involved) and we can see if this program would be the right one for you! There are only 10 spaces for new clients and the chance to win a spa day for 2 so don’t spend to long thinking about it 😊

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Starting 15th April, sign up now and feel more confident going into the summer!

This program won’t just change your body, it will change your mindset and change your life!

Only 10 spaces for new clients and the waiting list is now open.

Message me to arrange a free consultation call and find out why this challenge will get you the results that you want!

Reach out if you have any questions ❤️


Stop focusing on what you can’t have and focus on what you can do more of!

You can still eat, just walk more!

Let’s stop starving ourselves to lose weight and start moving more instead!

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 27/03/2024

Do you love seafood?

Here’s another fantastic high protein and low calorie recipe for you to try!

Add that it’s low carb and low fat and you’ve got the perfect combination!


Our private female only gym open hours over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

I will be off this weekend so please feel free to use the gym from Friday to Monday.

Not had an induction? Arrange one this week to make sure you don’t have to miss a workout over the weekend!

Had an induction? Book your slot now at

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Oreo Smoothie for 204 calories??? That can't be possible!


Try this deliciously creamy Oreo smoothie, full of protein and low in carbs and fats (for a smoothie). Why not add a scoop of chocolate protein powder to add more flavour and protein?


Want to join an exercise class where you can get fitter, get stronger and have fun all at the same time?

Spaces are available on Wednesday evenings classes so come along and join the SkyeFit community.

All abilities and ages welcome. All exercises are adaptable and you can go at your own pace. No intimidation, no high impact exercises (No jumping & no burpees) and no judgment! Just support and motivation to be the best you can be!

Book your space at and always feel free to message if you have any questions.

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 24/03/2024

The results that this woman has achieved in the past 6 months is nothing short of incredible!

How did she lose weight so consistently?

Did she eat 1200 calories a day? No!
Did she force herself to run miles or go to HIIT classes that she didn't enjoy? No!
Did she eat salads, drink magic weight loss shakes everyday and stop going out to social events? No!

She ate 1,700 calories every day. Sometimes she had bit more, sometimes she had bit less but she still ate foods that she enjoyed. She's had some holidays and her plan also ran over Christmas but she still kept losing weight.


She followed my plan of three to four strength training workouts a week.
She tracked her calories and prioritised protein in her diet.
She goes to Zumba every week because she loves it. it isn't a chore.
She walks every day.

There is no magic pill or quick fix. Work hard, stay consistent and you will get the results.

A huge well done to this wonderful woman! You're an inspiration!

Ready to start your fitness journey and change your life? The next 12 week challenge starts 15th April and there will only be 10 spaces for new clients! So start the same way that this lady did and see how much you can achieve! Message me to secure your space 😊

Photos from SkyeFit Personal Training's post 22/03/2024

Lunch, dinner or just a snack?

This low calorie, high protein, low carb and low fat skewer would make the perfect snack, or add some vegetables and chips to make it a meal!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Southampton?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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The winner of a free space on the 12 week challenge is…
Please watch if you have entered the competition and be careful ❤️




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