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Just found out our booking system has been collecting reviews and keeping them a secret!

20 reviews so far this year tucked away in a back end report 🤦‍♂️


Got this message from the dad of an old client today.

We started working on flexibility for his son, which quickly turned into a well-rounded training programme focussed on the true factors that were holding him back from his potential.

Those factors only became apparent after a thorough assessment, but once we got to work on the them the results started to speak for themselves.

And now, we’ll… I’m excited to see what comes next. We’ll chuffed with this one 😊


is a wonderful thing.

One of my clients just moved to the other side of the world and there was never a doubt about continuing to work together!

Also, what a new gym he’s found himself 😍


We ready


Client admin or doggy cuddles… these are the tough choices that make up my mornings.


I’ve never been able to do dips.

I’ve had a neck injury since secondary school that flares up whenever I do them. I get shooting pains up the right side of my neck and the whole area goes into spasm.

The ensuing headache is BRUTAL.

I remember doggedly trying to push through it a number of times at the gym, only to end up on all fours in excruciating pain.

So I avoided them. I just forgot about them and ignored the issue for years.

Until recently.

I’ve had enough experience working with hundreds of clients to know that there’s rarely a time that an exercise is firmly off-limits forever. Most of the time people are just not willing to accept that they need to dial it back…

Pick an easier variation.

It’s tough when you are comparing yourself now to what you used to be able to do. Or, even worse, to what you think some fictional version of you should be able to do!

But often all it takes is to accept that this is where you’re at, this is current capacity, and start from there.

So this is me doing foot-assisted dips.

I’m just doing exactly the same thing but leaving some of my weight in my feet. Overtime I’m taking more and more weight out of my feet. I’m currently on six full bodyweight dips before my neck starts to complain.

Why do I want to do dips?

I don’t really. I’m just sick of the limitation.

Are there any exercises you avoid because of old injuries?


I have clients travelling in Spain and Mexico.

I have clients who regularly travel and spend extended periods abroad.

Most of my clients have done or do a sizeable chunk of their strength training at home.

So I regularly research and test minimal equipment alternatives for common strength exercises.

I do this so that my training clients can get great results regardless of where they train, and so that my rehab clients are never limited by equipment when it comes to getting their training in.

This is a great hamstring curl variation I got from @jordanwebster_coach, and is a great way to work on knee flexion without the need for a full gym set up.


I got this message from a client last week as we train them coming back from an injury. I’ve blanked out a section for anonymity.

As always when working with an injury, we give it extra attention. We work around it when necessary and work into specific ranges that it needs to recover fully, at a rate it can tolerate.

In this case everything seemed to cope well during the session, we paid attention to fatigue, levels of discomfort and gradually increased the load.

But they noticed some pain kick in after the session that lasted until the following morning.

This is the kind of thing that hampers most rehab:

Have I pushed too far?

Oh s**t, have I made it worse?

Will this put me back?

We’d discussed what to expect at the start, what experiences were likely during the rehab process, and this reaction was perfect.

It had settled down quickly, so it was very unlikely to be something to worry about it.

Was it a sign we were pushing just a tad too hard? Being a tad too optimistic?


So, is the sensible course of action to continue as planned but with a little more caution?


Learning what sensations are signs of positive change and what signs are warnings is one of the most important skills in injury rehab.

And doing it alone is a fools game.

So if you’re struggling with an injury and want some guidance just ping me a message and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.


Not everyone has time to get to the gym five days a week…

Not everyone wants to, particularly right now.

That doesn’t mean training has to stop.

I find ways to make sure my clients can progress with whatever time they have available.

I use training methods for the lazy, that want to maximise the return on the time they put in…

Because their busy work and social lives demand it.

And people are often surprised by how little it feels like they’re doing and still making progress.

If you’ve been told you need to train 4-5 x p/ week to make any gains, think again.

And if you have fitness or injury recovery goals and a demanding schedule, get in touch. We’ll find a way to make it work.


Christine and I started working together in October last year.

As you can hear from her directly in the video here, and in the full version on my website, she was not in a good place.

Physically, Christine was in constant pain. Her knees and hips felt like stone and she could barely walk up a hill without getting out of breath.

Carrying shopping bags back from the shop was a struggle.

Turning round to check her blind spot at junctions was becoming near-impossible.

And this physical limitation, along with breast cancer, surgery, and everything else that 2020 had offer, had made her depressed… understandably.

She knew she had to do something.

I knew her daughter, and even though Christine lives in Scarborough and I work in Southampton, we made a start.

We’ve worked together since then, entirely over Zoom.

We started with basic bodyweight training, focussing on the squat, deadlift and lunge movement patterns, with lots of gentle mobility and core work.

As she recovered from surgery we added in gentle upper body work, to match and progress her recovery.

Fast forward to today, and Christine is a totally different person, by her own reckoning.

She has found a new super power (not my words).

She’s now squatting, lunging and pressing 14kg of kettlebells overhead like it’s nothing.

Carrying shopping bags is now a doddle.

Turning round in the car, balancing on one leg to get socks on, going on day-long walks on the weekend…

All things Christine now does with ease.

As a result, her confidence is sky high.

All of this from just one session per week, with little bits of home work by herself.

That’s not to say it’s been easy. There have been many weeks where Christine really didn’t want to do the work…

But to say I’m impressed and inspired by her enthusiasm, dedication and determination would be an understatement.

She’s thrown herself into this process 100% and working with her has been an absolute joy.

So, if Christine’s struggles sound familiar, know that there is a way out. It can get better.

And if you’re ready to make a change then let me know. I’ll see if I can help, and if not me, then I’ll recommend someone else who can.

Photos from Ian Greaves - FreeFlow Injury & Performance's post 14/07/2021

I've been enjoying a fantastic holiday in Maine seeing my dad... but that doesn't mean my clients are left in the lurch.

If there's work that needs doing or support needed I make sure to dedicate at least a small part of the trip to getting it done.

While still making sure I thoroughly enjoy my holiday too.

If you're therapist or trainer isn't providing you support outside of the dedicated face-to-face time you see them...

Well, it might be time to find someone who really cares.


Got a goal?

Got a change you want to make?

Got something you keep avoiding?

Got an area you consistently let yourself down on?

Put pen to paper and make a commitment to yourself.

That way there's nowhere to hide.

No way you can obfuscate or bulls**t yourself.

It's there. In black and white.

So get a piece of pen and paper and write it down.

What's the first thing you're writing?


Why aren't you strength training?


Do you want to know the quickest and easiest way to perform better?

Get stronger.

Do you want to know the most reliable way to reduce your risk of pain and injury?

Get stronger.

Do you want to know how to prevent the "inevitable" feeling of getting old?

Get stronger.

All of my clients report these benefits and are astonished that as little as one session per week can have such a dramatic effect their life!


What are you waiting for?!


I'll be updating and adding to a list of blog posts with exercises for common aches and pains over the summer.

On my list already are:
- lower back pain relief
- exercises/advice for a "cricked" neck

What else should I add? What guides or advice do you wish you had access to?


Not posting a lot at the moment as I'm in the thick of exam and deadline season for the fourth year of my Osteopathy degree.


Here's an exercise I filmed for a client of mine working towards their first

It's a great example of breaking the movement down into component parts to then put them back together later on.

What are you working on?


3 spaces available for face-to-face or virtual coaching.

I'm looking to fill three spaces with people are ready to take the guesswork out of their training and make some serious progress.

Maybe your new to strength and flexibility training and don't know where to start.

Or you've cobbled together various bits over the years and regularly put in the hours, but you don't have much structure and haven't made any real progress in a while.

I specialise in helping people build strength and flexibility to support your activities.

Whether you climb, do martial arts, teach yoga or pilates, I can help you build a sustainable training practise to fit around your life.

If you're interested just DM me or comment below and I'll be in touch 😊


If you climb, swim, workout or work with repetitive overhead movements then this one is for you!

Shoulders tend to need a little extra love and attention, particularly if your life demands a lot from them.

The muscles on the front of our body that we use regularly are huge in comparison to those on the back - and life happens in front of us most of the time.

So making sure you include an exercise like this one at the end of training session or long day is key to ensuring shoulder health in the long term.

3 sets of 3-4 rounds is a good place to start.


Forget where you used to be. 

You have to accept that your body cannot currently do what it used to be able to. 

It’s the single hardest thing to do in my opinion. Especially if you’re looking down the barrel of a firmly ingrained chronic injury.

It is all too easy to forget that you are rehabbing an injury and to keeping pushing to do what you used to be able to do - not even that long ago.

And accepting that fact is such a bitter pill to swallow. I know just how hard that mindset change can be.

I resisted it for years! Still do!

When my pain issues were really bad, by far the worst exacerbation I had was when I tried to get back into Taekwondo. I put that black belt on and immediately forgot all about my current physical situation.

I got carried away, went hell for leather into a few training situations and that episode pretty much broke me for high intensity exercise for a LONG time.

And I see the same thing happen all the time.

You might have had a sustained period of inactivity following your injury or illness. 

You might have a seriously irritable injury that takes very little to flair up.

Whatever it is, it takes consistent and incremental increases to give the body chance to adapt and recover.

No sudden jumps… even if you USED to be able to do that.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

My story

I'm a qualified Clinical Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer registered with the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage.

From a young age I have always been very active. I love sport and practised Taekwondo throughout my youth, as well as playing volleyball for my college. But after a period of illness while I was at university, I developed a serious hip and back problem.

I sought help for this debilitating condition, but found few answers, which was extremely frustrating. So I took it upon myself to research the causes of my pain and what treatments and therapies may help it.

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