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A little glimpse into what I do. Please leave me a comment below if you like it, or if I can help you with your own photography requirements!
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Around 70 wonderful ladies ready and waiting to join our free challenge next week! 💥

Hitting the 1st March flying 🚀 🚀

Looking forward to adding them into the group this Sunday 😃😃😃

3 DAYS TO GO!! ⏰

If you haven’t signed up yet - follow the link 🙌🏽😃
Have you had a chance to listen to our podcast yet? If you haven't, you should!

What better way to wind down after a long day than by listening to former professional runner Paul Laslett talk about his motivational journey with running and with Brightside Personal Training? 🏃‍♂️

You can find the full podcast here 👉
🎉 IT'S HERE! 🎉
We are super excited to officially launch The Evolve Co. PODCAST! 🎧

Born To is a series of motivational podcasts featuring everyday Super Humans who have transformed their lives through the power of sport. We kick off with Born To Run, with special guest Paul Laslett, owner of Brightside Personal Training. Paul is a former Professional 800 metre runner and successful Business Owner based in Hampshire!

Have a listen 🎧👇
So since May 2020 I have supported Paul from Brightside Personal Training in helping people not only get faster, but most importantly enjoy their running, by giving their training a simple structure that has had amazing results. This is one example of many below.

We have had a lady get down to sub 23 min from 28 min 5k.

Next week there’s a free 5 day challenge where Paul will share his method and give you fantastic advice.

Please share away!
Something to make you smile on a Monday morning!

Our thanks to Brightside Personal Training for creating this fundraiser to benefit Southampton Children’s Hospital. The lovely Molly is on the look out for a deputy Brightside mascot, so make sure you send in your pet photos via the link below. 😍 🐶
Here I am just minutes before this evening’s online PT session. Our old friends at Brightside Personal Training encouraged us to stay active during this lockdown and my word are they making us work hard! The main purpose of the selfie though is to update you on the ‘tache. It’s raised £90 for Movember UK! Thank you everyone who sponsored.

We also had our Christmas tree delivered by the lovely team at Catkin & Pussywillow this afternoon. I decorated it while munching on mince pies and singing along with Nana Mouskouri. Definitely feeling festive now!

Tomorrow we prepare the café for reopening on Wednesday. Our new Tier 2 opening hours are:

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 10am-3pm

We may also open in the evenings for Scotch Eggs and Cocktails 🥸 Watch this space...
Last night, Evolve's founder Donna joined Brightside Personal Training on a webinar session called "Step into your Thrive Zone". We loved meeting the ambitious and inspiring individuals who took part, hearing their stories and helping relight their spark through self-belief after the tough year we've all faced.

The session focused on the importance of Courage, and how it is the secret to achieving your goals. We can build courage by enhancing the way we view 3 things:
🌟 Ourselves
🌟 Failure
🌟 The Future

Don't forget - anything is possible with the right mindset!
Just did the five day challenge and found it so useful. I am just going to write my story and think it has been so great for the q and a time. X
Just wanted to say what a difference a week can make! I have been running for two years but had really fallen out of love with it over the last few months and was struggling to find any motivation. Paul's free 5 day course has re-ignited my fire. I am loving the structure to my week, running at different paces and getting to understand a bit more about how to run. I have bored everyone this week with running talk and I cannot wait to get started with the mastery course on Monday. I would highly recommend.
I can highly recommend this 5-day-challenge to improve your speed over distance, especially if you're trying to crack the 5km in 30 minutes:

Brightside Personal Training:
I really enjoyed the 5 day Breaking 30 Challenge with Paul last week. He helped us set ourselves some challenges and gave us really clear advice. Simple challenges like practising standing on one leg to develop strength for running. And we all loved slow running .... Many thanks Paul.

It’s our mission to help get the south coast healthier. Taking stress off your body, and improving Your health is our priority. When anyone puts their faith in us you become part of the Brightside family.

We offer bespoke help to our clients. We do this in person and online.

Operating as usual



Wow Dom!

When Dom started at Brightside Personal Training we couldn’t get a press up without severe pain. Dom had a full AC ligament rupture and a very unstable shoulder. Fast forward a year and we are now working on ring muscle ups and back levers without pain. Amazing work Dom!

If you're as impressed as we are give Dom a like and share!



Here are my top 3 reasons ( Number 4 is the best )

🏃‍♂️ 1 : Running slower builds your aerobic foundations up. The bigger the foundations the bigger the house 🏡 ( The faster you can run for longer too)

🏃‍♀️ 2: It keeps you injury free as you are not constantly stressing your muscles and joints. They can’t leg it all the time !

3: 🏃‍♂️ If you run slower 70% of the week it will mean you are more recovered to run faster in sessions. You have permission to run slower as you know the next run is a faster one.

4 ( the best one )
👽 might come. And we might need to leg it.


Love seeing feedback like this !

Happy days



Paul is fitter than ever!

Paul is one of Brightside Personal Training's longest clients and we're so impressed with what he can do now!

He's been training with us for more than 10 years and now says confidently that he is fitter in his sixties than he’s ever been in his life. Here he is doing a comfortable set of 10 pull ups.

This is so inspiring Paul! Keep on winning!

Photos from Run Company Southampton's post 14/04/2022

Photos from Run Company Southampton's post


Are you drinking enough water?

It can be hard to increase our water intake but it can make such a difference! It aids with weight loss, energy levels and our metabolic rate and it's one of the simplest changes we can make to help boost our overall health.

Easy tips:

- Freeze fresh berries, mint or cucumber into ice cubes to add some flavour to your drink.
- Always carry a reusable water bottle with you.
- Start your day with a drink of water.

How do you make sure you drink enough?

Photos from Run Company Southampton's post 10/04/2022

Photos from Run Company Southampton's post



We've had some amazing work from Janet since she's started training at Brightside over the last 6 weeks! 1.2 stone lost and 5” off her body.

Janet's nutrition has improved across the board and is sustainable moving forward. Strength, balance and stability all increased. Keep up the good work!

We love helping our clients make small changes to get big results and we're so impressed with Janet's achievements! Give this this post a like and share if you are too!

Photos from Brightside Personal Training's post 06/04/2022

We're often asked about our favourite supplements at Brightside and these guys tick all our boxes: vegan friendly, plastic free packaging and great tasting. Better yet the lovely team at Boxed Off are offering all Brightside followers 15% off with the code BRIGHT15

At home, we always start the day with a green juice. Just add water and you have a super healthy, anti-inflammatory, energy boosting drink ready to go in seconds. But Boxed Off also offer everything from vegan protein powders to epsom salts.

15% off with the code BRIGHT15 at


We all know we need our 5 a day but have you heard that health experts are also now advising we eat 30 different plants a week?

This stems from research showing that individuals eating 30+ different types of plant based foods have great gut microbe diversity, something which have been increasingly associated with improved overall health.

30 different plant foods a week might sound HUGE but remember this includes anything sown - so wholegrains, nuts, herbs, seeds and legumes are all included.

With this in mind, we're sharing 5 easy tips to help you reach your 30 a week:

- Add a bag of mixed seeds into your weekly shop and sprinkle over your porridge in the morning.
- Switch all or half the mince in your spaghetti bolognaise or cottage pie with a tin of lentils.
- A bag of mixed salad will help increase your plant diversity with minimal effort.
- If you haven't already, make the switch to whole grains for your bread, rice and pasta.
- Fill up your freezer - frozen berries and veg can be a really quick and easy way to hit your 30 a week and your 5 a day.

Are you reaching your 30 a week? Anymore easy tips on increasing your plant food intake? Comment below and let us know!



Yesterday I went to southampton athletics track to train with a client.

When we arrived it was heaving, we couldn’t get parked anywhere. Strange for 1600 on a Friday afternoon.

As we got closer I realised that something magical was happening, inter schools x country.

The parents stood out in the freezing cold with great enthusiasm cheering their kids on.

The kids legging it around some fields. It bought back some awesome memories for me.

But then as the race continued, I saw the faces of the kids right at the back.

They were not having fun, it was cold, and they were right at the back.

It made me stop and think about their first experience of running, and maybe of exercise.

Would it have a negative impact on them in the future ?

I hope not.

As I started to think, which is always hard for me. I realised that these kids in the future will probably pay to enter long events.

So many of the clients we help now didn’t have great experiences at school of running. But now they enter silly long races, rock up to park run, and choose to get out and run.

I’d love to know your school running experience… drop a comment below 👇


Congratulations Jack! 3 inches dropped in total, strength increasing and 7lbs off. Keep up the consistency and the great work 💪🏻🔥


Client win of the week!

Matt's been doing some great work at Whiteley! Here's a picture of him touching his toes for the first time in years.

Improving your range of movement has a massive impact on quality of life, injury reduction and also makes it easier to tie up your shoelaces!

If you're impressed with Matt's new found range of movement, please like and share!


Loving Every Stride Episode 16 with Paul Laslett

Tune in to hear how Olly Laws went from international athlete to forging a career after the running stopped!


Training v Coaching

Coaching is at the heart of our community


This is awesome.

How has this lovely person improved ?

✅ Followed the right system
✅ Had progression each week
✅ Support and guidance
✅ Enjoyed the process
✅ Known what paces to run at to maximise time and energy.

Get your own pace calculator… link in bio.



When you are trying to look after your body, and there is cake in the office…..


Running for social ! What a joy 🤩


Paul here from Brightside.

I didn’t have time to send a fancy pants sales page for our latest offer, so while we build that I thought I’d send it here so you have a chance of not missing this deal.

It’s truly the best we’ve ever done at Brightside in over ten years.

Here’s the deal. We are launching a Spring Six Sprint. It’s a small group training program designed to get you results ahead of the Summer.

We guarantee you’ll get really impressive results or we’ll give double your money back.

But we’re also giving you £498 off.

No, we haven’t gone mad. The thing is we want to get you results so you’ll stay after the Six weeks and get even better results.

And we know we can offer a strong guarantee, because frankly we know what we’re doing and when you see what’s included you’ll get it.

Speaking of which.

Here’s what’s included in the Spring Six Sprint.

✅ Initial consultation 1-1 (£60 Value)
✅ 2x Weekly Group Training Sessions (£360 Value)
✅ Accountability Group (£30 Value)
✅ Food Consultation at Week One (£90 Value)
✅ Food Review Week 3(£60 Value)
✅ Future health planning session (£50 Value)
✅ Food diary (£9.99 Value)
✅ Recipe book (£20 Value)
✅ Mobility booklet (£9.99 Value)
✅ Total Value £689.98

✅ ✅ Plus as an extra special bonus we’re sending you our 21 Days to Fitness Online Course when you buy, in case you can’t make a session or two!

But for 30 people and until the 31st March, it’s only £200!

If you’re reading this and thinking “send me the link already” then here it is:

So if you can get to our Southampton studio and want to finally transform your body in time for late Spring without flinging around heavy weights?

Then go to that link and claim your exclusive deal.

What I haven't said just yet too, is that those bonuses, go away at the end of March.

Please share with any friends you think could benefit from this !


“Hey Keith, when was the last time you touched your toes?” “Umm must be 20 years ago.”

Amazing progress being made by Keith with him going from strength to strength with each session!


Sunday September 11th

New Forest Marathon

Awesome event !!

Get your entry.

If you are a client, please message us for your discount code.

Brightside Survey 22/03/2022

Brightside Survey

Can you help us by filling in a quick survey?

The last two years have had a big impact on how we work and exercise, and we want to make sure we're providing the best service that meets everyones changing needs.

Has your approach to exercise changed? We'd really love to hear what you think!

Brightside Survey Can you help us by filling in a quick survey? The last two years have had a big impact on how we work and exercise, and we want to make sure we're providing the best service that meets everyones changing needs. Has your approach to exercise changed? We'd really love to hear what you think!

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