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Always great service .
Thanks so much for pointing me towards Paul at Nomadic when I foolishly forgot my wetsuit yesterday. He was hugely helpful and I managed to get out there and have a great session 😊
Yes yes yes!!
Dear Fellow Beach users:

This is just something to be aware of and will only come into play on very low tides, but due to recent stome damage, ABP have removed most of the the old 'Tripod' middle ground mark off Calsot which we all use to judge where the shoal aree really starts to drop away towards the Channel.

Hope this information is of help to prevent accidents by hitting the remainder when will below the surface on almost all occasions, but at 1.7m high, it sure could give as all a nasty surprise and I'm not sure if it has been marked as a hazard with a Buoy?

Due to the general vaguaries of FB, I do not seem to be able to the photos to this post tonight!

This is the notification I have received.

Following recent high winds the tripod marker was in a state of collapse.

It has necessarily been removed as a hazard to navigation - some debris remains at depth 1.7m

Conveniently this debris lies between the 0.0 and 2.0m depth contours

The debris will be removed as soon as possible - attached and below for your information.
Thank you Jon and Rob for your help today. Really appreciate it 😃
I keep trying to post this, so every one knows when the shop is open - having another go!

Have a great Christmas :-)
Lovely picture from Janine of the growing band of happy Kayacat'ers, after their morning paddle along to Stanswood Bay over the lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Thanks for the picture Janine - great see you all out haveing such a lovely time - we must remember to give you a cool bag and place an order for some ice creams from the Bluebird Cafe next time you go 👍😉
Friendly and helpful staff. Very knowledgable. Great location for all kinds of board sports!
Found on the beach, just outside 24-7 Boardsports over Easter Weekend (Sunday?) what looks like a Ford Van Key - judging by the lock and unlock controls, its for a Van?

Has anybody lost one??

If so, it's in 24-7 Boardsports, so give us a call on 02380 894000 or drop in to get it back.
Thank you Rob and company. you guys are the best.
Dear Fellow Watersports Enthusiasts - Really Sorry, but we are Closed on Christmas Day!

I know this may come as a shock to many of you, but fear not, we are open for our traditional Mulled Wine, Stollen, Mince Pies, Hot Chocolate, etc., on Boxing Day from 11:00 till 15:00, or there about's, so come on down and join in the fun :-)

We have a great big 4.7m tide at 13:19, and all the forecasts are pointing towards it being a great day for paddle sports, so come on down and join in the fun and work of some of those extra calories before adding few more!

On the subject of paddling, it could well be that I'm going to pop out for a little cruise round tomorrow (25th), 'cos it's the only day I'm not working over Christmas, so got to grab a paddle when I can!

Will probably go out around 11:00 and have a nice paddle round the bay if you fancy joining in? - Sure no one will notice if you sneak out for a few hours ;-)

Wishing all our friends from all over the world, A Lovely Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year :-)

Tarifa Kitesurf Holiday. Learn to Kitesurf this winter in the Sunshine on our 2018 Clinics. Aimed at beginners and improvers alike this trip which includes unlimited lessons, accommodation and transfers really does offer superb value for money-Prices start from £599 p/p for kiters and £315 p/p for non kiters friends and family. Plus..Reserve your place by the end of June and receive 50% off a 1-day course valued at £50. For a PDF info pack please leave your email in the comments box below. We'd love you to join us!

We have been getting people out on the water and having fun for 30 years! Our aim is to share our passion and expertise to help you gain confidence, go out and enjoy the beautiful surrounding waterways.

Operating as usual


We are nicely stocked on windwinging gear now folks! We are working hard to get kit up on the website. We have some great deals on complete foil sets, that wing foil and board for a great price! Call the shop now to get your wingin summer set!

📸Steve Gladders

We are nicely stocked on windwinging gear now folks! We are working hard to get kit up on the website. We have some great deals on complete foil sets, that wing foil and board for a great price! Call the shop now to get your wingin summer set!

📸Steve Gladders

Photos from 24-7 Boardsports's post 01/05/2021

Call the shop today to get your love mits on one!

#afsfoils #nahskwell #wingfoil


Good selection of wings and boards in stock. Not everything is up on our website as yet so please call to put your name down!

#windwing #fonewing #freewing
📸@Steve Gladders

Good selection of wings and boards in stock. Not everything is up on our website as yet so please call to put your name down!

#windwing #fonewing #freewing
📸@Steve Gladders

24-7 Boardsports updated their information in their About section. 06/04/2021

24-7 Boardsports updated their information in their About section.

24-7 Boardsports updated their information in their About section.


24-7 Boardsports

youtube.com 24/09/2020

[AHD Windsurfing] AHD Thunderbolt VS AHD Compact - EN subtitles

New video from Bruno Andre, explaining why you would choose the AHD Compact or AHD Thunderbolt dedicated foil boards to meet your needs.

AHD Thunderbolts are in stock at just £1349 - Outstanding full Carbon boards at a briliant price!

AHD Compacts very soon for the 72 and in the next couple of months for the 83 🤞

You can watch this video on Youtube with English subtitles by following this link https://youtu.be/RryXkjFd6lk

Happy Flying from the team at 24-7.

youtube.com Discover all the differences between the AHD THUNDERBOLT and AHD COMPACT to find the best one for you!


#2 - Wing Foiling in 5mins!! - Idiot's Guide to Wing Foiling

I have a WING... YES... the wing turned up so it's time to see what this wing foiling is all about!!! It really didn't take much... from my first step on the...

calshot.bookinglive.com 13/05/2020

Calshot Parking, Storage and Kitesurfing » Calshot Activities Centre

13/5/20 - Hi Everyone,
Hoping you are all safe and well and looking forward to the next phase of returning to a 'New Normal'

I'm very pleased to say, that the local beaches are starting to re open, including Calshot Activities Centre, NFDC Calshot and Lepe Country Park from this morning.

Watersports are permitted under new guidance from today - The RYA and other governing bodies have suggested that watersports are now acceptable to participate in, but must follow any guidance and updates from the government.

This is fantastic news, as by their very nature, the sports we represent are in the main very compliant with the all important ‘Social Distancing’ rules, so with very little further precautions, we can indulge in our passions.

Please do so safely – Social Distancing and not all rushing to the beach at once is vital to avoid a reversal in the infection rates.

If everyone rushes to the beach, behaves poorly or starts having accidents or incidents at sea or on the beach, it will scare the local authorities and the Government alike – Please do nothing which might see us back in Lockdown.

Please look for guidance from governing bodies – we will post updates from these as we see them. Please remember, that we are all rusty, do not do anything that will increase the burden on 1st responders and hospitals!

24-7 Boardsports is not yet permitted to have customers in the shop, but we have been here, all through the lockdown for a few hours a day doing mail order and answering enquiries – Until we can re-open on the 1st June (we hope) we will try to be able to offer pre arranged collections as well, now you are allowed on the site to do your sports, as we can easily place items outside the shop, just as a delivery driver would do, maintaining social distancing and so comply with the all important rules on safe working and safe meeting.

Please act with care and responsibility – let’s kill the Corona Virus, not each other!

Welcome back everyone - We will post regular updates, now things are opening up again.

Stay safe and well, with best wishes from Jon, Rob, Keith, Marie and Paul.

Here are the Key elements from Calshot Activities Centre about site usage.

Following careful consideration of Government guidance, we are reopening the car park and slipway from Wednesday 13 May. The safety of our visitors and staff is our priority and we have taken steps to ensure the wellbeing of those onsite. We will update this post with new information as appropriate so please check for future notices.

> Our car parks and toilets are open but all activity facilities, café and reception are closed. Please note toilets will only be available between 0900 – 1900.
> We kindly request that people do not congregate in the Sunderland Hangar whilst accessing the toilets
> We are may need to limit the number of cars onsite to ensure capacity remains at a safe level.
> Parking charges apply. All our pay machines will take card / contactless payments only. Cash payments will not be accepted
> Follow social distancing measures during your visit at all times. Please use the site, beaches and paths responsibly, for your own and others' safety.
> If accessing the water please follow guidance from relevant national bodies such as the RNLI
> Wash your hands or use your own hand sanitisers regularly.
> Observe signs and markers in places to help maintain a physical distance from other visitors in busier areas.
> The main gate will be unlocked at 0800 and close at 2100, please ensure your vehicle is removed from the site before then

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. The above steps will help us to keep Calshot Activities Centre open and maintain the safety and enjoyment for all our visitors and staff. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!
Link to Calshot Annual Parking renewal – this will now run like the road fund licence, from the month you take it out for 12 months. 1/5/2020 to 31/4/2021 is £60.


Link to the notice on Calshot Activites Centre Website.


calshot.bookinglive.com - Record two cars on one car park pass (if both cars are on site at the same time, parking day rates will apply to the second vehicle)


Nomadic Kitesurf

Never has the phrase, 'If in Doubt Don't Go Out' been more appropriate. Yes, Kiting is a justifiable form of exercise from tomorrow onwards but only for Intermediate levels and beyond. If you haven't kited for a while and not 100% confident please DO NOT GO OUT! You must also make sure your British Kitesports Association and Calshot membership is up to date. You are not currently able to drive on to the site as Calshot activity centre remains closed. For those that do decide to kite remember that we should all be playing our part in helping to keep our local spot safe. If you see something like a sketchy launch about to take place please intervene with a bit of friendly advice. Thanks guys👍👍👍


Nomadic Kitesurf

The latest guidelines from British Kitesports Association remain in place- Strongly advise not to Kite. This will be reviewed again on Wednesday this week by the sports governing body. Hoping we can all get back out there soon and will keep you posted. Paul


Nomadic Kitesurf

Excited to announce our next Kenya Kite hol has now gone live on our website. 15% off the first 4 places with a low deposit of £499 to secure. Full refund if we need to cancel due to Covid-19 #kiteholidays #kenyakitesurfing #lockdown #lockdownholidayvibes #cheshale #africaadventure #learntokitesurf


As part of their Thank You NHS social program, Mystic, are wanting to reward a front line worker in the NHS who is currently grafting hard for all of us in this difficult time. They are looking to give a free hoodie to someone that we nominate. At 24-7 we want to hear from you about someone you know from the beach who works for the NHS and deserves to be rewarded. It's not much but it does show we care. Who deserves it? Go....

24-7boardsports.com 30/03/2020

2020 Fanatic Sky Wing

Hey everyone check out what the new #Fanatic #SkyWing is all about in our Blog!

24-7boardsports.com Fanacitc Sky Wing

[03/28/20]   During the COVID-19 period of shutdown to minimise the potential spread of this Virus, imposed by the UK Government from 24/3/20, 24-7 Boardsports regrets that we will not be open for all our friends and customers to walk into as normal, as safety comes first.
We will continue to have online availability of goods and will have a member of the team available to answer calls, e mails etc., as much as possible, so we can continue to offer all the help & support we possibly can during in these difficult times, as we really understand that exercise and fresh air are just as important as not taking silly risks.
Please do all you can to support everyone around you by being sensible, and we will all come through, stronger on the other side.
Please stay safe & well and think before doing things which might over burden the Wonderful People in NHS & all the emergency services!
Our very best wishes to everyone - Jon, Rob, Keith, Marie & Paul


Easterlies at Calshot

Easterlies! #beanie #oneillssportswear #oneill #solent #kitesurfingphotos


Calshot Activities Centre

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to the centre for their cooperation to allow us to remain open, and to continue to provide access to the site for the public, even though the main centre is closed. The main barrier will be open during daylight hours.

Thank you for your continued support.


We are sure that, like all of us, you have been closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we appreciate how challenging this exceptional set of circumstances is for everyone.

Following public health advice today, we need to take necessary steps to limit the spread of the virus and we have therefore taken the difficult decision to close Calshot Activities Centre from Thursday 19th March until further notice. At this time, we anticipate a closure until at least the end of April, but we will keep the situation under constant review and update you accordingly.

We have a fantastic team, many of whom will work from home but some of whom will remain on site throughout this period. Anyone who has a booking with us in the next few months will be contacted in the next few days, but please may we ask for your patience during this process.

There is no public access to any indoor and recreational facilities at Calshot, including the Café, Climbing Wall, Ski Slopes, Velodrome, Campsite and all toilets.

Public car parks, boat storage and slipways will remain open for the time being.

Our thoughts go out to anyone who is personally impacted by this situation. The days, weeks and months ahead will be disruptive for all of us and we encourage you to remain in touch via email or by following our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest developments.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and wish you the very best of health.


#moseshydrofoils #W1100 now ready for demo! #waspv1 ready to fly with it!


#naishwingsurfer 6.0 and 5.3 now in stock! #wind #wing #naish


Hi everyone, anybody know anything about this?

Hoping rider OK??

Anyone know anything about it please let Coast Guard know???

Assuming rider OK, please, anyone loses kite, rig, board etc at sea and you get ashore OK, Please, Please, Please report all the details to the Coastguard immediately!!

It will save a needless search for you and you might get your equipment back!!

‪Update - Kite surfer found.

Appeal for concern over kite surfer in Western Solent: HM Coastguard has been coordinating a search this afternoon since 3.30pm for orange, black and blue kite surf seen in difficulty off Lymington - any info on this owner and even if they are home and safe please phone Solent Coastguard 02392552100. ‬
See pictures of kite surf equipment found by search teams


Good to be out for a #wingfoil / #kitewing session on the #ozonekites #waspv1 and #nahskwell #fly7’4 with the #fanaticfoiling foil @ 24-7 Boardsports


A couple of the local lads enjoying an afternoons cruise on their #ezzysails call us and book a demo 02380894000, summer’s coming! #welovewindsurfing


A couple of the local lads enjoying an afternoons cruise on their #ezzysails call us and book a demo 02380894000, summer’s coming! #welovewindsurfing


AFS - Hydrofoils

If you missed the live version of this, here is an English Language video from Tanguy Le Bihan, Bruno Andre and Yannick Littoux, all about the superb New Alpha series of AFS Foils, which will be available very soon in the UK.

We have been using the first series of the Carver with Nah Skwell Fly 7'4 and Sealion Wings 8'6 for the last 6 months and they have been so much fun.

Can't wait to get the full production Alpha range in stock and on the water :-)

#AFSfoils, #AHDwindsurfing, #Sealionwings, #NahskwellSUP, #kaisportsltd

Afs Alpha. Présentation.


AFS - Hydrofoils

Live foil info :-)

Afs Alpha. Présentation.

hants.gov.uk 07/02/2020

Calshot Activities Centre

We are open as normal on Saturday, but just posting a notice about Calshot Activities Centre being closed on Sunday the 9th Feb, due to severe weather warnings.

This includes 24-7 Boardsports I'm afraid, as the concern is the potential for flying debris from building work near the entrance to the site.

Very sorry for this interuption in service, but we must abide by the Centres desire to avoid any risk of injury.

Let's hope for everone all over the country, that this storm turns out to be a lot less potent than forecast!

hants.gov.uk In a prime location on the shores of the Solent, Calshot Activities Centre is one of the largest outdoor adventure centres in Britain

aol.com 03/02/2020

These 8-year-old jugglers have amazing balance

Good morning everyone, hope it's going to be the start of a great week, with some warmer weather.

I was talking with a couple of people about 'Indo Boards' over the weekend in the shop, and all the benefits they can bring to balance and core stability, but also how important it is to not start off too advanced, which is why we sell so many of these, with the little 'Flow' inflatable cushion to start you off very safely and then the Medium Roller to get going on the 'Original Board' which is super strong and great size, and unlike the video below, has really big rollers stops at each end to help prevent to shooting yourself and the roller, across the room!

Indo boards are great with the Flow cushion for all round balance training for all ages, as this provides everything from a tiny role in any direction, up to quite a high role as you put more air in, making it ideal for recovery from injury or simply keeping in shape - Pop the roller in place of the cushion for a more challenging work out, but initially have something to hold onto for extra stability.


Saw this video and thought, too good not to share with all you aspiring balance board masters!

This stuff is very much for the advanced practitioners and gives us all something to aspire to ;-)

People are amazing!!

aol.com You won’t believe what these 8-year-old juggling masters can do! 🥣🥣

sup-internationalmag.com 21/01/2020


The lovely new 2020 Nah Skwell Snap, SUP Wave boards are available now!

Developed in Brest, Nah Skwell boards are the perfect match for the contidtions we have in the UK, so will always ensure you have the best day possible, what ever size the waves!

They are not only fantastic boards - The prices for 2020 are fantastic as well - £879 for the model tested in review below and £979 for the full Carbon model!

For more information, talk to Rob, Jon, Marie or Keith at 24-7 Boardsports :-)

sup-internationalmag.com NAH SKWELL PADDLE BOARD REVIEW | SNAP 8’5. NAH SKWELL PADDLE BOARD REVIEW | SNAP 8’5 Verdict The Snap is a fast, responsive board which in (...)


Just to make you all aware folks - with the long period of Southerly gales we have had recently need to be aware of these especially if you have children or dogs on th beach.

Do not touch, even when you think its dead, the tentacles can still sting.

Our Seafront Team have discovered Portuguese man o' war along the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Seafront. With the stormy weather predicted over the next few days more may appear on our beaches.

If you spot one please do not touch as they can give a very painful sting. If out on a beach walk please ensure that any dogs or young children do not get close to them.

Please report any sightings to our Tourism Information Centre so that they can be safely removed.

Photo credit: Dorset Wildlife Trust

Our Story

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Easterlies at Calshot
#naishwingsurfer 6.0 and 5.3 now in stock! #wind #wing #naish
A couple of the local lads enjoying an afternoons cruise on their #ezzysails call us and book a demo 02380894000, summer...
A couple of the local lads enjoying an afternoons cruise on their #ezzysails call us and book a demo 02380894000, summer...
New Streamlined black RDM boom heads have just landed
A solid F4 - bring your woolly hat
Remember to like our page for 10% discount! (T&C’s apply)
Still very westerly down here!
I hope you are all having a great May Bank holiday weekend in spite of the less than amazing weather!Sat sure was windy ...
Cracking conditions down at Calshot Activities Centre#windsurfing #kitesurfing #ahdboards #thunderboltseries #windfoil #...



Kayaks, Paddle boards, Windsurfing boards, Kitesurfing, wetsuits, everything you need to have fun on the water!



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