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A little glimpse into what I do. Please leave me a comment below if you like it, or if I can help you with your own photography requirements!
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Around 70 wonderful ladies ready and waiting to join our free challenge next week! 💥

Hitting the 1st March flying 🚀 🚀

Looking forward to adding them into the group this Sunday 😃😃😃

3 DAYS TO GO!! ⏰

If you haven’t signed up yet - follow the link 🙌🏽😃
Have you had a chance to listen to our podcast yet? If you haven't, you should!

What better way to wind down after a long day than by listening to former professional runner Paul Laslett talk about his motivational journey with running and with Brightside Personal Training? 🏃‍♂️

You can find the full podcast here 👉
🎉 IT'S HERE! 🎉
We are super excited to officially launch The Evolve Co. PODCAST! 🎧

Born To is a series of motivational podcasts featuring everyday Super Humans who have transformed their lives through the power of sport. We kick off with Born To Run, with special guest Paul Laslett, owner of Brightside Personal Training. Paul is a former Professional 800 metre runner and successful Business Owner based in Hampshire!

Have a listen 🎧👇
So since May 2020 I have supported Paul from Brightside Personal Training in helping people not only get faster, but most importantly enjoy their running, by giving their training a simple structure that has had amazing results. This is one example of many below.

We have had a lady get down to sub 23 min from 28 min 5k.

Next week there’s a free 5 day challenge where Paul will share his method and give you fantastic advice.

Please share away!
Something to make you smile on a Monday morning!

Our thanks to Brightside Personal Training for creating this fundraiser to benefit Southampton Children’s Hospital. The lovely Molly is on the look out for a deputy Brightside mascot, so make sure you send in your pet photos via the link below. 😍 🐶
Here I am just minutes before this evening’s online PT session. Our old friends at Brightside Personal Training encouraged us to stay active during this lockdown and my word are they making us work hard! The main purpose of the selfie though is to update you on the ‘tache. It’s raised £90 for Movember UK! Thank you everyone who sponsored.

We also had our Christmas tree delivered by the lovely team at Catkin & Pussywillow this afternoon. I decorated it while munching on mince pies and singing along with Nana Mouskouri. Definitely feeling festive now!

Tomorrow we prepare the café for reopening on Wednesday. Our new Tier 2 opening hours are:

Mon Closed
Tue-Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 10am-3pm

We may also open in the evenings for Scotch Eggs and Cocktails 🥸 Watch this space...
Last night, Evolve's founder Donna joined Brightside Personal Training on a webinar session called "Step into your Thrive Zone". We loved meeting the ambitious and inspiring individuals who took part, hearing their stories and helping relight their spark through self-belief after the tough year we've all faced.

The session focused on the importance of Courage, and how it is the secret to achieving your goals. We can build courage by enhancing the way we view 3 things:
🌟 Ourselves
🌟 Failure
🌟 The Future

Don't forget - anything is possible with the right mindset!
Just did the five day challenge and found it so useful. I am just going to write my story and think it has been so great for the q and a time. X
Just wanted to say what a difference a week can make! I have been running for two years but had really fallen out of love with it over the last few months and was struggling to find any motivation. Paul's free 5 day course has re-ignited my fire. I am loving the structure to my week, running at different paces and getting to understand a bit more about how to run. I have bored everyone this week with running talk and I cannot wait to get started with the mastery course on Monday. I would highly recommend.
I can highly recommend this 5-day-challenge to improve your speed over distance, especially if you're trying to crack the 5km in 30 minutes:

Brightside Personal Training:
I really enjoyed the 5 day Breaking 30 Challenge with Paul last week. He helped us set ourselves some challenges and gave us really clear advice. Simple challenges like practising standing on one leg to develop strength for running. And we all loved slow running .... Many thanks Paul.

It’s our mission to help get the south coast healthier. Taking stress off your body, and improving Your health is our priority. When anyone puts their faith in us you become part of the Brightside family.

We offer bespoke help to our clients. We do this in person and online.

Operating as usual


Meet Max! Max joined Brightside earlier this year and has quickly settled in with his friendly and enthusiastic approach to training:

Hi, I’m Max, a confident and enthusiastic Personal Trainer who will push you to reach your goals, whilst being a friendly face to have a chat with.

I have a BSC degree Sport and Exercise Science, a Masters degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and experience amongst many varying clients with different goals. I love helping people reach their goals, whether this is toning up, losing weight or running a marathon.

I am really passionate about sport and fitness and love to try my hand at any sport; from table tennis to football, always looking for the next challenge to keep me motivated!



The importance of accountability, support and community

Why Running Slower Helps You Run Faster - Loving Every Stride Podcast 23/09/2022

Why Running Slower Helps You Run Faster - Loving Every Stride Podcast

A very common issue I see is that many runners run too fast too much.

"But Paul we want to run fast" I hear you shout!

And my running friend you will, once or twice a week.

The rest of the time you should be running slowly. So slowly that you do not feel like you are going to die at the end of the run!

You should feel energised and like you can carry on.


I am glad that you asked!

First of all, having the right structure in place you will know when to push and when to chill!

Imagine having a glass of water, and every day you empty a bit from that cup. Eventually that water will be gone, this is what happens with your energy if you run too fast too often.

Now imagine you have a bigger cup, so more water (energy) can go into the cup. And instead of taking water each day you top that up, so when you really need it there is more to have.

This is what recovery running does, it tops your energy level up and the bigger your aerobic system is the more energy it gives you.

So next time you head out for a run, think about topping your cup up not taking from it.

Tune into our episode about running slower to run faster !


Why Running Slower Helps You Run Faster - Loving Every Stride Podcast In this episode of the Loving Every Stride podcast, host Paul Laslett reveals one of the biggest secrets to speeding up your run, as well as making it more fun.One of the most important ways to boost your energy is to slow down certain runs. Varyi...


The hardest part is getting started! If you've been thinking about making healthier changes, think about where you'd like to see yourself in 3 months time. If the answer includes getting healthier, stronger and fitter, then the best time to start is now!

if you've been thinking about making an appointment, get in touch! We'll take care of the rest:



[Worth £100]

It’s that time of year where we are a combination of sad and relieved to see the kids go back to school. As much as we love our little one’s, it’s great to have some structure and routine back in place.

Have you spent the summer putting everyone before yourself?
Now is a great time to move yourself higher up your priorities.

We want to help you, and our FREE kick start bundle will do just that.

So What’s involved?

Health kick start bundle:
50 day food plan [Value £50]
This is NOT A DIET, This takes the thought out of what food we have, when and how to cook it! Including recipes that all the family will like, and will not take you more than 20-30 minutes to prepair and cook.

Health success planning session
We look at the 3 easiest changes you can make in the next 6 weeks that will have the biggest impact. After the session you will have a simple to follow plan of action that will help you improve your health.

A Personal training session
For guidance and coaching on the best workout routine to follow so you can feel great, track your progress and enjoy seeing the results roll in.

To secure your kick start bundle, comment below or message us directly, we’ll get it sent over to you + one of the team will reach out to get your health success planning and Pt session booked in.

We can’t wait to help you feel like your confident, energetic self again!


Awesome results from Graham 😃🔥
An inch off the waist in a month + getting stronger!
Here’s how he did it…


It's never too late to invest in your health! If you'd like to know more visit:


It’s out! And so are Paul’s secrets 🤫😆

You can listen using your favourite platform 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


Meet Heather, who works at our Whiteley studio. Heather's calm, knowledgable and friendly approach has been getting Brightside clients great results for years!

"Hi I’m Heather and I work at the Whiteley studio. My career as a Personal Trainer began in 2000 and I’ve never looked back!

Health and fitness has always been a passion of mine, starting with swimming and the 100m sprint then rowing. Rowing then became my main focus for 14 years. Now as a mum I use any spare time, space and equipment to complete imaginative workouts at home.

I’m very friendly and approachable and enjoys building long term relationships with her clients. I specialise in core stability training which improves posture, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and injury recovery. Clients can expect to see and feel results within a few weeks and I’ll keep your motivation high during and after your sessions."


It's great to see testimonials like this! We love seeing how clients can reach a weight they're much happier with by ditching the dieting and making small, sustainable habit changes. Regular, enjoyable exercise and small, healthy changes will lead to long term results.

If you feel like you've been dieting for years, please get in touch to see how we can help:


Are you ready to start making your health a priority? Get in touch to hear how we can help you become your healthiest, happiest self. Get in touch here:


Meet Jack, our Whiteley Studio Manager:

"I became a Personal Trainer because I have always been passionate about sport, health and fitness. It became apparent to me that there are a lot of people that I could help with finding an enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy. So that's what I decided to do! When I'm not training our clients and helping them achieve their goals I like to socialise with friends, travel and explore new places, I have recently taken up boxing to keep me motivated and focused with my own training.

Last but not least I also love eating pizza, which is my weakness! But hey everything is ok in moderation."


When you know our running faster formula, and have the right support and structure in place then magic happens.

We love running!

If you want to know your own running faster formula then you can get it here:

Photos from Brightside Personal Training's post 18/08/2022

What do our most successful clients have in common? And what happened for them to have the amazing moment where everything falls in to place and they start to see consistent results?

1. They decided enough is enough and made themselves more of a priority for the fisrt time in a while.
2. They reached out for help (often the hardest part)
3. We helped them put a clear plan together.
4. They kept a food diary, some on paper and others using an app.
5. Together we found ways to make exercising and healthy wating fun and enjoyable.
6. They ensured they had support and accountability in place for when motivation was low and times got tough.

Would you like to be our next success story?

Drop us a message or comment below if you would like to see how we can help you have success with your health and wellness.


When you start with Brightside, we'll work with you to create a personal training that is individual to you and your goals.

We have a whole team of trainers which means that whatever the area, we usually have an expert in it! Between us we specialise in all areas from running to rehab and everything in between. But most importantly, we're a friendly bunch that are here to make sure you enjoy the sessions!

Interested in getting started? get in touch here:


Meet our Group Training Manager, Mat:

"Hi I'm Mat, I'm one of the trainers at Brightside. I moved down to Southampton from North Wales 5 years ago and have been here at Brightside ever since.

I've been working as a personal trainer for 20 years and still enjoy it now as much as I did back then. My favourite things in the world are my wife and two daughters, I also like to play squash and follow rugby in my down time, also hitting the gym whenever possible.

I have OCD so I like things to be perfect and my pet hates are my wife always being right!"


Many people start an exercise routine for weight loss but keep going because of all the added benefits that come with it, like increased energy, better sleep and improved mental health.

We'll help you start making small, positive changes in your daily habits so you start seeing big improvements in all aspects of your life.

Want to find out more? Get in touch here:


Congratulations to Epic Erin! Half a stone down + passed her navy fitness test today! WOOO! 🔥Here’s how ⬇️😃

Erin has got in to a good flow and is achieving some brilliant consistency with her PT sessions, Eating habits + tracking what she eats. While also cracking on with her own workouts outside of her PT sessions.

All of this is happening amongst a busy schedule with work and family.

The big game changer was having a deadline of a family Holiday and fitness test. But most importantly making the decision to put herself first.

Well done Erin! Keep being EPIC!


We help take care of more than just your hour in the gym! We'll look at your nutrition and help you build new, positive habits that fit into your current lifestyle.

These small tweaks alongside effective, regular exercise can have a positive impact, not just on your fitness, but on your overall health and wellbeing.

Want to know more? Get in touch here:


School holidays messing up your routine? No problem!
Carla and Scarlett had great fun this morning in their mother Daughter session at our Whiteley studio.

Here’s a quick glimpse at their core workout.

We structured the rest of the session so Carla (Mum) still used weights, while Scarlett (Daughter) did body weight exercises.

We also threw in some boxing at the end to finish the session on a high 😃🥊.

Having a plan thats flexible and also enjoyable amongst a busy schedule is half the battle.

Here at Brighside we help you establish and stick to that 🤩.


Meet Alex, our HQ studio manager:

"I'm Alex the HQ Studio Manager and Trainer. I initially moved to Southampton to study at university and received a degree in Sport and Nutrition Science. I joined BrightsidePT in the early days and have helped to build the business into what it is today.

I focus on strength and conditioning and nutrition to make sure our clients get the most out of their journey with us. I love seeing clients achieve their goals and this really motivates me to continue to learn.

My biggest weakness is probably my love for socialising (the odd beer here and there) and a cheeky cheesecake."


We know that starting with personal training can seem intimidating and are here to make you feel as welcome as possible. We're a friendly team and will tailor your session to your level! Your personal trainer should:

- Work you to the level that's right for you at that moment in time.
- Never be scary! Your trainer needs to be someone you trust who is supporting you all the way.
- Work with you on more than just your hour in the gym. We'll look at your nutrition and lifestyle to help you make small tweaks that make big differences.

If you're feeling nervous about starting a fitness program, remember that most people feel the same way! We're certain that if you give it a try, you wont regret it.

If you'd like to know more about the packages we offer, get in touch here:

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The importance of accountability, support and community
Awesome results from Graham 😃🔥An inch off the waist in a month + getting stronger!  Here’s how he did it…
It’s out! And so are Paul’s secrets 🤫😆You can listen using your favourite platform 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
School holidays messing up your routine? No problem! Carla and Scarlett had great fun this morning in their mother Daugh...
When you hit a PB, or something you’ve been working towards for a while, not everyone understands your pure joy!!😂
Don’t compare with others, we are all on our own journey.
Forgive me as I have sinned ! 😆 This advice applies for any Type of exercise …After a long lay off, get back into it slo...
We all have these cheeky little voices in our heads …
These 3 simple tips will help you to; 🧠 Increase your productivity at work ✔️ 🚀 Improve & sustain your energy levels thr...
Loving Every Stride Episode 16 with Paul LaslettTune in to hear how Olly Laws went from international athlete to forging...
Training v Coaching
Running for social ! What a joy 🤩




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