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This week, we have worked with The Coaching Kings on an installation at their private PT business. It’s always great to work with some more Primal Strength kit and it looks fab. A great addition to their space.

We can provide support with your project, 3D design, installation, servicing and maintenance require,ents. If you need some consultancy support or some brand new or refurbished kit - our friendly team will be happy to help. Get in touch today:

📞0330 133 1472
✉️ [email protected]

The most important thing to us is our clients. When you decide to train with us you will have your o

Operating as usual

Photos from The Coaching Kings's post 26/09/2022

Big meals over snacking can be beneficial but some people enjoy eating little and often and neither way is better or worse. At The Coaching Kings we do eat snacks and here are some of our favourites. Share your go to snack ideas below.

Photos from The Grand's post 16/09/2022

Photos from The Grand's post


I mean we think we are great coaches here at The Coaching Kings but the truth is there is no best trainer, only the best coach for YOU. Personal Training is just that, personal and the relationship between yourself and your coach is key to your success. That’s why we let new clients meet us in person or have an online call to make sure that we are the best fit for them. DM us if you would like to have a 1:1 chat to discuss if we are the coaches to help you reach your goals.


The goal of this week 8 programme is help women learn and understand that putting yourself first doesn’t have to be hard. The concept is to look at small habit changes each week that build up to help you thrive. These changes will add up making you able to achieve your goals by learning about how to work on your own well-being and create sustainable results.

You will receive:
💙A dedicated app where you can set your goals, follow and track your workouts, have accountability for the dedicated focus habit and connect with others on the journey.
💙 A choice of either a gym, minimal equipment or band/bodyweight programmes with videos and cues.
💙 A personalised nutrition goal with ideas of how to structure your meals and included recipe books
💙 Educational materials including videos and PDFs to support your mindset, nutrition and lifestyle choices
💙 Bi-Weekly Check-ins with video feedback.
💙 A support group for all members.
💙 Q&A opportunities with me

Don’t miss out.
use discount TCK20 only available until midnight Aug 31st.



It’s been hard fitting all our normal workouts in with our small person on her summer break. However, knowing it is important to our own well-being and thus parenting capacity and coaching abilities we endeavour to get in at least 3 workouts a week. This is just a non- negotiable for us. So don’t worry if haven’t managed all the workouts you would have liked this summer or haven’t worked out for as long. Just remember imperfect action, is still action.

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365 days with Whoop. It took me nearly 18 months to click the “buy” button. I didn’t need it as a training tool, I had a Garmin and an apple watch. Then I started researching and learning more about rest and recovery and realised my training was covered, my recovery was not.

First week with Whoop I averaged 6 hours 5 minutes of sleep, this week 7 hours 29 minutes. I still start work at 6am every weekday morning, I’ve just focused on getting to bed earlier and getting better quality sleep. Keeping consistent bed times and wake up times might seem boring but is so important, even more so with a 5 year old because those lie ins never happen.
Everything is so much better for it, I’m even more motivated to work, I’m more present with my family, training is better. Getting better sleep allows you to make better food choices which then helps everything above as well.

Does everyone need a Whoop? Of course not but if you take one thing from this it would be to try to get more sleep and see how you feel.
Everyone who knows me knows I’m a numbers man and knowing how much sleep I need has really helped me to work hard and prioritise my sleep and recovery.


Running your own business is hard.
Knowing that every second of every day we could either gain or lose business, constantly thinking about how to improve our service for our clients to give them the best possible experience we can, it’s seriously hard.
Running your own business is also amazing and we wouldn’t change any of it, the 5am starts or the 8pm finishes.
As our daughter finishes her first year at school, running our own business allows us to be there with her for everything important, we are in charge of our own time. The school runs, the Christmas nativity, Sports Day, parents’ evenings, seasonal crafting mornings and her moving up to Year 1 afternoon. We’ve been there for all of it and the excitement on her face when she sees us there is everything.
The hours and stress are worth it and this will never change. We will work hard on our business and we will always be there for everything important in our daughter’s life.


Which type of exercise do you enjoy the most? Do you do your favourite type of exercise exclusively or do you practice other types of exercise as well?
Interested to know your thoughts. If you do anything that isn’t an option above then comment below and let us know what exercise you do 💪🏼

Photos from The Coaching Kings's post 16/06/2022

90 minute run in the heat with the husband along a lovely tree covered trail. I couldn’t think of anything worse than pounding the pavement around Southampton in this heat so we thought of an alternative.
Shouldn’t this be what everything should be like with training and nutrition? If you don’t like a food, swap it. If you don’t enjoy an exercise, change it. There are always multiple paths to your goal, you’ve just got to find the one that suits you best and allows you to continue moving forwards.


People think you have to choose, strength or aerobic work? It’s just simply not like that (or we believe it shouldn’t be like that).
Aerobic conditioning is an important pillar in our client’s programmes. Rather than hinder you strength training it can actually help because if you have a decent aerobic system then you can use your strength for longer without gasping for air. It can also aid recovery and therefore allow you to get more volume done in a shorter space of time.
What do you think? Do you incorporate aerobic work in your training programmes?


Should you always be losing? 🧐


The Nexus rack coming in as handy as always for a husband and wife session this evening!


One of the reasons we love our jobs is the fact that we believe we can really make a difference to a person’s life through exercise.
We also believe that, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just about positive physical changes but also about psychological changes as well.
Seeing someone making positive steps forward both mentally and emotionally is more just as rewarding as seeing someone make physical changes.


Holiday panic is common for many. The panic of wanting to look better for your holiday. The panic of wondering whether your summer clothes will fit and then the added issue of, if you do lose body fat will you undo all your hard work once you are on holiday.

If you work on your mindset around nutrition and health then holidays become something to look forward to.

I recently discussed this with one of my clients who has lost 4 inches from around her belly button and 2 inches from the smallest part of her waist. On her journey we explored the best ways for her to stick to her calories and found eating small portions stopped her getting overly hungry and overeating at her next meal. She was worried that going on holiday wouldn’t allow for this so we talked about her options. She felt empowered by what she had learnt about herself over the past few months and concluded an all inclusive option would allow for her to eat regularly. She would be able to make good choices whilst having a little of what she fancied. Nothing would be off limits which has been a big part of working together on her mindset around food. Now she is super excited for her holiday and so she should be!

The Coaching Kings is now on WhatsApp. 06/05/2022

The Coaching Kings is now on WhatsApp.

The Coaching Kings is now on WhatsApp.


Over the last two years we have upgraded pretty much everything inside our gym for the benefit of our clients. Now we turn our attention to upgrading aspects outside of our gym. The first part of this will be revealed in the next few days.


Over the last two years we have upgraded pretty much everything inside our gym for the benefit of our clients. Now we turn our attention to upgrading aspects outside of our gym. The first part of this will be revealed in the next few days!


I’m all for making small adjustments that add up to larger changes. Over the past 2 months, I have added small amounts of running to my training schedule and I’m now consistently getting this done. So time for a new challenge, unmute to here what I’ve set myself this month and how you don’t have to see so much of Steve 😉


2km junior park run with our daughter and then home into this. Find a consistent pace on each machine and then just hold on as you go through the rounds.


“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt

Social media is great for so many things but it’s used as a highlight reel for a lot of people.
Whether you’re at the start of your fitness journey or if you’ve already started, you should only be comparing yourself to yourself. You should be making sure you are progressing at a rate you are happy with, with realistic targets, focusing on you and only you.


Parents, what do we think? Do you try to instil good eating habits in your children? Is it important in your opinion?

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Well this is exciting!

Our awesome customised Nexus rack from is going to be featured in their new catalogue. We can’t speak highly enough of this incredible piece of equipment and all our clients have enjoyed using it since we had it installed at the beginning of the year.

Photo by the amazing


It’s Monday, a fresh set of seven! Start the week positive.

Photos from The Coaching Kings's post 16/04/2022

As I queue a ridiculous amount of time for the new Star Wars ride I thought I would address a common thing I hear when I say we’re going to America:
“You can’t eat well in America”

I’m not sure this could be further from the truth, there are so many options here (even in the Disney parks) that you always have a choice. You can always add or remove anything you want from a meal by asking at a restaurant as well. The calories are shown in pretty much every restaurant if you’re interested in that.
There are so many tasty treats here though (we have all had lots don’t worry) that you might not want to pick the “better” option and that’s fine BUT you always have the choice and you can find some absolutely incredible food here!


The Coaching Kings have been married 9 years today! Happy Anniversary to us! We are celebrating in a hot tub in Orlando.


First official photo of our new Nexus rack. We teased this a few weeks ago and here it is.
It’s an absolute beast and our clients have been loving it since we installed it in January!
Dual adjustable cables (120kg weight stack on each side at a 2:1 ratio), hex dumbbell storage at the back, leg extension and standing leg curl attachment (not shown) and of course a custom branded plate to finish it off.
This has been the biggest and best purchase for our private gym so far and has been a game changer in terms of programme design allowing for a greater range of exercises and to further individualise everything for our clients based on their needs.

Thanks to the amazing for the photo.

Timeline photos 15/03/2022

I was listening to a Podcast by Amber today about how routine and schedules allow for to master your week. During the episode she talked about how motivation and willpower is short lived but to use those time to create routines or habits that are in place for those days when your impetus is lacking.
I think this is great way to approach a healthy and active lifestyle. I admit myself there are days when I would rather curl up with a book rather than workout but it’s part of our weekly schedule. Our workouts are slotted into parts of the day when we don’t need to fret about childcare or work; and usually when we can train together. This might not be the same time each day or even the same days week to week but our diary management is key.
Therefore, if you are someone struggling to find time to add activity into your week. I recommend trying to pop it into your diary, even if it’s a walk during your lunch break or a walk with a friend whilst you catch up with a coffee.
Have a go at scheduling your exercise and activity for a few weeks and see what a difference it makes.


When starting a fat loss journey many focus on a number, a clothes size or measurements as a benchmark of success. However, at The Coaching Kings we feel this is actual slightly shortsighted for many reasons.
1. a particular number on the scales or clothes size might not be where you feel your best.
2. That number might come with sacrifices you aren’t prepared to make, don’t have the capacity at the time to make or simply can not continue long term.
3. You then have to maintain what you have achieved.
Now obviously you can’t diet forever and maintenance will mean you bring your energy balance in line so your body stays roughly the same weight (allowing for small and natural fluctuations.) Now, what people sometimes fail to realise is that maintenance is actually a skill and often much harder than losing weight. To do this successfully you need to know about eating, what works for you, what your body needs and how food fuels you. It is also beneficial to practice maintenance along the way, maintenance is often a good thing and doesn’t mean you are no longer progressing, you are still learning about your body. Often a maintenance phase is great to do when you are stressed, have work/family commitments, feeling fatigued or just have been dieting for a while. Going through a maintenance phase with a coach can really aid in your long term success and help you get out of that all or nothing mindset. Maintenance doesn’t mean failure or stagnation. It’s completely normal, part of the process and at some point is the what you hope to be able to do consistently.


Happy International Women’s Day to these two who are my world, to all the women in our Coaching Kings community and to all women around the world.
Keep believing in yourself and achieving what you deserve!

Photos from The Coaching Kings's post 25/02/2022

We were one of the first in the world to receive our amazing Nexus rack. We’ve been using it with clients for the last 6 weeks and it’s just incredible.
All will be revealed soon as we are working with the amazing next weekend to showcase the new set up in our gym.

Photos from The Coaching Kings's post 05/02/2022

When our daughter goes to a party to play we go outside to play!
Beautiful, muddy, awesome trail run this afternoon.
We even saw a bit of sunshine and managed to get lost a few times even with the route loaded onto Steve’s Garmin (we were looking around at the scenery and missed some turnings).
Now to relax with some family time.


Merry Christmas!

Sending our best wishes to all our family, friends, clients and followers!

Have a wonderful day and we wish you all the best for the year ahead!


This is amazing!

We managed to raise over £800 when we completed our Ultra a few months ago! Thank you so much to everyone that donated to an amazing cause, you are incredible and we appreciate you!

Roll on 2022 for more crazy events no doubt.


Coming soon……

We’ve been working with for the last few weeks on something 👀

We can’t wait for our clients to try it.


Focus on what you can control and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. There is no point wasting time and energy worrying about things that are outside of your control.


Heard this on a podcast with and really got us thinking.

At The Coaching Kings we try to break things down as easily as possible for our clients when looking at different movements, exercises or cardio pacing. We want them to understand the reason behind what they are doing and to build their own knowledge for when they are training outside of our 1-2-1 sessions. To have the confidence in their movement so they can train with purpose.

Information is useless if you can’t apply it.


Great post by
Definitely something to read, think about and then read it again!


It’s great to finish work and see messages like this, it really is one of the best parts of our job.

As coaches we use a multifaceted approach and don’t just look at solely your training. We look at other things as well like your nutrition, recovery and sleep.

We love our clients to train hard but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. These two messages for example are the result of identifying a problem and thinking that using the Hypervolt was the best way to go.

Not only did 3-5 minutes of massage gun therapy provide instant muscle relief and allowed them to train better than they thought when they turned up with these niggles, it has also relieved them of pain 48 hours later as well.

This scenario won’t happen all the time this easily but it’s always great when it does.

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Should you always be losing? 🧐
I’m all for making small adjustments that add up to larger changes. Over the past 2 months, I have added small amounts o...
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